Republicans Reeling As Poll Shows Voters Don’t Care About Hillary Clinton Emails

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Republicans are trying to stop Hillary Clinton by making her emails into a presidential disqualifier, but a new poll shows that the American people don’t care about her emails or her server.

Via CNN:

Clinton maintains this edge in the general election race despite a growing perception that by using a personal email account and server while serving as secretary of state she did something wrong. About 56% say so in the new poll, up from 51% in March. About 4-in-10 (39%) now say she did not do anything wrong by using personal email. Among Democrats, the share saying she did not do anything wrong has dipped from 71% in March to 63% now, and just 37% of independents say she did not do wrong by using the personal email system.


But the fading numbers haven’t hurt her against some GOP contenders. Clinton has her biggest lead over Fiorina, topping her 53% to 43% among registered voters. She leads Bush by a nearly identical margin, 52% to 43%. And Clinton tops both Trump (51% to 45%) and Walker (52% to 46%) by 6 points each.

Republicans have been successful in using the email scandal to lower Clinton’s approval ratings, but those lower approval ratings have not translated into Clinton trailing any of her potential Republican opponents in general election matchups.

The takeaway from this data is that even if voters believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong with her emails, the majority of them are still going to vote for her in November 2016.

In other words, voters don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

For Republicans, Clinton’s emails have become the latest in a long line of recent conspiracy theories that includes Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and Obama’s birth certificate. Every second that a Republican presidential candidate wastes talking about emails is a win for Democrats, but they will be talking about something that the broader electorate does not care about.

The media loves the Clinton email story because it allows them to recycle their old Clinton scandal narratives. It is easy copy, especially during a slow summer political season, but it is not making a difference with voters.

Republicans better come with a new plan.

The email scandal isn’t working as a majority of registered voters are still willing to vote for Hillary Clinton to be the next President Of The United States.

59 Replies to “Republicans Reeling As Poll Shows Voters Don’t Care About Hillary Clinton Emails”

  1. Let them reel. Who cares? !!!!

    —-“The takeaway from this data is that even if voters believe that Hillary Clinton did something wrong with her emails, the majority of them are still going to vote for her in November 2016.

    In other words, voters don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails.”—–

    Guess what? They might try the BENGHAZI thingy AGAIN. looking like fools once more. They got NOTHING! Pitiful attempts to derail their #1 competitor on the Democratic side. They have a bunch of insignificant wannabe Presidents on their side. The only crazy one outshinging the rest is TRUMP. And we KNOW he ain’t gonna’ be in the White House declaring all kinds of crazy things.

  2. …the bastards have been trying to destroy HRC since she was First Lady of Arkansas…{if not before????} so I really don’t blame her for being kinda defensive…me? I’d start traveling around with a baseball bat, and beating down those screaming accusations at me in guise of “interviewing” me…
    …and THAT’S why I am self-disqualified from public office!!!
    …so it ain’t surprising that this latest “scandal” is being rejected by the majority o’ voters as a big, smelly red herring, just the latest o’ a LONG line o’ manufactured ‘scandal du jors’ the Teatards have been wavin’ like a red flag to rile up voters…
    …it ain’t workin’ anymore…

  3. When it is documented that POwell, Bush and Cheney used outside email programs for state business, who cares. It isn’t like she deleted 20M+ like Bush and Cheney did….

  4. I speculate that probably her personal email server was much more secure than the government servers that are hacked of classified info on a monthly basis. The IRS, pentagon and OPM are prime examples. What a waste of time and money being spent on this Republican witch hunt.

  5. It’s what the repub party stands for that would prevent me from ever voting repub. Repub women are the worst. The future of women in our country and their role is what this is all about. Women who vote repub are traitors to their gender. History will be most unkind. And I do want Hillary to be the first woman president. Yes, if Bernie gets the nomination, I will vote for him. Why do repubs want Bernie to be the Dem nominee?

