Two Boston Men “Inspired By Trump,” Brutally Beat Homeless Hispanic Man


A pair of South Boston men are being held without bail for urinating on, and savagely beating a 58-year old Latino homeless man. The two brothers, Scott and Steve Leader, allegedly assaulted the man because he appeared to be Hispanic. Scott Leader cited Donald Trump in defending his behavior, telling police:

Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.

Both brothers have extensive criminal histories, and Scott Leader served a year in prison for a post 9-11 hate crime. In 2001, Leader attacked a Moroccan man inside a Dunkin Donuts restaurant, shouting ethnic slurs and accusing his victim of being a “terrorist.”

On Wednesday night at a campaign event in Derry, New Hampshire, Donald Trump was asked about the Boston hate crime and whether his speeches were inciting anti-Latino violence, to which Trump replied:

I haven’t heard about that. I think that would be a shame. I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate. I will say that.

While Trump was probably unaware of the specific details of the attack when he answered the question, his response is disturbing to say the least. America will not be made great again by citizens “passionately” ripping blankets away from homeless people, urinating on them, and then beating them half to death.

When politicians demonize specific racial or ethnic groups, it is only a matter of time before self-styled vigilantes take the law into their own hands and start attacking people simply for what they look like. The Boston brothers appear to be easily manipulated miscreants who will attack whatever minority is the right-wing bogeyman of the month.

Just as the post 9-11 hysteria gave one of them the motivation to beat up a North African who “looked Muslim”, Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant hysteria has given them the impetus to start beating up people they think might be Mexicans. Trump’s xenophobia is ugly, and so are the actions of some of Trump’s misguided and mendacious followers. For all of Trump’s heated rhetoric about criminals crossing the border, it is two Boston brothers, not an illegal immigrant, who are responsible for this recent and hideous hate crime.

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  1. …words are power…especially to the weak-minded…Trump is responsible for the actions carried out by his zombies…

  2. I thought Trump was in this to raise his profile, stir up some trouble, spend a few million bucks he had in his Corinthian leather couch cushions, and then get out. Now I think his ego is so engorged between the media and the hateful hateful GOP base that he thinks he can win. Please proceed, Donnie. Your life so far is out there, and nothing says Presidential like screaming at immigrants, women, and the poor.

  3. NO! Donald you bloviating fraud! these “passionate” people do NOT love this country!! They love their miserable ignorant bigoted selves just like you do! These guys will not be prosecuted to the full extent, they will be held up as hero’s by the right BEHIND the scenes in whispers and chuckles and nod’s of agreement. And ANY public statement by tRUMP and the other clowns running for POTUS will be a large vessel of bovinal excrement that they will bask in the aroma of and call sweet.

  4. Trump’s response will, unfortunately, encourage other nut cases to do the same.
    I feel very badly for the man who was beaten. Sad situation.

  5. These idiots do not represent the good people of Boston, they only give it an ugly truth of the racism that still exists in this day & age.
    Trump did not personally beat this innocent man but he sure as hell pushed the buttons that led to this ugly incident.

  6. The force of evil plans
    To make you it’s possession
    And it will if we let it
    Destroy everybody

    We all must take
    Precautionary measures
    If love and peace you treasure
    Then you’ll hear me when I say

    Oh, that
    Love’s in need of love today
    Don’t delay
    Send yours in right away

    Hate’s goin’ round
    Breaking many hearts
    Stop it please
    Before it’s gone too far

  7. Fox News the Goebbels Channel will of course make the Leader Bros. the “Victims” and tRUMP as being “taken out of context” or “This is just another Left Wing Conspiracy to make the Right look bad” Fox will do this even in spite of themselves because the racism, bigotry and hatred that they hold dear and support is stronger than their lovers quarrel with tRUMP.

