They’re Serious: Republicans Actively Calling To Shred the Constitution


Of all the conservative accusations targeting President Obama, the claim that he is “shredding the Constitution” may be the most popular; in part because most conservatives are clueless about what is in the Constitution and because many honestly believe that an African American President is unconstitutional. Republicans are serial projectionists, that is accusing someone else of doing what they themselves are guilty of. And so it is that although most of the Republican actions that are contrary to the Constitution are less than obvious to the ignorant American, since 2010 they have made little secret they lust to shred the Constitution in a very, very big and very public way.

There is nothing more, except impose theocracy, that many conservatives would rather do than deny certain groups of people inclusion in America; something this country has not done since four years before the Civil War. Since the election of Barack Obama, there has been a robust movement in this country yearning to deny non-Christians, non-whites, and non-conservatives the same rights as white Christian Republicans. If they were able, the neo-conservative movement would impose harsh prohibitions on who gets to be “an American;” something that did happen one other time in America.

From the nation’s founding until 1857,  it was common law in America that all people born in this exceptional nation were automatically citizens; it just made sense.  However, the racist Supreme Court abolished that “common law” in 1857  during a white supremacist crusade and ruled that no human being of African ancestry, whether they were a slave or free man or woman, could ever be a citizen of the United States; that “exceptional nation” founded on the fallacious notion that “all men are created equal.” Americans could only be white.

It took a bloody Civil War, Abraham Lincoln’s  “Emancipation Proclamation,” and ratification of the 14th Amendment in 1868 to make what was a “common law” from America’s founding into a Constitutional right of citizenship; a right that more and more Republicans want abolished and not solely to eliminate birthright citizenship. It took a general election in which Hispanic voters supported Barack Obama in 2008, and prodding by teabaggers, to convince mainstream Republicans to embrace ‘white supremacy’ as official policy and make immigrants a particular target of Republicans’ evil machinations. Indeed, since 2010 Republicans have been targeting predominately Hispanic immigrants as part of their devotion to nativism and drive to deny them inclusion in America.

Nativism normally means severe hatred targeting immigrants and immigration, and nativists characteristically support any and all efforts to eliminate the legal status of specific ethnic, religious, or cultural groups the “natives” regard as dangerous and hostile to the “legitimate culture.” The nativists’ hatred of “other” is founded on the assumption the “other” cannot be assimilated into ‘the superior native culture‘ because, in the case of Republicans, the “others” are the wrong race, come from the wrong country, and vote for the wrong political party. To completely legitimize the nativists’ incomprehensible hatred for immigrants that are not of white European descent, Republicans in ever-growing numbers have joined the five-year crusade to officially shred the Constitution, particularly the 14th Amendment, because it guarantees what the Founding Fathers’ considered “common law;” birthright citizenship.

One of the more hateful anti-immigrant Republicans, next to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Representative Steve King (R-IA) started a crusade in 2010 to put an immediate end to the scourge of the U.S. Constitution; the 14th Amendment. According to King,  the amendment that “grants everyone born in the United States of America the right of citizenship” is behind the “plague of anchor babies” and he wants Republicans to shred the Constitution to make it go away. King, and many other Republicans, claim Hispanics and their Democratic cohort use the 14th Amendment as a scheme to gain a stronghold in America by emigrating under the guise of seeking a better life, and then having children.  King has introduced legislation to “shred the Constitution” and end the 14th Amendment in every session of Congress since 2010.

This crusade to abolish the 14th Amendment is not reserved for immigrant-obsessed King, or more recently Donald Trump. On Sunday, Trump officially endorsed ending the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship and the following day the Koch candidate Scott Walker called for “shredding the Constitution;” not necessarily to keep pace with Trump, but because Hispanics do not vote for Republicans like Walker who cannot stand the thought of them in the United States.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich supported ending birthright citizenship religiously in the past, but now that he is attempting to be “less-evil” than other Republican presidential hopefuls he said combatting illegal immigration may not require abolishing the 14th Amendment. Rand Paul claimed the 14th Amendment does not apply to “illegal aliens” (GOP epithet for Latinos) during his 2010 Senate campaign. Rand Paul is a fool because it is impossible for a person born in America to be an illegal alien. Since then he has been pushing for a new Amendment to replace the 14th Amendment. Other candidates jumping on the anti-immigrant, shred the Constitution, bandwagon are; New Jersey’s Chris Christie who said the United States Constitution “needs to be re-examined;” Louisiana Governor Piyush Jindal curiously joined the nativists and  saidWe need to end birthright citizenship;” and former Senator Rick Santorum supports ending what he calls rewards for illegal immigrants in the 14th Amendment; just one part of the Constitution he supports ‘shredding’ to keep America religiously pure and white.