  6. The Real Clinton Email Scandal: Our Ridiculous Classification Rules

    The most troubling part of this story involves the rules governing official secrets, not Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State. […] The sheer volume of information now considered classified, as well as the extreme, and often absurd, interpretations by intelligence officials about what is and is not classified, make it nearly impossible for officials charged with operating in both the classified and unclassified worlds to do so without ever mixing the two.
    From the intelligence community’s perspective, the border between these two worlds looks like a brick wall. Many intelligence officials spend their entire day working inside so-called Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, designed to be impenetrable to eavesdropping, and using only separate, classified email systems to communicate with others in government. In these hermetically sealed environments, there is no need to ever sort through the differences between classified and unclassified information.But for officials charged with dealing with the public, the media and other governments, the lines become much harder to draw.

  7. The GOP are just out of touch. This whole email scandal was suppose to help the clowning, inept. GOP candidates. It hasn’t, according to the polls.
    Negative all the time becomes tiresome. Whining, complaining, and playing gotcha politics all the time grows old after a while

  8. The ONLY people who care about those e-mails are Republican voters – and they’re not going to vote Democratic no matter what.

    So yet another huge fail by the GOP, RNC, Koch Bros, and U.S. Media. Another success for We the People of these United States.

  9. Wow. The imaginary “scandals” involving both Clintons go back to the moment they both appeared on the scene during Bill’s run for President.

    The “they killed Vince Foster” was pure bovine excrement, as were all the rest. The GOP seems to have nothing better to do than to take down the Clintons.. . . that’s how frightened they are!

    I’m loving the image of Bill being “First Gentleman” and living in the White House once again. Between the Clinton’s regaining the White House, and Donald Trumps destructive tear through the GOP, I’m stocking up on Pepsi and popcorn. This is going to be fun to watch!

    I have to say: I mostly watch MSNBC for news, but lately I find myself switching off to anything else — so tired of the “email scandal” that isn’t a scandal at all.

  10. She has always had high approval ratings among registered dems and in all categories from her ability to demographics to an 88% favorability vs 10% not favorable. So 98% have an opinion, 2 percent are not sure.

    People who have Hillary as their first or second choice of candidate is 74%.

    They are swiftboating her for years but nothing sticks because we know it is all just lies and smears, as always from them.

    They are insect people – the media and the operatives – on both sides.

  11. There will be no criminal charges. This is not a criminal issue. No crime was commited

    The consequences for Clinton, in the midst of a Presidential run, are far more likely to be political than legal. Criminal violations for mishandling classified information all have intent requirements; in other words, in order to be guilty of a crime, there must be evidence that Clinton knew that the information was classified and intentionally disclosed it to an unauthorized person. There is no evidence she did anything like that. This is not now a criminal matter, and there is no realistic possibility it will turn into one.

  12. Hillary has an F rating from the NRA Mafia and that is good nough for me.

    Whitewater. Foster. Monica. Benghazi. Email. All the same crap. Give em hell Hillary!

  13. Imagine if it was found out during HRC’s tenure as SOS close associates at the State Dept were responsible for closing down a busy bridge settling a political score, and lied to cover it up as some survey? Can you imagine the outrage?

  14. In a poll that shows Sen. Sanders picking up more support
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    More Democrats say Clinton is the best person to handle the economy (Clinton 46 percent/Sanders 24 percent), race relations (Clinton 49/Sanders 25), foreign policy (Clinton 61/Biden 20/Sanders 10), and the income gap between rich and poor (Clinton 42/Sanders 33).

  15. djchefron:

    There it is! Case closed.

    Everyone (Republicans) can leave the theatre of the absurd now. Go home.

    They might try Benghazi again. To see if that stinking rotting carcass will perk up the pitch fork, anti-Hillary crowd, with the blessings of the 17 wannabe Presidents, of course, who just WANT something to derail her at this stage of the game.

  16. I’m just waiting for them to start demanding the birth certificate for her email server.

    Just a whole lot of nothing except stirring up their mouth-breathing base with some more phony buzzwords that they have no understanding about.

    False crisis. Black flag. Ghost conspiracy theory.

