Ben Carson’s Drone War On Illegal Immigrants Is A “Solution” In Search Of A Problem

Ben carson 2016
On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson ratcheted up his border rhetoric by advocating military drone strikes on American soil to combat illegal immigration. Speaking near the U.S.-Mexico border, Carson told reporters:

You look at some of these caves and things out there one drone strike, boom, and they’re gone!

He continued by stating:

I’m suggesting we do what we need to do to secure the border, whatever that is.

Carson’s remarks came just three days after Donald Trump called for an end to birthright citizenship, triggering fellow GOP hopefuls Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker to follow suit. As PoliticusUSA writer RMuse noted on Thursday, the Republican Party’s idea of immigration reform has become shredding the Constitution, launching military drone strikes, and even reinstating slavery.

Trump has brought the discussion of illegal immigration into the center of the presidential campaign and Republicans are falling over one another to position themselves on the party’s right flank on the issue. Carson’s implication that lethal military drone strikes on U.S. soil should be part of our immigration policy, is just the latest outburst of borderline insanity from the GOP camp.

The Republican Party’s intensifying crusade against illegal immigration is not only cruel and impractical, but it is also largely a “solution in search of a problem”. Illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico has been declining for over a decade, and in the past five years more Mexicans have been leaving the United States than entering it.

With military advisers arguing that sequestration cuts have already spread the Air Force thin, it would be the height of folly to redirect air strike resources to the diminishing inflow of undocumented immigrants crossing the Southern border, while ignoring potential developing military threats overseas. Pilots who remotely fly drones are suffering burnout and fatigue from being overworked, so adding an American border front to the nation’s drone wars is likely to further burden an already stressed strike force.

While Republicans like Carson want to employ more drones to go in search of enemies, the strikes would largely be aimed at an imaginary problem, given that more Mexicans are crossing the border to leave the United States, than are choosing to enter the country.

Republican candidates ignore those facts, however, because spreading anti-immigrant propaganda is an effective way for them to court xenophobic voters, who make up a significant portion of the GOP primary electorate.

Donald Trump and several other Republican hopefuls support a policy of mass deportation. Ben Carson wants to turn the Southern border region into a war zone, where military drones are used to enforce immigration law with potentially lethal consequences. The Republican Party has lost its mind on border security. The entire party is taking their cues from the insecure paranoia of a ranting lunatic billionaire. Ben Carson is just the latest GOP candidate to cross the Rubicon into borderline insanity. His proposal is a misguided policy, a bogus solution in search of a problem.

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  1. That fool Charles Barkley has some idiot company.

    Did you guys check out what Barkley is saying over in the Politicus Sports section?

    Some of these rich Black people need their n – – -er wake up call like Paul Mooney said.


  2. Does he have eyes? They are always either closed or squinty. I try not to listen to him talk..he’s as insane and inane as Palin.

  3. Meanwhile:
    Don’t Miss Rachel Maddow on The Tonight Show! (Tonight/Thursday)

    11:35 Eastern! 11:35 Pacific!
    Rachel Maddow is a Gift From The Goddess.

    We are so very fortunate to have her Brilliance on our Team!

  4. The Republican Party has gone insane. Not nearly insane, but completely batshit crazy. In prior election cycles they were barely smart enough to know that this level of crazy could win them the primary, but NEVER win the general election. This kind of crazy would have been the death of their political ambitions.

    But here we are, 15 months out from the next election, and the volume is up to 11 already. And it’s not going down as long as The Donald remains in the race. The Republican party is COMPLETELY self-destructing, right in front of our eyes. Regular Americans are HORRIFIED at what we are witnessing right now. We are seeing all-out fascism coming from the GOP candidates. I mean, drone strikes and mass deportation? Do any of these people even stop to think about what this implies? What kind of country America will become when suddenly every immigrant’s legality and citizenship are questioned?

    It means a FULL ON police state. We’re talking jackboots and brownshirts here.

  5. Remember the statement to the effect that all it takes for evil dominate the world is for good people to do nothing.

    Remember too America elected that nazi bastard Ronald Reagan. Americans elected George W. Bush or at least did nothing when the election was stolen.

  6. I know this is a bit off subject, but the Times of London is saying that with the opening of the Embassy in Iran, the US is alone in the world powers for not having diplomatic relations with Iran.
    What are these republicans trying to do to this country, besides making it look stupid.

  7. Ben Carson, you call yourself a Christian?
    Which Jesus do you propose to follow? Certainly not the one who was inclusive and a radical socialist, the one who was against the status quo!

    My Jesus said, “…Whatsoever you do to the least of these you do unto me…” and “…love one another as I have loved you…”

    A drone war on “illegal immigrants”?
    The people, who are being castigated by the likes of you, are fellow human beings, our brothers and sisters! We are all related! Yes, you and I are related to the “illegal immigrants.” And you and I are related to each other.

    I will keep you in my prayers — that Saul becomes Paul.

