Wisconsin Gets Competitive As Bernie Sanders Closes The Gap On Hillary Clinton


A new Marquette Law School Poll of Wisconsin found that Bernie Sanders is closing the gap on Hillary Clinton. The Democratic front-runner’s lead has shrunk from 44 points to twelve.

According to the Marquette Law School Poll, “On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads with 44 percent, followed by Bernie Sanders at 32 percent and Joe Biden at 12 percent. Lincoln Chaffee, Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb each receive less than 1 percent support. In April, Clinton had 58 percent support and Biden 12 percent while Sanders was not included in the April poll. Elizabeth Warren, who was not included in this poll, had received 14 percent support in April.”

As with other recent polling, it isn’t that Clinton is losing all of her support. It’s that Bernie Sanders is gaining. Clinton’s support did decline by 14 points since April, but Bernie Sanders has gained 18 points of support over where Elizabeth Warren was in the spring poll.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) has gone from not being in the first poll to being competitive with former Sec. of State Clinton before Labor Day. Bernie Sanders set his first crowd record of the 2016 campaign at a rally in Madison. Sanders has become a bona fide national candidate by breaking his own crowd records in venues all across the country.

The mainstream media is obsessed with Donald Trump, but it is Bernie Sanders who is packing them in at his campaign events.

The Wisconsin poll numbers are very good news on all fronts. A competitive primary benefits Hillary Clinton by making her campaign stronger. A competitive primary helps Bernie Sanders build a national movement to change American politics by taking back power from the right-wing billionaires, and whether the Democratic Party wants to admit it, a competitive primary is good for the party because it engages people in the process and creates discussion about the issues that matter.

Much of the focus is on the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, but Bernie Sanders is demonstrating that he is capable of being competitive in other states. Sanders is showing no sign of losing steam as his political revolution is gaining strength in Wisconsin.

24 Replies to “Wisconsin Gets Competitive As Bernie Sanders Closes The Gap On Hillary Clinton”

  1. Just heard Mark Levin on the Radio say:
    “I’m willing to interview any Pres. Candidate who will come on my Program”.

    The Bern should contact Levin.
    How do I get the message to Bernie?

  2. We haven’t even had a Democratic debate yet and I’m already sick of poll numbers coming out every 2 minutes.

    Besides that, Wisconsin is another state that is predominately full of White people.

    Of course, the numbers look good for Bernie there.

  3. “It isn’t that Clinton is losing all of her support…. Clinton’s support did decline by 14 points since April”

    LMAO. THAT was just absurd….

  4. Thanks Pyradius for your kind reply.
    But they want Full-Name-Address-Zip…
    I can’t possibly send all that out!

  5. We haven’t even heard the Bern nor HRC interviewed on *National News* like FOX’s phony debate.

    All this GOP-Action gives the impression: 2016 is now time for The Republicans.
    People are wondering where are the Dems?
    Young people are Talking-Trump.
    Religious People…
    Are calling him The Trumpet!

    MSNBC Should have Rachel Interview Them All!

  6. Quinnipiac poll OHIO PENN FLORIDA
    HC 47 45 48
    BS 17 19 15
    JB 14 17 19

    If Joe declines to run it would look like this:

    HC above 60
    BS below 20

  7. The Wisconsin Poll:

    For Democrats and independents who lean toward the Democratic Party, the sample size is 396, with a margin of error of +/-6.1 percentage points.

  8. Go Bernie, we support you “They’re all bought and paid for” Our song is Americas new National Anthem
    check it out on youtube

  9. I gotta say, as a Dem leaning more Independent every day, The Hillster doesn’t get me fired up at all. She has a certain insincerity I can’t quite put my finger on, like nearly every single other US politician or candidate out there. I’ll vote for her, of course, in the end, but only because the prospect of a GOP/Tea Party POTUS is terrifying. It stinks to have to vote, yet again, for the lesser of two evils. And no, I’m not saying that she is literally evil. Figure of speech. ;)

  10. I’ve never seen any candidate pull from across party lines like Bernie Sanders has and he’s done it so quickly. Democrats, Independents, Republicans who don’t see what they want in that party, millennials, people who had given up on voting because they thought it didn’t make a difference, all are getting excited about Bernie because he is saying what a lot of us have been thinking all along. And all this is happening without help from the (corporate-controlled) media. I believe the more people who take the time to listen to what he has to say, the more he will gain among the voters. #Bernie2016

  11. To use present polls to “prove” that Sanders will lose is silly. He has come from unknown to getting 18% or so. Moreover, Wisconsin is a medium sized state, and Sanders has already closed the gap to 12 points. The primaries are still 5 months away, and Sanders is setting the pace and tone already. Hillary is being knocked off stride. If her poll numbers decline much more, she will be in free fall. I think Hillary is in trouble.

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