In A Fiery Speech, Bernie Sanders Calls On Men To Join With Women To Fight For Equal Pay

bernie sanders equal pay greenville, sc

In the first stop of his campaign swing through South Carolina, Sen. Bernie Sanders called out the disgrace of women earning less money than men, and called on men to join with women to fight for equal pay.


At a rally in Greenville, SC, Sanders said:

It is not a radical idea. It is an American idea that if somebody works 40 hours a week that person should not be living in poverty.

Brothers and sisters when we talk about fair wages, I hope every man in this room will stand with the women and fight for pay equity for women workers.

There is no rational economic reason why women should earn seventy-eight cents on the dollar compared to men, and that has got to change.

The senator from Vermont made an important point. President Obama has spent his entire presidency fighting for pay equity. Equal pay is not just a “women’s issue,” as some on both the left and the right suggest.

Equal pay is a moral issue. There is no good reason why women are paid less than men. This sexist practice harms the US economy.

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, closing the gender wage gap would grow the US economy by 3%-4%. For the sake of comparison, the stimulus package that President Obama signed in 2009 grew the economy by 1.5%. Elimating the gender pay gap would produce a stimulus that would be at least twice as big as the one that President Obama signed into law.

There are supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who are trying to divide the Democratic Party by making the campaign ugly, but there is a great deal of common ground between the two candidates on vital issues.

President Obama has spent years discussing the issue of equal pay, and the call for action by Sen. Bernie Sanders is a solid reminder that men can’t sit on their backsides and tune out the equal pay issue, because they think it is a “women’s issue.”

The gender gap is a disgraceful stain on America’s image that citizens of genders should unite together to fight.

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  1. …I KNOW women who can work circles around most o’ the guys at thier shop…and yes, still make roughly 75% of the guys money…this has to stop…

  2. I think one big reason for the continuous inequity is that there are people in powerful political positions around the country who still hold onto the idea of men as breadwinners and women as homemakers. Even though in many families, both heads have to work just to make ends meet, that attitude persists among too many among us. I also believe that that attitude is in large part behind the religious right’s efforts to interfere with women’s reproductive rights in order to disempower women and relegate us back to the home. I know there are other factors, but I firmly believe that these are some of them.

  3. One of the illusions of the GOP is, that working females have “destroyed the ideal society” as portrayed on TV, AKA the Waltons, “Father Knows Best”.

    The reality is that females have been a working force since the beginning of times, the accomplishments just have not been recognized. And the family & society are always in transition

    And in a patriachal society many abuses get ignored and not even recognized as abuse.

    Call it ignorance-un-awareness, but among some groups, they are educated and aware, they just choose to ignore the needs of women to maintain their status.

  4. i am looking forward to the ‘debate’ in oct. then the world will see bernie take apart all that is unholy in the usa. this is a crusade, and the last chance this world has, not just the usa. but you still get, ‘whos bernie?’, when you mention the guy, especially to millennials, who need to get off their tweets, and into the streets…

  5. If women put their votes behind an issue we get chit done.

    In Florida the League of Women Voters brought a state supreme court case to re-draw districts and they won. This week several districts, including mine, became a little more blue – not perfect but better.

    And Emily’s List and NOW are fighters too!

    “There are signs that the Democratic Party has begun to respond to its grass-roots woes. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock have launched an effort to raise a multimillion dollar campaign chest to elect governors in states where the chief executive has a legal role in drawing congressional lines. (A governor’s veto over GOP-drawn district lines could put such disputes into the courts).”

    The DEM party needs strength right NOW!

    Read more:

  6. He may win because SC has an open primary but if republicans want to crossover and ratfuk the primary then I will looking at the results of the party of destruction. If they don’t then he wont win

  7. Clinton endorsements – two former Governors of South Carolina, Richard Riley and Jim Hodges. Real Democrats love Hillary.

