Bernie Sanders Draws More People Than Clinton Or Trump With Crowd That Stopped Iowa State Fair


bernie sanders meet the press iowa state fair

Chuck Todd reported on Meet The Press that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders drew more people to the Iowa State Fair than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Todd said that the Sanders crowd was so big that it stopped the fair.



Before bringing in Sanders for an interview, Todd said, “From my three days in Iowa, it’s clear to me that the Bernie Sanders phenomenon is very real. The Vermont Independent Senator is attracting huge crowds.”

After bringing in Sanders, Todd continued, “I have to say I was both in Clear Lake watched you there, watched you in Soapbox. You had so many people, the fair stopped. Forget Trump. Forget Hillary Clinton. I think you might have had the biggest crowd yesterday.”

It is nice of the mainstream media’s Captain Obvious to finally pick up on what the rest of the political world already knows. Bernie Sanders is drawing huge crowds all across the country. Apparently, Chuck Todd wasn’t convinced when 28,000 showed up in Portland, Oregon, and 27,500 people came out for Sanders in Los Angeles. Todd had to see it with his own eyes to make sure that the people were there, and that liberals were telling the truth.

As annoying as it might be, the validation of a key Beltway insider like Chuck Todd is important for the Sanders campaign and for the movement that the candidate is constructing. People inside Washington are beginning to recognize the power of Bernie Sanders.

This matters because, even if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination, he will return to the Senate as one of the most popular and powerful senators in the country. When the mainstream media takes a candidate seriously, their ideas get taken more seriously, and Bernie Sanders has a lot of good ideas.

It is no surprise that Sanders drew a potentially bigger crowd than Clinton or Trump. In fact, I discussed this possibility less than three days ago on this website.

Sen. Sanders is rising to help shape the future and direction of this country. Sanders is getting so popular that even Chuck Todd can see it. The next wave of change is coming to America, and it is being led by an Independent Senator from Vermont.

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  1. “This matters because, even if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination, he will return to the Senate as one of the most popular and powerful senators in the country.”

    He is still in the Senate he won’t be returning to it – he didn’t leave it.

    But yes, if/when he concedes he will face the General and all the Dems in the party united behind her. I read a while back that is the reason Cornel West wasn’t vocal for Bern. (it might also be other obvious reasons too – like it would’t necessarily help him in IOWA AND NH…)

    But Cornel, IIRC, wants no endorsement of the Dem candidate. And of course how could Bernie be effective in the Senate among dems when they are in a General and he is not supporting her?

    He has to support her. Or the dem party would be opposed to him. He would stand alone for his time left in the Senate.

    That is a given. Unless he has his revolution in the next 5 months and overthrows the party and wall street and all those 1% ers forever.

  2. …was a time I didn’t hate anybody…with the advent o’ the Teahadists, NeoConArtists and Teatards now I do…it’s impossible for ANYBODY with mind, heart and soul intact to not see the damage these “F”ers are doing to the world…but with the most savagery saved for those of darker skin…AAs Latinos, anybody in the Middle East except the Israelis… the pattern of their hate is obvious to anybody who looks…
    …how much longer before “We the People” stand up and scream “Oh no you “F”ing don’t!!!”

  3. So now Chuck the toad gets points for bashing Hilary by supporting Bernie, the only Dem he usually has on his show? He’s a Republican troll trying like Faux News to ignore Clinton who by far is crushing all the Republicans in the race. I’m disappointed to see this site join the rest of the media by dismissing Hilary. Where is the fair and balanced when it comes to covering Hilary? Just like in 2008 she’s again being shut out. The republicans don’t want to face her, the press want to ignore her, but the majority of the people support her in the polls. Disappointing, to say the least.

  4. Cornell still mad because he didn’t get an invite to the inauguration? Why don’t people ask Cornell about his friendship with Tavis Smiley who teamed up with Wells Fargo and screwed the black people he so dearly loves out of their homes

  5. Bernie is a team player AND A REAL AMERICAN PATRIOT…if he loses the primaries he will throw everything behind Hillary…or vice versa…
    Vote Democrat…our lives really DO depend on it!!!

