Momentum Grows For Senate Democrats To Hand Mitch McConnell A Devastating Defeat On Iran Deal

mcconnell whines about obama 60 minutes

With two more centrist Senate Democrats supporting the Iran deal, momentum is trending towards Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suffering a devastating defeat by being unable to pass a resolution of disapproval.

The Republican efforts to pass the resolution of disapproval took a major hit when centrist red state Democratic Sens. Claire McCaskill (MO) and Joe Donnelly (IN) both announced that they would be supporting the deal. Red state Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is also leaning towards supporting the deal.

According to Politico:

McCaskill’s support for the deal moves the White House tantalizingly close to a safe position. If Obama and chief Senate vote-counter Dick Durbin of Illinois can round up 34 votes to sustain a veto of a motion of disapproval, the deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions will go through. Four Senate Democrats announced their support for the agreement this week, bringing the total to 26 Democrats for and just two against the deal in the 46-member caucus.

Some senior aides in Congress said it’s possible enough Democrats support the deal to block a disapproval resolution from getting 60 votes in the Senate, and McCaskill’s support shows increased momentum in that direction although a number of more hawkish East Coast Democrats remain undecided.

If Mitch McConnell can’t come up with the 60 votes that are needed to pass the resolution, it will be a devastating defeat for the Majority Leader and the Republican Party. The conventional wisdom has long been that McConnell would get enough votes to pass the resolution of disapproval and set up a veto showdown with President Obama.

However, there have been no mass defections from the Democratic camp. Only Sens. Schumer and Menendez have announced their support for the resolution. If Harry Reid keeps the remaining Democrats together, and all signs point to exactly that happening, McConnell will not have the votes, and Obama will get his win on the Iran deal without the veto drama.

In the House, Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has made it clear that the liberals have the votes to sustain President Obama’s potential veto.

The development that few expected is that Senate Democrats may stick with their President, and make sure McConnell’s bill never reaches Obama’s desk.

Republicans may hold the majority, but the real power in the Senate rests with the Democrats, as Mitch McConnell’s leadership is poised to fail again.

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  1. Politicians find it easy to make decisions that don’t affect them. Except for war, Republicans have no alternative for peace when it comes to Iran. Why doesn’t the Republicans go after North Korea for their nuclear capabilities? Answer: North Korea doesn’t have any oil that will make these same American politicians rich especially if they can use a war to gain control of the oil fields. I foresee Republicans re-instating the draft and making sure their kids get deferments like Trump and Cheney.

  2. …we shall erect a giant sign sayin’ “F” THE GOP!!!”…we gotta give the next Dem Prez a logjam-free Congress…

  3. Its nor over yet. They are going all out with lies to try to derail the deal. Today that bastion of honesty the AP is running with a false story that a side deal was made to let Iran self inspect. ITS A LIE.

  4. I have no love for Mitch, but draw the line when hoping for someone to have a stroke or Cancer. Many repubs made fun of Carter when he announced he had Cancer , I find both your and their comments demented and unworthy.

  5. How pathetic! The Republicans control the House and Senate, and still can’t lead, do the peoples business!

  6. Yeah, I’ve seen it on my FB news feed. It should not be legal to lie like that. In my opinion, the 1st amendment is being abused.

  7. Its propaganda 101. Tell a lie long enough then the stupid will believe it and trust the people who lie have more money than the truth plus you can lie in 3 words the truth requires a paragraph

  8. Sorry, I can’t feel any remorse or any shame about about that comment. He would, without any reservations send my sons to their deaths in Iran, along with thousands of Iranian citizens, to score political points! Sorry if your offended, that man IS a cancer on the United States.

  9. She’s not making fun of “Scrotum Neck”.

    And he deserves a stroke and much more for all the misery he has created.

  10. Ok now lets stop with the killing people. I know you are passionate and all but at least you can say have a trial and if found guilty let the law take its course. You know that’s my nice side since I understand your sentiments but no more killing people

  11. Those that say, “we should have gotten a better deal” or “we should go back to the negotiating table” and “we should go it alone in keeping US sanctions in place” are living in an unreal, fantasy world. After listening to all the commentary and the particulars, I feel confident this deal is as decent as we could have hoped to get. Of course, we (P5+1) and they (Iran) EACH probably desired to get a little more for their own side (that’s what negotiations & compromise are all about), but we (P5+1) got all that we needed to get to ensure that Iran NEVER gets a nuclear weapon (yes, deal does ensure this) plus it includes close scrutiny on the whole of Iran’s Nuclear Program for 10-15 & some cases, 20-25 years! What ‘more’ did those detractors expect in reality?!? I think ALL the detractors are living with unrealistic expectations, and they should come back to earth and get real rather than playing politics and spreading deceitful propaganda that will irrevocably harm the US, Our Countr…


    The “47” backstabbing members who wrote that pitiful letter to Iran asking them to NOT deal in good faith with our American negotiators. WTF!

    The two Democratic Senators, who because of their allegiance to Israel and AIPAC and of course influenced by the warmonger, Bibi Netanyahu, will vote NO. WTF!

