Former Reagan And Bush Senior Policy Advisor Says Trump Exposes Crazy and Stupid In The GOP


Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. No matter what any American thinks of an already tiring 2016 presidential race, it is a form of entertainment; particularly on the Republican side of things. Of all the contenders on the Republican side, no candidate is more entertaining than Donald Trump and obviously he is something much more than entertainment for his substantial base of support; and it is substantial according to polls. Whereas many conservatives are enamored with Trump for expressing the hateful hopes and dreams of typical teabaggers, corporatists, and racists, one conservative loves Trump for the same reasons establish Republicans want him out of the presidential race.

One well-known conservative who served as a senior economic policy advisor in the George H.W. Bush administration has a very interesting assessment of Donald Trump’s performance and participation in the Republican primary; it is an invaluable service to the conservative movement. Bruce Bartlett said, “I love Donald Trump because he exposes everything about the Republican Party that I have frankly come to hate. It is just filled with people who are crazy, and stupid, and have absolutely no idea of what they are taking about. And the candidates, no matter how intelligent they may be, just constantly pander to this lowest common denominator in American politics;” crazy, stupid, racist and religious to the dangerous extreme.

Just a few weeks ago, Bartlett penned an op-ed in which he said what many political commentators have said for months: “The Trump phenomenon perfectly represents the culmination of populist anti-intellectualism that became dominant in the Republican Party with the rise of the Tea Party. I think many Republican leaders have had misgivings about the Tea Party since the beginning, but the short-term benefits were too great to resist. A Trump rout is Republican moderates’ best chance to take back the GOP. I think the problem is obvious and Trump is pointing this out. Among other things, one of the things that we are seeing very clearly this time more than any other year is that issues don’t matter. Policies don’t matter. The only thing that matters is attitude. And Trump has exactly the right ‘chip on your shoulder’ attitude that many, many people find extraordinarily attractive that is completely divorced from whatever he is saying about the issues, which is precious little.”

Now, although Trump is revealing the insanity, stupidity, and extremism rampant in the Republican base according to Bartlett, a moderate Republican, another noted conservative and advocate for the Koch Party movement despairs that Trump still exists in the presidential race; because of the national exposure he is providing the significant extremist wing among conservatives. A typical Koch conservative columnist, George Will, penned an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining why he (and the Kochs) want Donald Trump thrown out of the Republican presidential primary. Besides exposing how conservatives feel about democracy, even in their own primary process, Will reveals that he understands the Party’s base loves Trump because his extremist positions represent the Republican Party and greatly jeopardizes their White House ambitions.

Will wrote that,  “A political party has a right to secure its borders. Indeed, a party has a duty to exclude interlopers, including cynical opportunists deranged by egotism. This is why closed primaries are defensible: Let party members make the choices that define the party and dispense its most precious possession, a presidential nomination. The Republican National Committee should immediately stipulate that subsequent Republican debates will be open to any and all — but only — candidates who pledge to support the party’s nominee.” Remember, this is the Republican movement and not only is there no room for, or tolerance of, dissenting opinions, all policy decisions and talking points are the purview of the Koch brothers and the religious right. Obviously, Donald Trump is not clearing any of his extremist statements with the Kochs or the church; likely because he is aware his extremism comports with a majority of the Republican base.

George Will all but assigned the duty of “excommunicating” Donald Trump from the Party to an imaginary conservative icon who will write an “excoriating” denunciation of Mr. Trump to frighten him into  leaving the presidential primary immediately. Will writes that to rid the Republican primary process of Trump, “conservatives should deal with Trump with the firmness (William F.) Buckley dealt with the John Birch Society in 1962. The society was an extension of a loony businessman who said Dwight Eisenhower was ‘a dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy.’ In a 5,000-word National Review “excoriation” (Buckley’s word), he excommunicated the society from the conservative movement.”

As an aside, it is indeed fascinating that Will used the John Birch Society (JBS) as comparison to Donald Trump. Although the group “may have been” excommunicated from the conservative movement in 1962 with a lengthy National Review screed, for the past six years the John Birch Society (Koch brothers) have controlled every aspect of the conservative movement; it is exactly why Donald Trump is so popular with the extremist Republican base. Incidentally, the businessman George Will said accused Republican president Dwight D. Eisenhower of being a “conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy” was none other than John Bircher Fred Koch; Charles and David Koch’s father.

