CNN Busts Darrell Issa For Lying About Classified Hillary Clinton Emails


Wolf Blitzer busted Darrell Issa for lying about Hillary Clinton’s emails during an interview on CNN.


Transcript via CNN:

REP. DARRELL ISSA (R), CALIFORNIA: Well, Wolf, the one thing we now know is that, as they said, about 300 separate e-mails, maybe more, contain classified information. And I think it’s important to get above the discussion of classified documents and so on. If you or I go to a briefing, and we receive classified information, and we then produce an e-mail that says things that were in that briefing, that is disclosing classified information. That appears to be what happened.


It’s not an accident to have 300 e-mails become retroactively, if you will, determined to be classified. That means somebody sent out classified information and did not recognize it as classified.

Huma, her assistant, her second daughter, if you will, is brilliant. Hillary Clinton is brilliant. So the question is, are people that smart unable to recognize sensitive classified information? I don’t believe so. And I think the FBI needs to look at this, because in fact her server may very well have been constantly observed by third parties, because quite candidly it’s not a classified network. It didn’t enjoy the robust protection that one would expect to have.

BLITZER: Well, my understanding is those 300 e-mails they’re looking at now, that they haven’t definitively ruled that it was classified information. They’re going over it right now. There seems to be a dispute going on between the State Department and other agencies of the U.S. government what should have been classified, even if it had not been classified at the time. Is that your understanding, as well?

ISSA: Well, it is. But I’ll give you a little piece of history. During my chairmanship, it was amazing how the State Department classified the most mundane information, even when publicly available. In this case, it appears as though State would like to say these things weren’t particularly classified.

Well, the CIA and NSA and other clandestine agencies appear to be appalled that very sensitive information was sent out on her nongovernment server in an unclassified format.

With one fact based question, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was able to derail the Republican myth of the 300 classified emails.

It is a mystery why CNN or any other cable network continues to give Darrell Issa airtime. Rep. Issa is a compulsive liar whose singular motivation is to get attention and publicity for himself.

When he was a committee chairman, Issa’s House Oversight Committee reached Joseph McCarthy levels of bias and power abuse. Issa was such a joke that Speaker John Boehner kept him off of the Select Committee investigating Benghazi. Issa has become so desperate for attention that he tried to crash a closed deposition of the Benghazi committee only to be escorted out of the room by Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Clinton’s emails have become the new Republican conspiracy, but all it took was one fact based question to get Issa to admit that the 300 classified emails talking point was not true.

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  1. when interviewing Rep Issa the film seems to be edited as follows:

    camera starts to set up…

    reporter and Issa are seated…

    Issa removes foot from mouth…

    cameras roll… interview proceeds…

    Issa speaks talking points or just lies…

    interview over…

    Issa re-inserts food in mouth…

  2. It matters not. The only thing the low income, poorly educated, brain dead, bigoted, hateful, paranoid schizophrenic Republican voters that are armed to the teeth heard was “300 classified emails. That’s all they needed to hear

  3. Darrell issa and everyone else is trying to hurt Hillary Clinton because they know she will my option,hillary would not be in this race if she knew she had done anything she said,the emails were sent and was not marked classified.i believe her.

  4. Issa is a worthless sack of shyte. How he keeps being elected is bewildering to me. Talk about low information voters, his district must be loaded with them.

  5. RW’ers didn’t get the traction they wanted from their overly hyped Benghazi investigations, more than a dozen of them, used to try to derail President Obama’s re-election and a pending campaign for the ’16 election by then Sec. of State Clinton. They had to find something new to turn to despite it being stated VERY PLAINLY PRIOR TO ANY INVESTIGATION that HRC did not violate any existing rule or regulation with her use of a private server while Secretary of State. Yet, even today, we have RW’ers saying she should be in prison and that anyone else who did this would be in prison despite former SOS Powell using a private server just like HRC did. While there is no doubt that the email situation may not have been handled properly from the initial set-up through the disassembly of the same, there is zero evidence that HRC or any other SOS used the process to intentionally hide anything. There was never any questions about her email from anyone who received it w/in gov’t. (continue…

  6. Still amazes me that we in America have half a nation of blind haters supporting divide and conquer mentality. Instead of facing the problems as states people our elected official plant seeds to grow and when they sprout try to capitalize on the ill-gotten fruit. The “Buzz Words” are running rampant and there is no one capable to decifer only the paid news outlets by which is the main source for the miss-informed. Americans have become haters of themselves regardless of affiliation as if words of Osama Bin Laden are breathing life into our own self-destruction.