The Republican “shred the Constitution’s 14th Amendment” fever even incited longtime immigration reform advocate Senator Lindsey Graham calling on Republicans to change the Constitution because he believes immigrants only come to America to simply “drop and leave” their kids. Texan, and religiously-twisted Republican, Louie Gohmert is convinced that all those Latino immigrants were dropping “anchor babies” that al Qaeda uses to “raise radicals with American passports.”

What is an abominable is that all of the Republicans panting to “shred the Constitution” by abolishing the 14th Amendment are  beneficiaries of birthright citizenship at some point in their ancestry. The only human beings that are natives to America are Native Americans; every other person’s ancestors emigrated, many “illegally,”  from some foreign country which is why the Founding Fathers considered ‘birthright citizenship’ just common sense and common law; the natural order of things. Republicans just cannot see it that way and this is another case of teabagger Republicans wanting to “take their country back’ to America’s darkest period while the nation was being nearly rent in two because birthright citizenship for people of color was appalling; and Republicans want to shred the Constitution to revert back to legal white supremacy.

The Constitution is clear; anyone born in America is a citizen and the Supreme Court has consistently held that the Fourteenth Amendment grants automatic citizenship to “anyone” born on U.S. soil. It is the only ruling the Court can possibly make because there is nothing in that Amendment that is in any way, shape, or form ambiguous. What is curious is that so many of Republicans seeking the presidency are purposely degrading an already pathetic standing with the Hispanic community.

Some pundits and political commentators claim Republicans are heading towards a dangerous nativist trend, and one wonders exactly where they have been for the past six years. Because this anti-immigrant, shred the Constitution, trend did not begin with Donald Trump; he is just tapping into a well-conditioned, angry and hateful segment of the population that hates “the other,” and Republicans are confident that the conservative base will gleefully support shredding the Constitution if they think it protects their precious white America.

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  1. …anybody remember the old,old story “The Man Without a Country.”??? Maybe we could disenfranchise all these “Nativeists” and evict ’em…sayin’ “Let’s see how YOU like being kicked outta the Country of your birth…”

  2. These are the same people that accuse President Obama of “lawless abuse of the Constitution”. When, in fact, it is themselves that are lawless abusers. Could they be any more low info?

  3. If this affront to our nation continues then no matter what scandal the Reich Wing creates Hillary will win by a landslide. It seems that Katherine from Promotions by Design here in Lancaster was WRONG once again when she claimed that I “stepped over the line” when I made the HISTORCALLY FACTUAL analogy to the Conservatives today and the 3rd Reich. But then Conservatives are famous for their hatred of history unless it’s re-written by them.

  4. There’s this local story going around about a guy standing in line at Walmart listening to a woman speaking a “foreign” language on her phone. When she was done, he told her that is is America and for her to speak English or go home. The woman replied, “I am home, sir, living on the land of my ancestors, the Dineh (Navajo) and speaking their language. If you want everyone to speak English, go back to England.” The woman received a round of applause by all who overhead this exchange.

  5. See, the root of their hate is democracy. That’s why things like constitutions and laws are incomprehensible and inconvenient to these Ayn Rand objectivists and pirate capitalists.

    Republicans are the political criminal class; and they oppose democracy for the same reason that bank robbers are against cops.

  6. Thank you, exactly!

    And, to add, why shouldn’t they oppose democracy when it does constitutional stuff like, equal rights for all!

    From RWW; David Barton on Perkins’ “WallBuilders Live” show discussing the military’s move toward lifting its ban on transgender service members, which Barton claimed would allow child molesters to serve in the military without repercussion.

    Absurdly stating that the government now recognizes and protects 82 different “gender identities,” including pedophilia and bestiality, Barton claimed that child molesters are now free to openly serve in the military. “There’s 82 official gender identities now and they all have equal status and protection here,” Barton said, “so we’re talking pedophiles.

    Democracy has civil rights legislated by proxy via it’s voting citizenry…

    What’s not to hate if you’re “Bad Bart”, The Royal Historian from the Kingdom of Evangelistan?

  7. Because of one amendment, they want to just destroy the Constitution on the spot.

    *sigh* People wonder why we get laughed at worldwide, it’s because of idiots like King, Trump and everyone else who hates America. Yeah, I said it: Republicans hate America because the America of today is not the America they want… the America they want is pretty much the way France, Germany or England were during the Dark Ages.