    Thank you Keith Brekhus for your well- articulated article. To me it is a another reminder of our responsibility to each other.

  8. If you read the history on nazi Germany, the similarities are incredible. That is not hyperbole. Take time to read for yourself. The right is being slowly coddled into xenophobic rhetoric by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Fox “News”, and a horde of right wing politicians.

  9. Dr. Carson was talking about Drug Cartels. He made the comment while the Sheriff flew him around a helicopter and pointed to caves which the cartels used.

    He was not referring to illegal aliens at all.

  10. Honestly? This is real? I guess he doesn’t know we already have drones on the border. You would think listening to the candidates that we’re being invaded by some huge army from the south. They’re coming over the border like bees. Typical Republicans to blowup everything and fill us with terror.

  11. Ben Carson: The Black William Shockley.

    Made a name of himself with his hard work and achievements.

    Ruined it by promoting reactionary ideas.

  12. Just because Ben Carson excelled at science and was a doctor who headed a team of many other doctors does not mean he could lead our country. The guy is just another repug xtian idiot who is not prepared to be in charge of any government function.

  13. Is the resolution of the cameras good enough the distinguish the difference between a mother carrying her child to that of a person carrying a bail of grass? I think not, based on the videos we have seen of drone strikes on Somalia or the ME. typically drone strikes against high profile targets have require some form of on the ground confirmation.

    …the first part o’ the Hippocratic Oath…
    …tell me, what is the first line o’ the hypocrites oath”

  15. Republicans as a whole are devoid of any redeemable qualities, nothing on the economy, nothing on U.S. infrastructure, nothing on tort or tax reform; and as a result they have to resort to fascist measures to rally their base for the coming primary. It’s sad. I think they went truly awry when then preferred sequestration to budget compromise, but also when they preferred totalitarian GOP governance and a shut-down to egalitarian restoration of the middle-class. It’s worse than sad, it’s pathetic.

  16. The funny thing is, if real gun control (which I am personally against) ever comes to America, it will be from the right wing. These doofs who worry about the left taking their guns are looking in the wrong direction.

  17. The reichwing wants to use Drones on the Border! Hispanic Voters better show up this time in 2016.

    All these GOPers think that the hate, threats and intimidation kept them away from voting in 2014 (I think it was the boycott) and will not relent to keep Hispanic and other “no-white” voters from voting.

    Clearly the gloves are off.

  18. CyberMindGrrl,

    You are not exaggerating. I was telling my mother that it would be like the scene in Inglorious Basterds where Hans Landa comes knocking on Perrier Lapadite’s door searching for Jews hiding out in Lapadite’s house. I would imagine the same madness at my house cause I KNOW I would hide immigrants running from the Feds. BUT this isn’t 1940’s Nazi Germany & France and it’s sheer insanity that the very idea of mass deportation (at its most innocent description) is suddenly now part of the GOP Party platform! Those people have gone insane.

    I don’t get radical, far right, religious republicans. Actually, I retract that. Yes, I do get them. All of the freedoms they scream and shout about wanting so badly they’d die for them don’t apply to every American — those rights are reserved only for the ones that look and think as they do.

  19. Exactly Rick, I made that very clear in a report in Civics and Econ class in 1975 my Junior year and got an A+ and my teacher copied it and passed it on to other teachers and even some history profs’. Recently I made the historically FACTUAL analogy between Hitlers election and propaganda posters containing an exclamation point and one of our customers flew off the handle and claimed I had “crossed the line”. Of course she backs tRUMP and is a conservative so facts and reality are always “crossing a line” More PROOF that Conservatism IS a Mental Disorder.

  20. …when a Teahadist/NeoConArtist/Teatard accuses you o’ ‘crossing the line’ you KNOW you are on the right track…

  21. He needs a neurosurgeon, ironically enough, but the anti-abortion guy is talking about drone-striking ‘caves’…I think he lives in a cave…he is talking about killing people & anything else around with MISSILES…the guy is obviously missing a few brain-cells.

  22. Yvonne, I thought the article was funny. You have to take what Barkley says with a grain of salt. With his comment on Alabama being 48 and Arkansas and Mississippi not going any where. Priceless.

  23. Dr. Ben has it all figured out.
    The drones will be outfitted with loudspeakers and programmed to play mariachi music to lure out anyone in the caves, and then once the inhabitants have exited … blammo!

    He saw it done in a video game, so he knows it will succeed.

  24. Liberals… a lot of you guys who read this post probably never even watched the interview where he made mention of using drones… He didn’t say He was going to use them to kill anyone… Those comments that are shown up top are taken totally out of context and the authors of this article downright know that. He was using an example of how they were used over seas regarding the caves statement. If you were to actually listen and not mense words to your liking then you would know that he was talking about expanding boarder surveillance and making sure we can track down those who may end up crossing our boarder illegally etc.

  25. So if you are not using drones to kill anyone what will he use them for? To send flower packets saying we love you?

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