Bogus Billionaire Busted As George Stephanopoulos Annihilates Donald Trump


ABC This Week’s George Stephanopoulos took apart Donald Trump and exposed the billionaire as an empty suit by doggedly pressing him for specifics.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK. But, let’s talk about you right now and your new immigration plan. You’ve been talking about on the stump, all of opponents having to react to it at this point. Jeb Bush one of the people that reacted to this thing, it’s going to cost hundreds of billions.

Are you willing to pay that price? And where are you going to get the money?

TRUMP: Well, first of all they’re wrong. And, you know, Jeb is a very low energy person. He’d never be able to do it. He’s the one that said they come out of an act of love, OK. This is an act of love. These are people coming and many of them — you look at what’s happening with the crime. Many of them are really causing tremendous problems. And they would be out really fast, immediately. First day we start that movement.

We need a wall. We have to get a wall. We need great security. And we’re going to have a wall that will be not let people in, George.

And, by the way, legally, if you’re legal you can come in. And we’ll cherish you for coming in.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But let me press you on the costs right there, Mr. Trump. They’re saying $400 billion to $600 billion. It would require big government apparatus to take everybody down. If you don’t think those numbers are right, how much is it going to cost and where are you going to get the money?

TRUMP: Well, it’s costing us $130 billion a year and that’s peanuts compared to what the real cost is, George, for the way we have it now. You have so many illegals. We don’t even know how many illegals. I hear 11 million. I hear 30 million.

The government has no idea. We have lost control of our country. We’ve lost control of our borders. The government has no idea how many illegals there. I’ve been hearing 11 million for five years. Then the other day I heard 30.

Nobody has any idea (INAUDIBLE)…

STEPHANOPOULOS: So if there’s no idea, how are you going to round them all up?

Where are you going to get the money, where are you going to get the forces?

Exactly how are you going to do it?

What are the specifics here?

TRUMP: George, it’s called management. And the first thing we have to do is secure the border. But it’s called management. And we’ll get people back in, the really good ones, we’re going to expedite it, so they get back in, so they can at least come in legally.

But we have to do it…

STEPHANOPOULOS: You keep declaring how you’re going to do it…

TRUMP: It’s management.

STEPHANOPOULOS: — but you don’t say…

TRUMP: We don’t…


TRUMP: Excuse me, George?

STEPHANOPOULOS: You declare how you’re going to do it, but you don’t say how.

George Stephanopoulos tore Trump apart by not letting the celebrity ramble on with vague platitudes. Stephanopoulos treated Trump like a real candidate, and the billionaire fell apart.

Donald Trump’s is going to “manage” the deportation of 11 million people, and he has no clue how he is going to pay for it.

The media is starting to get tired of Trump’s antics. CNN and MSNBC both dumped Trump’s big rally in Alabama on Friday night, because it became clear after about 20 minutes that the speech was more of the same incoherent and unfocused rambling that makes up all of Trump’s speeches.

The Trump surge exists because of the tons of free media coverage that he has gotten, but the networks are getting tired of the same routine. Donald Trump is getting stale, which is why the media is beginning to press him to see if there is any substance to his candidacy.

Donald Trump made for easy coverage during a dull summer, but as voters start to pay attention, the coverage of the candidates will change. Donald Trump will need to evolve into a being a serious candidate, or he will fade away.

106 Replies to “Bogus Billionaire Busted As George Stephanopoulos Annihilates Donald Trump”

  1. Real candidate?No, he is not. Neither was Palin, and she is still throwing hate bombs every chance she gets. George did a good job shutting him down, but the real questions should have been on the two guys who urinated and beat up on a fellow human being because “Trump was right.” And his answer is, “Well. they are passionate about America.” I suppose the “White POWER!” folks yesterday were just “passionate about America too?” Seems to me that being passionate about WHITE America is a bit different, Donnie, and you’d better stop the grandstanding and look at what you are unleashing..the hounds of hell. Palin had them ready to shoot the President, and now you have people who have no qualms about kicking people when they are down and out, just because they look like ‘illegals?’My guess is the illegals are working for the wealthy white guys, and not homeless on the streets. We already know Trump employs illegals to build his monuments to himself. Why? Because they work cheaper.

