Liberals Rise In The South As Bernie Sanders Draws Nearly 10,000 In South Carolina Visit


Bernie Sanders showed the power of a liberal message in a red state by drawing 9,200 supporters during a two-day campaign swing through South Carolina.


According to the Sanders campaign, the Democratic candidate drew his biggest crowd of the weekend (3,100) in Charleston, SC. Sanders also drew big crowds in Greenville (2,800), Columbia (2,700) and Sumter, South Carolina (600).

In Charleston, Sanders discussed the need for racial justice reforms, “Racism still remains a much too real part of American society. No one can deny it.”

He also discussed the Charleston church shooting in June, and “the sickness of a man who can walk into a Bible study class in Charleston and then take out a gun and kill nine people. As president of the United States, nobody will fight harder to end institutional racism and to reform our broken criminal justice system.”

Bernie Sanders continues to demonstrate that a). There are liberals in the South, and b). They will turn out to see a liberal candidate talk about the issues. There is a large and growing audience for the populism that Bernie Sanders is spreading.

Sanders is discussing justice and fairness in places that have seen too little of both for too long. Donald Trump filling a football stadium in Alabama by appealing to the worst nature of the Republican Party is not an impressive accomplishment.

What Sen. Sanders is accomplishing is sowing the seeds for real change in this country. The change may or may not come in 2016, but the candidacy of Bernie Sanders is opening new doors and trailblazing towards a better direction for the United States.

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  1. It’s those liberals in the south who are bringing about change in the south. Long time Southern folks are so stuck in their ways and hate change.

    It’s the liberals, swimming upstream against change, that bring about change when they can, trying to open locked brains.

    I lived in MO for five years beginning in 2005. The local restruants idea of smoke free dinning was one table under a fan, the rest was smoking. Recycling was minimal and voluntary, started by liberals.

    Landfills? Forgetabout it, just throw anything and everything in a ravine on your property, no laws against it, guess where that water goes that flows through those ravines every heavy rainstorm, the rivers. I wouldn’t eat a fish from a river in the south. Or they burn crap. A hardwood floor installer who took away our carpet said he burns it. They have to pay contractors by the pound to haul that shit away.

    Building codes? Ha, nonexistent in counties, outside of towns, and loose within towns.

  2. This is terribly exciting! A progressive presidential candidate, running as a Democrat, calling for a “political revolution”, and drawing big crowds…in South Carolina, of all places?

    Yep, you bet. The entire country is overdue for a massive sea change. People are finally waking up to the painful realization that they’ve been conned and exploited by the plutocrats and robber barons, and they’re pissed off!

    Bernie Sanders is one of the few elected officials and leaders who has grasped the full significance and scope of this shift in public awareness and public mood – and is one of the very few with the street cred and the guts to actually do something about it. He knows that America is ready for a fundamental political realignment – and I’m with him 1,000 percent!

  3. GO Bernie! – GO Dems!

    Does anyone know how come I can leave a reply on this article, but not on the Sarah Jones/Sanders Being Hijacked by Elitist White Liberals article..??

  4. The liberals are starting organic gardening farms, selling heirlooms seeds, teaching classes in the south. Trying to effect positive change in any way they can.

    It’s the born and raised generational folks you have to beware of, they have a way of being underhanded in their dealings and see no harm in it. They backstab each other and especially the unwanted new comers from “outside”.

    I admire liberal people who can stay in the south, i could not wait to get away from it and back to my progresive western state and large group of progressive friends. It was a time warp back there, at least 15 years behind what i was used to.

  5. Not the only liberals who live in the South moved here; I’ve lived in Charleston my whole life (I’m 60-plus) and have seen huge progress (more than I see in evidence sometimes elsewhere in this country). We do recycle, we’re not all racists,there are those of us who encourage green energy innovations and try to think globally while living locally; we came together after the Mother Emanuel tragedy because we do that here. We have a terrible history of racism, not just in the South but throughout the country, but at least here in Charleston there’s been acknowledgement that slavery was wrong and that our part was/is shameful……and it’s evident we LOVE Bernie.

  6. Bernie has a strong sense of justice and democracy and compassion and it comes through. He is a breath of normalcy in a field of predators and self servers.

