Don’t Focus On Trump – He Is A Distraction From Seriously Dangerous Republicans

Donald Trump

In literature, and the threatre arts, a primary component of any captivating story is having a villain-antagonist as a counter to the hero or main character; there just always has to be a bad guy to oppose or there is really no story. In politics, and governance, each side of the political spectrum chooses a representative ‘bad-guy” as a central character to rally against, something Republicans have been particularly effective at.  Past ‘bad characters’ Republicans used to great effect to advance their agendas include Osama bin Laden to represent all terrorists and war, Saddam Hussein to represent a nuclear threat to America and more war, and over the past six years it has been President Barack Obama representing socialism as a threat to democracy; likely due to his race and political party. Even though Republicans know full well that Barack  Obama is at best a Centrist Democrat, Republicans have branded him a Muslim, un-American, a socialist, a tax and spend liberal, and a warrior against Christianity. Of course none of the accusations are remotely true, but Republicans have won control of Congress and a majority of state governorships by being anti-Obama; something their base considers pro-America.

Democrats, liberals and progressives (there is a difference), have recently found their villain in reality television star Donald Trump and the attention they are heaping on Trump, although possibly warranted, is misplaced. Make no mistake, Trump is worthy of the villain role he is being given by the left, but he is simply playing a part written specifically by tea party Republicans and championed by establishment Republicans. Donald Trump is an opportunist, a nasty opportunist, but he is an opportunist all the same. In fact, nothing in Trump’s campaign rhetoric is novel;  he has simply distilled the last six years’ worth of Republican propaganda into an agenda that a well-conditioned base believes is the only solution to “take their country back.” That base, the one scientists and several studies filled with empirical data prove is inherently ignorant, innately cruel, and fundamentally racist, love Donald Trump more than the other Republican candidates for president because he is the only one saying first and loudly what all Republicans believe. It is time for the left, all of the left, to start lumping the conservative movement, in its entirety, into a party representing the worst of humanity their supporters firmly believe is what makes American exceptional and stop focusing solely on Donald Trump.

It was interesting to learn that Trump is getting pushback, as well as significant credit, from the left over the vicious beating of a homeless man in Boston by two thugs because they thought he was illegally in America. They are reported saying that “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” so naturally Trump gets brunt of criticism when he is just parroting a talking point Republicans have campaigned on since 2010. It is true that Trump said that “Mexican immigrants are criminals, they are bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” during his campaign kickoff speech, but those statements have been repeated ad nauseum by all manner of Republicans, and conservative pundits, for the last fifteen years.

Now, when Trump heard about the Boston attack, he said “I will say that people who are following me love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.” It is part of his “we gotta’ take this country back” spiel that he ripped off from teabaggers panting to return to 1860 America. It is the same slogan Republicans have used for the past six years to attack women’s rights, voting rights, public education, the federal government, regulations, and gays, and it really should surprise no-one that brash loudmouth Trump is benefitting from a purely Republican agenda. What is surprising is that the left has made Trump the object of their undivided attention when they should be assailing, with extreme prejudice, the entire Republican movement because all the credit and criticism for inciting hatred belongs to the Republican Party; it has been part and parcel of the GOP’s agenda for the past six years and not only during election season.

It is unclear if the left understands that, just because Trump is out saying what the base wants to hear and what the GOP represents as one of two major political parties, the rest of the GOP field is equally hateful and every bit as dangerous as Trump; they are just attempting to appear moderate. Every one of the Republican candidates are anti-government, anti-women’s rights, anti-taxes, anti-immigrant, anti-democracy and anti-science; they are also all, save Trump, fierce advocates for imposing fundamentalist Christianity on the nation. However, make no mistake that when Trump realizes he may be alienating the evangelical right voting bloc, he will be the loudest advocate for the bible as law of the land.

Right now Trump is making inroads to the conservative base with his blatant anti-immigrant rhetoric, even though three years ago he claimed Willard Romney was “crazy and mean-spirited” for proposing self-deportation as a viable immigration reform policy. But the vile remarks he made about Mexican immigrants during his campaign kickoff speech were staples of Republican candidates and sitting congressmen and governors going back at least to 2010.

Everyone needs a villain to hate and rage against and Trump certainly fills that role very nicely; he is a very easy Republican to despise. However, he is just playing a role written by and for seriously nasty conservatives who want to be enraged against their own set of villains whether they are gays, immigrants, women, non-Christians, the government or the poor. It is what they have come to believe is necessary to “take their country back” to pre-Civil War days and why all Republicans, not just Donald Trump, need to feel the rage of the left. Establishment Republicans, and their funding machine the Koch brothers, are never going to allow Trump to be the Republican nominee, but they will continue allowing him to incite the base and take the heat from the left while their equally vile candidate(s) appear moderate. The left has to stop focusing on a reality television celebrity just because he is the only one saying what all Republicans, including the seriously dangerous ones, advocate.

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31 Replies to “Don’t Focus On Trump – He Is A Distraction From Seriously Dangerous Republicans”

  1. I said five months ago it will be Bush/Rubio. Despite the noise and awful performances by those two and despite all the soaring by the flamboyant one, it is still going to be them.