  6. …whosoever gets the nomination WILL be on every single interview you can imagine…you can bank on it!!!

  7. Do you believe the African American community would take what Cornell says after his visceral attacks on President Obama for the past five or so years?

    Who does the Black community support and love more? President Obama or Cornell West? Once you figure that one out, you’ll know whether West’s statements will hold any sway in the Black community.

  8. It isn’t about her liberal creds.

    It isn’t about her electability.

    It isn’t about her experience.

    It isn’t about her lack of support.

    So what is it about?

    Is it about white boys with mommy issues?

    She doesn’t have an appendage.

    She has not yet begun to fight. Nor have we.

  9. Oh the guy who hates Obama is ignoring that African Americans and Latinos by far support Hilary. She was the only one with the guts to speak about the racism in Charlotte and within the police forces shooting down black lives. She was the first to point out the racism in immigration. She’s the only one fighting the NRA, but let’s ignore her just like Chuck Todd and the beltway bozos.

  10. This is plain SILLY. Duh. Bernie spoke later in the day, so there were more people at the Fair. What’s more interesting to ME is that he did NOT draw a huge crowd. Yeah, probably a couple hundred more were there by the time he spoke, but nothing spectacular. Certainly none of these 20,000 claims made for other places.

    More interesting is the HUGE crowd Hillary Clinton drew in the morning, when State Fair goers are mostly still home in their jammies.

    Thank you at least for not publishing the so-called “poll” conducted at the Fair. (Folks, it’s dropping corn kernels into jars, and nothing to stop ballot-box-stuffing but the vigilance of the hot, tired booth tenders.)

    No, Sanders did NOT draw a crowd and THAT is your actual news story. (For Iowa Democrats, Bernie is…”meh.”)

  11. As you’ve pointed out in another post but it beneficial to remind people who haven’t read your post, Hillary Clinton has been endorsed by 29 Senators so far, and I don’t know how many Dems in the House.

    Bernie Sanders has been endorsed by zero.

    As I’ve posted many times over, I fear that should, by some fluke, Bernie Sanders wins the presidency, he’ll become a lame-duck president because he has no allies in Congress and he’ll get none of that liberal-utopia agenda through, making him a lame-duck, one-term president.

    It will harm the Democratic Party’s reputation as a strong and viable political Party, just as President Carter’s presidency had harmed our Party as “weak and ineffectual” – something that President Obama has worked very hard – successfully – to change.

    If Biden doesn’t enter the race, Hillary Clinton has our vote for the good of the country, the Party, and President Obama’s agenda.

  12. SORRY ……..LillianIowaDem

    According to the Iowa secretary of state’s website, which monitors the votes in real-time, more than 52 percent of Democrats who have cast a vote in the straw poll say they support Sanders. Just over 41 percent said they support Clinton.

    That’s a nice gain for Sanders, who was tied with Clinton at 46 percent after Friday — the second day of the fair.

  13. So in the past you have been very critical of Chuck the Toad for leaning Republican, but the minute he falls all over Bernie Sander’s you write a gleaming article about how he gushed all over Bernie…He’s been nothing but intolerable when it comes to Hillary Clinton..if you’ve watched MSNBC or Meet The Press in the past he has no shame when it comes to his unabashed dislike for Clinton. He’s just another shill for the Republican party and all their shenanigans being played out by the Karl Rove destroy Hillary machine….sorry you can’t see the forest for the trees..take your blinders off.

  14. And it sure as hell isn’t about issues. She has plans, she has real life honest to god expertly planned details on how to get from idea to actuality and they encompass the entire issue at hand.

    And she has a wide base and has done this all before.

    Oh AND she has the donors to WIN!

    WTF? She isn’t a socialist even? She is a democrat running for democrat leader.

    Go figure?