  7. He was never governor. Even if he was, he would still have to use the same, corrupt drug procurement method that bans economy of scale drug discounts. There are not enough people in Vermont to make that work.

  8. Wow! My respect for The Bern went way-up after watching that speech! Never have I heard any one American so passionately explain and express the horrible things happening to our Country.

    Bernie took my breath away…
    He gives his whole heart and soul…and holds back nothing! More Power to him!

    Do you think Conservatives are listening to him? If Sanders could touch clear-thinking honest Republicans…
    We could change America!

  9. The Democratic Party has just thrown away the red states and Bernie Sanders is proving that, with the right message, it could win them back. The working people in the red states need to stop voting for people who don’t represent their best interests. Bernie has been reaching out to working class people in Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and South Carolina with the same message he delivers in Blue States… and he is getting the same enthusiastic response. Go Bernie.

  10. Revolt Against Plutocracy has a strategy to make sure that it’s “win.” We call it Bernie or bust, an innovative primary campaign strategy designed to “twist arms.”

    Without leverage, #CorporateClinton will be party’s nominee.

  11. Bernie Sanders is the left wing freak and Donald Trump is the right wing freak, neither are presidential and neither will ever be President of the United States. They are the Michele Bachmanns / Howard Deans of this election. Here today, gone tomorrow. Americans aren’t going to vote for misogynists. Americans aren’t going to vote for a Socialist. Americans aren’t going to vote for either of these freaks. Neither can do what they say they will do. Neither are fit for the world stage.

  12. Gallop Poll shows 41% of Democrats will not support a Socialist and only 8% of Democrats think Sanders can win a general election.

  13. I agree. I lived in Spain for many years until not long ago. The Spanish do exactly as you describe.
    The ONLY countries following EU Directives are Germany and the UK. The two biggest contributors monetary wise to the EU are Germany and the UK.

  14. Sanders awakens a “disaffected majority” that has for too long been lured into self-defeating stupidity by wedge issues.

    I believe he has a shot at remediating that Nixon-spawned, Reagan-sanctified political depravity.

  15. And who would be the disaffected majority who fell for the okey doke? I suggest you look in the mirror

  16. They shut the comments down for some reason. The article didn’t make sense to me…..
    In my opinion Bernie has more passion in his message than Hilary. He means what he says and he’ll fight. Both their messaging is very similar, he’s just a better messager and the rethugs are not attacking him daily like they are Hilary……

  17. If Bernie or Trump cant win, Who in your opinion can?
    I believe Bernie Can Win and he has my vote and support

  18. Senator Bernie Sanders . . . he speaks to the people, he speaks to our issues, he’s easy to listen to, he’s easy to watch and he’s very clear that he understands what the needs of the people are. He hasn’t changed his course while in office and I don’t see him changing it when he’s President. We, the people, will be most fortunate to have him as the leader of this Nation, the United States.

  19. Bernie will only win if we progressives all get out and fight for him,the corporate owned media sure wont cover him,they are all about Trump, Paul,Cruse,and Hillary, anything but Bernie.
    Get out your Check book for Bernie,and be sure to vote in the primaries

  20. The reason I think because of the whining of the Sanders supporters

    Online And In Person, Bernie Sanders’ White Supporters Advance A Black Lives Matter Conspiracy

    Someone’s pulling the strings, some upset white Sanders supporters tell each other. Black activists say the persistent criticism (and theories, racism, and misogyny) from the Bernie faithful proves that many white leftists just don’t get it.

  21. First Suga, is there such a thing as an honest THINKING REPUBLICAN?(RETHUG) I doubt that, if there is where have they been all these years? second: no matter which Democratic candidate makes it, he or she will need a Dem Senate and House to make any change. Soo— all Democratic thinking people had better get out and VOTE!! If not, there will be more of the same eight years of which Pres. Obama has had to contend with.

  22. Interesting……I don’t know any white progressives that doesn’t believe in the movement black lives matter. You’re not a progressive if you’re not for POC. There’s no difference in discrimination between POC, gays, and women. All are wrong and I do believe both Bernie and Hilary get this.
    Who are these people stirring the pot at his events…..I don’t know. I think they may have a different agenda…..

  23. So what’s the point, it’s very early. Donald trump drew 32 thousand in Alabama according to the Fire Marshall. And he is not going to get the nomination either.