  8. If Person A can do 10% more work than Person B in the same amount of time, Person A should receive about 10% more pay.
    Gender shouldn’t matter. Neither should age, ethnicity, sexual preference, the size of their ear lobes, or any other factors that have no influence on someone’s ability to do the job.
    If two people perform the same job equally well, they should receive equal pay, with allowances made for years of service, attendance records, training received, etc.

  9. I hate when they do that dem for a day bull.

    The party who pretends to be all patriotic and went ballistic over acorn gets all “by any means necessary” when it comes to election day.

  10. When Jim Clyburn speaks and you know he is going for Clinton its over and I cant wait for the racial insults that will come his way. Why do I say that? Shaun King at DK who is the one person who is calling out police violence recently said something about Sanders. The Bernbots didn’t agree. Briefart posted some bullshit that he wasn’t black and they jumped on it like flies on shit to discredit him.

    Now Sen.Sanders would never do anything like that but his supporters are like spoil children, if they don’t get their way they will take their ball and go home.

  11. Oh, go ahead, DJ and make our day.

    “rbockman” needs to be called a dumbass.

    It’s been a law of this land for decades that you can’t rob a bank.

  12. Djc, I believe The Bern-Peeps will come around and Vote for The Chosen Democratic Candidate. They’re not CRAZY!

    If it’s HRC…The Bern will be given a Prominent/Important Position.

  13. Bernie is the only candidate not in the pocket of the Puppet Master Billionaires. Enough is enough…..Give them Hell Bernie!

  14. Bernie is the only candidate not in the pocket of the Puppet Master Billionaires. Enough is enough is enough…..Give them Hell Bernie!

  15. Here’s the question that no Sanders supporter wants to answer. If he wins the democratic nomination will he turn down funds from the DNC? If he hasn’t already answered that with a big yes, then he won’t be our nominee. By the way, he’ll then be taking taking money from the banks and corporations. Hate to burst the idealogical bubble.

  16. Equal pay for women remains an illusive goal as does the Equal Rights Amendment. Why, in our country, are women not considered to be equal under the law. I have been asked by men, what difference does it make?… I think, number 1, when women are considered equal in the eyes of the law there will be no pay discrimination. What possible excuse is there for not passing the Equal Rights Amendment?

  17. Anne, you’re right.

    The U.S. needs a political revolution, and that revolution needs a revolutionary primary campaign strategy to trump Hillary’s enormous advantage in financial backing.

    We call it leverage. The #BernieOrBust pledge will be used to apply leverage during the primaries. It’s Bernie or else!

  18. Here’s Bernie on the value of women: he wrote a sex essay that said men masturbated to visions of women in submission, on their knees, tied up and women fantasized about being raped simultaneously by three men.

    Here’s Bernie on family values: he lied throughout his whole political career about a son being the child of his first marriage when, in fact, the child was not. For the hippie freak he was at the time, he was downright hypocritical.

    Bernie’s socialism stems from his own inability to make a living until he finally got himself voted onto the government payroll where he has languished for decades. He ran repeatedly for elective office while living on unemployment benefits and campaigning to have unemployment benefits make permanent benefits for lifetime.

    Bernie’s idea of helping working and middle class people is to make them dependent on government handouts. His 90% tax plan is based on his belief in income redistribution. Bernie is a socialist.

  19. In 1958, I fulfilled my military obligation through the six month active duty deal. That meant I had to go to Medical Corpsman School at Gunter AFB, AL. At Gunter, some contractor was doing Curb and Gutter work. Being nosy, I asked a black guy doing cement finishing work how much he was being paid. Then I asked a white guy doing the same thing. Sure as hell wasn’t equal pay for equal work.

    That was part of the education that changed me from a crib republican to a yellow dog democrat.

  20. The Republicans already have a war chest over $2 bil and growing for the general election. Bernie Sanders cannot compete in a national election because he won’t have the money. That’s reality. Americans are not going to vote for a Socialist. Americans vote moderate. Bernie is the Trump of the left wing. Americans do not vote for radicals of either end of the spectrum.

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