Bernie Sanders’ Red State Revolution Causes 2 SC Rallies To Move To Bigger Venues

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine

The demand to see Bernie Sanders is so high that his campaign was forced to move two rallies in South Carolina to larger locations.

In a statement, the Sanders campaign announced that two upcoming rallies in South Carolina had to be moved to larger venues after crowd projections outgrew the original locations.

The Sanders campaign announced, “With turnout projections mounting, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has shifted the location of Sunday’s rally in Charleston, South Carolina, to the Charleston Convention Center. The two-day swing includes stops in Greenville, Columbia and Sumter.”

Bernie Sanders has found fantastic success in red states. Sanders has drawn big crowds in Texas and Louisana, and he drew a then 2016 record crowd when 11,000 showed up to support him at a rally in Arizona.

There is a valuable lesson about the generalities of political polarization in what Sen. Sanders is accomplishing. The Sanders message that the government must work for ordinary Americans and that the billionaires and special interests must be defeated in order to return power back to the people is a natural fit for many residents of red states.

Red state Democrats who get little attention from the national Democratic Party are coming out in droves to hear a presidential candidate ask them for their support. The message in both the Obama 2008 campaign and what Sanders is doing in 2016 is that Democrats shouldn’t limit themselves to a box of blue states and a few swing states.

A liberal economic message can be popular in all parts of the country. Sen. Sanders is leading a political grassroots revolution, and it is logical that some of the people who would be most willing to join the cause are the ones who have experienced the tyranny of the right-wing billionaires first hand in their own states.

Bernie Sanders is building a national movement of people in both red and blue states who are fed up with a corrupt system that is being controlled by a handful of billionaire donors.

Sen. Sanders is challenging the billionaires on their own turf, and judging from the response of the people, he’s winning.

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  1. Bernie may finally energize Dems to move their asses. I don’t want Hillary (she’s just more of the same) and there’s a lot of people out there with the same sentiments.

  2. Bernie Sanders 2016 momentum is We The People (factually)civil & humane real life issues based vs State Policy Network of ALEC Koch Brother(s)bought News Industries Uncivilized and inhumane out of touch with reality propaganda machines… in addition to other liberal websites helps to understand better about the difference between unwavering solid passionate commitment of Bernie Sanders to Democracy… HRC passed voting records with her current lack of solid democratic commitment to humane and civil policy issues makes her unforeseen future Presidential decisions untrustworthy.

    The more you read about the difference between the two… It is *Bernie Sanders 2016*

  3. HRC passed voting records with her current lack of solid democratic commitment to humane and civil policy issues makes her unforeseen future Presidential decisions untrustworthy.
    Show me this lack of solid democratic commitment

  4. Might be referring to bourgeois yuppie Dino stuff, which was about as far left as anyone ever got in the town where both Secretary Clinton and I spent our childhood (I can even vouch for having gone to Halloween costume contests at the Pickwick Theater, there was a nearby ice cream shop named Piper’s, and I’m not making this up).

  5. I have very high respects in your comments, commitment and support for democracy. Your great reading comprehensive and writing ability.

    It is just that… her past verbal public outburst in the side of the Republicans against POTUS when he publically advocated for diplomacy over war against Iran, support of “three strikes your out”, increased development of prisons TO HOUSE NON-VIOLENT VICTIMS OF WAR ON DRUGS that clearly are the current roots of privatized prison system that disproportionately imprison,unjustified killings and murders of unarmed people of color and her lack of public commitment against dirty tar sand oil to benefit Big Oil. Not to mention big time financial support from Wall Street that no doubt would expect her to scratch their back(s). Remember repealing of Glass-Steagall Act?!?
    I get the sense that she is only leaning to the left for political reason to acquire voting support of what Warren and Sanders stand for?!?


  6. Bernie Sanders for President! I went to his rally, and now I have changed from Independent to Democrat to vote for him in the primaries! If you support Oligarchy, bigotry, fascism, narcissism, or jobs overseas, this isn’t your guy!

  7. You do know Sen.Sanders voted for three strikes in the Omnibus Crime Bill in 1994. I have never read where she supported building more prisons if you have a link please share. I didn’t know First Ladies had a vote to repeal Glass Stegal and anyway Dodd-Frank fixed that with its regulations. As far as Keystone is concerned she said “I will refrain from commenting [on Keystone XL], because I had a leading role in getting that process started, and we have to let it run its course,” Clinton said, in response to a question from an audience member. So if President Obama finally kills it I believe she will be on board.

    Last thing what verbal outburst against the President siding with rethugs on Iran? The talks started when she was SOS

  8. South Carolina is getting lots of visits from Hillary and the others because it is an early state. Hillary has offices and staff there for months.

    Those first 4 states get the ball rolling then the rest of the states come one after another like a blizzard.

  9. djchefron, In case you are not aware , these past presidential administrations have kept large corporations in charge of the country and our policies. The FDA is headed by Michael Taylor who was a lobbyist for Monsanto, who Obama installed. The list goes on. Do research. Hillary will bring the same, just with liberal bent then the Republicans. It’s time for real change, if not I’m done voting”the lessor of two evils” No more needles wars, no more banks controlling our world markets. People first, vote Bernie Sanders!

