Bernie Sanders Schools Chuck Todd On Why He Is Nothing Like Donald Trump


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It took Bernie Sanders roughly 25 seconds to school Chuck Todd on why he is nothing like Donald Trump.



When Meet The Press’s Chuck Todd brought up the media’s favorite lazy comparison between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate explained why he is nothing like Trump.

Sanders said, “Here’s the difference. I am not a billionaire. My family doesn’t have a whole lot of people. We are raising our campaign contributions from 350,000 people who are contributing on average Chuck, $31.20 apiece. That’s our response to out to working class people, to go out to the middle-class people and gain support. I think that’s a little bit different approach than Donald Trump’s.”

The comparison to Donald Trump is an insult to what Bernie Sanders is accomplishing. The media loves Donald Trump because he understands how to produce entertaining television. Trump is running a made for TV campaign.

Trump isn’t drawing tens of thousands of people to his events, and the people who are supporting Trump have little in common with those who are supporting Sanders.

Sen. Sanders is a public servant with decades of experience in fighting for ordinary Americans. Sanders proposes real legislation and policy. Donald Trump has done none of these things. Republicans are flocking to Donald Trump because he has perfected the Fox News style of hype and empty bluster.

Bernie Sanders isn’t succeeding because of publicity and hype. Sanders is drawing the big crowds because of his authenticity and message. Chuck Todd was clever in that he tried to compare the two campaigns based on the kinds of supporters that they are drawing, but there really is no comparison.

Donald Trump is a television creation born out of a combination of reality TV and Fox News. Bernie Sanders is a real deal candidate who has been building his grassroots support outside of the media spotlight for years.

Trump’s success is the culmination of years of Republican purges of intellect from their party, whereas the success of Sanders is a clear indication of the leftward movement of the Democrats.

Bernie Sanders has nothing in common with Donald Trump, as the Democratic candidate made crystal clear to Chuck Todd.

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  1. Bernie also said in this interview, I believe, he didn’t send the apology letter to BLM. His staffer did that. Then Bernie said basically, the group BLM matters and added all groups matter. (Really, he said that. I can see the hashtag now: All Groups Matter.)

    Actually, the letter by his staff was pretty childish and not written at a presidential campaign level, and was rife with errors. It should have been proofed before sending – at the very least. And approved for content too considering the importance of it. So I do not blame him for disowning the letter, but it makes no sense to disown an apology.

  2. Those claiming to represent BLM in Seattle were provocateurs who wanted to get publicity by disrupting the rally. Think what would have happened in terms of media coverage if they were forcibly removed or arrested? Bernie did the right thing by leaving and letting them have the microphone. He did nothing to apologize for.

  3. Maybe if unarmed black people dying at the hand of law enforcement didn’t get your attention then maybe you are the problem

  4. The Bern and The Don have similar views views on Guns.

    The Bern, 1993, voted “Nay” to five day waiting period for handgun purchase (Brady bill).
    The Bern, 1999, voted “Nay” to instant background checks at guns shows.
    The Bern, 2003, vote “Yea” to prohibit lawsuits against firearm manufacturers.
    The Bern, 2005, vote “Yea” to prohibit lawsuits against firearm manufacturers.
    The Bern, 2009, vote “Yea” to allow use of firearms in National Parks (part of Truth in Lending Act amendment.)

    The Don 2002, “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”
    The Don 2011, “I am against gun control.”

  5. Another fundamental difference:
    Sanders doesn’t spend his day spewing petty insults at everyone who disagrees with him, otherwise he would have attacked Todd as “talentless” and “not very bright”.

  6. Got my fingers crossed that Michael Dyson continues the afternoon show instead of this “north end of the horse headin’ south”.

  7. Much as I admire Bernie Sanfers, he did not actually answer Chuck Todd’s question. Todd asked him in what way was he like the Trump VOTER, not Trump minself. Sanders wernt ahead and explained why he’s unlike Donald Trump. Duh. But why he’s like the working class guy who likes Trump–that never got a response. Chuck’s question was not as stupid as most commenters are making out.

  8. I LOVE Michael Eric Dyson, and I hope he’ll keep the slot as well. He’s one heckuva talk show host.

    I also hope that MSNBC brings Keith Olberman back. Although I didn’t always agree with Ed Schultz, I will miss him, but MSNBC can make up for that loss with the one who started it all: Keith Olberman.

  9. I never would’ve thought Bernie Sanders supporters would be so petty as to vote down anything negative that’s posted about their candidate.

    I mean, since when did self-proclaimed Liberals and Socialists refuse to accept facts – especially when those facts are documented, even when it puts their candidate in a not-so positive light?

    Face it Sanders supporters…your candidate sounds off like a Liberal but he’s been shown to vote like a conservative Republican…when he doesn’t have to run for president, that is.

  10. djchefron:

    Maybe if unarmed black people dying at the hand of law enforcement didn’t get your attention then maybe you are the problem


    It irks me that Sanders supporters will happily hurl Black people and the #BlackLivesMatter movement under the bus just because these Black folk won’t drop on knees and bow their heads for “the Bern”. Don’t they know they’re hurting Bernie Sanders more than helping him??

