Donald Trump Falls Apart When Asked Who He Would Turn To For Military Advice


donald trump meet the press military advisers

During an interview on Meet The Press, Donald Trump admitted that he gets his military advice from watching television.



Chuck Todd asked Trump who he would turn to for military advice. The billionaire gave a disastrous answer, “Well, I watch the shows. I mean a really see a lot of great. You know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows and you have the generals.”

Todd asked who Trump’s go to military adviser is, and he answered, “Probably, there are two or three. I mean, I like Bolton. I think he is a tough cookie. He knows what he is talking about. Jacobs is a good guy. Col. Jake Jacobs is a good guy, and I see him on occasion.”

The problem is that Chuck Todd was getting at who is advising Donald Trump on military issues, and Trump gave an answer that focused on television and people he likes. Trump never said that either of the individuals that he named was advising his campaign.

Trump knows how to use to television to appeal to Republican voters, but there is very little behind the bluster. Does Donald Trump have military advisers? Judging from his answer on Meet The Press, he does not.

What makes the Trump campaign so entertaining to watch is that he is flying by the seat of his pants, but a president can’t “wing it,” in the White House.

Anytime that Trump is asked a serious political question or is pushed for details, he falls flat on his face. However, the Republican Party is so weak that it is possible that they won’t be able to pin Trump down.

Trump’s answer today provided more evidence that if wins the Republican nomination, he will be crushed by the Democratic nominee.

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  1. ‘Anytime that Trump is asked a serious political question or is pushed for details, he falls flat on his face. However, the Republican Party is so weak that it is possible that they won’t be able to pin Trump down.’

    I think that sums it up quite well for this clown Donny trump. Anyone who pushes him for actual answers is wasting their time. he has no real answers.

  2. FROM ARTICLE: “What makes the Trump campaign so entertaining to watch…”

    I must be the only one on the planet not finding this Trump charade “entertaining.”

  3. Again, it proves that this guy has no real substance. He gets his military advice from the political talk shows and from the retired Generals and former UN Ambassador (Bolton)and the likes of him?(Them)? !!!!!
    Those ex-military who appear on FOX are the warmongers, the hot heads and the tactical incompetents. IF they appear on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, PBS: Those are the levelheaded guys who give good military advice. But, Trump should NOT be getting his advice from those camps. He should get it from active duty Generals at the Pentagon. But for now, when we hear Trump talk on how he will defeat ISIS you have to take that with a grain of salt, because he is listening to arm-chair, retired generals And to a disgruntled, warmongering ex-Un Ambassador BOLTON; to name one who should NOT be giving advice (look him up on Google).

  4. Bolton? seriously? this guy makes cheyney seem a little less evil- just a little. trump is a dream come true for the democrats.

  5. we have all seen the GOP try to destroy Donald. they know they created this ‘clusterf*ck of epic proportions’. it did not work- they cannot silence the don… the conservatives have created a monster. it will destroy them and the GOP. now America can clearly see that the majority of the rightwing base is indeed as racist, bigoted, and sexist as they come. as a dem, I am literally dancing down the street. however, as an American, I am ashamed and embarrassed that these republicans and their base are worthless degenerates and cannot offer American voters anything better.

  6. New Poll: only 1 in 4 in US want more American involvement abroad; Cuba & Iran lower on List

    A new NORC/ AP poll, done before the Iran deal was announced by President Obama, shows how out of touch most of the presidential candidates are on foreign policy public opinion.

    The American public just doesn’t want more involvement overseas. To be exact, a third of Americans want less involvement overseas and a third is satisfied with the amount we have. Only about a fourth wants a more pro-active foreign policy.

  7. Well at least he stayed as genuine as Trump can, and didn’t say god was his main adviser. Although by mentioning Bolton, he could have been using code, for that other guy.

  8. The saving grace to the embarrassment of the rest of the voters in this nation would be Trump’s defeat in the general election. Highly doubt it will come to that. This does however expose the ugliness of GOP primary voters. Lots of time left. Someday though they will need to decide if they will support the eventual nominee. (not likely trump) It has happened before.

  9. Oh Please…I will never vote for Trump but at least he is honest “Most Americans” get their military opinions from the news. The rest of the Republican Hypocrites just know how to lie better.

  10. There’s one thing he said in the Interview with Chuck on “Meet The Press” this morningthat was true He said that Iraq was the wrong war and that we (The USA) got NOTHING out of it. We spent Thrillions of dollars over there an lost over 55,000 men and women in that place. True. We got NOTHING!!!

    He said a lot of foolish things in that interview. He sounded a lot like Sarah Palin….believe it or not.

  11. The Donald does not take advice. Period. Not from anyone, not for anything, be it investments, business, campaigning for president or waging another Republican World War. No advisors need apply.
    And also too, isn’t the Trumpet starting to sound like he took elocution lessons with $arah Payme? “Well, I watch the shows. I mean a really see a lot of great. You know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows and you have the generals.”
    Does anyone else hear ” All of ’em, Katie”?