  10. Another EMO PROG. Please tell us on how Sanders will break up the banks since they are regulated under Congress. Please tell us what needless wars President Obama has engaged in? Please tell us or at least me I really want to know

    BTW its President Obama

  11. Liar. No such thing happened. The opposite happened.

    She brought them to the table. She supported it fully.

    R troll liar.

  12. I would suggest that you not show your support for Bernie Sanders on this site unless you want to suffer the wrath of a few Anti-Sanders posters.
    Being called a EmoProg is not all that bad.
    From Dave Ex Machina
    The website of Dave Lartigue

    Emo progs.
    Apparently this means people like me who actually give a damn about things like human rights, who think that our foreign policy should not include bombing and torturing Arabs to make white people feel safer.
    Somehow, I’m kind of okay with being an “emoprog” if the only alternative to complaining that ideological goals are not being met is praising any touching of the football by Obama as either a glorious 8-point touchdown or, at the very least, a necessary step along the way to the Superbowl victory that will occur if we just stop whining.
    I guess the inventors of the “emoprog” term are pragmatic realists who understand the tough decisions and compromises that have to be m…

  13. More of the same: not being able to afford college, more global warming, more presidents bought out by the billionaires, more middle class disappearing, more chemicals in food, reduction in SS, changes in medicare and more ofn the same.

    The revolution is starting because people are tired of the gov. and want healthy, positive changes for us.

  14. And, if I think the NRA is an evil, hired political gun for the right wing and that weapons are different from hammers then what?

  15. we are taking over the congress too
    this is a revolution not just a election

    we self fund and self info

    and we are in revolt against the status quo
    why do you think the bought and paid for press and pundits are trying to minimize bernie
    desperation……their days are numbered
    their money pit is drying up

  16. My opposition to Bernie at this point is directly related to his actual votes (2) for the NRA Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and other questionable weapons related votes and his poor response to those votes.

  17. When has the President reduce Social Security and Medicare? So after 30 years of reaganomics, 6 years of republicans controlling the House, you know that place that makes fiscal policy under Clinton and Bush is Presidents Obama’s fault? It was republicans that killed the Kyota accords you do know what that was? It is republicans telling states not to follow the Presidents guidelines to reduce carbon emission, you o know that don’t you?

    Revolution my ass. I bet if you were old enough you voted for Nader because both parties are the same

  18. Please explain Bernie’s votes to protect Weapons manufacturers from lawsuits and how those were Democratic Values votes.

  19. I am an Democrat. Been voting straight Democratic ticket since I cast my first vote 33 years ago. Now can you say the same

  20. Again. Bernie voted twice to protect Gun Manufacturers over people, are the Gun Manufactures exempt from your lobbyist, people first, status quo checkbox?

  21. Math isn’t your strong point, eh?

    Aug 7–13, 2007

    Hillary Clinton 36%, Barack Obama 21%, Al Gore 15%, John Edwards 9%, Bill Richardson 3%, Joe Biden 2%, Dennis Kucinich 1%, Chris Dodd 0%, Mike Gravel 0%, Other/Don’t know 11%

  22. And they still don’t understand the strength of the President’s coalition. They think the angry white man will deliver us to utopia

  23. You call that a “sea of white faces” – it was Washington Sq in NYC – I hung out in that park for decades! NYC is not Iowa and NH or Portland. Are you suggesting Obama only had white people?

    Do you also say Hillary was only a secretary and Bernie was a Mayor?

  24. POC may come out to see what all the noise is about with this guy. Crowd size does not have anything at all to do with votes.

    As many political types are saying – voters become more pragmatic as the actual voting time nears. Now they are open to ideas. Later they see it more clearly.

  25. Bernie appears a tad bit opportunistic to me.

    He only felt the need to put a “D” behind his name after he decided to run for president and he’s on the record saying Democrats are no better than Republicans…morally bankrupt.

    Then there’s his call for President Obama to have a 2012 primary challenge.

    The Nation, August 14, 2011 –

    ‘Who might challenge Obama? Sanders isn’t naming names. But in an appearance on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers program that was taped Friday, Sanders said: “I am sure there are serious and smart people out there who can do it.”

    Oh, really?

  26. There isn’t a DIRECT correlation, but aside from finally drawing some media coverage, these huge crowds provide emails and phone numbers that will be invaluable for fundraising later on.

  27. Ideological goals are fine if you can face opposing points realisticly. I’m not a Sanders hater, and really haven’t seen that here. I do have a question for you though. Why did Sanders decide to run as a democrat and not an independant? If Sanders wins the nomination, will he turn down the money from the DNC? If he truley wants to win, he’ll take the money. Whats really absurd to me is people don’t think that fact is a done deal.

  28. He will not turn down money from the DNC, he only said that he will not take money from ‘corporate people’ and it does not look like he will need it.