  2. …that’s the prob with surrounding yourself with “YES men” when you are about to make a catastrophic “F”up, nobody will warn you…
    …either Trump imports reality, as opposed to his Reality TV cronies…or I really don’t think he’ll last to winter…

  3. This blowhard ignorant buffoon reminds of the Wizard of Oz. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

  4. Trump appeals to the ugliest humanity has to offer. Sad to say, so does the Republican party – a match made in hell.

  5. For George, when has there EVER been a “secured” border North, South, East or West?

    Suddenly, 2009 when there was a “black man” from Kenya in the White House, the “border” became “insecure.” Plus, where was the birth certificate. Ugh.

    Same old fear card.

  6. I actually have ‘the plan’ for a southwest border ( not a wall ) that makes sense.
    I propose a vast Solar Farm that will be an impenetrable maze … with thousands of employed workers for regular maintenance and security patrol. Once built, it will generate megawatts of clean energy to wean us off another great national threat: dependence on sources of foreign energy, and the concomitant ‘wars’ that go along with that addiction.

    Let’s be smart, innovative, and independent; instead of a reactionary cycle of idiocy.

  7. George did a great job bringing out that Trump is an empty bag. But it will not make any difference, the GOP base has been voting in office people that are empty bags for years.

  8. …and lotsa REAL jobs…Teatards will hate the idea en masse; which marks it as a stroke o’ liberal genius…

  9. He will hire great people to do this? What do you want to bet he wants to hire Dog, the Bounty Hunter?

  10. I see a country in poverty while the top one percent get even richer if Trump wins the presidency. Brace yourself for a huge economic collapse and it’s the American people who will bare the brunt of it. Just what we need is a total Republican control of Washington again. Christ!

  11. Trump does not believe a one of his own word about “Mexicans” (code for all “icky brown people from south of the border”, even Puerto Ricans, who are American citizens). He is aware that they are a largely defenseless demographic, against whom he can incite angry white people. This malevolent carnival barker intends to channel the rage of this increasingly violent demographic in ways that will enhance his own power and privilege, within the law or outside of it. The idea of his mouth having the power of life or death over millions — what a high!

  12. Once you get rid of the 12 million where will we get the 12 million we need to replace these workers? We should be appreciating these workers not trashing them.

  13. Jason – As much as I do enjoy reading about Donald Trump’s slow transformation into a puddle of toxic waste, isn’t it just playing into his ego to even report on his latest antics? Perhaps Politicus should think about doing a “we’re ignoring Trump” post every day and use videos of kittens playing, or kids who set up 20,000 dominoes to fall, or something like that. I think the best thing any media outlet could do right now is say “Donald Trump did something stupid again today, but we’re not going to dignify it by reporting it here.”

  14. I keep seeing rodger stone all over the cable networks, speaking on behalf of trump. He’s a snake in the grass. He’s still guiding trump as a political advisor.

    The media need to ask him about that.

  15. Trump keeps saying he knows how big campaign donations work, that he used to be one of those donors to both parties. That big business and wealthy donors expect something in return for that money.

    Well, I’d like to know exactly what he got for his donations.

    And I noticed he’s a Changed his tune at the Alabama speech, now he’s saying he should accept donations and perhaps give them to charity, yeah right. He’s also now saying he should accept donations and only go with the donor’s wishes if it is “good” for the country.

    What a con man, snake oil salesman.

  16. Trump makes the entire gop look like buffoons. They play to this orange idiot instead of standing up to him. Bullies and loudmouths crumble quickly when taken on by a group of people. They need to stand up, be presidential and rid the party of this babbling nitwit.

  17. Jesus Christ! Has the GOP kicked out all intelligent life from their party? You can’t deport ALL undocumented immigrants from this country. For one thing, it would wreck the economy. Somehow, I can’t envisage Trump scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, picking fruit or veggies, or peeling potatoes or caring for snot nosed children of the elite!
    Number two, it’s cheaper to keep them than deport them. They pay taxes, which is more than Trump can say.

    And these are living, breathing, children of God! They are not aliens from Mars! Treat and talk about them with respect

  18. I dunno, but Trump seems to be fumbling with the ANSWERS needed to the essential questions coming his way.

    WHAT are you going to do about this and that Mr. Trump? Trump: Yadi-da-da, gobbleduck, we goin make America great again, I am the Greatest (Muhhamad Ali), that wall is going to cost… question.

    Sounds too much like Sarah Palin.

  19. Well, he also has a whole cast of Apprentice winners. And he has a spot somewhere for the Alaskan quitter!

  20. Lol, have you noticed he hasn’t mentioned her name lately? I think he just dropped her name as a red meat hook to the tea party crazies that still love her.