  15. It would have been nice of Hillary to have stayed and given a speech when there were more people at the fair instead of just in the morning because like you said “State Fair goers are mostly still home in their jammies” in the morning. I imagine her supporters feel the same. Instead she left to get more PAC money.

  16. Sorry, but if you believe a Republican Secretary of State..just want you to know, I don’t…not with all the Republican party’s shenanigans going on everywhere in this country bashing Hillary Clinton..Too many coincidences with Republicans pushing Sanders and bashing Hillary.

  17. I am just saying
    CNN / ORC Poll: Clinton remains strong in Iowa
    The first CNN/ORC poll of likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa finds Hillary Clinton firmly in the lead in the state that kicks off the nation’s nominating contests, holding a 50% to 31% lead over upstart Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to decide whether to make a run for presidency, lands in third place with 12%, with the rest of the field at 1% or less.

  18. Sorry, MrBrowstone…but you really need to begin to consider the source of any info during these times when Republicans are desperate to win the White House.

    Iowa’s Secretary of State, Paul Pate, is a Republican. Do you trust his bean-counting?

    Republicans would rather face Bernie Sanders in the G.E. than Hillary Clinton. Ergo, distrust Republicans and their fuzzy math.

  19. Which tells me, should Joe Biden decide not to run, his 12% will not be added to Bernie Sanders’ column. It will be added to Hillary Clinton’s, giving her a whopping 62% to Sanders’ 31%.

    Unless and until Senator Sanders receives endorsements from his colleagues in the Senate and House (he has yet to do so while Clinton is cleaning it up!), I cannot take his candidacy seriously. I love my country and the hard work President Obama has done too much to want to even think of risking it all on a candidate who has excellent rhetoric but is thin on getting anything done – and who the Republicans know they can beat.

    Policies matter to me, not empty words no matter how fiery they’re spoken.

  20. CNN / ORC Poll: Clinton remains strong in Iowa

    And may I remind everyone…CNN nor ORC are friends of Hillary Clinton.

    What’s curious is, all of U.S. Media are touting the Republican-commissioned New Hampshire poll projecting Hillary Clinton as weak compared to Bernie Sanders. They completely overlook this CNN/ORC poll – and many others – that show that the New Hampshire poll is off.

  21. …apparently even the Chunky Toady {I did NOT copyright that, use it if ya wanna} can face facts…once his face has been rubbed in it long enough…{Bad Chunky}

  22. “A guy named Adolf Hitler won an election in 1932.
    He won an election, and 50 million people died as a result of that election in World War II, including 6 million Jews.
    So what I learned as a little kid is that politics is, in fact, very important.”
    — Bernie Sanders.  

  23. [Quote]”As I’ve posted many times over, I fear that should, by some fluke, Bernie Sanders wins the presidency, he’ll become a lame-duck president because he has no allies in Congress and he’ll get none of that liberal-utopia agenda through, making him a lame-duck, one-term president.

    It will harm the Democratic Party’s reputation as a strong and viable political Party, just as President Carter’s presidency had harmed our Party as “weak and ineffectual” – something that President Obama has worked very hard – successfully – to change.[/Quote]

    Its Bernie or bust. Its now or never.

    If Bernie wins, the Dems can either *choose* to support him, or allow the Dem’s reputation to go down. Many of the frustrated people who during past elections didn’t see a point in voting (Dem/Rep) are now passionately rallying behind Bernie. There will be chaos if Bernie doesn’t win.


    Sanders stressed the need for “real changes” to the system before “MTP” host Chuck Todd raised the question again.

    “You said a staffer put it out, but you felt an apology was necessary?” Todd asked.

    No, I don’t,” Sanders said. “I think we’re going to be working with all groups. This was sent out without my knowledge.”

    The email – sent out by the campaign’s African American outreach director, Marcus Ferrell – called for “a more formal interaction” between the Black Lives Matter movement and Sanders. “I apologize it took our campaign so long to officially reach out,” Ferrell wrote.”

    Sanders claims his minority outreach director sent the apology letter without his knowledge.