    Remember, most Republicans are aging and technologically handicapped. Reminds me of that Geico commercial where the old lady was posting her photo’s on the wall …a real wall.
    “That’s not how it works ! That’s not how any of this works !”

  17. Or destroyed hard drives like Romney and Huckabee, talk about burying data and covering tracks, that’s paranoia, dirty and underhanded.

  18. I would suggest everyone read “The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton” or buy the documentary on DVD (which I have).

    It’s eyeopening. Powerful people aligned with and in the GOP have been targeting the Clintons ever since Bill Clinton began to run for the presidency. In the documentary, investigative journalist, Joe Conason, relays an incident where Bill, rising in the polls during his campaign, got a call from a GOP operative and was warned to drop out or they’ll make him regret it.

    People, Hillary Clinton wasn’t spewing hyperbole when she stated that there is a vast right-wing conspiracy against them, and with the full help of U.S. Media, they are revving up the “scandal” machine once again.

  19. Shadowolf….You Are Being TOO KIND….!!!!…This Educated Professional Black Male would have dropped ALL PRETENSE Long Ago…and came at the A&&HOLES Straight From The Hood….!!!!!!!!!…Reading Up….Down…Sideways…On Top…Behind with a Gale Force that would Shut Them Up Completely..!!!!…My Momma used to tell me “Boy…You Gotta A Mouth On You..” and I would Simply Say…”Yes Maam”…!!!!..I End With My Usual Mantra….GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Billy;
    A} I’m a Sailor…
    B} I was born in Chicago…
    {cue the lead-in on the old series “The Incredible Hulk”, Bill Bixby saying “Mr. McGee, don’t make me angry…you wouldn’t LIKE me when I’m angry.”}
    C} PoliticusUSA wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…lol

  21. The repugs are still butt hurt because everthing they tried with Bill to bring him down, (even when he gave them a little rope to hang him with) just didn’t stick. Now they are trying to paint Hillary with that same old worn out brush. Could this be why Trump is surging? He’s not really talking about anything, but at least he’s not boring the terminally stupid with the same old crap.

  22. Francie:

    And today….Look at how many times they tried to pin some “scandal” on Obama but FAILED! Or, how about how Obama is going around their Blockade, and planting the flag in their own backyard successfully, i.e. Obamacare, TPP, Cuba, now the Iran Deal (soon to pass over their NO votes), to name a few.

  23. …you’re right Francie; Never underestimate the entertainment value to {temporarily} mollify the {M}asses…

  24. ICH, “The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton”

    On Amazon you can Used Copies
    (Excellent Quality) for:
    88 Used from $0.01
    29 New from $1.89

    And…they deliver it to your home!

  25. Whitty. If “they” can “Hack” a Nuclear Research facility without a connection to the internet, Apple and Credit Card Processing Centers, “they” can “Hack” anything.

  26. Early Notes on the Ashley Madison Hack

    Welcome to the first day of the rest of your internet
    1. A data dump, which allegedly contains over 35 million email addresses, 33 million accounts with more detailed information (names and addresses), and every credit card transaction from the last seven years, is reported to have been posted online. It could be doctored or entirely fake, however: a hack was previously confirmed by the company, and early signs point to legitimacy. (Update: Brian Krebs was unsure, but now seems convinced; Ashley Madison’s official statement is ambiguous.)
    Read More

  27. Shadowolf…..I Most Definitely Understand…!!!…Politeness and Correctness These M/F’S DO NOT UNDERSTAND..!!!!…NEVER been One Mince My Words…I Put the “B”in Bluntness and Another Words that starts with that SAME INITIAL…!!!!…Now Crazy Ass yahoo news is plastering the story in the context that the other guy is surging and Hillary is in DAMAGE CONTROL….!!!….PA’LEESE…!!!!!!!!!!!…but what is to be expected from this FILTH that STINKS up the Faux Left press…the fanatical “walk the waters group”(and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)…!!!and the ODIOUS REPUGNANT REO-TARDS…!!!…I’m just surprised Hillary is NOT LOSING -75% to 0…!!!!!!!!!!!!…Continue to Rise Above Them Hillary for in the End…I Leave You with Another Truthful Black Saying…”GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY…”..!!!!!!…You have been Forewarned…!!!!…GO HILLARY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I’m a hardcore republican and I have to admit that this 27/7 coverage of her emails is getting tiresome. Attack her on her positions on important issues and not this email crap. What’s going to happen when this story finally fades away? Are we going to be attacking her on emails in 2016 and running ads about her private server? We need to pivot away from this media created controversy.