    Watch the down-votes rise on this post without a cogent response to explain it. That’s so…Teabaggerish. Or should I say, Firedogbaggish?

  11. That is it exactly. I’m surprised you haven’t garnered double-digit down-votes for this post.

    You get two thumbs up from me because, as a Liberal Democrat, I’m not afraid of the truth.

  12. Actually, Chuckles asked Senator Sanders, “What do you think you have in common with the Trump voter. Forget Trump, but the Trump voter”.

    And yes, to be fair, Senator Sanders did answer what he had in common with Trump voter, as quoted in the above article:

    “Sanders said, “Here’s the difference. I am not a billionaire. My family doesn’t have a whole lot of people money.”

    It’s clear to me that what he has in common with the Trump voter is lack of billions.

    But he has something else in common with the Trump voter: no empathy for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

  13. Why do you say he has “no empathy for BLM”? He was put off stage for the speaker in Seattle. Is that why you think that? Has he said anything to that effect? Don’t put such negativity out there in less you have some backing for your opinion. If you do, I would like to know what it is. I think he must have empathy because I have read where he has criticized the police specifically for the incarceration of the woman who was found hung in her cell. A man like Sanders who has sympathy for a society that promotes jobs and social security must have sympathy for all of us.
    Peace! Lynn Hear him out please.

  14. I have yet to hear Donald Trump explain exactly HOW he’s going to do any of things he says he would do as President. He says he’d build a wall along our southern border and get Mexico to pay for it, but he doesn’t say how he’d make that happen. He says he’d be the best jobs President ever, but he doesn’t say how he’d make that happen. He says he’d be great for women, but he doesn’t say how. Trump is all bluster and no substance, whereas Bernie is all substance and has no need for bluster. Feel the Bern, folks.

  15. Why do you say he has “no empathy for BLM”?

    Because he doesn’t. In Seattle, the crowd booed the BLM activists. Some even shouted that they should be tazered!

    What did Bernie Sanders do? NOTHING. Nada. ZILCH. He just stepped aside with a smirk and said NOTHING. He let the crowd boo these women and showed NO leadership. Is that a sign of empathy for #BlackLivesMatter to you?

    Also, he quickly corrected his minority outreach director when the latter sent an apology to #BlackLivesMatter, that the campaign hadn’t reached out to them earlier on. Senator Sanders denounced it and claimed that letter was sent without his knowledge.

    Also, after the protest in Seattle, Bernie Sanders simply stated that he was “disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands.”

    Yeah. Real empathy there.

  16. If he does that on a debate stage he will be mocked relentlessly. I think the media is gathering up a storm of material to use against him. They love to build people up and get attention and then take them down.

    He will be facing ridicule (the HRC campaign will be blamed by the bernbots)and they are just sitting on a goldmine of materials for when primary interest heats up in the winter. When people start paying attention and their ratings go up they will unleash comedic gold. (Sanders speech in Iowa about deoderant and sneakers leading to starving children recently for example.)

  17. “your candidate sounds off like a Liberal but he’s been shown to vote like a conservative Republican”

    Wow. That seriously made me LOL. So, if Bernie doesn’t vote 100% ideologically pure, then he “votes like a conservative Republican”?

    So, by your standards, EVERY politician is a “conservative republican”. You might want to re-calibrate your standards a bit, the needle appears to be stuck at “11”.

  18. Todd, a professional journalist and wordsmith doesn’t know the difference between ‘gamut’ and gambit.’

    Gyawd, what a hack

  19. Of course the media (which is mostly owned by major for profit corporations) is gathering up a storm of information to be used against him. He is promoting the use of government power to regulate capitalism so that wealth is distributed more equitably and everyone has a decent standard of living.
    He did not say that deodorant and sneakers leads to starving children. Here is what he said,

    “I think there is obviously an enormously important role for the free market and for entrepreneurial activity. I worry how free the free market is. In sector after sector, you have a small number of companies controlling a large part of the sector.”

    “If 99 percent of all the new income goes to the top 1 percent, you could triple it, it wouldn’t matter much to the average middle class person. The whole size of the economy and the GDP doesn’t matter if people continue to work longer hours for low wages and you have 45 million people living in poverty.”

  20. More:

    “You can’t just continue growth for the sake of growth in a world in which we are struggling with climate change and all kinds of environmental problems. All right? You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country. I don’t think the media appreciates the kind of stress that ordinary Americans are working on. People scared to death about what happens tomorrow. Half the people in America have less than $10,000 in savings. How do you like that? That means you have an automobile accident, you have an illness, you’re broke. How do you retire if you have less than $10,000, and you don’t have much in the way of Social Security?”

    He is talking about the excesses of capitalism versus what is morally correct in a nation of such immense wealth. Perhaps idealistic, but not to be ridiculed unless you are greedy.

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