Hillary Clinton Nails it: 2016 is the Attack of the Republican Clones

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Look, let’s not kid ourselves. As Hillary pointed out in a tweeted graphic, all 16 Republican candidates are the same, whether its Trump’s hair and pizzazz, or, as Larry Wilmore says, his helicopter. Election cycle 2016 is literally the attack of the Republican clones.

Position-wise, all they offer us is varying levels of extremism. There is not one moderate Republican among them, because moderate Republicans are RINOs in today’s conservative lexicon. They’re not allowed, as Jon Huntsman found out in 2012, and he came nowhere near to running in 2016. He’d learned his lesson.

That doesn’t mean Republicans aren’t willing to pretend to be moderates, impersonating reasonable people taking a sober look at all the facts, and then rejecting anything smacking of opposition to their authoritarianism. You know, things like freedom, religious or otherwise. Things like marriage equality and reproductive rights, just to name a couple of examples.

However, there can be no claim to moderate positions as long as you are against this, and all Republicans are against this:

That’s right. Women. Women as autonomous beings with all the rights and privileges of any Republican living. Conservative women like Sarah Palin will tell you they are the real women. You know, women who are subservient to men in all respects, who are willing to collaborate on their own subjugation.

But real men trust women. Trust women to vote. Trust women to hold down the toughest jobs. Trust women to think for themselves and make their own reproductive choices. Real men don’t expect women to go without conception, give birth, and then refuse to let them breastfeed.

Real men don’t want women to be like Sarah Palin. Or any of her clone-replacements, like Joni Ernst. Real men aren’t afraid of smart, powerful women like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren, or Michelle Obama.

Because real men don’t feel like they’re being persecuted if women have the same rights they do. Republican men, on the other hand, have their misogyny in common, and they wear it on their sleeves.

And in fact, women seem to realize who the real men are. For all the talk of Donald Trump, and all Trump’s claims that literally everybody likes him, including those he excoriates daily, women aren’t impressed. In other words, Hillary says they are all the same, and she’s not alone.

According to Gallup, “Trump has a lower favorability rating among Republican women than among Republican men (50% vs. 59%, respectively) [and] this gender gap is fairly typical for many of the current GOP candidates.”


Ted Cruz is most reviled, and Gallup says only “Graham, Bush and Pataki are the only candidates who enjoy similar favorability ratings among men and women nationally,” but none of them are prime candidates for a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Gallup concludes,

Women in the U.S. are, in general, more likely to identify as Democrats than to identify as Republicans. Further, according to exit polls, 55% of women supported President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. This persistent gender gap in U.S. politics presents a continuing challenge for Republican candidates. Another challenge for Republican presidential candidates is that even among women who identify with or lean toward the Republican Party, women tend to be less likely than men to view GOP candidates favorably.

Larry Wilmore singles out Trump and his helicopter, saying “Trump steals the show with his shiny new helicopter. OK, I give up. How small is this guy’s penis?” But let’s not ignore an insecurity factor spread among Republican candidates more or less equally. They just show it in ways other than helicopters.

You have to wonder at Republicans who think their endless denigration of women is going to make them popular. It is not only Trump who thinks insulting people makes them like him. All Republicans seem to feel this way, because all of them are this way. As Hillary said, they’re all the same. They all operate out of the same context, and we should not expect otherwise.

It is as simple as this: if you like and trust women, you are probably not a Republican.

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  1. The women that vote Republican are predominately white, Protestant, married, and old. Donna Reed, and Barbara Billingsley are their idols.

    They should be named Stepford Wives are us! They are brainless twits!

  2. If 55% of women support Clinton and you know she will get 80% of Hispanics and 90% of African Americans if we come out this election should be a blowout.

    I do worry about liberal men of the far left who will not be pragmatic and don’t show up or worse vote for Jill Stein.

  3. …brainwashed…conditioned…call it what you will, these women reflect the most dominate male in thier lives…and are as fierce to defend thier way o’ life as the guys…

  4. Women have had it tough since way back. women are #1, human beings. The OBGYN’s in congress will pay for their degradation, forced submissiveness toward women one day. And they will pay dearly. Women are usually left with caring for the children of absent fathers. Chauvinists in congress are not needed nor desired.

  5. Tea bag/repubs love straight while protestant males, women are 2nd class and to used as incubatures and everyone else to be put the death.

    There isn’t one it that clown car who’s graduated from diapers to big boy pants let alone be the leader of the free world.

  6. I would hope some would be smart enough to draw the line. But I’ve found most republicans are dyed in the wool partisans, they vote straight repub ticket, reguardless.