    The Federal Records Act puts the obligation on the government official to determine what is and is not a federal record.

    That means exactly the Republican nightmare that it sounds like it means: IF she thinks it’s a record, it is! Otherwise, it’s not.

  30. Just remember, the only reason they are doing this is because of Mitt Romney’s foolish and humiliating eagerness to exploit Benghazi for 2012, resulting in a colossal loss which they are still trying to avenge.

  31. David Hawk = An Intelligent Republican!
    Please come back here. We Love Informed Clear-Thinking-Conservatives!

    We want Two Strong Political Parties…
    Like Two-Strong-Wings of an Airplane.
    Working in harmony, give and take.

    That’s the only way we can get this Great American Nation off the ground and soaring once again!

  32. This is a good one:

    “On Wednesday, the Clinton camp got a new piece of ammunition for their argument: a heavily-redacted transcript the State Department just released of a conversation former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had with CIA Director William Colby in 1974 about the imminent Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

    In the transcript made public by the National Security Archive, the State Department deleted all the substantive portions of the conversation, asserting that they were classified national security secrets and contained sensitive details about the CIA’s personnel and intelligence-gathering.

    However, researchers at the non-profit document archive thought the transcript looked familiar and soon realized why: seven years ago the State Department issued an official history volume that published it in full, as unclassified. In fact, the unredacted copy was sitting on the agency’s website even as officials sent out to the group the largely-whited-out version.”

  33. NBC ‘news’ led with a blatant agitprop piece about the ‘growing email scandal’ and ruminated on the possibility of jail time. Already condemned in the Press. Tried to match her up with Trump as competitors and equals. (Clinton will be cast as the “New Trump.” You heard it here,first.)

    Another reason to stop regarding TV as an information source beyond the weather.

    They are an insult to our intelligence. How ignorant do they think we are? And why should we pay any attention to them?

  34. The sheer level of hate and vitriol on this site is what is appalling.

    The one question that not one person is asking is this; If HRC only used the one device (by her own admission) and nothing classified went across the related private server; What did she do when she had to sent something classified? Is she implying that she never sent even one classified email the entire time she served? Ok, I guess that was two questions.

  35. Wow, the moderators are so one sided that he can call me an idiot but I cannot respond with an articulate response.

  36. You are an idiot because in your original post not one thing you said made any sense. I would suggest you stick with Benghaziiii. I forgot that didn’t work. I bet you think she shot Vince Foster. You are nothing more than an low life fox viewer who don’t know shit and IMO is lower than whale shit

    BTW I want you for a low info Reich wing asshole to write something articulate. I have yet to read something articulate from you idiots

  37. Please go back and read your rant. You can’t spell and your grammar is that of a child.

    The question that was asked is this. HRC stated that she only used one device and account for her convenience. She then stated that she never sent any classified material over that account. The question is this;

    Is she implying that she never once sent any classified material the entire time she was Sec of State? That is not possible, therefore she had to either have another account or she must have used this account for classified material.

    Please this time be articulate and respond to the message and stop attacking me personally.

  38. So whats your point? After reviewing all her emails only 2 were classified after the fact. Now even you cant believe she was sending secrets on a private email server. But then again I am talking to an idiot so you believe she sold out the US

  39. I may be missing something, but I believe she meant that she never sent any classified material on personal devices. She did have a State Dept account for classified bussiness.

  40. I don’t understand this article at all. You start by quoting a poll that shows MORE people think she did something wrong than did a few months ago:

    Clinton maintains this edge in the general election race despite a growing perception that by using a personal email account and server while serving as secretary of state she did something wrong. About 56% say so in the new poll, up from 51% in March.