    Yeah. Keep “bern”ing those bridges, Sanders.

  25. I called my police friends in Iowa and warned them they would need more police at the state fair than even they think they will need they called me and thanked me today for the heads up. They tripled their contingency only to try to protect the people running for office. They found out that was not enough they had to call in more officers just to keep the fair open and some people moving when Bernie took the podium. hehehehe I love it.

  26. You are forgetting that those Senators’ Endorsements only apply to the Primaries and they are not commitments that they can’t change before the Convention.

    When Bernie wins, he Wins the Democratic Nomination (not an Independent nomination) and as the Democratic Party standard Bearer, all those Senators will fall into Line with their support for him!!! That is a given!!!

  27. Bernie has already said that if he doesn’t get the nomination he will support Madame Hillary, So, that means I’ll be voting for Dr. Jill Stein again! Besides, it is long past time that the working people of amerika reject the corporate democrats!

  28. Of course he doesn’t have to apologize because like all white liberals its not his fault. Now shut up and I will tell you what matters

  29. Oh Lord…!!!!..At this point let “bernie walks the waters” fandom have him lock stock and barrel…!!!!….he will bring the Democratic party BACK to NEVER NEVER Land..NOT seen since the nomination of McGovern..!!!…if he should somehow get the nomination…and at the moment…I REALLY DON’T CARE…!!!…OLD ADAGE….Be Careful What You Wish For….Some people on here Know the Ending and it AIN’T GOOD…!!!!!!!!!!!!!…But as a parting shot…GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. To bad for Bern that he supported the NRA Gun Protection Lawsuit… twice in 2005. Sorry, but supporting the American Political Mafia aka NRA is a deal breaker for a lot of “establishment” Democrats.

    Hillary all the way!

  31. Also against the export/import bank which provides 1000’s of American jobs and his views on the Middle east makes Schumer look like Arab lover but those issues are never discuss because we must feel the bern

  32. Allan Finkelsteing…just how is he going to win the primaries without the minority vote? How many Democratic presidential candidates in the past have been able to win the primaries without it?

    “If Sanders wins Iowa or New Hampshire, it will build a lot of momentum for him that will help in the states that follow, but he’s still going to struggle in places like South Carolina with large black populations and Nevada with large Hispanic populations unless he improves his appeal to nonwhite voters,” Tom Jensen, the director of the firm Public Policy Polling, told Business Insider.

    Jensen said most recent polls put Clinton’s support among African-American voters at around 70% to 80%. And as The Times notes, Sanders remains virtually unknown outside the liberal enclaves where he has campaigned heavily.

  33. That’s exactly how his response came across, and it doesn’t bode well for his chances at winning the primaries where he’s already so far behind Hillary Clinton in the polls regarding African Americans (between 70%-80%) and Latino Americans (73%).

    In a Univision poll, 73% of Latino respondents have said they would vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries and 68% said they haven’t yet formed an opinion on Bernie Sanders. Wait till they find out about his vote to shield Minutemen from Mexican Gov’t scrutiny.

    In 2006, Sanders had voted with Republicans to stop the US government from notifying the Mexican authorities about potential dangers to their citizens living or traveling near the US-Mexico border. Was that a liberal thing to do?

  34. Rin. Do what I did and join the volunteers on Hillary’s web site. I find that most Democrats are shocked by the Berns vote on the NRA bill and the fact that he has only been with the party for 4 months.

  35. And you are forgetting that all of those endorsements mean all of those people will be working for her in the primary and securing her win.

    They all want her to win. When the Governor of Va is on stage with her – for example, and he is getting out the vote for her and so are all the people who support him – it sure as hell helps.

    Also, the superdelegates do NOT have to vote according to their constituents. That is the reason they exist – I remember the McGovern years and why they can.

    You do not know politics or you are making up crap as you go along. PERIOD.

    Zero delegates want your guy.

    Governors matter. Senators matter. To say they will just all fall in line behind a guy who shunned the party for 24 years is non-sense!