  24. Bernie’s platform is the ‘new and improved’ version of the FDR New Deal that won him four elections as President.

  25. I agree. I’ve been around since FDR was in his second term. Old Tricky and St. Ronnie are two of the three worst presidents of my lifetime. Guess who was the third? The Shrub.

  26. You do know Hillary kicked off her campaign on June 13th at Four Freedoms park as the cornerstone of her run?

    And you must know she has her platform identified as the Four Fights to further mark her connection to that outline?

    And you do might know she won the Freedom Medal in 2009 – the Four Freedoms Awards from the ACTUAL Roosevelt Institute for all her work?

    And surely you know she has long discussed the Roosevelts as being core to her life work, hundreds of times for decades?


    Yet you keep on with your claim all the time. so what about Bernie (and his crazies) destroying the FDR EX-Im? Is bern going to be awarded the mantle of the legacy he seeks to destroy?

    Bernie Sanders is teaming up with reactionary Ted Cruz and other GOP reactionaries to destroy the US Export-Import Bank, a product of FDR’s New Deal. The Tax Wall Street Party is fighting to save ExIm.

  27. 32,000 Trump according to Mobile officials.

    So if size matters then hello President of the US Donald J. Trump the new winner of the crowd size metric.

    100,000 in primary 08 was a crowd size. The above is rooting for 3,000 at three events or four or whatever the stupid column above is raving about – Bernie storms and wins the whole south, he owns it – go bern, bern the south down with your awesome awesomeness really real deals.

  28. Censorship by omission.

    The very thing they accuse ‘white, elitist, progressives’ of …Not Listening !

    We can, we MUST, work together and stop these ridiculous ‘divide-and-conquer’ memes that originate from the Right and their DLC collaborators; or the extractionists will continue to have their way.

  29. No he didn’t and if you and the media would do simple math you would know that. If a stadium seats 40k and it was 40% filled how does that equal 32k?

  30. Maybe these people don’t support Sanders or the Democrats I see you Charlotte but they flood the net with their bullshit and then turn people off from him. As far as I know there has been no pushback against these dummies

  31. Its not censorship because when one speaks the truth then you berniebots panties get bunched up and start flaming the person

  32. …the Dems lost the South because of {A} LBJ signing such legislation as the Voting Rights act, followed by Tricky Dicks “Southern Strategy”…
    …Bernie has a fan prob…some o’ the people CLAIMING to be such great Bernie fans are espousing shit 180 degrees opposed to Bernies actual message…
    …we gotta follow the CANDIDATES messages; not what somebody largely unknown SAYS about that message…

  33. LBJ was half way right when he told Bill Moyers after he signed the VRA that he lost the South for a generation. LBJ actually lost the South for two and soon a third. Why? Tricky’s 1968 Southern Strategy.
    This country has gone to hell in a hand-basket since Tricky Dick and St. Ronnie; not to mention the Shrub. The “exceptional” USA has become a Plutocracy because of people like Atwater and Rove.
    I want Democracy back. It is “We the people” not “We the rich”. One person equals one vote. Damn money in politics. Damn the State Politicians who can be bought. Damn the Congressmen who can be bought. Damn the SCOTUS RATS and their damn “Citizens United” decision. Damn Gerrymandering. Damn. Damn. Damn.

  34. There are photos showing it more than that full taken from the air.

    That might have been before he spoke as people were still coming in.

    I will look but CNN and others, The city itself, say it was over 30,000 and at least 32,000.

  35. What photos? Could they be from a football game? And why would a stadium be filled before he spoke but then there are photos that showed a half filled stadium while he is speaking? Did half of the people decide to go home?

  36. Same issue, kiwani.

    It appears they’ve disabled commenting under what I believe to be the most truthful article about Bernie Sanders supporters this site’s ever published – one that might prove painful for those supporters.

    Then they disable commenting. *sigh*

  37. Reality check.

    2012 South Carolina Election Results:
    Romney 54.5%
    Obama 44.1%
    Johnson .8% (Libertarian)
    Stein .3% (Green)
    Goode .2% (Constitution)

    And it was about the same in 2008.

  38. Exactly.

    Currently, it’s as if these same supporters who enthusiastically claimed that Rand Paul and Ron Paul “make sense” are now just as zealous when defending Bernie Sanders.