  12. All Trump knows is money angles and speaks until he finds them. That is real Trump. Oh include his close followers who he thinks are advisers, The only good thing is he does take advice but as Present it may go to far when he tries to make money at it

  13. Trump is riding a wave of tough talk generalities that appeals to, so far, about a quarter of the GOP base. Eventually, without substance, his tap dancing around specifics will undermine him. It’s just a matter of time.

  14. Apparently a Mrs Trump first lady would really be a first – she would be the first, first lady to have posed in the nude.

  15. Trump seems to not finish sentences, gets angry at the once in awhile serious questions thrown at him, probably because he can’t think of a good answer. I am sick to death of him, and I am berating CNN for having all of their prime time programming on just Trump(et) for 2 days! Jeez, enough already! Every news network, and, loosely the Faux network does NOT need to have that bumbling idiot take over all the stupid airwaves! I can’t imaging what other countries are thinking of us now. Hey, other countries..WE ARE NOT ALL OF US THAT STUPID!

  16. Come on, ya know hes gonna or probably already has Halliburtoned up and will be advised by Darth Cheney and his evil marauders. Always looking to make a buck at the expense of the American people.

  17. I do not get the fascination with Trump – or with many in the GOP field. They are not serious candidates and the ones who are serious, well they do not have new ideas for solving our problems.

    Whether you like Sanders or Clinton or O’Malley, at least they have workable ideas.

    What does Trump have? Announcements, grandiose plans that are unrealistic, unenforceable, not doable, etc. Trump says he wants to end birthright citizenship? Well, has he not heard of a little thing called the 14th Amendment?

    The rest of the GOP field, if they have workable plans, they’re just the same old plans as before – plans that do NOT help those struggling in this country.

    We need serious people, serious leadership, and serious – WORKABLE – ideas and policies and we need to be DISCUSSING those people and those ideas and figuring out what’s best for the country and, ultimately, who is best for the country.

    But there’s no getting away from Trump.

  18. Trust me. You are not the only one. I very much dislike bullies and Trump is the bulliest. He is also so ill- or un- informed that if it weren’t the presidency he was after, it might be funny. But probably not even then. His answer about military advisers and where he gets his information reminds me of Palin’s answer about which newspapers and magazines she reads…”oh, you know, all of ’em.”

  19. Well, if the Democrat party can’t find somebody better to offer as a candidate than Hillary Clinton I don’t think the GOP needs to worry too much about being crushed! How could we possibly trust her, militarily or otherwise?

  20. From what I have seen of or read about Donald Trump, he seems to be rather insecure. How many people go around saying “I am the greatest” – all the time, like he has to make sure everyone knows?

    When he is challenged on anything, he reacts angrily and is very petty and vicious. If he were a confident person, he’d let it roll off his back.

    He will never be able to stand the attacks that President Obama has to face.

  21. Lois. Are you with the NRA?

    Hillary is the best DEMOCRATIC Candidate.

    She is an intelligent, experienced, tough Woman that will be able to go nose to nose with ANY of the GOPers in the race. Plus she reminds me of my Grandmother. IMO.

  22. I do not get the fascination with Trump

    You need to be more familiar with the inside baseball matters of the Republican party.

    But don’t feel left out…the RNC political class doesn’t really ‘get it’ either.

  23. the RNC political class doesn’t really ‘get it’ either.
    Who are you trying to kid? The RNC has ben race baiting for decades and you like the rest of the racist in your party has licked it up like a ageing pornstar doing money shots

  24. 42, Being ‘Grandmother’ is a great asset!
    Native American Tribes always had elder women sitting at the Table.

    Elder Women Remember the past.
    You’ve seen children surrounding a group of adults discussing important things…
    Little Girls Listen to the conversation and tend to remember. Most little Boys are running around destroying things.

    The Wise Elder Women was very well respected and honored by our Native Americans.

  25. He is only popular if you want to all 25% popular with the racist and sexist white males but other than that keep living on that shining city on the hill

  26. So you’re premise is that Trump is a racist …and therefore your conclusion is that he’s attracting all the racists in the Republican party?

    If I’m understanding you correctly, your premise is faulty and explains why your conclusion is wrong.

    Trumps popularity has nothing to do with racism in the vast majority of his supporters.

    The GOP establishment hates him with the heat of a thousand suns. Why wouldn’t they embrace him if he is exactly like them?

  27. Think GOP civil war.

    Grassroots vs. GOP establishment.

    The GOP elite has screwed up and elevated it’s adversary.

  28. Charlie, Just as Mark Twain Warned:

    “Anger/Hatred does more harm to the vessel in which it’s stored…than to anything on which it is poured”

    The GOP has Fomented Alchemical Pure Hatred! FOX Lies by Omission…
    and RightWingHateRadio is funded by Citizens United *Americans For Property* The TeaParty Koch’s created!

