GOP Candidates Follow Donald Trump In Calling For An End to Birthright Citizenship

Donald Trump called for an end to birthright citizenship when he unveiled his immigration policy over the weekend. Within 48 hours, fellow GOP candidates Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, had followed Trump’s lead.

On Monday, Governor Jindal, who ironically was born a child of non-citizen immigrants, tweeted:

We need to end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Senator Lindsey Graham also called for ending birthright citizenship on Monday. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker followed Trump’s lead as well, saying that we should put an end to birthright citizenship in the United States.

Donald Trump is clearly setting the Republican agenda in the 2016 race. While his ideas are impractical, he at least has ideas. The remaining Republican candidates have turned into a “me too” brigade, waiting to see what Trump says, and then reacting by mimicking his positions. As long as Trump is still riding high in the polls, every GOP candidate apparently wants to be just like him.

While Trump projects the image of a demented and delusional leader, his political adversaries in the GOP, come across as weak followers. The rest of the Republican field seems intent on belatedly copying Trump in the hope’s of matching his polling popularity.

In dealing with Trump, many in the Republican Party have inverted Barry Goldwater’s famous slogan. Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal’s positions on immigration could be best described as “an echo, not a choice.” The two governors, desperate to catch fire in the polls, have reduced themselves to following Trump around like lost puppies, hoping to find enough ideological scraps to feed their intellectually starved campaigns.

Ending birthright citizenship is blatantly unconstitutional, not to mention terrible policy. It is disturbing that so many Republican candidates have jumped on the bandwagon to ignore the fourteenth amendment and end birthright citizenship.

Carlos Sanchez, from People For the American Way blasted the Republican’s anti-immigrant grandstanding, stating:

Scott Walker and Lindsey Graham are two of the latest Republicans to join Donald Trump and Steve King in attacking the constitutional right to birthright citizenship. Not only does this policy fundamentally change what it means to be an American, but it also condemns infants to an unknown status from the moment they’re born.

Clearly, their support for this indefensible policy shows that Republicans are more concerned with pandering to their anti-immigrant base than they are with producing real policy ideas to fix our broken immigration system.

In addition to being a cruel policy that would separate families, the GOP rush to end birthright citizenship is doubly pathetic, because most of the Republican field is basically letting Donald Trump set policy for their party. In a high stakes game resembling “Simon says”, when “Donald says” end birthright citizenship, the rest of the GOP lines up to copy him without hesitation.

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  1. I thought our constitution was a perfect document. Oh wait, there’s just that one teensy, weensy defect that needs to be fixed! [WINK]

  2. Ok. So those Latino organizations that boycotted the 2014 mid-term elections over immigration reform can now see this issue crystal clarity.

  3. It’s all lunacy jabbering. The chances of scrapping the 14th Amendment is close to zero – and the gopers know it. They can play to the knuckle dragger base and never address the real issues of immigration reform.

    Any more news from the goper asylum?

  4. Oh, sure,, after centuries of European trash coming to our shores, they want to go with ending birthright citizenship. Well screw him. My people were not even considered citizens until 1924 even though we were the first people here thousands of years before the first Euro’s ever set sail. Sure,, I support it as long as they make it retro active to 21 November 1620,,,,

  5. I hope people do know that he neo-confederates has been against this amendment since it was adopted.

    They were against it because they didn’t want blacks to have full citizenship rights so they will have the right to vote.

    Its the same thing. Sen. Jeff Sessions have been saying the same thing to maintain white supremacy

    Ever since then, people like Jeff Sessions and states like Alabama have been trying to find ways to circumvent the spirit and letter of the Amendment.

  6. If ‘citizenship’ were all that great to begin with, more people would fight for it.

    But Americans are just too stupid to breathe.

  7. oh, but I have seen these phony lying thugs almost in tears over the copy of the constitution they carry next their hearts. these pointless fools make me wanna puke every time I think of them. “oh the constitution, the constitution, Obama hates it”. “we cherish it completely unlike Obama”. they are just straight up lyin punk as swipes for fools. I wish them in hell.

  8. Who really gives a damn what the neo-confederates think. They are so damn dumb, they shouldn’t even have the right to vote. As far as what Trump, Jindal and Graham think or say, nobody gives a crap. Three idiots who couldn’t lead a turd down the toilet.

  9. Yeah, but we all know the GOP don’t care about sinking our economy and costing us hundreds of billions in economic output in the years to come.

    Illegal immigrants, legal immigrants, Vulcan and Tellarite immigrants…they are ALL to blame and they need to go!

    We need to preserve our white heritage and…hey! Does anyone see how similar this voiced sentiment was when Nazi Germany was doing it and kicking out all the undesirables and unmentionables and those “unclean” slags of humanity–because Hitler and his buddies wanted to “preserve” the Aryan race? (Code for: White men only.)

    Scary and sad that we as a nation are following down a same path. And unlike Nazi Germany, we have the muscle and the might to unleash our own version of the Holocaust on our country–let alone others.