    It was helpful to gather supporters. Trump is strategic in marketing. A wily fox that way. Look at how he manipulates the media everyday for free publicty.

  21. Trump’s solutions are intentionally superficial and simplistic, as they are designed to satiate the feeble intellects of his core cadre of supporters.

  22. Judy, it was sarcasm.

    Also, nobody cared that Barack’s Mother was from that leftist bastion State of Kansas.

  23. Didn’t hear anyone asking Obama where he was going to get the money to fund Obamacare. This is just harassment. They know “The Donald” stands a good chance of getting in and they are scared to death so they are using any mud slinging technique they can come up with.

  24. George asked some tough questions, got stupid answers and then moved on. I think you are giving George a little too much credit here although the bar is set low considering Chuck Todd is in the mix.

  25. The uninformed have NO clue what work the immigrants do or how much they contribute to our economy.
    Someone, on the FB side, said “They take our jobs!!”
    My response “would you toil in the fields picking your own produce for not even the minimum wage?”
    Answer, “Well no”

    This is their mentality….

  26. Ending Hunger in America
    “More than 70 percent of all hired U.S. farm workers are foreign-born, mostly from Mexico, and about half are undocumented”
    Undocumented workers: essential but unwanted
    “Undocumented workers are cast by the hysterical as enemies of the state, but they are essential to the U.S. economy. We use them for their labor but decry their presence. We’re all complicit.”
    California’s addiction to immigrant labor
    “Immigration has helped middle and upper-income Californians economically while driving down wages for those with the fewest job skills.”–.html

    The Texas economy is dependent on immigrant labor

  27. Your hero has NO chance of winning the election. It’s already becoming very obvious that he is a one-trick pony. He has no specifics, can name not a single actual study backing up his claims, and is becoming increasingly unhinged.

    But hey, keep on deluding yourself that people are “scared” of him. Nobody is scared of him. He’s just a tired old bully with a tremendous narcissistic personality disorder who will implode sooner than later.

  28. That’s the reason why the low-skilled, low-education voters who support Trump want to get rid of immigrants. They don’t like the competition.

  29. Alabama drove all the undocumented workers out of their state by passing legislation that would make teachers responsible for reporting children in schools, landlords for renting to them, breaking the law if a person helped them in any manner, no selling to them. They left in the middle of the night out of fear, leaving everything behind.

    It’s no wonder trump got a crowd of haters.

    Rachel Maddow did a show about it.

  30. Years ago as I moved up the corporate ladder in the private business sector, I read “The Art of the Deal” and became mesmerized with Trump.

    A sequel should be written titled, “The Fart is a Heel”. Whatever I saw in Trump 30 years ago went away long ago. A master bloviator, he simply plays this game because he is so egocentric and narcissistic. He has NO solutions; just words.

  31. Joan,I know you don’t understand how the gov actually works….. The ACA was was funded through tax increases and savings in Medicare. Of course all that was debated and voted on in Congress, over a period of 2 years. But sure stomp your feet and scream if it makes you feel better!

  32. Since Senator Sessions from Alabama is who wrote Trump’s immigration plan, And Trump keeps talking about having to make all the undocumented immigrants leave, I imagine he plans to use the same tactics the Alabama legislators used to scare them into leaving but just isn’t saying that yet.

    I’m guessing it’s his master plan for self deportation.

    I’m also guessing he doesn’t realize how doing this would devistate our economy. Who is going to want to work for undocumented labor wages, picking friut/veggies, nannies, housekeepers, cleaning crews, labor in the heat of AZ, NV, CA, on year round construction crews, road crews, roofing crews.

    All those companies and families would have to pay a higher wage in order to get workers, which will drive up costs for everyone.

  33. Joan, They didnt have to ask President Obama how to fund the ACA, he stated his plan from the get go, he didnt hide or try to dodge the question like pathetic Trump. The gop constantly attacked Obama for proposing a tax hike to fund care for Americans, Remember!

  34. Didn’t hear anyone asking Obama where he was going to get the money to fund Obamacare.

    If you didn’t, you were watching Fox News. I knew from day #1 where the revenue was going to come from. Then again, I don’t watch Fox News, or listen to Rush Limbaugh.