  8. These same people who wanted to shred the constitutions are the same people who doesn’t like to be told what to do yet wants to controls women, gays, non-conservatives, and non-whites’ lives.

  9. I cannot understate the idiocy of this idea. It’s the slipperiest slope I’ve ever seen. End


    First the Mexicans. But where does it end? How many generations back will it be applied? Who’s next?

    Jews? Italians? Asians? Irish? The poor?

    Remember: “First they came for…”

  10. We have to be viligiant because this is the long game for right wingers. They WANT to destroy our constitution and take over this country in a coup. If they get their puppet in the White House and control both the senate and the House say bye bye USA.

  11. Midge — You’re expecting these folks to be sensible and smart. They are neither of those things. They don’t even have the finesse of a Geert Wilders of the Netherlands or LePen of France (both of whom hate immigrants), nor even of Germany’s Adolph Hilter, who hated the Jews whom he believed had all the money because they were bankers, industrialists and professionals — in other words, the opposite of himself.
    Hatred fuels these despicable sub-human GOTPers, leaving no room for any kind of introspection or for being able to see what their views, if carried out, will do to the economy and to the nation itself.

  12. Euro-Christianity is de facto worship of the Great White Phallus.
    Until we scour its influence out of our government, they will plague us.

  13. To demonstrate their commitment to “the law of the land” and our sacred U.S. Constitution, many conservative pundits and politicians strive to eliminate those Amendments that conflict with their ideology, simply ignore other sections that they find inconvenient to honor, and to pick and choose which court rulings they deem worthy to uphold and which federal laws they will encourage their constituents to defy.

  14. Republican National Committee Endorses Anti-Gay Discrimination

    The RNC wants Congress to approve the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). This bill, which the ACLU has called “a Pandora’s Box of taxpayer-funded discrimination against same-sex couples and their children,” would prevent the federal government from acting against businesses and non-profits that discriminate against same-sex married couples. This would mean that government workers could refuse to perform their duties, and businesses and organizations — including those that operate with support of taxpayer money — would be free to discriminate.

  15. …there have ALWAYS been those who I call “Exclusionists” those who wanted THEM excluded from any “Rights” they wrote for themselves…AA’s ‘o course…Native Americans beyond dispute, and each in their turn Germans, Bohemians, Italians, Irish,Chinese, Japanese…the last few were eventually assimilated; {because they’re all white, and blended in} but to this day there are an EXTREMELY vocal minority o’ voters who try to spread hate and exclusion…
    …sometimes I hate bein’ a human being…

  16. Republicans are the scum of the Earth, and everyone around the planet can see this. They stand in the way of ANY and ALL progress, and are busy destroying the world to further their own interests. They would sooner burn America to the ground than share it with other races other than white, anglo, and protestant.

    Trump is the last gasp of the angry WASP. However, it’s really too late for them as their percentage of the population decreases every year. That’s why they want to repeal the 14th Amendment, so they don’t end up as a minority. But it’s not going to happen, because electorally they’re already in the minority.

    Remember, the majority of Latinos, women, and black people voted for Obama. The ONLY majority that went to Romney was white males. And that was clearly not enough for him to carry the election. And the way the GOP is demonizing Latinos, not a single one will vote for them (except for the Cubans of course). They’re going to get SLAUGHTERED in the general.


  17. Nobody is suggesting the 14th Amendment be repealed. Congress has full plenary power to define who is, and who isn’t, subject to the jurisdiction. They did it before with Indians not taxed.

  18. Ironically, that would be in direct violation of The First Ammendment itself by establishing religion in government.

  19. No they don’t. Only the SCOTUS has that power. Did you even take civics in summer school?
    United States v. Wong Kim Ark
    a US citizen born around 1871 to Chinese immigrant parents in San Francisco who had traveled outside the country and was being denied re-entry. The Supreme Court ruled

    that the citizenship language in the Fourteenth Amendment encompassed essentially everyone born in the U.S.—even the U.S.-born children of foreigners—and could not be limited in its effect by an act of Congress.

  20. I heard that story about 15 yrs ago when I first started my current job and I was sceptical because I could in no way believe a person could be that rude…but lately…WOW

  21. ….OOOPS!!! The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, VietNamese, were NOT Caucasians…, but were more-or-less semi-assimilated…I am NOT ignoring the Japanese-American internment as a black mark on our history…FDR totally “F”ed up on that one…

  22. “Donald Trump is defending his controversial immigration plan, telling Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that the 14th Amendment — which guarantees citizenship to all people “born or naturalized in the United States,” including children whose parents came to the country illegally — is unconstitutional… It’s not going to hold up in court,” Trump said on The Factor Tuesday.”
    The utter stupidity of his statement is mind boggling.