    Then you say she has leads Fiorina 53% to 43% as if that’s good news. Fiorina, a failed executive with no political experience is only 10 points behind Hillary? What the margin of error on the poll? This is terrible news. And then you conclude “voters don’t care.” Based on what?

    I was happy to click on this headline but what I see instead is really sloppy journalism. You do us a disservice by pretending there’s nothing to worry about. There’s plenty to worry about. Really shaking my head over how bad this article is.

  41. Let us not forget that under George Bush, someone high up in the US government (coughcheneycough) outed Valerie Plame, who was working deep undercover for the CIA, in order to obtain retribution from her husband ambassador Joe Wilson. And the only person to face charges was one Scooter Libby, who was pardoned by his boss Dubya.

    So all this talk about email servers is just faux outrage designed to take Hillary down. It’s a hit piece, nothing more, nothing less.

  42. Former Secretaries of State email handling procedures should also be noted. Colin Powell used a personal server and deleted all his emails and Rice and Albright have both stated that they “rarely used email”….yeah, right, uh uhh! Hillary Clinton has cooperated fully with the Benghazi “witch hunt” by giving them thousands of emails and even asked that they be made public, which Trey Gowdy has refused to do so.

  43. Has Congress demanded Colin Powell’s emails? I bet there’s some tasty bits in there. Hillary’s gonna be fine.

  44. Considering that they are STILL trying to use Bills affair with Monica as a weapon against Hillary, I think the answer to your question is “Yes. Most likely.”

  45. Suga:

    That link is what everybody needs to see and be aware of. Many attacks on Americans (individuals and embassies and consuls). But none has brought the hand wringing and wailing like Benghazi, by the Republicans who very likely are using it for pure POLITICAL REASONS. To point fingers of “blame” at Obama and Hillary and the Democrat foreign service in particular. Trying to prove culpability in the obvious ACT OF WAR by our enemies, actions that are to be EXPECTED! So we had 4 Americans killed in Benghazi. Sorry about that. But what about the countless numbers who died in similar circumstances, not to mention our soldiers in IRAQ, in a war started by the Republicans. The witch hunt on this Benghazi thing is ridiculous!

  46. but first they need to know it’s a target, .gov is pretty obvious, unlike a random .com or .org, security through obscurity

  47. I’m angry all right, but it is not about emails. It is about this continual political BS that my tax dollars have to pay for. With all the real problems in the world, stop wasting my hard earned money on political dirt. If you have something, then charge someone and don’t drag it out for months and years in the press.

    I don’t want my money going to pay for someone just spending hours and hours at my expense trying to find trumped up dirt and pandering to the compromised press of the oligarchs. Why don’t you go back and impeach each and every one of them that were having affairs and covering it up while they were dragging Bill through the mud? The answer is politics. I don’t want to pay for your political witch hunts.

  48. There is a huge difference between doing something wrong, and doing something illegal. If anything it sounds like people think it was a mistake, not a felony.

  49. I used to post those links and I was called everything from a lying liberal, claiming that I was making things up about what happened during the Bush administration, to claims that I didn’t care about the U.S. and I was no patriot. I have to laugh at those on the right who have adopted the patriot label for themselves as they pretend they love their country but only if the President they want is in the White House. They can’t see their hypocrisy because their minds and eyes are closed tightly.

  50. This is too funny
    Hillary Clinton IS Fidel Castro
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Seriously, the US Government tried to kill Fidel Castro so many times, many of us finally just gave him a pass for being a Survivor.

    It’s the same with Hillary. Enough already. The GOP has fake-scandaled this woman beyond belief. Republicans cry, but the wolf isn’t there.

    Hillary could pick sides on the Meek versus Drake thingy and it wouldn’t matter.

    She could have an affair with anyone other than Bill Cosby and it wouldn’t matter.

    I do not care if her name is on the Ashley Madison dump.

    Or if she has fetal baby parts yogurt for breakfast.

    Go ahead, make some more stuff up. If she’s elected, we’ll have eight years of conservative white noise. That’s all it is anymore. Enough.

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