    Wassa matter with you people?


    However, shouldn’t it have been evident to someone who received email that Clinton’s server was private? Or is this something that is unable to be determined even by those who are tech savvy? I’m not certain about this, that’s why I ask. But if nobody ever questioned it during her 4 yrs. in office, it’s not HRC’s fault. I highly doubt it ever occurred to her that using a server that had been installed in her home for her husband’s use, a former President, who may have had occasion to use it to send classified info after leaving office, to ask whether or not it was secure. It’s not as if Sec. Clinton wasn’t exceptionally busy during her term. This is something, that if heads should roll, should come back to the head of the I.T. department.

    No matter what, the RW’ers will try and find ANYTHING to derail HRC’s bid for the Presidency. Lying, cheating, stealing, it doesn’t matter, they’ll do anything to prevent her from reaching the White H…

  8. …says the CAR THIEF and ARSONIST.

    If I had a past like his, I’d never open my mouth, let alone run for public office.

  9. Issa – a shady used car salesman and arsonist, tax cheat, source of false info to fox bumbos on parade “news”. He “leaks”classified info to fox all the time for a 5 minute spot on prime time.

  10. This guy LOOKS like the male version of The Wicked Witch of The West and rants just like her. typical beast thug republican asshole. He always looks like he is smelling Poop. Always a nasty sneer. What kind of creepy morons vote for these brain dead cretins anyway? I mean, just seeing a picture of this thing puts me off my feed for awhile. I really, really, intensely dislike this POS. Why do Tea Baggers always spell the word moron as Moran? I must say I do love their hopelessly spelled political signs. let me stop please.

  11. republicans = liars, unproductive at their jobs, racists, hateful, disrespectful, heartless and warmongers. please feel free to add some more.

  12. Kate 1230

    You are absolutely right.
    This blind hate will bring up the source or root cause of everything that has happened since the illegal Iraq War. Many of those should already be in prison or executed for crimes against the US of America but the blind and corrupt want us to to forget how we got here. Amazing how the last Presdent and his adminstration lied and had created a mess in the world and no one is being held to account. History repeats itself hold the “Black Man” or any one else responsible. No wonder the world looks at US of America with guarded loyalty only to ability to capitalize from America’s persistent intent to destroy itself.

  13. well wolf if say for example I set fire to one of my buildings and one of my people who were there sends an Email to me about it; obviously that should have been classified info.

  14. I wish Gray Davis would do something to get Issa recalled just like Issa did to Davis. That would be the Ultimate Revenge. I so can’t stand that Car Thief Issa.

  15. So this post is controlled by the corrupt and haters because I don’t see my last post on “How we got here”. Considering many want to blame the “Black Man” for the current mess in US of America.
    None can be trusted for truth anymore only propaganda to further more distrust and hate unless by certain chosen from the elite of deceivers.

  16. You call this “Busted?!” Hardly. Just having the unsecured server is a violation. Clinton was empowered to classify documents so she should know what information is classified or not. This feigning ignorance is laughable, which she seems to be doing a lot of. I did see anyone coming to General Petraeus’ defense on the same grounds. This man’s life was ruined and Hillary wants to be POTUS? Typical Clinton double-standard. Do as I say not as I do; depends on what the means of is is; and at this point what difference does it make. Disgusting.

  17. this low class rightwing degenerate and convicted thief did the same BS with Benghazi emails. he lied, fabricated, and got caught red handed lying about and doctoring those emails as well. this guy should be hung for treason. the problem is the rightwing base are a bunch of goddamn zombies who do not care if these things are true or not.

  18. the only thing that comes out of this a-hole’s mouth is lie after lie after lie. we have got to crush the GOP and the conservatives next year. we must remove as many repubs as possible from govt. they simply cannot govern. they are a dysfunctional embarrassment.

  19. Not true. Romney lives in La Jolla which is in the CA 52nd Congressional District; Issa represents the 49th.

  20. Yeah. but… He didn’t. No where does Blitzer ‘bust’ Issa. Don’t get me wrong, i deplore Issa. But Is someone shilling for CNN now? PoliticusUSA? Hmmm? Because this was certainly a ‘bust’ – it was damn near a peck on the cheek.