    Bernie has no support in VERMONT from them.

    Not even the mayor of Burlington – who will be out getting donors and volunteers for Hillary and stumping for her.

    Bernie will do it all on his own. No help from anyone but Ben and Jerry.

  36. I have been on 6 campaigns with the name Clinton on it. (I was a NYer so Senate x2.)

    I was with Ready for Hillary and was on Hill’s site giving $20.16 the minute the site became public. As for volunteering – I organized three counties so far, spent hundreds of hours, hosted dozens of events. I attend lots of dem club meetings too and support downticket, registration drives, GOTV, etc.

    And we are just getting started. I want to beat Bush and Rubio (they call them Jebio here) on their own home turf.

    We have an amazing organizing team in Fl.

    We LOVE her and we have her back.

    The first time I volunteered was McGovern.

    I have been involved ever since.

  37. Oh and Allan, has his team figured out how he is going to get on the ballot in NH yet?

    He refused to be a democratic candidate for Senate, he had the option. Vermont is quirky but Dean chose Dem. Bernie didn’t so he was ELECTED and is serving as NOT A DEM and the voters put him in as that and it isn’t just a matter of changing party.

    He can’t do that anyway since Vt doesn’t have parties.

    NH allows only Dems to run as Dems. I think several others have that rule too but they are not the first.

    I am not an expert on this but many experts are wondering how he plans to get on the ballot there for the primary.

    I have seen hundreds of articles on it but nobody has an answer yet. Weird.

  38. The DLC and 3rd way Democrats on Wall Street are already feeding the media with reasons why Sanders approaching win in NH and Iowa don’t really matter. The Clinton advocates here are joining them with specious arguments making assumptions that voters who are people of color will not vote for Sanders.

    As they giggled, laughed and pointed when Black Lives Matter confronted Sanders, they missed the part in which tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of African Americans, Native Indians and Hispanics were drawn to stories about what Sanders believes and how long he has been saying and fighting for the same things in which they believe.

    As Ghandi said: “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you, then they fight you. Then you win. Even with the mainstream media conducting a blackout of information on Bernie, the hundreds of thousands of his active and activist supporters have make it impossible to ignore him. No laughter now. Fight is on. Wins are coming for Bernie Sand…

  39. Rin. Sounds like we have a similar backgrounds. Glad to hear from another Hillary volunteer.

    My first actual volunteer work was in 1976 for Carter. My Grandmother, elderly relatives and friends needed help getting to the polls and I had a van.

    I stuffed, called and walked for three Clinton Campaigns too; this will be my fourth.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. After reading all the comments, I have yet to see any specific reasons that HRC would be better than Sanders. Sure, she may be getting endorsements from other politicians, but in all reality, they are looking out for their own hides. A high ranking politician not endorsing the canidate that is “due for their turn” is political suicide. Plus, HRC has huge trust issues, that is one of the big reasons why there are a number of unions out ther that are waiting on an endorsement or endorsing Sanders. So thinking that he will be a lame duck president is simply asinine. I will admit that he may not accomplish all he as said that he wants to if he becomes president, but I do not doubt for one moment that he means what he says. I cannot say the same for HRC, as I feel that she is simply playing lip service and does not actually buy into what she is saying. Also, I do reconize that if Bernie does not win the nomination, HRC is a better option that what the Repubs have to offer.

  41. So her voting record in the senate doesn’t matter? You only go by what the village idiots tells you

  42. Who are these hundreds of thousands of blacks that are flocking to Sen. Sanders?
    In a recent Gallup poll, Clinton got her most favorable reviews from nonwhite men and women. Indeed, nonwhite women gave Clinton a higher favorable rating – 71 percent – than white women, 50 percent.

  43. Nate, Lee Atwater would be proud.

    Ok, Hillary has a PAC and will need money to win the General. Beats Bernie voting with the NRA Gun Mafia nuts TWICE to protect Gun Manufacturers from Lawsuits… you know, because the Gun Manufacturers are so misunderstood and are such targets.