  35. Donald Trump is appealing to a lot more than than just the members of the electorate who are uneducated cretins…his movement is fueled by a populist reaction to what’s been happening in the body politic over the past several decades. People from all socioeconomic sectors fear that our nation is spinning out of control and they want their country back! Trump, buffoonish though he may be, is cutting through all the PC B.S. and telling it like it is. He is beholden to no one, thanks to his billions, and he pulls no punches. His proposed policies, while short on details, are delivered from a position of strength and righteous indignation, which is very appealing to folks who want their issues drawn in black and white, not shades of grey.

  36. It should come as no surprise that the far right religionists want miracles, magic bullets, easy answers, and quick fixes.

    They already believe that prayer can alter the material world and that a messiah will solve all their problems.

    Well Donald Trump is the messiah they’ve been praying for.

  37. Prof Pat, You’re correct!
    Half our Beautiful Nation has been Rabble-Roused into a Frenzy!

    Since we lost The Fairness Doctrine…
    No Lie Goes Unchecked or Corrected.
    FOX and RightWing Hate Radio have ginned-up so much of America, it’s sad.

    The Bashing of our President has been
    Evil. We should support a Sitting President…
    Not day-in/day-out Be Told To Hate!

    It is: “The Brainwashing of My Dad”

    And…It’s destroying America!

  38. You say, Donald delivers “righteous indignation.” !?

    There is nothing moral or virtuous coming from Don, just the same old 47% garbage from Romney rehashed at a higher volume.

  39. Trump didn’t get rich by being stupid. He will spend more time getting things done than campaigning to get re-elected. He’s not worried about keeping his government perks because he doesn’t need them. If I had ideas on how to fix government I wouldn’t want to tip my hand entirely, especially this early. Why give away your whole game plan at this point?

  40. Trump is a racist fear monger. Why isn’t he advocating a border with Canada?

    The rethuglicans have in the past very successfully channeled the hate, frustration and fear of the middle- and lower-classes toward immigrants and people of color.

  41. Joe Scarborough & Co. keeps pushing that Secretary Clinton should be prosecuted. Former members of the Bush administration pronouncing her guilty of mishandling “classified”, they never refer to confidential. BTW, how many government agencies have been hacked?
    The statute that she’s in violation of is Title 18 20.71. It was said that she committed a felony by attempting to wipe her server.
    The GOP is determined to get her out of the race. Colin Powell got rid of all of his emails…I recall him saying. They were making the point that the perception is Clinton can’t be trusted be with foreign policy because of the emails. They’re effusive over Trump who says he’d bomb refineries in Iraq to “take” their oil. That’ll win friends and influence some people.

  42. Did you ask Bushy where he was going to get the money to invade Iraq?? Ohhhhhh that didn’t happen in your diluted world.

  43. Trump isn’t real big on specifics, is he? That’s going to be eventual downfall. He can’t tell you exactly how he’s going to do all the grandiose things he’s promising. And in a real debate against a real Democratic opponent, Trump would be crucified because he has no actual, specific plans to make anything happen. Hillary, Bernie, or Joe Biden would crawl all over that and Trump would look like an idiot in front of the American public.

  44. That sounds like a feasible idea. I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t be possible, not to mention the jobs it could create and the money it would save. We’d have a border “wall” that not only paid for itself but would end up making money for the country. Call your congressman with the idea.

  45. Trump should just buy Mexico and help fix the problems over there that make Mexicans want to leave their home. He could never run America, but he’d best be making amends for his harsh words against illegal aliens Spend his time and money on them, they need him more than we do.

  46. That sounds like a better plan than The Donald’s. Why don’t YOU run for president?

    And if any “illegals” happen to make their way through the maze to the other side, they DESERVE to stay here! Let that be the test of citizenship!

  47. Maybe Stephanopoulos should spend as much time pressing Hillary Clinton about her email scandals as he is pressing Trump on his Immigration plan. Oh wait, George Stephanopoulos is in love with Hillary, that’ll never happen, Stephanopoulos has been donating millions of dollars to The Clinton’s illegal slush fund for years now…he’s in bed with both of them. That is how the liberal media roll…biased journalism… Same with Chris Matthews.