    And as always it will be a bloody battle to the very last minute on Nov 8, 2016.

    I am a Dem and a tax and spend liberal but not a progressive or socialist. Hillary said about her economics plan – it is clear-eyed capitalism – it is our world.

    I am proud of my candidate and trust her to fight them all and win in the end. BUT – It is NEVER easy.

    October surprise – swiftboat – lies and smears – robocalls – voter rolls purged – billions of dollars of brain-washing by experts against the front runner.

    No “coronation” but one person left standing when all is said and done.

    444 days left and it is flying by fast.

  2. I guess it all depends on how you define “seriously dangerous Republicans.” If they are six feet above ground and can breathe and talk, and not able to think for themselves, then they are a “seriously dangerous Republican.”

  3. October surprise – swiftboat – lies and smears – robocalls – voter rolls purged – billions of dollars of brain-washing by experts against the front runner.

    Not to mention, new voter suppression laws that will come into effect for the 2016 elections.

    It won’t matter. The moment President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton (I don’t believe Biden will run), it’s game over for the Republicans and we get another Democrat in the White House.

    Another Democrat in the White House is the only way we can restore the VRA once those four justices on SCOTUS actually retire in the next ten years (Baden-Ginsberg, Souter, Scalia, and Kennedy). We need to replace them with Democratic justices so the Roberts ruling to gut the VRA can be reversed with another lawsuit. He won’t have the votes in SCOTUS to stop it. Chief Justice Roberts’ power needs to be neutered.

  4. There should be presidential election reform, with certain limits:

    A. Only 3 month of campaigning (less toxic hot air in the environment)

    B. Limited funds to spend

    C. Merge the local+national elections

    D. Provide information about the judges

  5. Yes, we know that the GOPers are birds of a feather. The concern is that they got 47.2%, 45.7%, 50.7%, and 47.9% of the vote over the past four cycles. This means that 47.9 percent of the GOPer voters would vote for Mussolini, if he were running.

  6. Trump’s a joke – hes just the current driver of the clown car. An orange person with a horribly bad toupee will never, ever win this election. Its not even a concern.

  7. You cant make this shit up
    Donald Trump gives a thumbs up as he arrives onstage to address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Maryland, March 6, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Theiler  
    Donald Trump’s immigration proposals have entirely boxed in the GOP field and Republicans know it. Politico’s survey of its insiders caucus found that 85 percent of New Hampshire Republicans and two-thirds of Iowa Republicans say The Donald’s immigration proposal is killing their chances in the general—by catering to the GOP’s base.

    “He’s solidly put an anchor around the neck of our party, and we’ll sink because of it,” an Iowa Republican said of Trump.
    “Enough already,” vented another Iowa Republican, who like all participants was granted anonymity in order to speak freely. “This kind of garbage only appeals to the hard core … while alienating the soft middle that we must win in order to take the presidency.”
    Quit it, Trump! Stop selling all that “garbage” that the GOP base actually believes.

  8. Trump is raining on the clown parade & I hope he stays on the forefront & oh how the Rethugs hate it,I hope Dumpty Trumpty keeps putting gasoline on the fire & keeping them out because he is a sure loser.

  9. There again Trump is another seed planter whereas others can hide behind but the real message is out there. Money begats Money and the Donald will profit tremendously from this short political venture and predicting hopefully the rage of hate will spread for the GOP and big business to use legislative and security forces to beat Americans into submission. The Devil is the father of all lies and he has a mighty army out there. Americans are blinded by hate on both sides so this is definitely a “Two-fer”.


  10. Trumpette the clown is driving that clown car, stuffed with many disasters frothing at the mouth, over the cliff.

    *IF* any of these clowns ever gets near the WH, this country will go right down the drain.

    Trumpette wants to spend $600 BILLION to cleanse this country from the “undesirables”, who does this remind us of?? HITLER!

  11. Anything can happen, but my few GOPer acquaintances have all seemed to jump on the Trump wagon. And as far as I can tell, it is because he is a rich, white, powerful, male, outsider that hates “illegals.”

  12. Good God I hate it when people lump in all progressives as “the left” and paint us all as a monolith that works in lock-step and all thinks the same. MANY of us, in fact I would say that MOST of us on “the left” agree that the Republicans of today have morphed into a proto-fascist organization disguised as a rational political party. I think we get that, loud and clear.

    I guess what the author is saying is that we need to get out and vote them out of office. In droves. So why not just say “The Left needs to get out and vote” instead of making silly accusations that “the left” doesn’t understand or grossly underestimates the dangerous nature of the Republican party? I would say that the ONLY people who don’t understand that are either blinded by their partisan affiliation with the GOP, or they’re living under a rock.

    You know who really gets it? Millennials, that’s who. If we get ALL the millennials, women, Hispanics and blacks to vote, the GOP is done. Period.

  13. Donald Trump backs repatriation in Time interview: “Pfizer is talking about moving to Ireland. Or someplace else … Do you know how big that is? It would wipe out New Jersey … They have $2.5 trillion sitting out of the country that they can’t get back because they don’t want to pay the tax. Nor would I … We should let them back in. Everybody. Even if you paid nothing it would be a good deal. Because they’ll take that money then and use it for other things. But they’ll pay something. Ten percent, they’ll pay something.”