    We’re up against real evil.
    Check this photo: Look at all their Citizens United Tea Party Accoutrements!
    This says it visually…
    Photo from San Francisco Tea Party:

  29. And Bernie Sanders already knows who to talk to? Give it a day or two. Trump will have his list of people he’ll want on his team that will advise him on foreign affairs as well as state of military readiness and guess what? They won’t be in the military as of right now. He’s an outsider candidate who won’t pick insider generals.

  30. At least Sen. Sanders didn’t say he watch TV for what to do but then again I am not surprise that you would revel in ignorance. How many times did you vote in American Idol

  31. Charlie, I think I get what you mean, but let me see if I can make things clearer. GOP establishment- old white men, the elites, Trump………is appealing to the grassroots, the racists. There it’s fixed. Wait the old white men don’t want THAT old white man to be the nominee bcause he is not playing the game the way they want. He’s not indebted to them, he won’t jump through their hoops. I believe thats as clear as it gets. It will only make sense to them. My brain hurts now!

  32. Trump………is appealing to the grassroots,
    the racists.
    No, try to forget the knee-jerk “racists” response for one minute.
    The grassroots of the R party believes they have attempted the traditional poking of R politicians in the chest with the one finger, briskly executed “double-tap” in order to get the attention of the GOP establishment politicians, but they now know that
    those 3-piece suits had substantial poke-stopping potential.
    So…they’ve moved on to pie throwing. Trump is their catapult.

    Remember Wall Street, Wall Street, Wall Street. Mix in a generous helping of K Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and blend with a heaping amount of DC professional political strategy.
    THAT is what the Republican grass roots is rebelling against.

  33. Oh. I don’t know about Cheney. Cheney would never back someone he can’t control, and thus far, Trump will not be controlled by anyone, which is half of what freaks out the GOP to begin with.

  34. Carry on with your bluster, Lois. You probably don’t realize that the Dems only need a handful of electoral wins to hit 276 (if memory serves on that number).

    So, what that means is the GOP has to do some mighty changing and pull a majority of the women voters AND minorities, and we all know that’s not going to happen. Literally, the only way the GOP could win in ’16 is if all the Dems stay home on election day, and that won’t be happening either =)

    Toodle ooo!

  35. He gets his Military advice and know how from the news and political talk shows?

    Sounds like Sarah Palin.

    Same thought waves. Only difference, her voice was intolerable.

  36. This article may think he fell flat on his face, but I bet his poll numbers rise.

    I like the way the people respond to items in the corporate press. They seem to do the opposite of what you predict, just to spite you.

  37. …I wouldn’t trust a guy {Or gal} for advice unless they were currently in the trade…for military matters, lemme talk to a General or Admiral who was right there where the conflict is taking place…former Generals just wanna be a talking head…active Generals in the field just wanna complete thier mission and get his troops home…

  38. All Trumpys money influence and yet he has never discussed any Military matters with a General, there must be plenty of Republican leaning ones.
    He is a real fathead.

  39. I once had a very wealthy boss that only had “yes”people around. Whenever I challenged his opinion regarding our business, he would cut me off and say “you’re not listening to me”. I a;ways responded ” I did listen to you but you’re wrong”. He eventually stopped doing that to me. You have to stand up to loudmouth bullies.

  40. What a great country !

    Donald T. Rump getting military advice from Yosemite Sam, yet it’s comforting to know that there’s backup from sidekicks like The Roadrunner and Wily Coyote — both with experience in desert combat.

    What’s next — marriage advice from Mickey Rooney ?

  41. Hmm… I’m wondering what Barack Obama’s response was when NBC asked him this question during the 2008 campaign. Oh, that’s right — they didn’t ask him this question!

    Well, given the selectively asked question, let’s consider Trump’s response:

    1) John Bolton – a former ambassador to the UN whose “controversial” tenure there owed to the fact that he openly fought to reform the Human Rights Commission which was made up of some of the world’s most abusive regimes. My, my… And Bolton holds a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from Yale University, so you can’t use the knee-jerk liberal response of calling him stupid. Oh, go ahead, no one will check…

    2) Col Jack Jacobs – Vietnam veteran. Medal of Honor winner. Two Silver Stars, three Bronze stars and two Purple Hearts. But what does he know about the military?

    3) Both of the people Trump cites don’t work for him either, so they can’t be accused of being yes men.

    Holding my breath till you ask the Dem hopefuls ….

  42. Not only the fact that Trump mentions getting military advice from John Bolton but then including someone who is almost at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, ideologicaly, as in Col. Jacobs, made me listen to that portion a few times. He didn’t say he was actually getting any advice from them but that he considered them people he would listen to in the future. So far, his only source has been TV! Can you imagine the outrage if President Obama had said something along these lines?

  43. Wait ’til Trump discovers that he can make money off of war. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t figured this out yet. The prick bastard loves money more than life itself.

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