  8. You know Trump might just discourage immigrants legal or otherwise from coming here. The same might go for people on holiday from other countries, or companies looking to do business with us. Our reputation is preceding us around the world. Some people are looking for a better life, a way out of poverty and starvation. What they might get here is a new kind of hell, GOP conceived and sanctioned.

  9. Latinos (all included) hopefully won’t get beat up by trump followers. the “beaters” don’t know the difference between illegals and citizens. I hope this is a one time issue and not something that will escalate into something worse.

  10. Anti Hispanic messages have been spouted out by the right since Obama became Presidents. We have two white males who are losers in life. They have low self-esteem, and to make themselves feel like big men, they pick on someone they feel superior too.

    That’s been going on for 400 years in this country. What surprises me is these two worthless, back ends of a donkey cretins lived to see another day. They would have been shot dead if they had been black.

    The racism in this country is truly pathetic when two white male misfit criminals think they are superior to anybody who is a law abiding citizens

  11. UGLY STUFF— I assume this is just a religious ritual by some Christ’s fake followers( Pissing on those you don’t like) I fear anyone disagreeing with the Trumpsters could receive the same fate.

  12. I am just waiting for someone to blame Our current Commander and Chief for this ugly happenings! Mr. Trump, you have sputtered hate before you enter this race, which you will not win and you continue the same rhetoric now! You are a hateful individual and remember, no matter how rich you think you are! We must all answer to One God! You poisonous, divisive racist way will eventually start the Race War that we do not need! Run for President not for a@@@@@hole for the next 4 years!

  13. Trump says “the people that are following me are very passionate” What he doesn’t say is that these are the (shallow end of the gene pool) people he’s inciting with his vitriolic rhetoric.

  14. Are they “Boston Strong”?

    These two pieces of shit have fucked up more than the Hispanic guy’s body. The charge of indecent exposure is especially delicious because now both of these assholes are considered sex offenders. Good luck to them in their futures!

  15. Nothing but crap in boston Nazi trump inspireing crap like this ,now everytime I take a pop I’ll think of boston and there stupid accents .

  16. Trump did not make these people do this. They very bad people.. People need to take responsibilities for their own actions. It is like saying the devil made me do it. It your own fault if you do something wrong. That what is wrong in this country today grow-up Quit blaming others for you actions or the action of others.

  17. The Germans said the same thing. Have you ever picked up a history book other than that fable AKA the bible?

  18. Scott Leader [defending beating the homeless Hispanic Man] says, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.”

    Folks, especially Non-Whites take heed, this is how the GOPers plan to “bring the country together.”

  19. They are bad people but all GOP do not want to beat up Hispanics. They sound like a DEM blaming everyone but themselves for the wrong they do

  20. Yes Donald, that would be a shame, because now they’re going to prison, where they aren’t allowed to vote. And hopefully they’ll be there for more than one lousy year this time. Passion? That’s not anybody’s idea of passion. They’re just two ignorant dirtbags who were looking for someone else to blame for their circumstances. The next time you’re up on stage, putting on one of your little performances, look around at that crowd of angry white guys. You’ll see plenty more, just like these two.

  21. Trump hounded Princess Diana after her divorce because he decided she would make “the ultimate trophy wife”. I think he has now decided that being *caudillo* of the United States of America would be the ultimate trophy. Let us hope he does not hound us into a fatal crash trying to attain it.

  22. Boston has it’s share of gullible, white trash.

    They can’t spell and have no knowledge of proper grammar, either…Bubba!

  23. You’re right. Trump didn’t make them do it. But what he did do is demagogue the immigration issue to the point where gullible racist knuckleheads used his words as inspiration for their hateful deeds. The perpetrators are responsible for the act, but demagogues like Trump feed them with verbal ammunition that they use to justify their deeds.

  24. Trump is inspiring the same cult mentality as Jim Jones, or David Koresh. These people blindly follow and carry out his bidding. They worship at the alter of Trump.