    For all of those who had NO FAITH in OUR negotiators, nor the negotiators and experts from the other participating countries.

    The ink on this deal was not yet dry, yet the chorus of nervous cries from the Republican / Israeli camp denouncing the deal, THEY HAD NOT READ YET!, was all over the place. WTF!

    The deal will prove itself on it’s own merits as time goes by. And as usual…Republicans and their sympathizers, AGAIN, will be on the wrong side of History. ( See – Obamacare?) wink-wink.

  13. John, you are so right. EVERY Democrat needs to make sure to get out to vote (and not just in the Primary) at Election in November 2016 AND *then again* at the Mid-term Election in Nov 2018. Part of the reason Dems have had so much trouble in getting bills passed stems from the 2010 Mid-term Election. SOooo many Dems did not come out to vote in 2010 that the Repub/GOP ended up taking control of the House of Reps that term (& holding it since!). This was ‘especially bad’ as 2010 was a Census Year. MANY Dems apparently do not know (or understand) that on even-decade-years (i.e. 2010/2020/2030, etc.), the ‘congressional-district-lines’ are redrawn. Consequently, after 2010 Election, the GOP controlled the re-districting process, & re-drew the lines in their favor-making it easier to ensure that Republican candidates got elected/re-elected for the NEXT 10 YEARS!! So, now we live with the results of losing the House, +enhanced Republican districts until the next 2020 Census. VOTE-VOTE!!

  14. All republicans are a cancer on this country. They don’t care about our citizenry one bit. They need to be surgically removed. Or voted out, whatever your preference.

  15. As has been said, the GOP was against the deal before it was signed. ..”Any Jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one” (Sam Rayburn)

  16. Shadowolf, AGREE! -you are so right Dems “must” deliver a logjam-free (filibuster-proof) Senate for the next Democratic President [plus, try to regain control of the House/or *at-least* a larger proportion of Dem-seats] in 2016, & then again for Mid-term Election in 2018. The ONLY way that will happen is if ALL Dems come out AND VOTE (in both elections)! So many young people I’ve talked to seem to think their votes don’t mean much, and won’t make a difference. They could not be more in error in that type of thinking. It *does* make a difference when you come out & vote, and it sure-as-heck makes a BIG-GER difference if you do NOT come out to vote (please see my reply to John’s post-above, to see how big of a difference it has made to Dems/Dem-Congressionals/& to President Obama’s agenda since Dems didn’t turn out for in Nov 2010 Mid-terms)! It makes a HUGE difference whether you turn out to vote, and certainly if you do not. Please Dems-let’s not make same mistake in 2016/2018…

  17. Come election time I would remind the voters of each and every one of the 47 traitors that pulled this nonsense. It is too bad the congress is not in Democratic control because charges should be brought against them. This deal will go through despite the efforts of spoiled people who would jeopardise our nation’s standing and well being just to score political points.

  18. I think Mitch McConnell, Tim Scott, Rick Scott, Scott Walker are still not on any protected species list. These people are evil aliens at best. A quick death is WAY too good for these monsters. dude is wrong. A man doesn’t argue with evil. He eliminates it. Grow the Phuk up.

  19. kiwani, I’ve been saying the same thing for years. We Democrats have got to vote EVERY election. The problems all began in 2010 when Dems decided Obama’s election in 2008 solved every problem. And they didn’t turn out to vote.

    I’m going to have bumper stickers printed that say “Democrats: Vote Twice, 2016 and 2018”. Want one?

  20. People need to realize that not voting has just as large effect as voting. They just don’t realize that not voting is basically the same as casting a vote for the GOP. GOP voters ALWAYS vote during midterms, so we absolutely need to counter those votes by showing up!

    It’s SO important and I wish we could get it through young voter’s heads.

  21. Any Democrat voting to support Israel over the best interests of the United States and the world needs to meet defeat by a real Democrat in the next election. And Chuck Shumer, my senator from NY, is included in that. He should not be gifted with the Senate leadership position when Reid retires. That position rightfully belongs to Dick Durbin. Any Democrat who has a greater allegiance to Israel than to this country needs to be defeated.

  22. Absolutely, and anyone like Schumer or Baukman, Cruz, any other foreign born, that has a dual citizenship should not be a member of the US Congress .

  23. I am so disappointed that the two Democratic senators from Michigan are still “fence sitters.” Please contact your senators if they are also sitting on this fence. I heard from Sen. Peters yesterday; he has still not read the agreement but plans to do so. I should hope so – BEFORE he votes. I think that he will then regain his sanity and vote for the agreement.

  24. Support in both the Senate and House for the Iran agreement grew again Thursday and added an important vote Friday, that of Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, making him the only Jewish member of Congress in the state to back the agreement:

    Mr. Nadler, whose district stretches down Manhattan’s West Side and into Brooklyn, is closely identified with New York’s Jewish community: The 10th Congressional District is believed to have the largest Jewish population in the country, and Mr. Nadler has a history of energetic support for Israel. […]
    Mr. Nadler’s decision may help give cover to other Democrats who are still undecided on the Iran agreement. Without his support, backers of the deal would have faced a complete shutout of the Jewish members of New York’s federal delegation, whose views carry considerable weight on issues related to the Mideast and Israel.