  44. Bro, you aren’t looking very hard.

    1. Hillary sponsored 29 bills in the Senate that became law, Bernie sponsored three and two of those were to rename Post Offices.

    2. Hillary voted twice against the NRA/Gun Lawsuit Protection Bill, Bernie voted for the bill twice.

    3. Hillary has been a active Democrat since 1968 , Bernie has been a Democrat for maybe four months.

    4. Hillary has far more experience going up against the GOP at the National Level, Bernie had to switch to the Democratic side because the Independent and Liberty Union parties are not able to handle a General Election.

  45. If by village idiot, you mean my economics and political science degrees, and my inside experience with the political process. Then yes. Thank you for proving my point by responding with a simple ad hominem attack… And while we are talking about voting recods, lets have a look at HRC’s. Voting to go to war with Iraq, voting to increase military spending, her voting record against breaking up big banks. HRC will not bring back Glass-Stegal, the banking act that seperated commercial banking, investment banking, and personal banking. Those mergers were the cause of the housing bubble that cause the 2008 crash. So, yes, her voting record does matter very much to me. So saying I am not looking very hard is wrong. I am looking very hard. I also have zero issue with him only recently becoming a Dem. He is still saying the same things he was before, and not flipping on issues like HRC has. As for guns, I mostly agree with what he says about them.

  46. Nate, Hillary doesn’t have The Koch’s paving her way. Author Bernie Sanders:
    *The GOP Debate: This is What Oligarchy Looks Like*

    “In the run-up to the first Republican presidential debate, a flurry of news stories about the candidates offered glimpses of Oligarchy In Action”.

    “Charles Koch has begun speaking of “injustices” and claiming that civil rights movements serve as his moral models. But his actions – in the form of donations and campaign contributions – belie those words. The Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has pushed laws that benefit both corporate America generally, and Koch Industries specifically. It has also promoted voter ID laws that make it more difficult for lower-income citizens to vote – even as the Koch network spends hundreds of millions of dollars to influence the political process”.

  47. Hate to break it to you, but it sounds like you’re just supporting the same old-same old. A shame that you’re so against change and progress, trying to cite McGovern. Just such a reach, and rather pathetic may I add

  48. I see your Forbes article and I counter with

    It highlights that had the banks not been able to under wright their own issue of securities (that they knew to be toxic) the crash of 2008 would never have been able to happen.

    Also, look into why Bernie voted against closing GITMO. It was because the propose alternative was even worse, and Elizabeth Warren and Ron Wyden agreed with him. He does support closing of GITMO and even voted to have the prisoners moved to American prisons.

    Bernie has remained silent on Israel and the West Bank, so it is unclear if he supports the occupation or not.

    As for the drones, you are putting words into his mouth. While he does support drone strikes, he does not support a ground troops in the Middle East. And in the end, he wants to overhaul the criteria for a drone strike to prevent civilian casualties.

  49. Bingo.

    About a month ago I kept thinking – hmmm what does this remind me of?

    Then I remembered what: The Dean coalition.

  50. Of course they can. Jeb recently built a giant house, which he calls a cottage, in Maine, solves the issue of not allowing two from the same state.

    As soon as I saw his house going up I knew why. He can go and obviously his VP has to stay here.

    Case solved.

  51. The alternative was a supermax prison in Illinois. Now maybe you have more info on the matter but as far as I know no one has ever escaped from one. As far as the banks are concerned I think you are looking t the situation prior to the fixes. Now banks have to have capitol to screw us in case they fuk up and anyway they paid back what the taxpayers gave them. Is it perfect, Hell No but from everyone I have read trying to nationalize the banks will do more harm than good.

    No he has not remain silent on the Middle East. He has been in favor of the occupation and Israel’s policy in the Gaza strip and the west bank.
    Bernie Sanders on ISIS War Drones and Solutions

  52. Yes, I was surprised by those two pro-NRA votes of his myself. I would have never thought that an Independent/Socialist like Bernie Sanders would support the NRA and gun manufacturers that way.

