The Crazies Overrun North Carolina As Trump Leads In New Poll




A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on August 19th has numbers that should make Democrats take notice. In a hypothetical head to head match up with Hillary Clinton, in the swing state of North Carolina, Trump leads 45-42. He holds a virtually identical 43-40 lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the same poll.

Trump also holds a commanding lead over his GOP competitors in North Carolina. In the Republican primary race, Trump has 24 percent support, well ahead of retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (14 percent) and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (13 percent).


North Carolina is a pivotal swing state. Barack Obama won the Tar Heel State in 2008, defeating John McCain by a narrow 49.7 to 49.4 margin. In 2012, Mitt Romney won the state over Obama 50.4 to 48.4 percent.

While Democrats don’t need to carry North Carolina to win a general election, the state has become a competitive state that can serve as a barometer for a candidate’s political viability. A Republican cannot afford to lose North Carolina. A Democrat can win without it, but failure to carry the state all but guarantees a tight election, since North Carolina only leans slightly more red than the nation as a whole.


The PPP poll is one of the first indications that while Donald Trump’s ideas remain a joke, his campaign may not be a joke. His viability in North Carolina hints at the discomforting possibility that he may turn out to be electable. At the very least, his 43-40 edge over Clinton shows he is an upgrade over Jeb Bush, who manages just a 42-42 tie with Clinton in North Carolina.


Of course, the general election is still over a year away, and Donald Trump is certainly a volatile candidate who could say or do something that disqualifies him from consideration by a large cross section of the electorate. However, he has already said outrageous things that should have derailed his campaign, and voters have either agreed with him or simply shrugged their shoulders. For Democrats, it is far too early to panic about the thought of a Donald Trump presidency. However, it is not too early to take the threat seriously and to start mobilizing voters to make sure it never happens.

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  1. I’m thinking that all of the Republican “contestants” in this Apprentice show are hoping and wishing that Trump would fall off a cliff or go stark raving mad and have to be institutionalized. Thereby dropping out of the race. Dont’cha?

  2. Trump is the right wing voters’ id. He says and does all the things they fantasize about saying and doing, if only they had power and money. It’s the very same appeal Göring had for the German Lumpenproletariat, with whom he was actually more popular than Hitler.

  3. You know …we have ‘Yellow Dog’ Democrats, ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats.

    Time for US to frame some labels.

    I hereby coin the term “Rabid Dog” Republicans …which is virtually ALL of the leadership and base in that zoo.

    Now, I’m an animal lover. Would never harm one, and go out of my way to protect any that are / have been abused. Raised 8 baby skunks. Was their proxy parent, and they never sprayed me once.

    BUT, a rabid dog ? Or a pack of them ?
    Sorry, got to put them down. It’s only humane, and smart.

    Have to do the same with Republicans. They’re not merely un-co-operative pets …they’re dangerous. They’re uncontrollable, diseased killers that have no conscience.

    Now, if I could send them somewhere that they could do no harm to others ( besides each other ), I would do it.
    But I wouldn’t put that scourge on any other place on the planet.
    Penguins in Antarctica would make me public enemy #1 if I exiled Republicans there.

  4. Actually, it looks quite good to me. I’ve begun to think that Donald Trump is actually a Democratic plant brought into the fray to destroy the Republican Party. The more evil hatred they spew at each other the better.

  5. People are stupid. They don’t know the Constitution or how government works and that can be said of both sides

  6. Most of you assholes won’t fight , because you are cowards.
    I understand that. We are all cowards, until we meet our final enemy.

    THAT ultimate enemy is REPUBLICANS.

    We need to eviscerate the Repukes.
    Kill them where they stand.

    Republicans are no good. THEY are they are

  7. It’s no surprise to me that Donald Trump is leading here in North Carolina. He is the perfect role model of a man filled with insecurities hence he has to have his name plastered all over everything he owns..buildings, planes, helicopters, golf name it.Only a narcissist billionaire like Trump would have to remind evey one, every day, that he is rich, has made billions, and has had three beautiful wives..who does that? A man whose afraid that one day he will lose it all..he’s the perfect role model for his supporters with their own insecurities, and the people who support him in North Carolina are full of their own insecurities…fed to them by the right wing, conservatives that now run this state…Donald Trump will not be the Republican party candidate…It’s 3:00am, The RED phone rings and President Trump picks up the phone…will we live to see morning? A majority of North Carolinians are fed up already with way, no how will Trump survive this race.