    There it is in a nutshell. The Republican case for low or no taxes: “because they don’t want to pay the tax.”

  14. CyberGrrl. I believe, in general, that Democratic voters and organizers are just “nicer” people.

    We (local Democratic Club) have discussed this many times. We even voted on it; in essence NOT to use Lee Atwater tactics against any candidate.

    However, I know from my experience that GOPers see this as a sign of weakness and use it to their advantage.

    Simple example: President Obama versus the “show me the birth certificate” ploy. Clearly, Barack was born in Hawaii and is a citizen, but the Atwater playbooks says to attack your opponents strengths (honest, intelligent, civic organizer, American) head on.

  15. DJ. With the way the GOPers have their Primary set, the Crazy Train is the name of the game.

    If/when the Don makes it past the primary, watch him shift left faster then you can say “illegal.”

  16. After We Win Election 2016: Someone should make a Movie: GOP HATE Viciousness Started With LEE ATWATER & Citizens United was The Frosting on The GOP CAKE!

  17. I LOVE Your Articles, Rmuse!
    The GOP is Full of Dirty Tricks.

    As GWBush once said:
    “We can fool some of the people all of the time…And those are the ones we concentrate on”
    FOX NEWS-24/7 Lies By Omission…
    The Loss of The Fairness Doctrine.

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  18. Marco Rubio makes plans for a new economy based on the Detroit model

    Does that mean cutting off peoples water but let the corporations water flow like Niagara fall if they don’t pay their bills?

    Does that mean all of America will be the Kochs trash dump with their toxic coal ash?

    Does that mean selling off public properties to the highest bidder to try to balance the books?

    I don’t know what stay thirsty means because no one actually ask him what Detroit model he is talking about that will have 15% growth

  19. Jeb! doubles down on ‘anchor babies,’ saying, ‘give me a better term’

    I don’t know, American Citizens?
    Amendment XIV

    Section 1.

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

  20. Yes, the poor mental health of the right wing has become a positive danger to public safety. But Republicans are going to get crushed in 2016 just as they were in 2008. They would not control so much of government at all levels now if the Democratic leadership had not ignored — and even insulted — its base. If Democratic leaders had not become so corrupt that they angered their voters, those voters would have come out to vote for them, and Democrats would have a majority in Congress and in the states today.

    What Republicans do doesn’t matter. What matters is what Democrats do.

    Hillary Clinton may win the White House, but she will doom Democrats to play a minority role in government for years. Democrats do not need a Wall Street lapdog. Democrats need a reformer.

    It’s what Democrats do that we should be worried about. They can make or break the Republican Party. The power is entirely in Democrats’ hands.

  21. Haters gonna be HATERS! Who in their right mind would trust Killary? Oh wait, I know….poor illiterate dumbocrats that don’t know any better.


  22. Man, I feel like Ursula in The Little Mermaid: ‘You poor unfortunate soul’.

    I would trust Hillary and every other Democrat out there because they have my best interest. I’m a poor man and without them protecting Social Security, Medicare and Food Stamps, I would have absolutely nothing! Without the help of the government, I’d feel worthless.

    So, instead of being the blowhard idiot that you are.. you should take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘Who do I trust to make sure that I’m happy?’

    I know for me, I couldn’t trust a Republican to pick up my dog’s poop, let alone run a nation.

  23. Brenda,

    You really do need to do yourself a favor and smartify yourself!?!
    Because Hillary really does have a voting history that may have you campaigning, fundraising and organize your church organization trumpeting god to vote for Hillary-Or-Bust 2016!!!

    None your trumpeting god presidential candidates have a 2016 winning chance.

    For my well-informed self its*Bernie2016*

  24. The right wants to take us back to the 1860’s, but could they survive the 1800s without all their 2000s tech and paid for medical services? Highly unlikely!

    I’d love to be pack them all into Mr. Peabody’s Way-Bac machine and observe them trying to live in that era, though!

  25. From the moment Trump appeared on the scene spewing his hateful agenda, I said that his sole purpose is to make Jeb look “sane.” But, you’re absolutely right about the gopee. They are dangerous. They are all koch puppets/clones who dance to the $$$$ tune. The kochs’agenda is global domination and in

    the process destruction of the planet. They

    are greed addicts, sociopaths and domestic terrorists. Their criminal enterprise has taken over the gopee and turned them into a hate group. They are no longer a viable political party. Throw in the cristofacists, who are tolerated by the kochs solely to support their reich-wing agenda, and you have The Perfect Storm. But, Democrats have a tendency to become complacent. We have to stay united and focused on our goal. It doesn’t really matter who our candidate is…just as long as a republiCon gets nowhere near the White House. Vote Blue in 2016!

  26. David says “Democrats don’t need a wall street lapdog,” a dig at Hillary. Well, Democrats do not need an NRA lapdog either David.

    Weapons kill about 33,000 Americans every year David and Bernie voted to give Weapons Manufacturers immunity to lawsuits.

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