Scott Walker Dismisses Black Lives Matter As Not One Of The “Things That Matter”

scott walker
Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker derisively dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement on Friday, by saying it was ridiculous to ask him to meet with members of the group. When a reporter asked Walker if he would sit down and talk with organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement, Walker responded by saying:

That’s a ridiculous question. I’m going to talk to voters. It’s a ridiculous question.

Walker went on to say that instead of discussing Black Lives Matter, he would talk about “things that matter” to voters. Walker made his comments at a “Politics and Eggs” forum in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In an attempt not to sound too dismissive, Walker argued that his objection to meeting with the group was based on the fact that he didn’t know who they were, and that he would have similar reservations about meeting with “the tea party.”

Still there was something of a Freudian slip quality to Walker following up his rejection of talking about Black Lives Matter, by stating he wanted to talk about “things” that matter. You know, things, not black lives. Implicit in his statement was that black lives don’t matter, so what’s to talk about?

From a purely Machiavellian political point of view Walker is probably correct. Black voters are too few in number to matter in the Republican primaries in New Hampshire, or in the Iowa GOP caucuses. In fact, they don’t carry much weight in the Republican Party in any state. Walker can afford to dismiss the Black Lives Matter activists, because his campaign is mostly about attracting angry white voters.

Black people don’t matter to a Republican running for president until the general election. Even then they are only viewed as adversaries whose votes should be suppressed to minimize damage to the GOP. Republican candidates do not usually seek to attract black voters, but they will exert considerable effort to make it harder for African-Americans to vote.

Black Lives Matter activists have caused discomfort for several presidential candidates including Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. While many of the candidates have appeared awkward in dealing with the Black Lives Matter movement, none have been quite as blatantly dismissive as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. If he becomes the Republican nominee, black lives should be prepared to matter, by voting to defeat Scott Walker in the 2016 election.

22 Replies to “Scott Walker Dismisses Black Lives Matter As Not One Of The “Things That Matter””

  1. Have black lives ever matter to white supremacy other than free labor and prisoners to the bean counters of the prison industrial complex

  2. Scott Walker, Human-Shaped Suppository. Slip him up the pipe of any political system and your government will violently shit itself to death.

  3. Oh no he di ‘ent!

    I am STILL trying to figure out his craniofacial anomalies.

    Walker is metaphysically evil….

  4. Walker meant that it doen’t matter because, black people are much smarter than the people who generally are his supporters. Also they don’t matter. If he isn’t in prison in a few years, he’ll he sitting on a park bench picking his nose and eating his boogers. He’s a f’ing douche lord!

  5. Good God November 2016 can’t come soon enough. I will gleefully vote straight Dem just to add my one vote to the overwhelming landslide that will be the Democratic victory against these evil Republican fools.

  6. Why do you have to worry about listening to, pandering to or actually working on behalf of or meeting the peoples’ needs when you have elections stolen for you.

  7. This guy nothing but a little piss ant and “black lives will matter” when they vote his stinking a$$ out of office. Then they can say “Scott Walker don’t matter”.

  8. Oh, they will matter pal… if you somehow win the nomination, those black lives that you so nonchalantly told to go away will vote and vote for the Democratic nominee.

    Then, comes the next time he’s up for re-election.

  9. Again, I am reminded of the banality of evil doers like this POS. A very strange physical appearance coupled with some of the most hateful language and a nosedive into ignorance. I just do not understand how a human being could vote for an obvious one trick pony like the Walker. these evil people often show evil in their appearance. As the Walker does. Rick Scott, Tim “Oreo”Scott, the Walker thingy, Sam Brownback Creepy Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell is even weird for an alien. him and Rick Scott the Medicare criminal. how does anyone cast a vote for these cretins? I hate them all. The scum sucking demons.

  10. If they used white sheets to make a robe and hood, would be meet with them then? Walter’s attitude is what many whites have had about “colored” “the Negro” man for 400 years. Black lives don’t matter. Period

  11. He’s totally disgusting and the puppet mouth of the Koch Brothers, who are equally disgusting.

  12. So to Walker Black Lives do not matter because he does not know who they are. Workers do not matter because they are not his wealthy supporters. Latinos do not matter because they are all illegals. Women do not matter because they are nothing but baby incubators.

    Now isn’t that the way to grow the Republican Party. Apparently the voters of Wisconsin are finally waking up to what they did by voting for Walker 3 times. Now the voters of all America need to wake up to what Walker is.

  13. The only candidate who has treated #BLM with any respect and dignity is Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley dissed them. O’Malley gave that doofus ‘all lives matter’ response and Sanders got all huffy and angry as he always does when challenged. All Republicans give the same racist dismissal as Walker did. Only Hillary Clinton gave thoughtful attention to BLM protesters and spoke to them with understanding. Black lives clearly don’t matter in this country to police and prosecutors and to too many Americans. That needs to change. Some politician has to rise to that issue.

  14. It seems everything out of this fools mouth has to be walked back by Walker’s camp.” What he meant was….”. Say what you mean Scooter, not what your handlers mean for you to say! Moron!

  15. He DID say what he meant. It’s just that what he said had to be made palatable by his handlers. That happens to a lot of GOP candidates it seems. :) Jeb Bush seems to have that same problem.

  16. Scott Walker is an arrogant egotistical asso and the only life that matters is his how this man ever got elected was a mystery to me.

  17. How many minorities actually reside in Wisconsin? That’s how he got elected in the first place, by stupid old white racists. The fool isn’t educated himself, and therefore doesn’t give a shit about edumacation. For God’s sake, “Common Core” is just a standardized National guideline of expectations for our youth. States can still elect to go their own way, whether they have higher, or God forbid lower standards. Why do we want ignorant kids, when the rest of the world is ahead of us educationally? That is insane, but it “keeps the man down where he belongs.” I hope the assholes that believe in private education and vouchers, have their schools bombarded with underprivileged kids who need extra resources to catch up. Thing is, that will never happen either. The elite schools will just raise the tuition higher than the vouchers will pay. The meek can only inheret what the 1% allows them to. Scott Walker is a huge f’n moron who would only perpetuate ignorance in this Country.

  18. So true. The way to continue destroying the country is to make sure most of the population are ignorant sponges that suck up the hideous propaganda that is the Repulsican party. I fear for us all if these f**ktards get into office.

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