Hillary Clinton Campaign Stands Up For Latino Immigrants While Slamming Trump and Walker

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign called out both Scott Walker and Donald Trump for their positions of support for extreme anti-immigrant policies.

Hillary for America Latino Outreach Director Lorella Praeli said in a statement, “It is disturbing that Republican presidential candidates continue to embrace extreme anti-immigrant positions as core pieces of their immigration platform. While more Republicans are promoting policies that tear families apart, Hillary Clinton remains consistent in her position to defend President Obama’s executive actions and push for a comprehensive solution that includes a pathway to full and equal citizenship at the heart of any immigration reform plan.”

Donald Trump’s immigration plan that in part gained the support of Scott Walker is the exact opposite of a comprehensive solution. Trump’s plan was more pie in the sky race baiting that was designed to appeal to bigoted Republican primary voters.

What Walker, Trump, and the Republicans who support this scheme are ignoring is that any legislation to end birthright citizenship would be unconstitutional. The Fourteenth Amendment states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

The Fourteenth Amendment would have to be repealed for the Republican dream of ending birthright citizenship to become law. Republicans are costing themselves the 2016 election by supporting Trump’s overt racism. Every Republican that praises Trump’s plan is another nail in the Republican 2016 coffin.

Democrats have all been consistent in their support for immigration reform. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, she has already pledged to continue, support, and defend the president’s executive orders on immigration. The odds of the next president getting to sign a comprehensive immigration reform bill remain slim, but the racist stance of immigrant hating Republican candidates has made it clear that the best chance for comprehensive immigration reform rests with electing a Democratic president in 2016.

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  1. Hillary ‘s got this, the RNC cant agree on any policy amongst themselves. Trump is gonna give Priebus a stroke.

  2. Any Democratic candidate needs to outline the economic costs of the Trump/Walker plan. They need to spell it out to the idiot voters out there, the knuckledraggers who think rounding up 11 million Mexicans and deporting them is going to suddenly magically produce more jobs for white people. They need to state, in no uncertain terms, that such a plan would result in economic disaster for America. They need to state that our food prices will skyrocket, and will cause untold amounts of suffering for those whose lives depend on cheap meals. Americans need to be bashed over the head with the truth of how disastrous ANY Republican would be for the future and wellbeing of this nation.

    A GOP win is the final nail in the coffin for America.

  3. It isn’t even 2016 and the gopers are busy committing suicide. There is no way in hell they can run against comprehensive immigration reform And win any national office. Their stupidity is going to cost them at every level of governance.

  4. I read an op-ed that said it seems as if Trump is running FOR Democrats. I’m starting to believe it..he’s doing a bang-up job of creating havoc on the right.

  5. Two of Trump’s 3 wives are immigrants: Ivana (1st), from Czechoslovakia, and Melania ( 3rd and present ) from Bolivia, so also a latina.

    I wonder if he thought they might have been rapists ?

  6. How can the dems let those GOPers get away w/ lies? Someone needs to put out some money and have ad truths. Don’t they know Colin Powell used his personal computer while Sec. of State? They are putting out so much propaganda so fast that even many democrats are beginning to think Hillary did something illegal, which she did not. The law was not signed (that you couldn’t use personal computers) until two years after Secretary Clinton left that office. Please, democrats! check your facts! They are OUT TO DESTROY her!

  7. So thats why he wants to deport all the latino’s; time for wife Number 3 to hit the road; would be interesting if he wins the first first lady to pose nude.

  8. Trump is castrating the Koch Bros. political machine. It amuses him.
    Especially the notion that someday we may have to put up a statue of him as slayer of the GOP dragon. Hair and all……

  9. According to Trump, if you were born here you must get out anyway, that would say bye bye to Jindal and Rubio would it not?

  10. Trump will have fun rewriting the Constitution. I’m a naturalized citizen; I wonder if I’ll have to go…

  11. I heard that old “Rinse Penis” is already having “Depends” diapers delivered to his home by the truckload.

    The guy has GOT to be crapping his pants on an hourly basis.

  12. Great point – it makes you wonder just how stupid Piyush is. An end to birthright citizenship would mean he, Rubio, and Cruz would have to leave. Stupid is as stupid does.

  13. …no Teatard has been able to explain how they’ll win the GENERAL after they pander to the psychos all through the PRIMARY…

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