    As a Democrat myself, I was appalled. I was happy to read that Hillary Clinton voted against it both times.

    His vote against comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 also appalled me. His excuse for voting against the bill now sounds disingenuous because he voted for the 2013 immigration reform bill that contained the same language (guestworker program) he claimed was the reason he had voted against it in 2007.

    Remember, in 2007 Democrats had majorities in both chambers of Congress. In 2013, Republicans did.

    In 2007, the immigration bill had a better chance at passing than in 2013. Oh, but Bernie Sanders is a savvy and ambitious politician all right.

  53. Now Bro, think really hard about what you wrote about unions waiting on endorsing Bernie. They aren’t. Quit dreaming.

    They will back Hillary and I am positive about a few of the large ones affilitated with AFLCIO.

    1) They love her. Some endorsed her against Obama and that was a very hard decision for them and for the country.

    2) I have read their comments and they are repeating some of her stump speech.

    3) They will back the democratic party front runner. They have said specifically they will back the person most likely to win the election.

    What would happen if they picked him over Hillary Rodham Clinton?

    The pipefitters gave her a million dollars from their pac to hers last month. They are obviously all in.

  54. Now you are just making stuff up. If you think for one moment that Hillary would do away with drones then you are obviously misguided. Doing away with drones would be one of the dumbest things that any military commander could do. Here you have a weapon that keeps your most valuable asset safe, effectively delivers its ordinance (they kill civilians because of poor target selection), and has a lower cost of operation than standard aircraft. Plus, Hillary has had the same position as Bernie, so she does not score any points there. He has also said nothing about nationalizing banks, and if you think that is true just because he has used the word socialist to describe himself, then you should also note that he also uses the word democrat to describe himself. Now, what he has said is that he wants to break up the big banks and make them so they are not too big to fail. So please, if you are going to call Bernie out, make sure Hillary is not doing the same thing.

  55. Naturally, those Senators have backed Billary. They want to keep the status quo. Wall Street writes that script and you want to keep playing the game with 1%ers that have raped this country for the last 30+ years. Oh, I supported the winner!!! Big deal. If this country doesn’t get someone like Bernie in a position of strength soon, we’ll be watching Rome burn from Nero’s throne. Between the Clintons and the Bushes, they’ve already prepped the bonfire. Another would just light the torch. Wall Street elitists could care less and that’s the plan. Trump is their hedge play… just in case. He’s the media’s distraction gone rogue…

  56. Oh for heavens sake! Who cares about any of this politically correct crap! I’m voting for Bernie because he is the only one who isn’t politically posturing in a DC suit and is the only true patriot for the American People! Hillary is clouded in her financial transparency, her position on issues, and her Monsanto alliance. You guys really want more of the same? I never thought I’d EVER say this, but since Reagan, I think George Wallace may have been right: “Democrats? Republicans? Not a dime’s worth of difference.”

  57. If HRC can’t beat a black newcomer named Barack Obama in Iowa, she has little chance to beat Bernie Sanders.

    HRC can’t ignite the base or put together a grassroots movement to mobilize young or lower-middle class voters — so many of whom are tired of politicians named Clinton or Bush.

    HRC’s rising unfavorable numbers make her a risky choice. Bernie is the candidate that talks about Walmart profiting while their workers struggle to get by. Meanwhile HRC served on Walmart’s board while Walmart battled unions. The contrast is stark and very telling.

    Endorsements mean little when union members can do their own research. The Machinist Union is a prime example. Their endorsement of HRC lead to members starting their own Bernie campaign.

    Add to that, HRC’s votes on the Iraq War and Patriot Act. Add to that, HRC’s refusal to answer questions about the Keystone Pipeline and list goes on and on. It’s easy to see why Democrats are excited about Bernie.