    What these people don’t understand is, the concept of attracting using honey vs vinegar.

    Too much vinegar on their side, and it’s not helping Bernie Sanders who is not being painted as anti-minority.

  39. Dj – the wiki page says 33,000 seating – if that is correct then it is smaller than they say it was.

    The other reports, the Alabama papers for example say seating size is 43,000

    so seating size reports are off by 10K!

    It is a very large crowd. And they are selling “Trump the Bitch” t-shirts.

    Oh joy.

  40. I was kind of piss too because I would have weeded out the nuts and then we could have a frank and earnest discussion on Sen. Sanders and his record.

  41. Too often, I have seen you and a relative few around here resort to ad hominem, strawman arguments, or unprovable speculation.

    Us lifelong Democrats, progressives, and those among us SDS, SNCC, and Port Huron Statement fighters and survivors are not your enemies.

    I have no idea why some think that insulting their friends is desirable.

  42. Last evening I watched a documentary on billionaires in America – from both sides of the political spectrum – and how they try and influence American politics to always benefit them.

    Their main goal: destroy the U.S. Gov’t and ring in an era of corporate-control of everything (plutocracy).

    The documentary points to OWS as an example. When the movement started, it was doing well and gaining traction. Then billionaires began paying people to appear at those rallies, and before you knew it, OWS became synonymous with “dirty, lazy, violent neo-hippies”.

    Who’s to say that those thousands of people appearing at Bernie Sanders rallies aren’t paid operatives who want to push the Sanders campaign in order to weaken the Clinton campaign? After all, they really don’t give a rat’s patootie about anyone but their elitist class, and Hillary Clinton claiming that she’ll continue the Obama agenda and expand upon it is a threat because she’s actually poised to win.

  43. @djchefron


    And so far, his angry supporters who are in denial there even is a reason for #BlackLivesMatter aren’t doing him any favors.

    It’s sad they don’t see that.

  44. You know what? You so called whit progressives have been insulting this President for the past 7 years. From Jane Hamshear, Ed Shultz, Richard Thumpka and even Bernie Sanders. You think we are stupid and didn’t see what was going on? You thought the President was going to be your lawn jockey not even trying to understand how government works but you want to blame the black man by the cruelest of insults saying he had no balls.

    No you don’t have it both ways because blacks are the base of the party. We come out and vote every election because unlike you who will sit home because you didn’t get your golden unicorn are necks are on the line every election.

    So Sen. Sanders have to earn my vote and right now he isn’t doing it. Hillary has. Think about it

  45. Well, I do agree in large part. But Damning ( or other labeling ..I won’t call it ‘name-calling’ if it’s correct ), reason and logic, philosophical and wonkish policy ‘proposals’ are not enough.

    There really is no choice. If America wishes to remain an experiment in democracy and freedom, then we have to confront these domestic enemies …and we can’t do it with library books and mythological pride.
    We’re going to have to fight for it …really fight: because these enemies are ruthless killers that think they have ‘god’ on their side.

    My question is whether Americans are already too spoiled and stupid to be able to do what needs to be done.

  46. It’s a disaffected MINORITY. Trump has the right wing disaffected minority. Minorities don’t win elections. Moderate majorities do.

  47. I was shocked it was up at all as I was reading it. I am so used to reading the “fan boy” columns, it was refreshing.

    I saw those characters in 2008. I was called every horrible thing imaginable and read so many ugly things I could not believe these were not republicans putting this stuff up there. But then Palin had the same misgoyny attacks as Hillary after Hillary dropped out. That was when I realized it was the fringe. Sure attack Palin (or even Hillary) factually, but to just use hate speech gratuitously is wrong.

    And they did that all the time. There were Left websites entirely taken over by the same type conspiracy theories gone wild on the right and the left.

    Jade Helm right – BLM and Soros = Hillary on the left.

    It is them. They are doing it to themselves. And they are embarrasing the party again. And dividing us.

  48. That’s what bothers me the most about the way this site discusses him. They do not point out where they disagree with him. It is the elephant in the room. He differs with most dems on many votes and stances but they always act as if he is Ivory Soap and 99% pure.

    He pushed his $$$$$$ discussion for months – from his opening speech till BLM got in his face – then he came out and discussed it. He realized he had not discussed anything but $$$$$$$$$$ for months.