  10. Republicans have shown our great country, how much they hate it. And how many miles of d*ck they can swallow without tears coming from their eyes & coughing. Cross roasting Christians they call themselves. Just stupid, really stupid. They’ve got the mindset to destroy our way of life, they could care less about their own. Destroy is their purpose. Why, I have no idea. What about their family members? How I long for the days mom would wake me and my brothers for school, without being shot down in cold blood by the police on the way to class. How many times have we seen an armored car full of money at a graveyard? Well, how many times? Dang it’s quiet. Surely someone’s spotted a Brink’s truck at Arlington or some cemetery somewhere. Just got word that hell is beginning to freeze over. About that truck,….

  11. Rendering those who were citizens stateless is a pretty advanced milemarker on the road to genocide. It is right now being inflicted on people of Haitian descent whose families have been in the Dominican Republic for five generations back. How many of us here even know what countries all of our ancestors came from five generations back? Were they all from the same country? Do those countries even exist? If the country of our birth won’t accept us, why must they? And if we are stateless within a country that won’t let us stay, yet have no way to leave, what happens to us then?… History shows us an answer, one not even a century old.

  12. Pardon me, sir, my parents were not trash! My grandparents brought their children to America seeking a better life.

    BTW, neither are other Europeans trash.

  13. Well Piyush Jindal was born over here to Hindu parents, I think his dad was over here
    studying, what does that make him?

    I am seeing reports this morning that Cruz actually may not be legally in the senate, apparently his birth certificate gives his mothers birthplace as the US, not her nationality and the report is that she became a Canadian citizen before he was born.

  14. Starting to feel the same about church membership? When the church after Roe v Wade began to vote Conservative to Crush the Poor, Elderly, Education, Disabled, Contraception, and every other sensible sector leading us to sustainability rather than destruction, They began sleeping w the Devil of Greed and Wicked Prosperity for the Few against us ALL. How does this emulate the teachings of Christ and his principle teachings of caring and strengthening the Least of These? How many have forgotten, “If not for Grace, there I’d be also” ?

  15. The most ridiculous thing is when those hate mongers call themselves Christian while being for everything Jesus Christ was against, and against everything Jesus Christ was for.

  16. The Constitution according to the rethugs (GWBush) is nothing but a GD piece of paper. So why are we surprised at the choice of these really evil Men and Women in this party, trying to change the paper that made America the nation we are. No other nation has a (Piece of paper)quite like ours that the thugs want to change. The change they require will only be to their benefit, not the people. Those of us who live by the law, work hard, and love being American.
    Keep your eye on these, don’t allow them to change our country, vote against them.

  17. “And unlike Nazi Germany, we have the muscle and the might to unleash our own version of the Holocaust on our country”

    Nazi Germany didn’t?

  18. How would this new “birthright citizenship” affect children born abroad of American military parents or does it?

  19. A’ho Jose A Sellman! I totally agree with you! Retroactive to honor our great Ancestors & the horrible things done to them still going on today! WADO! #CherokeeStrong

  20. …if applied retroactively, would it mean Jindal and McCain would be kicked out??? Among so many other members o’ the Republican Potty???
    …even then, wouldn’t be worth the unspeakable damage it would do to my country…

  21. ” It is disturbing that so many Republican candidates have jumped on the bandwagon to ignore the fourteenth amendment and end birthright citizenship.”

    The only part of the Constitution that Republicans seem to accept is the Second Ammendment and I’m not sure they understand that in its entirety.

  22. If a ‘wall’ ever were built, it would be to keep the people ( i.e. slaves ) in.

    Isn’t it ironic, too, that these anti-government nihilists that are against all public infrastructure would insist that government build and pay for it ( not business ).

  23. Perhaps better to replace the word “trash” with “usurpers”. The “trash” (prisoners, the debtors, the rapscallions etc.) went to Australia.
    Read Ronald Wright’s book “What is America” to learn about North America before the Spanish, the French and the English took it over.

  24. People should read the entire 14th Amendment (actually, they should read the entire Constitution and all of the Amendments, but that’s for another post).

    Repealing the 14th Amendment would do far more than eliminate birthright citizenship. It would give Republicans the power to eliminate civil rights, abortion and same-sex marriage. It would also seriously damage the rights to due process. The government doesn’t like you? Say something to piss them off? Off to Guantanamo with you. If you’re lucky.

  25. —-“Ending birthright citizenship is blatantly unconstitutional, not to mention terrible policy. It is disturbing that so many Republican candidates have jumped on the bandwagon to ignore the fourteenth amendment and end birthright citizenship.”——

    Okay, we know why they are for Ending this “Birthright citizenship”—-They don’t want no Mexicans flooding the Southwest with across the border babies.
    But it is clear that they are aiming at only Mexicans. What about the White Europeans? Russians? Middle Easterners? Chinese? South Americans? Central Americans? People from the Baltic States?
    The Caribbean? Vietnam? Korea? Do they want to end those too? Why is the malicious focus JUST on the Mexicans?

  26. Not only were they not trash they came here legally and waited their turn. Any illnesses, criminal record etc.,they were turned away. They didn’t go on welfare the minute their feet hit the ground either.

  27. We’re discussing European conquest of the ‘New’ World and imposition of Christianity on captive natives.

    Please try and keep up.

  28. Tomorrow, Trump will call for the “Paper Bag Test” of citizenship, and all but Ben Carson will follow suit.

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