Threat Of Violent Revolution If Anti-Immigration Candidate Donald Trump Is Not Elected In 2016

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:10 pm

Trump Arpaio

The election of the first African American President in 2008, and his re-election in 2012, has elicited more threats of violent revolution and overthrow of the government than there are states in America. It does not matter if it is gun fanatics, teabaggers, racists, religious fanatics or anti-immigration advocates, there has been no relief from threats of revolution since President Obama has been in office. Now, even though Barack Obama is not in the running for President in 2016 due to Constitutional limitations, there is another threat of a violent revolution and war of independence if the “right” anti-immigrant candidate is not elected president.

There is little dispute that one of Donald Trump’s greatest appeals to hate-driven conservatives is his anti-Hispanic immigrant position. In fact, Trump has invigorated the anti-immigration movement championed by Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and his anti-American legal advocate Larry Klayman. Klayman, in particular, sees an opportunity to install a like-minded white president who pledges to deport immigrants en masse to begin the great American racial purification process and return America to its “European heritage.” However, since he cannot, of his own accord, place an anti-immigrant bigot in the White House, Klayman is issuing threats, again, of violent revolution if an anti-immigration, anti-establishment candidate like Donald Trump is not elected president in November 2016.

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Klayman is perpetually angry about what his pea-brain imagines is “the growing tyranny” of the Obama Administration, particularly its immigration policy. However, he is incredibly incensed now since a Federal Appeals Court “unanimously rejected” a lawsuit he brought on behalf of Arizona’s anti-immigration crusader Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Klayman and Arpaio filed the lawsuit to stop President Obama from doing something every president since Harry Truman has done; take executive action on immigration enforcement. Since his lawsuit was summarily rejected because neither he nor Arpaio have any legal standing to challenge an executive order, Klayman pledged to use the conservative Supreme Court to put a stop to “the growing tyranny” of an African American President doing what a bunch of white presidents did; many more than once.

Still, it does not matter what every other president did, Klayman is certain that because President Obama issued an executive order on immigration enforcement, “Our country is dying, and most Americans are beginning to flock to Donald Trump and other anti-establishment presidential candidates. Tomorrow, if real, honest, non-establishment leaders fail to get elected, such as a president who can arrest the downward spiral of the nation, revolution will break out as it did in 1776. All political persuasions in this country have had it, and the judicial, legislative and executive establishment will be taken to the guillotines.”

Klayman contends that “as a lawless president, shredding the U.S. Constitution, Obama unilaterally granted amnesty to 6 million illegal aliens plus work permits. However, Arpaio’s case was dismissed in December for lack of ‘standing.’ Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of Arpaio’s case. Sadly, this does not surprise me. I have always expected that the questions will have to be decided in the U.S. Supreme Court. Is there hope the Supreme Court will stand up against growing tyranny to protect our Constitution? Even that hope is rapidly vanishing.”

First, there was nothing in the President’s immigration order that came close to granting amnesty to 6 million undocumented immigrants, or even one; and Klayman knows it. Second, what Klayman also knows is that according to the 2012 decision, the John Roberts conservative Supreme Court ruled that the President’s immigration enforcement order is perfectly legal, and Constitutional. Whether Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or rebellion-minded Larry Klayman like the decision is irrelevant, but obviously they do not like it and Klayman’s threat is that unless an anti-immigration champion like Donald Trump is president, there will be a 1776-style war for independence to topple the United States government and send it to the guillotines. All because the anti-Latino immigrant Trump, teabagger and Arpaio cabal hate Hispanic immigrants so deeply that if they cannot rid the nation of immigrants with a Trump presidency; there will be a 1776-style revolution to overthrow the government over an immigration order the court said is legal.

According to the High Court ruling explained by Republican Justice Anthony Kennedy,  “one principal feature of the ‘immigration’ removal system is the broad discretion exercised by the Executive Branch and immigration officials. Federal officials, as an initial matter, must decide whether it makes sense to pursue removal at all.” The case centered around Arizona’s nasty “papers please” law and Justice Kennedy’  opinion did much more than strike down provisions of a racist state law; it purposely included language highlighting the “broad discretion the executive branch enjoys in matters relating to immigration enforcement.”

In fact, it was that “broad discretion on matters relating to immigration enforcement“  that Presidents Reagan, both Bushes, Nixon, Clinton, Eisenhower, Carter, Ford, and Kennedy used to issue executive immigration orders without lawsuits, or threats of rebellion unless an anti-immigrant anti-establishment maniac like Donald Trump is elected president. However, this is not the first, and likely not the last time Larry Klayman threatened, and actually predicted, a violent revolution to overthrow the government because an African American man is doing the job Presidents are tasked to do as head of the Executive Branch of government. The last time Klayman summoned “millions” of like-minded seditious Americans to “overthrow Obama” to stop the unconstitutional “government tyranny,” the revolution fizzled out; instead of “millions of angry, fearful Americans of all political persuasions” storming the White House, about 100 people showed up.

Klayman is probably feeling emboldened and powerful with the popularity, especially in Arizona, of a like-minded anti-immigrant hate-monger like Donald Trump among what a Reagan and Bush senior advisor calledcrazy and stupid” know-nothings in the conservative movement. However, Trump may be popular with the teabagger anti-immigration crowd, but despite Klayman’s delusional thinking, “most Americans” are not “flocking to Donald Trump.” The only Americans flocking to Trump are the crazy, stupid, and extremist Republicans that may indeed be stupid enough to join in a “revolution against the government like it was 1776” if their hero does not win the presidency in 2016.

In the same way that Trump is never going to be president, the coward Klayman will never lead a violent revolution to “take the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government to the guillotines.” There are simply far too many Americans of all colors and demographics, real American patriots, who have had just about enough of seditious teabagger “government overthrow” threats and will put un-American traitors like Klayman, Arpaio and probably Donald Trump where they belong; out of America and out of our misery.

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