    His kick off was his platform preview – one subject focus for 3/4 of it and just a few other subjects got even a line or two.

    It just struck me as an afterthought. OOPS, I need women and POC to win? I will put a few lines in the stump for them and hire a women person of color. Done.

  49. Down tickets in districts and party building are most important. They may not be a blue state in the General but there might be some ground gained – over time.

    Maybe by the Hillary ’20 campaign…

  50. Its not the site trust me on that. Right now he is in the news about his crowds but nothing about what he has done. As we get past this silly season I think we will start focusing on each candidates positions and what did they did in the past while in government

  51. Well, I’ll stack my history and credentials up against anyone. Have voted in every election since I have been able to. That INCLUDES primaries. Worked / volunteered long before that. Probably have voted for / supported more AA’s / POC than most here.

    But, it’s not about me …or you.
    Bernie has stated categorically that this election is not about HIM, either.
    We all have to set aside our own ego’s …and our own ‘single-issue’ or broader historical idealizations, for the task at hand.
    That’s …beginning to restore our democracy, if we can. And WE have to do it together. It’s inescapable.

  52. I agree that D’s shouldn’t waste resources in deep red states in the general. Primary is different.

    One thing I’d like to see, especially in the blue states, is that we need to enact policies to encourage votor turnout. My state has vote by mail, where we get our ballot a month before the election. I love this system. Also Oregon just approved the opt out system, where you are automatically registered to vote (unless you opt out).

    We need to fight voter suppression laws with voter inclusion laws. We need to make it as easy as possible for all eligible voters to participate in our democracy, and instill their duty to participate.

    Whether a person is for Bernie or Hillary, we need processes where the base is encouraged, empowered, and admonished to get out and vote.

  53. He was never governor. Even if he was, he would still have to use the same,

    Which brings me to what a President Sanders can accomplish with a Democratic or Republican controlled Congress – Congress, being the gov’t “of, by, for the People”. Not the White House.

    Unless and until his supporters can change members of Congress to better work with an avowed liberal socialist, Bernie Sanders will accomplish the same level of success he’s had in Vermont in the White House – zilch.

    I’m hoping that his supporters understands this political reality before it’s too late.

  54. You are all invited to caravan to Washington D.C. for an “Enough is Enough” rally on October 17, where we are hoping that Senator Sanders, and other candidates if they are so inclined, will speak on the major issues of our times …including #BlackLivesMatter and income inequality.

    So far, over 83,000 have committed to attend.

  55. There were Left websites entirely taken over by the same type conspiracy theories gone wild on the right and the left.


    It is them. They are doing it to themselves. And they are embarrasing the party again. And dividing us.

    We the People, who are looking for a more perfect union against a powerful plutocracy, need to ask ourselves: who benefits from dividing the Democratic Party?

    That will keep us from being blinded by loud bells and whistles propagated by extremes on both sides as well as our corporate-owned and operated U.S. M$M.

    Hillary Clinton has the best chance of winning the White House and to keep another Republican from taking it in order to continue to destroy what P.B.O. has worked so hard for and she’s vowed to continue and expand his work.

    We should be lining up behind her and not be distracted by the next new shining object.

  56. I believe he has a shot at remediating that Nixon-spawned, Reagan-sanctified political depravity.

    He and what Congress? Or do you actually believe he’ll get more passed than President Obama has been able to?

    May I remind Bernie Sanders supporters that presidents don’t make national policy. CONGRESS does. And Sen. Sanders has received ZERO endorsements from Democrats thus far.

  57. Do you think Conservatives are listening to him? If Sanders could touch clear-thinking honest Republicans…
    We could change America!

    Suga, the only Republicans I’ve read and listened to who might not (and that’s a huge might not) vote for a Republican for pres in 2016 are more comfortable with Hillary Clinton. I’ve yet to hear, read, or see a Republican say they’re thinking about voting for Senator Sanders.

    Fiery rhetoric aside, political reality is, without a Congress to back him up, a president Sanders will be made a lame-duck in his first term. That’s political reality, based on our three co-equal branches of government.

