Women Roar With A Silent Protest Against Ted Cruz At Iowa State Fair


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As Ted Cruz vowed to investigate and prosecute Planned Parenthood while speaking at the Iowa State Fair today, a silent protest that was visible throughout Cruz’s speech reminded Republicans that payback is coming on Election Day 2016.

A sign was visible over Cruz’s shoulder during his entire speech that said, “1950 called. They want their workplace policies back.”


Here is an edited clip featuring the sign from USA TODAY:

Cruz joked that Hillary Clinton was a “wild-eyed socialist who has policies that are dangerous for America and the world.” The woman that visible holding up the sign that protested Republican positions that reinforce gender inequality in the workplace, along with millions of other men and women would strongly disagree.

Progress in catching up with what much of the rest of the world is already doing is not socialism. Hillary Clinton is not an extremist liberal. In fact, the debate among some Democrats is centered around whether Hillary Clinton is liberal enough.

Ted Cruz threw the word liberty around a lot during his speech, but it is clear that when he speaks about liberty he doesn’t mean freedom for all. Cruz like the rest of his Republican colleagues is most concerned about liberty for millionaires and corporations.

The Republican definition of liberty remains straight out of the show Mad Men. Rich white males have all the liberty, and the rest of the country is a blind spot to be ignored.

One woman who was holding one sign sent a powerful message. Women who believe in gender equality are always there. They are watching, and on November 8, 2016, those women and men who are fighting for progress will be voting.

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  1. Every time I see Ted Cruz I’m reminded about the fact that where you get your education and what grade point average you may have gotten does not translate in to how good of a human being you are. For all his education and supposed intelligence (He hasn’t shown me any evidence of that) he is a very small, vile, evil human being, with only himself in mind at all times.

  2. Poor Ted Cruz he missed his century.

    Hillary is causing to much rockus (for a woman, If were a man, it would be called leadership)
    Cruz is calling for McCarthy-look-alikes to chase & ask if:

    “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?”

    “Are you now or have you ever been an illegal?”

  3. I wish I were “Q” from Star Trek TNG. I would make any white Conservative Christian Male who thinks like Cruz and his ilk Pregnant! From the very first tingle (as I’ve heard it described) clear through to the umbilical cord cut(Koch Brothers)! With NO PAIN MEDICATION FOR THE BIRTH!!! I think they may have a different take on women.

  4. What should scare people the most about Ted Cruz is he wants a theocracy. Him and his dad are a part of the Seven Mountains Mandate, to take over all aspects of society. They say they should plunder the wealth of non believers and displace them. How they plan to do it can’t be good. We need a Democratic president for sure, but the rich might not care about that right now. Why else would they be running all of these clowns. They may just concrete on power everywhere else to wreck even more damage on us. If they are not stopped we are finished as a nation. We still need two parties, but the GOP has to be replaced they are out of control.

  5. Bernie Sanders, not Hillary, is the best candidate to help us move ahead in the 21st century. As much as I’d like to see a woman president, Bernie is the one who is not taking money from superPACs and is not beholden to special interests, so he can advocate policies that really help the public, not just an elite few. He’s much more honest and transparent–he’s been saying the same things for decades, so there’s integrity in his campaign that you don’t see with the others. #Bernie2016

  6. Raphael panders to the feable minded who are paranoid and he feeds these “fears”.
    We’ll be communists, the gays are taking over, religious freeDUMB, women are just incubaturs among their many “fears”

    I’d like to see his mothers birth certificate to see if she was a US citizen when this creature was born.

    Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds

    ‘Red States’ Rank Low On U.S. Human Development Index

  7. Andy, Watch Below: Ted Cruz “Being Annotated to Bring The Spoils of War To The Priests”

    “In a sermon in 2012 at an Irving, Texas, megachurch that helped elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate, Cruz’ father Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as “KING” to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the “Seven Mountains” mandate, and “bring the spoils of war to the priests”, thus helping to bring about a prophesied “great transfer of wealth”, from the “Wicked” to righteous gentile believers”.

    Imagine This CRAZY MAN & HIS DAD in our White House!

    Only Ten Minutes Long:

  8. He sounds just like Rickey Ricardo.

    He’s discusting preaching to the moroons who believe this crap.

    We need to DEMAND to see the mothers birth certificate and see IF she was a US citizen when she bore this creature.

  9. Look honey, another Bern Sequitur!

    Bern Sequitur (n):
    Inserting Bernie Sanders into a conversation while giving zero shits about context.

  10. For the types of TC, they can get all the education in the world what they call “family values”; their parents, church organizations that dictate literal interpretation thereof and constant brain washing of their literal interpretation and daily consistent reinforcement of what is not real and complete disconnect to what is humane and civil that requires the ability to connect with their heart; feelings, real humane feelings. Without their ability to feel and use their common sense and only resort to only what “suppose to be” in their thinking… Republican(s) family values with all the education in the world IS “NOTHING” AND “COMPLETE OPPOSITE” OF “WHAT IS REAL IN THE WORLD”.


  11. Cruz was not born in the USA so why does he think he is eligible to be President of the United States? He was born in Canada to a woman who is said to be an American but she’s a mystery figure. All we have is gossip that she was living in Canada married to another man when she met Daddy Cruz, the commie on the run from Baptista.

  12. And to think I was ecstatic when Kay Bailey Hutchison decided to hang it up. Nobody could be worse than her. Right? Wrong. Look at what replaced her. Somebody 10,000 times worse than she was. Are Texans insane?

  13. Got news Rick, often those ivy league students cheat to get good grades. They pay someone to write their papers, and because classes often have many students someone else can take the test and never get caught.

  14. I’m sick of these Repubs calling themselves “normal” sounding names – like Ted and Marco, etc. when in fact their real names show more of their real nationality. Ted is Raphael and Marco is….something crazy too. (I’m old and can’t remember right now, so sue me). Still, I can remember NOT to vote GOP!!

  15. Cruz is a coward. All bullies are cowards. He can’t stand on his own ideas so he browbeats and denigrates while acting righteous, outraged, and sanctimonious. He has the backbone of an earthworm compared to President Obama, Madam Secretary Clinton, or the esteemed Senator Sanders. He is a child who has learned he can get attention by saying ‘potty’ – nothing more.

  16. This guy is just plain crazy scary! He is a total moron. His religious affiliations are feakish, and his mindset abysmal. We are not living in the dark ages. We need to rise up and secure Hillary’s nomination/Presidency. I cannot imagine some a-hole like Cruz forcing me or my wife to give birth to a creature of rape or incest, or without any regard for health issues that should take precedence. What a creton. He can stick his right to all life beliefs, right up his stupid ass. These Repugs insist that all unwanted kids are born, but do they want to raise and be responsible for them? Do they want to provide the resources it takes for social welfare? HELL NO! They are all blubbering idiots!!!

  17. Well it’s more likely Republicans are still in their marriage #42, especially if they are Evangelical. Being in a loving God-fearing family is a good thing. That’s why God administered the first one between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN married to EACH OTHER.

  18. Isn’t George “Dubya” Bush a prime example of that so-called education? Who believes that silly, dimwitted man ever got any college degree on his own?

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