As a one-time noted conservative senior policy advisor to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, Republican Bruce Bartlett has been a thorn in the side of Koch Republicans since 2009 when he began harshly criticizing new President Barack Obama. Republicans hated the idea that a staunch Reagan and Bush Republican would criticize the new President because he was too conservative and stingy with economic stimulus and infrastructure spending and way too focused on deficit reduction; especially in the midst of a Republican recession. Bartlett has made several calls for extremely substantial government investment (trillions of dollars) in public work projects and infrastructure improvements, and condemned Republicans for blocking what he labelled “woefully inadequate funding requests” from the President for programs to create “millions of real jobs” and begin a seriously robust economic recovery. Bartlett has also infuriated Republicans because he is a staunch advocate against tax cuts for anyone because they reduce government revenue.

Since the Koch brothers created the Tea Party, establishment Republicans  embraced the “crazy” that is causing despair among so-called  moderate conservatives who recall a less-absurd movement. Now that Donald Trump is bringing the level of absurdity among the base onto the national stage, and other Republicans are struggling to out-crazy the Donald and vie for the base’s support, one conservative is taking “pleasure and delight” because entertaining or not, he celebrates that Donald Trump is exposing the “crazy and stupid” that is the Republican Party and defines the conservative movement. For a secular humanist, it is refreshing to finally see an establishment Republican admit what most semi-conscious Americans and several scientific studies have known for six years; the Republican party is full of “crazy and stupid people with no idea what they are talking about.”

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  1. Former Reagan And Bush Senior Policy Advisor Says Trump Exposes Crazy and Stupid In The GOP

    And may Trump’s expose of the TRUE GOP be spread wide and far and ad nauseam until the GOP goes the way of the Dodo bird. America will be better for it.

  2. Bruce Bartlett is correct. however the GOP has ALWAYS been the first choice of the lowest common denominators in our nation. That is because membership in the GOP in all of it’s incarnations requires little or no knowledge<preferable and plenty of emotional baggage which is projected on the rest of our society. They are the worst that this nation has produced yet they claim superiority over us all. The GOP are the true "Ugly Americans"

  3. It’s only a problem now because we have to run an election campaign, Fox news and the rnc unleashed the crazies in 2008 after Obama was elected and they have found you can’t get the genie back in the bottle. ‘He who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind” OR “you reap what you sow” and brother they are reaping.

  4. Trump will have to do something really bad for his “campaign” to go down the drain because the crazyass repugs will never come to their senses. He is what these idiots have prayed to gawd for – someone to stand up to us commie dems. Yes many of them still think we are committed to a commie takeover. Even though now the dopes admire the tough guy Putin. Man they are totally brain scrambled idiots.

  5. “I’ll be the best jobs President God ever made.”
    …yeah right; mandatory labor at slave wages…what’s next, gas ovens for the disabled old and infirm???

  6. “Former Reagan And Bush Senior Policy Advisor Says Trump Exposes Crazy and Stupid In The GOP”
    Hell, the chipped and peeling lead paint did that years ago…

  7. “…establishment Republican admit what most semi-conscious Americans and several scientific studies have known for six years; the Republican party is full of “crazy and stupid people with no idea what they are talking about.”

    Six years? I have known that fact for almost 60 years and so have all old dems.

    So Donald is pointing out the crazy? I would think he was just joining in on the whole crazy GOP party big bash that happens every 4 years. They always have crazies on stage – it is what they do.

    The FOX polls are skewed to favor Bush and Rubio so those two come out as the ones who can win the general. The Koch plan.

    Bush/Rubio will always look stronger on Fox and in their polls, in commentary and throughout the conservative media who will repeat their mantra and their mind control in their bubble till their voters get the message and stand behind the chosen ones.

    They will prevail despite how awful they both are because they will appeal to GOP voters in the end…

  8. The Gop motto is, give us your bat shit crazy,neo-nazi, gun toting, bigots, and we’ll mold them into real americans. Must be a born again christian, (no stinking muslims) we’ll supply our own version of the bible. Republicans think they’re changing america for the better. When they’re opening the doors to the Gop mental institution for the criminally insane.

  9. “Bruce Bartlett says policies don’t matter for the GOP, only attitude. “And Trump has exactly the right ‘chip on your shoulder’ attitude”…

    If policies don’t matter, then the GOP needn’t run for office.

    What a mockery the GOP has made of our country, our government, and the presidency or any office for that matter. It really saddens me that our country has been reduced to a joke.

  10. …never is DJ…for instance, they cannot put together a comprehensive health care package to replace ObamaCare because any effective health care plan they come up with…would essentially BE ObamaCare!!!

  11. It started with the Reagan Administration, but there were still moderates in the party. Along came Rush Limbaugh and his clones and moderates started being forced out. Fox “News” came along telling tall tales (lies) bringing out the crazies and bigots. The Citizens United allowed the Kochs to fund the crazies and you’ll never have a Republican Party which can govern ever again.