  29. If people voted all the time instead of doing it on a part time basis, we would not have all this ‘more of the same’. We would have had Al Gore instead of Dumya Bush for starters.

  30. More of the same means more of the same old status quo we’ve had for too many years with our leaders being bought and paid for and our country used by Wall Street and huge corporations. It shouldn’t take a millions of dollars for someone to run for office, and because it does those elected owe favors for big money donations.

  31. Bernie felt the need to run as a Democrat because he didn’t want to split the vote and make it easy for a Republican to be elected. He has always caucused with the Democrats, but remains an Independent because that is what he wants to be. Bernie’s message is really not party-affiliated at all. It appeals to people who are fed up with things as they are. There are Republicans and Democrats supporting him, as well as people who have not even voted before. I am a lifelong Democrat but that isn’t why I am voting for Bernie. He has it right, says it right and will make a great president.

  32. Differences between Bernie and Hillary:

    Keystone Pipeline, their stances on Citizens United, Glass-Steagall, TPP, breaking up the big banks, free public universities, universal healthcare, de-privatizing prisons, marijuana reform…

    And most importantly: AUTHENTICITY.

    Just because Hillary is moving to the left on a couple of issues doesn’t mean she has any intent on following through. She is in the pocket of big business.

    Bernie actually cares about the working class, Hillary cares about power.

  33. More of being owned by corporate America, Wall Street, Big Banks, Monsanto, ConocoPhillips, lobbyists, warmongers… more of the same

  34. Unfortunately for voters, the Democrats and Republicans have rigged the system so it is nearly impossible for third party candidates to get on ballots, appear in debates, get media coverage and make legitimate runs for the Presidency. I am thrilled Sanders is running as a Democrat. It serves them right to try to crush third parties. I hope he wins. He has my vote.

  35. “Crowd size does not have anything at all to do with votes.”

    Maybe, maybe not. Time moves on and things change.

  36. The collapse of the Middle Class is the *only* issue in the next election. Those who ignore it will lose.

    We can’t forget that Bill Clinton was the chief proponent of NAFTA, and that as a Blue Dog Democrat, he stood in opposition to the labor movement that built the Middle Class.

    There won’t be a resurrection of the Middle Class, unless there is a resurgence of the labor movement.

    Clinton’s corporatocracy can’t save the Middle Class, because they are the cause of its demise.

    Go Bernie!

  37. Bernie represented Vermont as a congressman, there is little need there for gun regulation. He did say he was for bkgd. checks. His decision to run as a democrat was based on the marginalization of third parties by our corporate media, and difficulties setting up third party campaigns in many states. He is very smart and I will vote for Bernie!

  38. Shadowolf– Perhaps the large turnouts will prove to correlate to voter turnouts; we won’t know for sure until the election, will we? One thing I know for sure is that I have never seen such turnouts for a candidate so early in the process, even for Kennedy. And yes, even though I was in Jr. High when Kennedy was running, I paid attention.

  39. It’s funny how this article (and others) keeps saying its the Dems coming out. Why are we continuing to ignore the Republican, Tea Party and Libertarian supporters? Why ignore the Green Party and Independent folks? I can tell you most on my Bernie group are from these camps in a very red part of our state. I keep seeing more and more people from across the political spectrum joining our ranks. Odd that this tiny little fact is being so willfully ignored. This is the piece that should terrify the establishment.

  40. Actually ronald reagan was the chief proponent of nafta daddy bush negotiated it and Clinton signed it. Why he did is the question, also what happened to Hillary’s push for medical care?Ask why is Obama pushing this TPP which is a terrible bill for american workers? How about they all dance to the same Puppet masters!!!!

  41. And the Democratic Party has a better “establishment” of volunteers nationwide then the Liberty Union Party or Independent Party for that matter.

  42. lots of people are questioning that crow size is no indication of votes. I beg to disagree. In this election, people who normally do not vote and turning out into Bernie’s rallies and going back supporting him. These people are convinced about Bernie and will turn up to vote. Otherwise why would they waste time attend his town-hall?

  43. DJ, a lot of the comments you make get under my skin. That’s ok, we all need our thinking and beliefs challenged from time to time.

    Regarding your comment to refer to our current president as President Obama, I completely agree. I rather doubt there are many people who detested President George W. Bush and Vice President Chaney any more than I did … and still do. However, I still refer to them as President Bush and Vice President Chaney.

    Maybe I’m old school but regardless of my opinion of those elected to the political office, they are to be properly respected due to the ELECTED position they hold/held.

    By the way, I feel the same way about using the proper names for the political parties: Democrat, Republican, Green, etc. I deem the sarcastic nicknames to be disrespectful and childish.

  44. Reply to Michelle Smith. The Hillary statement you quoted on Crime was from 1994. Do you recall what was happening in 1994? Crack Cocaine via Reagan/Bush CIA money for guns for drugs in Central America.

  45. The people who are so sure Bernie can’t win sure spend a lot of internet-ink telling us he can’t win…over and over and over again…

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