  23. Ultra-religious conservatives also pick and choose biblical text to justify their anti-gay, anti-abortion, and misogynistic beliefs. Whatever they want to believe, they can find a passage to support it…or a passage that can be twisted to their purposes.

    So of course they want to treat the Constitution the same way.

  24. These people are so bad that they would probably end up making the attempt of deporting native Americans, thinking they were illegals foreigners, simply because they don’t live up to their strict view of what’s American, In fact, I think someone came up with the crazy theory that they arrived in these lands after Columbus so called discovered it.

  25. Hating what they see in store for them for the foreseeable future–in the 21st century–the Republican hate machine has decided in one voice: “WE DON’T LIKE IT HERE! LET’S DESTROY EVERYTHING AND THEN LEAVE!”

    Me thinks that they want to build a time machine to go back 200 years and change the Constitution so that illegal immigrants and gays can never have rights in this country–which would make them obsolete and extinct; seeing how many of these fruitcakes emigrated to the shores of America sometime in the past 110 years and were given legal status by the very institution of government that they now hate.

  26. Joseph, in a similar way, what these Republicans want to do is similar to the group of conservative right-wing religious nutjobs who are rewriting the Bible to remove those parts that are “too liberal” for them. Strange group of people.

  27. Rick, what makes you think violating the first amendment would be A concern for the rethgus? These people want to discard the whole constitution!

  28. The problem, of course, is that they spend even less time actually reading the Constitution than they do their wholly babbles.

  29. I’m thinking that Hispanics have been on this continent longer than any non-indigent “Americans”…

  30. But, in the late 1800’s there was the Chinese exclusion act (unconstitutional) but was used to bar anyone that they thought was Chinese from immigrating to the US.

    Read up on Wong Kim Ark Vs US Chinese Exclusion Act. He was born in San Francisco in 1871. The SC ruled in 1897 that since he was born in the USA he was an US Citizen, even though his parents were immigrants. Case closed. There are other cases but this is the earliest one in which the 14th Amendment was ruled on.

  31. You are absolutely correct Cortez 1533, established & declared that what we call the California, Arizona, N. Mexico & Texas was part of Spain. Cabrillo 1542 established a mission & Spain finalized the colonization & Government of New Spain in 1657.

  32. Interesting concept that would make many of these Xenophobes not eligible to be Citizens – Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Pyiush “Bobby” Jindal.

    I don’t think they thought their anti-immigrant policy through.

  33. Welcome to that “exceptional” country of the United States! Why does nobody raise the question possible sedition of people like, King, Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Graham, and the others who have swore an “oath”to the Constitution, its laws, and its Government. Who seem goal oriented in

  34. Funny, these doofus Republicans. They want to do away with birthright citizenships but pretend not to notice Ted Cruz was born in Canada and therefore is ineligible to be President of the United States. These birthright babies are more legitimately American than a Republican candidate for the presidency.

  35. Ted cruz has joined Trump on immigration.
    Rafael Edward Cruz was born in Alberta(Canada) why doesn’t he use his real name? He became a US Citizen in 2014, I thought,to be President, you had to be a “citizen” of the USA 14 years
    Art.II Sect 1…………………….. not 6 months
    Maybe trump well send him back to Canada and his father back to Cuba.

  36. I guess Trump hasn’t heard about Congress, They make the laws!!So unless he uses executive order,he’s right back where the POTUS is,because Congress wouldn’t do anthing about immigration either, except blame Obama
    I liked to see them blame Trump!

  37. These fools (with all due respect to fools) are concerned only with trashing everything they consider as preventing them from doing what THEY want. The hell with everyone else!

    These make a mockery of the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, Congress, SCOTUS, immigrants, denying the fact that their ancestors emigrated to the USA from another country. Privileged? We are all equal! Brothers and sisters!

    Our Founders sacrificed much to break away from the mother country, England: Declaration of Independence.

    Our Framers sacrificed, argued, agreed, disagreed, struggled until they finally compromised and invented: Constitution.

    Our Framers, had no model to copy from.

    And yet these treasonous pseudo-representatives / so-called candidates, dare to mock the very basic tenets of our great nation attempting to trash our nation’s sacred documents and belittle the office of the Presidency like it’s some joke or game!

    HOW DARE THEY! Don’t like it here? LEAVE!

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