    That’s my 92 yr old mother, and she’d never not vote. She likes ben carson, even after he’s said bat shit crazy things.

    Now lets hope independents vote dem.

  7. So happy Hillary is pointing this out. All Republican candidates are the same.

    They have to pass the purity test to get elected so they’re boxed in what they can say, do and think.

    It’s frightening and pathetic.

  8. It’s frightening and pathetic.

    That the village idiots known as the media has not pointed this out. But hey lets have a horse race while we say both sides are the same because the American public are idiots and wont tell the difference meanwhile those cocktail shrimp at the parties sure do taste great

  9. Politico — not exactly a Dem-friendly outfit — says “Hillary Clinton sways the doubters at Wing Ding“:

    CLEAR LAKE, Iowa — The verdict from the jam-packed auditorium was nearly unanimous: Hillary Clinton crushed her speech at Iowa’s now-famous Democratic Wing Ding Friday night, winning standing ovations from the very Iowans who turned against her the last time she ran for the White House.
    Read More

  10. I don’t care who the repubs run. As long as I’m against everything they stand for I will never vote for a repub. There are no independent candidates. You get the party they run with. That’s how it works in DC and most of the states. It drives me crazy when someone says I don’t vote for the party I vote for the candidate. To me, that means they are clueless as to how our politics works. Just like with folks who are Bernie supporters. Many seem to think Hillary supporters are the enemy. That’s when I can’t help but wonder if these folks are really repubs. Why else do the repubs want to run against Bernie and not Hillary?

  11. Yes, but don’t think all old white women are repubs. Many were/are Hippies and still hold those left leaning beliefs. When I go to my district meetings they are there and they are active!

  12. So right you are! Anyone who votes third party in states that could swing one way or the other are fools. You could be responsible for letting a RWNJ win. Until we change the system, there is very little chance that a 3rd party candidate can win.

  13. I didn’t look it up but didn’t women vote for dems over reps by 20% in 2012?

    If they voted for a man over a man perhaps she might get just a little bit more considering she is the only person running who actually has been at the front of that battle for decades.

    She is what a feminist looks like…

  14. I once left the dem party. As soon as the primary rolled around I went back to Dem so I could vote in it. I felt momentarily superior thinking I am an independent thinker and not beholden to a party.

    I was wrong. It is us vs them and if you do not pick one or the other then you are not paying attention.

    It is said most independents are actually R or D voters every single time. They always lean to one party – every time.

    They don’t vote Bush then Obama then Romney. They are R or D but like to feel they are oh so different than the two party system – the only system we have.

    I support dems and except for a brief flirtation with independence always have.

    These lunatics who want to demolish the dems are definitely Rs not progs or fringe – even the fringe aren’t knocking the base out from under themselves.

    Hopefully, that is the case. Shrug.

  15. A) “hippie” was a media buzzword, just like “beatnik” was, the papers just used that word to denigrate and marginalize people who protested the war. you using it so easily makes you the fool
    B) Maxie did not claim ALL older white women in any case, just the really stupid ones who vote repthuglican’t

  16. “Because real men don’t feel like they’re being persecuted if women have the same rights they do. Republican men, on the other hand, have their misogyny in common, and they wear it on their sleeves.”

    Anyone who has door knocked with clipboard in hand on Democratic party voter doors can tell you there is plenty of misogyny to go around. Hillary was a victim of misogyny from dems much more in 08 than now since she already blazed this path once before.

    Ever have a dem laugh at you and say they would NEVER vote for a WOMAN for president?

    I have had that happen many times, in private conversations with dem men and WOMEN who feel women can’t handle the stress or some bull like that.

    Hillary’s campaign told us day one the biggest challenge she faces is the glass ceiling. (Among DEM voters, let alone Rs.)

    The second biggest is there has not been a third term for a dem in the White House in 70 years.

    So while all progressives tout they are for women and minorities, etc…

  17. Hillary Clinton answers all the email questions, but Politico is miffed that she got ‘testy’
    This tweet sums up this bullshit

    Peter Daou ‎@peterdaou

    Bush was “firm” when he was telling reporters off. But @HillaryClinton is “testy” when she puts them in their place on emails. #HillaryMen

    6:10 AM – 19 Aug 2015

  18. Yes, these dying dinosaurs are misogynist to the core …but it is because they are incentuous misanthropes.
    It’s why a supreme narcissist like Trump is their #1 choice. Trump is like THEM, or what they imagine themselves to be.

    Of course, they’re overcompensating and covering-up for their inadequacies, mediocrity, and weakness.

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