  25. Are you familiar with what happened in Rwanda back in the 90’s? If not, let me remind you: almost 1 million people were killed because of a false dichotomy between one “race” and another. This false dichotomy was perpetuated by something called Radio Rwanda that called upon its listeners to rise up and destroy the others. It was a VERY ugly situation, and by your logic Radio Rwanda wasn’t responsible for those deaths. Yet, they fomented and agitated enough for people to cast off their humanity and hack their fellow man to pieces.

    So you can go on about “personal responsibility” and blah blah blah until you’re blue in the face. But the REST of us sane people can see Trump for what he is: a highly dangerous and irresponsible demagogue that is fomenting violence against Hispanics. Defend him all you want, but we will not sit idly by and allow America to descend into fascism.

  26. You know what? Go peddle your rightwing crap someplace else sister. You’re unwillingness to see the obvious is starting to look like the typical conservative delusion.

    “Looks like a DEM”. Come on, you can do better than that.

  27. Donald Trump is a CLOWN!! If these are the “people” who he is depending on to vote for him, well then he’s going to need a lot of help. What these two dirtbags did to that poor homeless man was absolutely disgusting! Now, tell me Mr. Trump how can you say that these people are “passionate?” They beat up and urinated on a homeless man because of something you said. Do you think that’s right? You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have never known what it’s like to put in a day’s worth of manual labor! If the person doesn’t have money, then in your opinion they are not on the same “level.” You are dividing us more rather than bringing us closer together and now it’s affecting innocent people who are doing no wrong. You don’t know what it’s like to be homeless. You don’t know what it’s like to have a NEGATIVE BALANCE IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! I DO, I AM DISABLED AND I MAY JUST BE THE NEXT PERSON ON THE STREET!

  28. This is what I was thinking would happened after all the trash that trump has been spewing. All the propaganda activates these people to hate even more and use physical violence to attack. Many people may be enjoying the trump clown show, but I personally am scared that this “&#$#(” might win the election. He’s scapegoating Mexicans, and I fear these attacks will be even more common. I even fear for myself, since I live in the deep south. Maybe it’s time to move back home with mi gente.

  29. Sue, Trump is inciting violence. He is doing the same thing Sarah Palin did in 2008. Who are the thugs now? Trump is just as responsible because people of cruel and bigoted character wait for the opportunity to do this crap.

    This is just the beginning.

  30. To anyone who defends these dastardly deeds, here is a question.

    How would you like it if it happened to you?

  31. It would be nice to see a few people sue The Donald. Doesn’t matter whether they win or not. Give him a taste of his own medicine. This is the GOP choice folks. A sue happy, loud mouthed,thin-skinned,uncouth, braggard,blowhard,spoiled,reality show host.For president no less. The rest of the free world is downgrading our relevance.

  32. Trump has no idea that he’s like Hitler who made certain people think they were the true citizens and anyone who was different was the enemy that had to be dealt with and it didn’t matter whether they were citizens as well or not.

  33. Trump brings to mind another slick talking president. Ronald Reagan……and look what we got with him:-(

  34. In further news, the Charleston, St Louis and other PD’s have sent them employment applications.

  35. Does the Mexican government speak out when illegals kill American citizens? I’ve never heard a word, have you?

    As someone living in California, I’ve seen too many illegals come in and damage our neighborhoods and towns. Crime has risen, property values have fallen, and the influx of minimum wage workers takes jobs from high schoolers..

    They have also taken jobs from our lower wage workers, increasing supply through the bottom and middle of the labor force, because they have pushed honest Americans to compete for the same middle income jobs, and contributed to lower wages for all.

    We can no longer afford to “split the pot” with everyone who wants a piece. America is struggling enough as it is. Most of us are making below living wage and just had our health insurance forcefully taken away. I make 60k per year and my healthcare is up to $400 per month; compare this to my $25/month car insurance (from Insurance Panda) or my $13/month renters insurance from Gotham. Both pr…

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