  25. Republican’s strategy is: Show the big stick, rattle the big stick, and use the big stick whenever. To show American exceptionalism. It’s the bully boy way: Fight first and explain the reason later. Thousands die for that way of thinking. Republican’s say: So what? We showed them they can’t F*ck with us. Yeah, right. Ask the mothers, fathers and family members of the DEAD soldiers who were sent to facilitate these warmongers’ way.

    On the the other hand, Democrats use diplomacy. Show the big stick, but talk sense. The other side WILL get it. They KNOW. And they are, in most cases, non-suicidal. Understanding that WAR will F*uck up THEIR country! They know that. So, the bottom line is. Let’s talk. Let’s smooth things out. Let’s not push towards conflict, to “save face”. Republicans dismiss those common sense thoughts —and push for war to make a point: WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU SAY. DO AS WE WANT YOU…TO DO. All in the guise of being peacemakers. Really? Come …

  26. BTW. Off topic, but more and more I am realizing that Israel, i.e. (Netanyahu)
    looks like the little sister who tells her big brother (The USA), to go Beat up the boy who keeps bothering her. While SHE pulls HIS sister’s hair in class.

    Get the drift? Ha! {{{wink-wink}}}

  27. The likud party is playing dangerous game. I think if you polled Americans on Israel I would bet my last dollar that a majority would say to hell with them and they would be right

  28. Writing to Senator Peters and Stabanow soon as I post this. djchefon, Exactly my thoughts, WTF!

  29. This underscores the need to get more socialist leaning candidates in congress. The real power for change lies in congress.

  30. McConnell has spent the past 6 years with one item on his agenda. Stop anything Obama tries to do (including, famously, his second term). He has failed spectacularly.

    Just think of how much good he could have done the country if he’d spent that energy and effort working for America.

  31. This is not good

    One person was killed and at least one other wounded in a shooting outside a federal building that also houses Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-NY) office in lower Manhattan late Friday afternoon, WABC reported.

    Initial reports said a federal officer was also involved in the shooting. The status of the officer was unclear, but local station PIX 11 reported the officer had been transported to a local hospital.

    The federal building at 201 Varick St. in New York City’s West Village is home to a Department of Justice immigration court and the city’s Department of Labor.

  32. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has long had an outsized reputation for clout and effectiveness. Lawmakers jockey to speak at its events, seek its backing and woo its members for campaign contributions.
    Now AIPAC, the most prominent pro-Israel lobby in the U.S., is rapidly losing ground in its biggest test as it mounts an all-out campaign to kill President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

    The effort to stop the Iran agreement pits it not only against the president but also a swath of the American Jewish community. While AIPAC is on the same side as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Republicans who are taking on the Democratic president, American Jews voted more than 2-to-1 for Obama over Mitt Romney in 2012.
    Read More

  33. Barak– Netanyahu was on verge of Attacking Iran 3 Times 2010-12 (Why Listening to him on Iran Diplomacy is Daft)

    Mr. Barak, who also previously served as Israel’s prime minister, said that he and Mr. Netanyahu were ready to attack Iran each year but that in 2010, the military chief of staff said Israel lacked the “operational capability”; in 2011, two key ministers waffled at the last minute; and in 2012, the timing did not work out because of a joint United States-Israel military exercise and visit by the American defense secretary.

  34. O heck yeah-phoebes! that’d be a great bumper sticker.

    I’ve been pulling my hair since 2010 mid-term election when I realized Dems did not turn out en masse like they did for the ’08 Presidential Election… & have been SO frustrated because the result was not only losing control of the House, but also the re-districted congressional districts redrawn in the GOP/Repub favor (A Consequence We Must Live With & Endure For 10-Long-Years!!!).

    I cannot stress enough to ALL DEMS >> Learn from our 2010-NonVoting-Mistake >> WE MUST VOTE EVERY 2 YEARS >> Presidential AND Mid-term Elections !! VOTEVOTEVOTE

    >CyberMindGryl> I agree! NoVote=GOPVote!!

    >Beaglemom/Jerrilynn > I live in MI, too. I called both Senators. Stabenow supports deal, & Peter’s office said he’s “leaning towards supporting.” (I think he’ll fully support it- cannot imagine a MI Democratic Senator NOT supporting it). AND-btw, I called Sen Schumer’s office TWICE, & voiced my strong disappointment> EVERYONE CALL …

  35. Dawn, I hope it is McConnell failing that you are referring to, not Pres. Obama because Obama has managed a good number of accomplishments on behalf of the American people (of which he does not get enough credit/he’s not a braggart like Trump) despite McConnell’s vow to make him a 1-term President, and several members of the Repubs secretly meeting on the 2009 Inauguration Day “to plot against” Obama’s success…. Treason-abounds, I say…

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