  58. I think you miss the point. Now know one will dispute what white progressives have done for justice. But and I don’t speak for all blacks or minorities but when you people post and not just on this site you come across that daddy knows best so just shut and follow us. It doesn’t work that way

  59. Kranky:

    Well, I’ll stack my history and credentials up against anyone.

    Then tell me, Kranky, with all your experience -and assuming you understand political reality – why are you supporting Bernie Sanders?

    Political reality: Sanders has zero friends in Congress; zero endorsements to date.

    Without allies in Congress, political reality dictates that a President Sanders will get nothing of his ambitious agenda passed. In order to get anything done, he’ll have to compromise, and we all know what so-called Liberals thought of President Obama compromising with Congress, don’t we? They called him Republican-lite. Sell-out. Afraid of the White man. The ugliest things.

    Question is, will they hold a President Sanders to the same standard, or will he get a pass – one never afforded this president, btw.

    So djchefron is correct and justified in his frustrations.

  60. Bernie (and his crazies)
    Why is that necessary?

    If Bernie ever gets too close, Imelda Marcos will nuke him from orbit. Or, are you not so sure about your “girl” now?

    With Bernie, you get what you see…and being drawn to a candidate that seems quite genuine and sincere doesn’t make anyone “crazy”.

    It’s a discussion board Sweet Pea, you talk nice and you’ll get nice back.
    See how that works?

  61. If I was philosophically aligned with the left, I would be a Bernie supporter.
    I’ve listened to him when he speaks, and I think he is sincere and truly believes what he’s saying…. and he speaks in complete sentences.

  62. Well charlie tuna, this is no sweet pea for anyone.

    If you clicked on the link it is a quote about the GOP being his crazies.

    So, do not assume it is his dem crazies…

  63. And Charlie not only am I positive about Hillary and more than ever, she is still getting all these Dems to praise her too.

    Maura Healey endorsed Hillary but more importantly Richardson did.

    “I have spoken to President and Secretary Clinton and we have patched up our disagreement from the 2008 election, I am pleased to announce I wholeheartedly support Secretary Clinton’s candidacy for the Presidency.”

    I think all the fences are mending quite nicely and she is getting support from people who had me screaming and cursing and yelling in 08.

  64. ICH. I agree. Bernie’s Senate record of actual accomplishments is very thin; one real bill cosponsored that became actual law. Bernie has talked a lot in the Senate.

    On the bright side, Bernie will be able to agree with NRA/Gun nuts in Congress.

  65. Maura Healey endorsed Hillary but more importantly Richardson did.
    More importantly, Hillary is beatable.
    The god bleeds…and when Biden gets in he’ll have the full backing of the President.

    But Hillary has the coveted Maura Healey endorsement.
    Good luck with that.

  66. And what’s your point. Are you saying that someone who cares about women and men’s healthcare should not be in government? Dumbass

  67. Bernie is the only candidate not in the pocket of the billionaire puppet masters……enough said

  68. Rachel Maddow spoke with a reporter at the speech just as it was wrapping up. The reporter said the stadium held 40,000 and there was around 20,000 people there.

    What I get a kick from is all the bragging from Trump about how they were expecting much larger crowds. The number of rsvps kept growing larger and larger, i think up to 42,000.

    So, lol, by all accounts they fell short of their own expectations. Egg on face for thinking he could beat Bernie crowds.

  69. …good points by many…but I feel it’s WAAAAY to early to be throwing me weight, {225 pounds, lol} behind anybody as yet…what does bug me is Dem on Dem combat this early…
    …I’ve been not checkin’ ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ on any comments that seem too partisan; too many unanswered questions; too many GOP character assassinations…
    …my point is this: the silly-season has only begun…and playin’ with matches on a bridge don’t make sense…

  70. Agree, but would like to hear more from him about addressing gun violence and gun safety. We have no standards anymore. Too easy access, little or no training and no control over straw buyers. Bernie can be more appealing if he rounds off his appeal by more strongly embracing this issue. I won’t stick around to debate here, but do think that the best way to “protect” the 2nd Amendment is to close all the loopholes. The lack of political leadership on this is killing us.

  71. You know what ? They said the same thing about Jesse Jackson at the time in 1983. And where I lived in southern Wisconsin then ( rural, not Milwaukee, Racine, Beloit ), it was only us ‘white liberals’ that showed up to work, volunteer, contribute to JJ in our neighborhood.

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