  12. As a disabled person myself, I cant believe how many people vote against their own best interests by voting for any gop candidate. They call you a TAKER for trying to live on SS(a form of insurance that we pay into in case of illness), they say we should have just died(including disabled veterans) rather than spend “good money” on people instead of corporate billionaires.47%, 47 traitors.

  13. Since 1980, the Republican Party has been the haven for the stupid, lazy, the religiously bigoted and those inclined to not thinking for themselves.

  14. You want an example of crazy and Stupid in the GOP, look no further than Sara Palin.
    And who accepted her as his running mate: “Maverick” John McCain, who still stands by his pick. She doesn’t read anything. she can see Russian from her Front porch…etc.
    Trump, gets his military savvy from T.V.


    The common denominator: Stupidity. Empty heads.

  15. I too see no path forward for the GOP if they continue backing Trump. The mainstream party elites will likely turn this around. Lots of time left. Trump will slowly discredit himself. Don’t want to spook him into a third party run. The way is to not insult him because he is thin skinned and could make an independent run for spite.

  16. Trump is amusing himself by castrating the Koch Bros. and destroying their political machine. He has no desire to be President.
    “Be careful what you ask for. You may get it.”

  17. If I recall correctly, the Republicans once bragged about having a “big tent” for their constituents. There was even a group of gay republicans, the “Log Cabin” group. (I wonder whatever became of them.) Now their “big tent” only has two openings, one to let in the Tea Partyers, Foxtards and libertarians, and an escape hatch for the moderates.

  18. Bartlett is just scared. Scared of the younger republicans and conservatives who are a threat to him.

    The problem with the republican party is not Donald Trump and his fans….or the Tea Party. The problem is the old farts in the GOP who’ve abandon the base. They can see their power slipping away and they don’t like it.

    Why is Trump so popular? Because he’s got the cahonies to ignore political correctness. He’s straight forward. He doesn’t apologize. Yes, I know he’s nuts, rough around the edges and in some ways is having the “Jesse Ventura affect” on the voters. But America is getting sick and f’ing tired of career politicians. They want someone real with the guts to stop the sugar coating.

    Bruce Bartlett just another arrogant old fart GOP’er who’s PO’ed at the base and younger republicans because they’re gaining more power in the party and he and the other good old boys are losing theirs.

  19. I wonder if the media will cover this 24/7 like they did with the President or do they get the white privilege get out of jail card

    Birthers Say These 4 GOP Candidates May Be Ineligible To Be President

    In a column published last week on the conspiracy theory website WND, author Jack Cashill noted that questions had been raised about whether four of the 17 candidates in the GOP field were really “natural born citizens” and therefore eligible to run for President.

    Ted Cruz has already dealt with those questions publicly — the Canadian-born senator from Texas renounced his citizenship with that country last summer in anticipation of a 2016 bid — but Cashill also listed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) among those who were suspect.

  20. If Dems help Republicans kill the Iran deal, they, too, will own the consequences

    Here’s the question that every wavering Democrat and every Republican: “If you choose to reject the deal and go against the rest of the world, how much will you raise taxes and how many kids from your district are you willing to sacrifice to go to war with Iran at the behest of AIPAC, the Likud party, Netanyahu?”

  21. …d’ya REALLY think you’d get a straight, honest answer outta anybody who gave thier allegiance to Nutty-yoyo???{Unless ya LITERALLY had thier balls in a vise???}

  22. These people are sick and since we allow them to be armed that makes us sicker

    A lot of male conservatives were defending Megyn Kelly is because they’re deluded enough to think that defending her might help them sleep with her. Well, Ted Nugent isn’t defending her, but he still wants to sleep with her.

    “I’m a big fan of Donald Trump because I believe in bold, aggressive, unapologetic truth. Period. And I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, although I often turn on Fox just to look at her. Sometimes when I’m loading my [gun ammunition] magazines, I like to just look at her. And I usually sit naked on the couch dropping hot brass on my stuff…

    …”I’m afraid the gorgeous, stunning, otherwise professional and tuned-in Megyn Kelly absolutely fell of the cliff of political correctness when she proposed that obnoxious, meaningless, nonsensical, biased question for Donald Trump…

  23. This is a funny article. The GOP is always trying to rebrand itself as the party of the big tent. They tried in the 1980s, 90s, and now. This all started with Reagan. Heck if Nixon where running today in the GOP he would be kicked out of the party as being too liberal. But then the Democrat Party in the 1980s, was very left and it destroyed our chances of winning the White House until Clinton came along.

  24. The big question is:

    If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President, will George Will support him.

  25. History has shown us that you can’t fix Stupid but you sure as hell can elect it! For the love of this country, don’t vote Redumican!

  26. SOOO— Trump is exposing the crazy and stupid of the rethugs, lets hope he continues. Someone must being them down,let it be one of their own.

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