  21. When you plant a LIE seed, it grows in the uneducated mind and becomes “true” no matter how many people debunk it.

  22. you sound just like issa talking shit. If she violated any law they would not have waited until now to call her on it. Stop lying about “violations” without any proof, you sound silly

  23. Issa is a RED BOIL on the beautiful BLUE state of California.

    His district is FULL of OLD Reagan worshippers and camp Pendleton, but is getting more purple every year.

  24. So right Trackdude, his voting district (and all districts of the Repubs) were “GERRYMANDERED” by the Repubs after they got control of the House & re-drew all the voting district lines so they could ensure all of them got elected/re-elected!

    This was as a result of the 2010 Midterm Election when WE Democrats DID NOT turn out to vote in that 2010 Midterm!

    Dems, we must take some of blame onto ourselves for not coming out to vote in an All Important 2010/Census Year! Midterm!!

    IF we don’t care enough to get out & VOTE, then this is what happens.. Now, we have to live with the result of Gerrymandered/Republican districts until the next redistricting after the Census in 2020!!

    TEN long years of Repub/gerrymandered districts all because WE DEMS could not bother to get ourselves out of our own lives & get to the damn voting booth on ONE DAY out of the year!! SHAME on us!!

    I H.O.P.E. ALL Dems remember the Long-Term Consequences of NOT VOTING @ next 2018 MID-term Election!

  25. What the hell are you talking about? There WAS protocal in place that designated what was classified and what was not. Now it seems that the State Dept and other agencies are in dispute over that definition. You think she’s feigning ignorance? I think your a idiot, that or you’ve been huffing glue! Sounds like someone may have made a mistake even before those e-mails came her way. Everyones definition of classified seems to be different. How to decide……..? I bet Jesus Christ would be at a loss.
    Petraeus knew exactly what he did, and put up no argument about it! He willingly traded his reputation for a piece of ass.

  26. And yet these media fools NEVER ask which party outed CIA agent Valerie Plame. Her work deep undercover revealed some shady dealings going on in the GOP, so of course she had to be taken out. They not only committed a crime, but they pardoned the criminal who outed her!

    And they say Hillary is criminal? Come on.

  27. General Patreus? Oh you mean the guy who handed actual classified military documents to his girlfriend and who got a slap on the wrist instead of jail time?

    THAT’S the hill you want to die upon?

  28. sorry but Issa is not an example of a gerrymandered district…

    each state does its own redistricting and the California Legislature has been blue for years…

    but… even aside from that California has had redistricting taken away from the Legislature and is done by an independent committee… the districts actually are pretty representative now…

    Issa just comes from an extremely conservative district…

  29. issa state: “because quite candidly it’s not a classified network. It didn’t enjoy the robust protection that one would expect to have”. more more robust than what? a cell phone? how many times have they been hacked? including nsa, cia, military, irs, the list is endless. probably the LEAST safe place to keep sensitive information is on govt servers. he’s just another tea party fiasco playing clown for all the word to see.

  30. Wiki this guy. He is not a white collar criminal he was a violent gun toting arsonist, car thief who has released so much classified material that when he was chairman of the House Oversight Committee he was refused classified info because it was always leaked( only the parts that suited his cause). Issa balked ,got the info and it was immediately leaked. When I say he is a true to definition sociopath- it is not bluster or hyperbole, it is just true

  31. It is absolutely how easily Darrell Issa lies. I mean, astonishing!

    Psyche majors, help me out–what’s the name of this disorder?

  32. This guy should have no credibility at all. Why do these news organizations give this ass the time of day I will never know. That is shitty journalism

  33. Okay, Blitzer leads Issa into admitting that the emails were not classified, but when a headline says “…busts Darrell Issa” I would hope that Blitzer actually stopped the conversation and said “So, Congressman Issa, you are accusing her of doing something where the evidence actually contradicts what you are saying? Right?” Because the meaning of what Issa said probably flew right over the heads of the people watching this.

  34. With his criminal background, Darrell Issa belongs in prison instead of vomiting LIES about Hillary Clinton’s emails. His sordid, corrupt, immoral (sleazy) persona is commensurate with his extreme rightwing despicable self-serving policies benefiting ONLY the 1%. He is an abomination and should be impeached and imprisoned.

  35. It’s a toss-up with Boehner. When he opens his mouth is it for a lie, or because he’s going to throw up from alcohol poisoning? Neither reason is pleasant, so I’d just rather not hear it at all.

