Trump Tells His White Mobile, AL Audience He Was Right. Illegal Immigrants Are Rapists.

trump mobile rally

Donald Trump began his rally in Mobile, Alabama by claiming that he was correct about illegal immigrants being rapists.

Trump began his rally by insinuating that he was correct about illegal immigrants being rapists and used a scare tactic on his lily white audience. Trump said, “Between what happened in San Francisco….The other day in California, last week, a woman, 66 years old a veteran was raped, sodomized tortured and killed by an illegal immigrant. We have to do it. We have to do something.”

This rally is just beginning, but the tone of the event reeks of racism and bigotry. There is something very ugly about a candidate who appeals to the very worst elements in our society drawing a record crowd to a region with such a troubled racial past.

The fact that Trump’s message would draw so well in the pockets of the country where bigotry is at its strongest speaks volumes about the ugliness of the message Trump is selling.

The reason Trump will destroy the Republican Party’s chances of winning in 2016 is because he is revealing who the GOP really is. Donald Trump is running an entire presidential campaign on bigotry and racism.

Donald Trump message of making America great again has a sinister dual meaning. By making America great, Republicans mean electing a white, male, conservative president. The Trump movement can be viewed as an extension of the desire of white male conservatives to return to power.

Trump is appealing to the very worst in America. Illegal immigrants are not rapists, and the fact that Trump chose to begin his biggest rally with a racist scare tactic speaks volumes about his campaign and the Republican Party.

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  1. He found out that an Hispanic man was beaten almost to death as a result of people taking his rhetoric too seriously. He didn’t offer to pay medical bills, apologize, condemn the attack, anything. Instead, tonight, he has doubled down. Disgusting, disgusting. I don’t know what it’s going to take to stop him, but something must.

  2. a Mexican, trump, and you have 10 apples. trump takes 9 you get one and trump tells you watch that Mexican i think hes after your apple

  3. I’m off this Trump bandwagon. He is inciting supporters to violence against Mexicans and his plans to deport 11 million is outrageous and evil

  4. Sadly, racism is everywhere, even in the most “liberal” cities. My experience in new york city was mixed. There are people who were very kind, but others who were just plain racist and told me to go back home. It is very sad that these politicians are demonizing groups that just want to work and have a better life. I remember reading that the Mexican government would welcome whites into the state of Tejas without any hostility, and of course their population began to grow. After taking the southwest from Mexico, now they want to call us invaders, pfff.

  5. He’s a wax facsimile of an 80’s turd. They animate him for these gigs and play his dementia driven special ed speeches to keep the brand alive.

  6. Look at the Republican line up…black, Indian, white, male, female, Cuban, Cuban, businessman, businesswoman, doctor, lawyers. Now compare it to the Democrat’s two front runners…two old lily white geezer politicians.

  7. Yeah, it says a lot about Trump that a story about a woman raped by an immigrant means that America is in danger and we should build a wall…but another story about a defenseless man being beaten for no reason is just due to someone being “passionate.”

    Anyone who supports Donald Trump has flunked a morality test.

  8. One of the best things to happen to the teabagging republican party of today; he’s in the process of destroying them; none too soon.

  9. In my honest opinion, Trump and the tea party republicans are rapists!

    Just watch what these so-called “representatives” do in Congress and how they perform in public and before audiences.

    Thanks Jason Easley for another great article! We learn much from them.

  10. I can’t really tell what you’re intimating because you’re so non-committal. But here’s what I think.
    Just because there’s diversity DOESN’T mean the morality of any of these republican clowns has anything to do with advancing better legislation, dealing with short comings of all different types. They’re all morally bankrupt and have sold the majority of the country down the river so they can become rich and powerful.
    Hillary is just another corporate shill, and Sanders is the real deal for the majority of us.
    My gut tells me you’re a tea bagger by just bringing up this comparison.
    How about you clear things up.

  11. Sadly my friends, the fix is in. This man is going to be the Republican nominee, and you know whats even worse, not only will they successfully alienate millions of voters. The GOP is serious about effectively swift-boating Hillary Clinton, leaving us with Bernie Sanders. (let’s be clear, I’m still undecided,I love both of our great candidates) So lets be hypothetical, if it is Senator Sanders what will they do? You can believe they will go after his Jewish ancestry !! I mean why not, they have already made it clear that the racism and bigotry is now a standard in there operation, AND WITH THIS EGOTISTIC IDIOT AS THE CHOSEN ONE WITH A MEGAPHONE, they could win !!!!! Let’s face the facts, if the right is snowed over by Donald Trump, anything is possible!!!!.
    We can’t let this happen. We have got to be prepared and fight back. SCOTUS has already stricken parts of the voting rights bill. I could be wrong, but if I’m not this could very well be the end of our great democracy.

  12. …I don’t see even one Republican’t who can THINK…all driven by Idiotology…The Election o’ 2016 will be known on the GOP side as “The Year o’ the “F”ing Idiot.”…

  13. …it’s amazing how many terms applying to the Republican’t Potty can include the word “Idiot”…Idiotology, Idiotologue, Idiotologist,Socioidiot,…and so on…feel free to create your own!!!

  14. As a liberal Democrat I’m hoping Trump is the nominee just as the Republicans are hoping Sanders in the Democratic nominee. Neither of those scenarios will happen, however. Sanders is a socialist and a zionist and I don’t want either of those things in the Oval Office. Trump is an entertainer whose novelty will wear off soon enough. If he focused on his 1-5-10-15% tax plan he would do better. Bernie has proposed a 90% tax plan and a government redistribution of the proceeds. Personally, I feel sure Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President of the United States.

  15. The fact that Republicans can contemplate yet another “Bush” tells you we now have a corporatocracy, a party concerned solely with lining their own pockets. Trump is a joke like Palin was. Just put someone in the White House stupid enough to allow them to start yet another war but don’t put any restrictions on the Big Banks. And, by the way, when your dirty little wars are over, don’t pay one penny more than absolutely necessary to support our wounded and damaged vets.

  16. If illegal immigrants were swept out of southern AL, there would be no construction, no agricultural labor, no housekeepers for all the beach hotels, no cooks for the restaurants. Economy would grind to a halt.

  17. Dear God! I wish there was one candidate in either party who truly cared about America and its people of all creeds and colors and who truly deserves the privilege of my vote in 2016!

  18. Donald Trump is CLEARLY mentally ill. It’s insane itself to keep giving this pathetic and lost individual ANY press.

    STOP….just stop.

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