The Lunatics Have Taken Over The GOP As Trump, Carson And Cruz Top The Republican Field

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A Fox News poll released on August 16th, showed Donald Trump continuing to enjoy a dominant lead in the Republican race for the 2016 presidential nomination. Trump polled at 25 percent in the 17 candidate field, well ahead of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson who was in second place with 12 percent support. Ted Cruz was in third place at 10 percent, with no other candidate in double digits.

Trump’s commanding lead is no longer surprising, given that he has been comfortably ahead in several recent national surveys, released from multiple different polling firms. What makes the Fox News poll so frightening for GOP strategists, however, is that Trump’s nearest competitors are not establishment favorites like Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio. Instead, if Trump falters, Ben Carson or Ted Cruz appear to be next in line to ascend to the top of the GOP pack.

Pundits have long argued that Donald Trump will eventually fade as voters take a more sober look at the Republican options and cease their reckless flirtations with candidates on the fringe. However, that “conventional wisdom” is predicated on the notion that Republican voters both want to win in 2016, and that they recognize that choosing a more moderate candidate is their path to victory.

However, the Fox News survey suggests that GOP voters are disinterested in choosing one of the Republican establishment candidates with extensive experience governing. In fact, given their preference for political outsiders like Trump and Carson, Republican voters may even see elected experience as a liability. “If you’re part of the government, you’re part of the problem”, they reason. The notable exception to that adage is Texas Senator Ted Cruz, whose main accomplishment as senator has been as an obstructionist who keeps the U.S. Senate from getting things done.

Republican party leaders have spent the better part of the last two decades stirring up their base with anti-government rhetoric. That strategy has helped them win victories over Democrats, but not without consequences for establishment GOP politicians, who are now facing the wrath of the anti-government voters they helped cultivate. With GOP voters looking at Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz as their potential saviors, its pretty clear that the angry mobs are not just upset with Barack Obama.

They have grabbed their pitchforks and torches to go after the Republican establishment as well. Jeb Bush and Scott Walker may not have noticed yet, but Republican voters aren’t looking for somebody with executive experience as governor. Instead, they are looking for a candidate with little or no experience, because they have been conditioned to virtually reject the idea of governing at all.

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  1. Sounds like those on the right are tired of the same old crap, different day and are willing to just roll the dice and say ‘screw it! Let’s go all in, baby!!!’

    Too bad that the top three in that poll have no decent ideas between them. Hell, the entire 17 person field is so lacking in ideas that a horde of mollusks has more brain power.

  2. Lunatics taking over ?

    I’ve been saying this for decades …that Republicans are certifiable bat-squeeze bonkers. Look, 47% of the soggy diaper Republicans for three of the most unqualified ever to post a bid for the highest office in the land …and these numbnuts think it’s great.
    But it’s not new: Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Frothy Santorum …all had their moments leading the assclown parade, and they have the collective intelligence of a dope addicted basset hound.

    Republicans are STUPID, MEAN, and DESTRUCTIVE.
    Being Republican is a mental disease.

  3. Every cycle now brings the same thing.Rail against the current opposition leaders with nonsense ideas and unworkable solutions. Meanwhile you own a congress that should be showing how it can successfully govern as to help the election process with pitiful results.The faithful flock to news sources that they know will feed them their preconceived notions. No one in this article’s headline photo is electable in the general.

  4. Republican geniuses. They created this atmosphere and the result brings us back to the “Circle Firing Squad”. Now they ask themselves, Wha’ Happened. Governing has been lost, credibility, has been lost. Willard “no truth” Romney. And the practice of stupidity goes on, and on. They ain’t learn’t nuthin’. Still lying. To the public and to themselves. Fake scandals, Benghazi. They were even asked by the families of those killed, not to have anymore hearings and to let their loved ones RIP. Wasted time, wasted money, wasted America. Republicans should not be in the public domain period. They’re always mad or lying about something. Just so they stop the function of Government. I won’t even start the swiftboat like antics they do now toward HRC. They’ve done nothing to benefit the country. Nothing.

  5. Newsflash. Trump is well supported by a strong minority of democratic voters as well. Dyed in the wool, northeastern democrats. Oh ye leftist hacks and GOP establishment goons who have robbed us blind, your chickens are coming home to roost…

  6. Donald Trump apparently stalked Princess Diana after her divorce, assiduously and expensively, pronouncing her the perfect trophy wife. I daresay whenever someone exclaims, “Oh, God!” he answers, “Yes?”, and he isn’t joking.

  7. Karma! Isn’t it great. The Koch brothers hijacked the Tea Party and have been trying to buy the US government ever since the Citizens United poor decision. Now their heads are exploding knowing that their top tier candidates are unelectable. You reap what you sow.

  8. Now the republican front runners have fallen out of love with the constitution. Trump said to screw the 14th ammendment, he would deport millions of illegals. never mind the trillions it would cost or the impossible mission of changing their beloved constitution. I love these ignorant fools. they are playing themselves out of ever winning the White House. Now Walker backs Trump. I hope others follow.

  9. What trillions? Why? A better solution would be to try and imprison and heavily fine employers who profit by hiring illegal aliens for lower wages and pocket the profit. When it begins to make sense to imprisoned CEOs, they would pay higher wages to hire American employees. Many illegal aliens would find their way back home if the jobs and benefits that attract them dry up. Huge expensive roundups would be unnecessary.

  10. The Repubs have been cultivating this crop of low-minded experience haters and anti-intellectuals for some time as the writer points out. I call them “Dive Bar Republicans.” They do want to win, but they are gullible as… rank and file Republican footsoldiers… and tactically stupid as a group. The GOP “strategists” created this troop of apes by appealing to the worst in people. In doing so, they created a perfect environment for their Franken-Trump monster. Now they can not control either.

  11. Three Democratic dudes living together in a basement apartment in Woonsocket isn’t what I would call “a strong minority” of Democratic voters.

  12. We’ve still got over a year to go in this election season. PLENTY of time for any one of these fools to self-destruct.

    If every single American of Hispanic ancestry turns out and votes against the GOP, they’re history. If every single woman who isn’t a Republican Stepford Wife shows up and votes against the GOP, they’re history. If every single black person who can see the GOP is the party of racists, they’re history.

    If ALL THREE minority groups turn out in droves, the GOP is done for the rest of eternity. There will be such a landslide against them that they will never occupy the White House. Ever again.

  13. Repeal and replace is their mantra. Not a single damn one of them has said what “replace” is exactly. They can’t and they know it. They will rue the day they started calling it “Obamacare.”
    Crump has been called on to give specifics. Let’s see just what he has to say. I expect his other plans will be just as good as his “immigration” plan. Let crump and the walker dead keep talking and drive the sane and the almost sane to the Democrats.

  14. Low intellectuals like, say, world-renowned brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson? Anti-experience? Nine current or former governors, four senators, two CEOs. Someone not agreeing with your political philosophy does not make them an idiot. If you think there’s a mysterious right-wing conspiracy controlled by Fox News manipulating morons to the polls you’re doing yourself a disservice. The Dems got crushed in the midterms not because of low voter turnout or brainwashed Republicans, but because many Americans were dissatisfied–that’s why they showed up to vote. They don’t need a news channel to figure that out.

  15. Actually Mark I think that low effort thinker was being applied to you and that Ben Carson was an educated bullshit artist and pathological liar who tells you what to think.

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