  36. Yes, you’re absolutely right, mdag -we MUST remove as many Repubs from office as possible…

    Unfortunately, the only way to do that is if ALL Dems get out to VOTE, in not only this upcoming Presidential Election in Nov 2016, but ALSO for Dems to remember that the MID-TERM Election years are JUST as important.

    Effectively, we must get out to VOTE every 2 Years in Nov, NOT just every 4 years on the Presidential Election years…

    So, after Nov 2016, for the Presidential Election, Dems must get out to VOTE again in Nov 2018, then Nov 2020 (FYI: THIS IS ANOTHER CENSUS YEAR, DEMS!! **Re-districting will happen again this year, & if we don’t want Repubs to further Gerrymander their districts, we MUST regain the U.S. House of Representatives), then again in 2022, then 2024 and EVERY TWO YEARS after that– NOT just every 4 years for only Presidential Elections.

    *Pass this voting FYI info along to all your friends…

  37. Well, Sh#tfire and spare me the matches! How ironic! Didn’t Issa LEAK classified documents from the very committee hearings in an attempt to portray a false narrative back then? These people are utterly dispicable!

  38. Two points. 1. It must have been CNN’s turn to pretend to be a real news organisation.
    2. I can only imagine what would have been done if Issa and the other republicans could have managed to get their hands on her email. Even what she had for lunch would have been leaked before the whoosh of cyber air stopped moving.
    To me it’s just more proof she is a terrible threat to the Republican Party. She has learned a lot in all the years she has been an actress in this show. Can you imagine living so many years knowing you are surrounded by bitter enemies that will do or say anything to destroy you?
    I give her much credit for outsmarting then yet again.

  39. If Issa wants to address criminality and Hillary Clinton, the only question he is qualified to ask is “Did Hillary Clinton steal a car?”.

  40. It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.

    Republicans learned that a long time ago.

  41. I tried to post this to my Facebook page and it was blocked. The Facebook message said that someone had marked it as abusive. Can anyone shed light on this?

  42. Where is your “outrage” now that classified material has been found on Trey Gowdy’s unsecured computer? Yes, that’s right, howdy doody gowdy has material on his unsecured computer that the FBI now says one line of which is “classified”.
    Your right wing silence about this exposes your hypocrisy. You’re not concerned about the security of classified information. This is nothing more than a political witch hunt against Hillary, and you proved it. Thank you for your cooperation.

  43. Agree that Issa is a worthless POS.

    Issa keeps getting re-elected because people in Issa’s district have plenty of money or are military which for some strange reason votes republican.

    Dems sitting out the 2010 mid-terms cost us D’s dearly. We were Gerrymandered and bad. Take a look at Ohio-9. Map here.

    Ohio-9 was drawn to get rid of Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland. The only person who could beat Kucinich was Marcy Kaptur of Toledo. Ergo, put them in the same district. Who cares if the map looks a little strange.

    That my dear D friends is why you have to get off your arses and vote in the 2018 mid-terms.

    The Ohio Lobo votes in each and every election.

  44. Clinton broke no laws because there were no laws about emails when she was Secretary of State. Congress and state and local politicians still use their personal emails. You can’t be guilty retroactively. The press was aware and is aware the Clinton is innocent, but they’ll keep throwing as much bogus dirt on the wall because some will stick. Hilary was one of the best SOS’s in history. The media is no longer comprised of journalist, only editorials a handful of wealthy owners want told. No wonder the media and congress only have a 14% or less approval rating. People are sick of the hypocrisy and bogus conspiracy theories.

  45. What I find appalling is the twisted lie being put forth by Trump, Joe Scarborough and others that by the use of her server Secretary Clinton has done as egregious a wrong as did General Patraeus, if not worse.
    Patraeus was the Dir. of the CIA, privy to our most highly classified state and global secrets. His decision to create and turn over a file filled with our country’s most classified intelligence to his mistress for her book is beyond alarming. Secrets compromised that never should have been personally passed on to his mistress affecting our troops and the state of the war that existed at the time. I don’t see the equivalence.

  46. Facebook blocks the posting of this story. Complaints of it being offensive. How ’bout changing the link?

  47. Wait! Wait! Wait! Did you not see the true headline here? He said Hilary and her second daughter Huma were brilliant! That should get him out of office. Just feed that to the right wing repugnuts who vote for him and he never get elected again…the downside? The teapublicans find someone worse if that is possible.

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