Florida GOP Proves It Is Dysfunctional As Legislature Implodes Over Redistricting Fight

The Florida legislature imploded on Friday, as the Republican controlled Senate and the Republican held House could not reach an agreement on how to redraw the state’s legislative districts. Although the legislature was ordered by the State Supreme Court to redraw the maps, both chambers adjourned without accomplishing the task. The legislature’s failure to come together passes the burden onto Judge Terry Lewis, who has ordered hearings in September to draw Florida’s 27 Congressional Districts.

The drama unfolded on Friday, when the Senate rejected a proposed map from the House in the morning, instead demanding that the House accept a Senate drawn map. At 11 a.m. The House had the option to either accept the Senate map or extend the legislative session. They chose to do neither.

By a 99-3 vote the Florida House voted not to extend the session and to send the House drawn map back to the Senate. The Senate again voted to extend the session and sent a newly drawn map back to the House. In response, the House rejected the new map and again voted against extending the session.

The impasse between the two bodies lasted all day, and although the proposed maps weren’t radically different, both chambers refused to budge an inch. The acrimonious battle between the House and Senate drew comparisons to an equally bitter fight between the two chambers in the spring over Medicaid expansion.

The Florida House and Senate are both under Republican control. However, GOP lawmakers have become so intransigent that even with control of the Governor’s mansion and both chambers of the legislature, they can get very little done. Republicans often campaign by arguing that government doesn’t work. Then when Republicans get elected they set about to prove it. Florida’s battle over redrawing district lines shows once again that the Republican Party has become willfully incapable of governing.

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  1. To Recap. GOPers control Governor, Senate and House in Florida and still could NOT figure out a way to gerrymander the districts… classic.

  2. Give em time, the repubs will figure it out. It’ll happen because they don’t want a judge doing it (and hopefully more honestly) for them. No new news here!

  3. Need to let an independent panel of citizens set the districts. The Supreme Court has said that can be done so why isn’t Flordia?

  4. There used to be a time when we referred to the Republican Party. No longer. It is now more accurately called the goper parties. What is GOP isn’t. It has become a collection of splinter groups, all demanding that THEY are the “real” GOP, all with their own axe to grind. Each has their own platform, their own preferred candidates, and a narrow group of supporters. Any suggestion of a united front is the illusion of illusions.

  5. …yeah, that Federal Judge threw a BFW {Big “F”ing Wrench} in the Republican’t Pottys plans…lol

  6. The gopbags are unable to cooperate within their own pathetic party and they want to be in control of the united States as a whole. NO WAY! A bunch of tantruming two year olds.

  7. GOP in Florida don’t do their job

    Congress doesn’t do their job, they went on vacation.

    Why are we paying these lazy a*% fools.

    They are despicable beyond words. I’d like everyone of them to have to work at a job for min wage for 6 months.

    THEY are the takers.

  8. Terry P. Lewis is a judge on the Second Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. He was appointed to that court in 1998 by Governor Lawton Chiles-D, after serving as a Leon County Court judge from 1989. Lewis is best known for overseeing the Florida recount during the 2000 US presidential election.

  9. Several years ago, Floridians, by referendum,adopted an amendment to the state Constitution that mandates that all legislative districts be contiguous and proportional, following county lines where possible. The Republicans have been trying to get out of that one ever since.

  10. Republicans can’t get along with anybody … not even each other, unless they subscribe to some mindless ‘purity test’ of absolutism.
    They take these ultra-extreme ‘positions’ ( really ideological wish lists ), where no compromise, questions, or independent thought is allowed.

    They’re unqualified as anything except tyrants and their cohorts.

  11. WOW, who knew that Florida’s legislature had problems with legitimacy. I mean, look how well the 2000 election for President went down there. Republicans, can’t live with them, and.. can’t live with them. They don’t win elections, they steal them.

  12. Maybe it’s good that the lines won’t be drawn by the ‘gop’ and instead by a judge. All gerrymandering is an illegal way to rig the voting in favor of the party drawing the lines

  13. We can always count on Florida to provide a good dose of existential horror and pratfall comedy…on almost a daily basis

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