  8. WTH is wrong with North Carolina? Do you all really thing the Donald gives a d**n about you? Gives a d–n that your work might be treating you wrong? If you do, you are highly delusional.

  9. “The New GOP Explanation: Trump Voters Are Dangerous. What if Donald Trump Really is… Electable?”

    “This is becoming something of an almost comfortable ritual at this point. Another week goes by, Donald Trump does or says something to generate a new round of headlines, everyone predicts that he’s on the way out, and the next poll shows The Donald further Ahead than ever. Then the veteran analysts are left staring at their laptops forlornly, stuck with the unenviable task of writing something to explain Why. Once the first set of numbers came out which showed that not only was Trump on top of the GOP heap but was within striking distance of Hillary in the general (and losing to her by less than Jeb, by the way) the task became even more of a burden. This morning, our friend Jim Geraghty was forced to struggle with the question – and I quote –
    What if Donald Trump Really is Electable”?

    CON’s Are Freaking-Out!

  10. I do. And I vote. But living 93 miles from my congresswoman from Michigan that had 8 counties lumped together to kill Democrats votes I know the odds. But I will keep trying until I die.
    Funny thing with all the background noise about NC voters. Even with the gerrymandering and the millions out of state and dark money that poured in. In the runoff she just “won” by 1475 votes.
    Too close for all that investment so next election “they” DINO’s took no chances. They ran Clay Aikens. A nice enough guy but certainly they knew he wouldn’t have a chance. Just another way to steal an election.

  11. Ohhh please, like the ordinary people can do anything about the 6 men that controls 90% of what we are allowed to know. Of course there are some idiots that listen to Fox for various reason. But the majority of the people are a lot smarter that “the media” paints us. But as I just posted. My district is now “blended”. Eight counties lumped together. From Pinehurst and all the officers retired from Ft Bragg, jumps around to even take part of Greensboro. The hub is the very poor Dunn, the money maker..a clinic specializing in Medicare and Medicaid. I have trouble believing a nurse from Michigan moved to NC and opened a clinic with the biggest plank in her platform to fight against “Obamacare”. REALLY? I am supposed to believe she has ANY good for the people of NC as her main objective.
    All it would take is a tiny bit of research and an open mind to figure out how the republicans won.

  12. Is there something bad in the water down there? Nuclear waste? Something is messing with Southerners minds. Oh yeah, baggers/inbred rednecks.

  13. Deez Nuts, the presidential candidate polling at 9 percent in North Carolina when pitted against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, isn’t a real person. But Brady Olson, a 15-year-old who lives on a farm in Iowa and gamed the FEC filing system, certainly is.
    Deez Nuts, the Independent candidate from Iowa, is polling at 9 percent in North Carolina for President of the United States.
    Sadly, Deez Nuts does not appear to exist. But Brady Olson does.

    “When I heard about the Limberbutt McCubbins story, I realized I could,” Olson tells The Daily Beast.

  14. As a dem this good because this poll will force every repug to go off the deep end and take the GOP party with them. That NC poll is good for Hillary because it does not includes a big number of blacks and young people.

  15. Life as a liberal progressive Democrat here in NC is almost as spooky as it was for the family of Anne
    Frank during the Hitler regime.

  16. only his most trusted undocumented rapists and murdering cantaloupe-calved Mexxicans serve him!


  17. I Currently live under the Red occupation in North Carolina, believe me it is very unpleasant. What used to be a reasonable state turned backward and for the worse when Obama carried NC in 2008. Tea party people were furious over this, and not forgetting that NC had a very unpopular Dem governor…this would never happen again!
    NC republithugs got busy to make sure that their NC never did this again. After the Roberts court ruined the voting rights act, within 2 weeks the R thugs passed one of the most absurd laws to disenfranchise as many voters as possible. See, if they cannot “win the debate”, they block the voters. And lie so often that that lie becomes the truth. The faction demanding “our country back” wanted white back in the White House. People that are white supremacist got involved…people that have always been too lazy to participate in our democracy.
    The KKK became saw that hate group in SC.
    I want NC back…from the crazies.!

  18. Crazy Train…I’m gonna go for it…come with me? I still got some guns left…you take the engine, I’ll cut it in half, on the deck now….

  19. this is a joke , these polls are nonsense its a survey and about as accurate as all ppp polls that had Romney winning in 2012 ! stop reporting on this garbage 400 days before the election . I quit tv media for this very thing , you going to force many away from you now ?

  20. ppp doesn’t even call voters ,they use voter registration and pay for info to predict the numbers ! JOKE

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