  58. I’m getting tired of hearing this dismissive tone about a “liberal utopia” when the reality is his policies are already well at work in other countries where the middle class is strong, people are healthy, cared for, well educated, and not living in squalor or smog. You right wingers really need to learn about how these policies actually work.

  59. I suggest people start contacting the editor their newspapers and ask why they are not reporting the news? Everyone is so focused on the Clowns of the Republican 3-ring circus.

  60. Did I say Hillary would not use drones? Please point out where I say that. As far as breaking up the banks in the Forbes article it said only 2 of the top 10 are American owned so will he break up foreign banks andif so how will he do that?

  61. …y’know DJ, alarm lights and a Klaxon start goin’ off in me head everytime someone says s/he speaks for any particular community…because every community consists o’ individuals…maybe shared ancestry, or ancestral experience but each person thier own island…be they AA, ‘white’, Native American, Latino, any o’ the Asian Countries…we are an individual first…and I know “f”ing well that NOBODY speaks for ME!!!

  62. So anyone who dares to “not feel the Bern” is suddenly a right-winger?

    Chill, Bratly.

    I’m a bona fide registered Democrat – unlike Bernie – who actually understands political reality – unlike socialist ideologues in this country who don’t have a clue.

    The Liberal-Utopia you and other “revolutionists” hope for is a pipe-dream. It simply can’t work in a country with 350+ MILLION people. It’s just TOO BIG.

    Here’s a hard-hitting fact: SENATOR Sanders can’t even get his tiny State of Vermont to implement single-payer (too expensive despite Federal funding via ObamaCare), and he thinks, as president, he can do it nationwide and you actually believe him? Really? Are you people really this politically naive or are you just playing it on liberal message boards?

  63. I’m glad to see djchefron and Rin so desperately spending tons of time and energy here deflecting, spinning and pretending Hillary isn’t a key part of the corruption of the fully corporatized establishment Democrats. They must be really frightened of Bernie or anyone else who would represent something closer to the true values of FDR Dems. And yet despite their heroic efforts she still keeps slipping, slipping, slipping…..

    I just hope they’re being paid by her campaign because that would be more money wasted on rejuvenating her reputation….

  64. What PC crap are you talking about?

    There are thousands of comments saying “I’m voting for Bernie because he is the only one who____” fill in the blank. And not one of those comments are acurate.

    Yes, I want more of the same. Bill Clinton same and Obama same – but even better since Hillary has them both to lean on and the backing of the party – the one to defeat the GOP.

    She has nothing to do with your smears and you are spouting propaganda about her but also clearly repeating the insanely stupid trick they tried with Gore vs Bush – they are the same.

    Gore and Bush were very different but that was the way they took Gore down.

    And we got Bush. Thanks to folks like you.

  65. lol.

    I have always had the same target:

    The GOP.

    But I am and always have been a staunch Clinton partisan. I voted against Obama in the primary and fought for her till the last minute of her campaign and will again.

    Clearly, DJ is neutral in his politics and backs any dem who wins the nom.

  66. Have you seen the yacht they are giving away to the person with the highest posts at Politicus? I am almost out of caviar and champaign so need to do some overtime.

  67. …I skip most comments that are “ALL CLINTON!!!” …”ALL SANDERS!!!” because both are lightyears ahead o’ WTFever the Republican”t Potty can come up with…I will vote for Who-the-GD-F”ing-EVER the Democratic Candidate is…
    …end o’ story…

  68. I agree. I have voted Democrat since 1972.That said if Hillary is the candidate, I will not vote for her. In my opinion she owes to many favors to Wall Street.

    For me it is Bernie Sanders or another Party. I can’t see a difference between Hillary and the Republicans. All the media claimed President Obama could not win.It is the same thing with Bernie. Try to convince the people it is Hillary or a Republican. Need I remind you she did not beat Obama. All the people who really want this rule by the elite to end should vote for Bernie. Hillary is just another billionaire. Do you really believe she has the best interest of the average American at heart?

  69. And since Sen. Sanders has berned bridges with the house and senate democrats how will he get his agenda through?

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