  48. *WHOdoesTHISsoundLIKE?
    (DSM-Diagnostic criteria for 301.81 NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER):

    Pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy/behaviors)-Need for admiration-
    Lack of empathy-beginning by early adulthood-present in a variety of contexts-indicated by 5/or more of following:

    1)grandiose sense of self-importance- exaggerates achievements/expects to be recognized superior w/o commensurate achievements;
    2)preoccupied w/ fantasies of unlimited success/power/brilliance-etc;
    3)believes is “special” -unique/only be understood by/or associate with other special/high-status people-etc;
    4)requires excessive admiration;
    5)sense of entitlement (unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment-etc;
    6)interpersonally exploitive (takes advantage to achieve own ends);
    7)lacks empathy: unwilling to recognize or identify with feelings/needs of others;
    8)often envious of others/believes others are envious of him/her;
    9)shows arrogant-haughty behaviors/ attitudes


  49. That’s a very good article, but it doesn’t erase the fact the Alabama republicans tried to force self deportation and the fear and confusion that ensued, and the legal ramifications.

    And I still think Trump and his racist republican followers want to follow this path, regardless of the ugly complications involved. Senator Sessions is his policy person on this, round them up and lock them out.

    Trump is playing into the republican anger over the immigration issue in order to garner this base support to his corner. Just like name dropping Palin. It’s all red meat to the tea party.

  50. I”m sure the several million of black and latino prisoners locked up for non-life threatening offenses would fit the bill… most of them were looking for work anyway. End the war on drugs and marginalizing POC communities.

  51. I agree that the borders have never been really secure and I don’t think they should be that unforgiving, especially when US policies have destabilized and increased dangers and deprivation in many countries to the south. And I was responding positively to your post as if you meant that people perceived Barak as being from Kenya and freaked out about the border issue because he is dark skinned, which clearly happened a lot and has been quite an oppositionally disordered mess. And it was basically the same bullcrap fear card that Trump is using yet again. Could you clarify?

  52. Yeah, and don’t forget benghazi and birth certificates and …on and on.
    I remember when republicans ran on their accomplishments and plans for the country. Now, all they do is attack every single thing that comes from obama no matter what it is and even if republicans do the same things.
    “Our agenda is to attack obama from day one no matter what it’s about.”
    And you think that’s good politics.

  53. Hah…a year from now he’ll be sharing a seat with sarah palin in the peanut gallery.

    The mere fact that people think someone like trump should be president of the united states is an embarrassment to country.

  54. Evolve into a serious candidate? You’re kidding right? He’s exactly the same as all the other clowns in the clown car. They ALL need to evolve into serious candidates. But that would require actually having some ideas, vision, or leadership. Good luck with that one. LMAO

  55. Trump is all hot air and no ideas and solutions…no specifics, no substance…real journalists would be asking for specifics from a presidential candidate… the people need to know the specifics to any solutions/ideas to any issue and Trump failed miserably… Trump is up in the polls for his outlandish rhetoric and celebrity…with this one better think twice about voting for this fraud

  56. for the gazillionth time there’s no there there in those emails as well as Bengazhi…and it’s very common practice in Congress/White House to use private emails for business…even though it shouldn’t be…but if you believe every politician doesn’t use their private emails for business purposes then you’ve been hiding under a rock for too long… Hillary’s email is nothing but a witch hunt and discrediting campaign against her…Repubes are freaking afraid of her and rightfully should be…

  57. While Trump and many other GOP candidates feel immigration is a serious problem,I’m wondering why they are not telling the Speaker of the House to get off his ass and take up the immigration reform bill that has been sitting on his desk for about two years now. Something tells me the GOP does not really want to solve the problem because it is much easier to fire up the base with inflammatory rhetoric than to really do the hard work of reform.RUBIO wouldn’t even support immigration bill that he himself put forth.

  58. Donald Trump does not have to disclose a thing to any of you so called experts. For one it may tip the illegals immigrants off to his plans. It is clear the illegal immigrants are controlling the politicians and our Country. The Media has gotten to comfortable like Putin knowing this Administration’s every step and move. Like announcing when we were going to pull out of Iraq. you do not broadcast your moves and strategy on the Chess board of life. These are the same detractors that said from day one Trump was finished with every utterance or statement. Trump has a commanding 27point lead over the field of Candidates closest person behind him. While most Candidates like Graham and Perry do not even have 1%. Today on the Cable network OAN Bush talking about alienating Mexico our third largest trader. Damn Mexico to hell. They are behind this illegal immigration. They have Maternity Hotels set up to harbor these Anchor Babies while they wait to jump across the Border at birth.

  59. Who cares that is not helping the American people and most send that money back to Mexico. Some Fat Cat is getting rich while the American Public Languish in Poverty. So you are Saying the hell with the American people Viva Mexico.

  60. First of all Trump did not give specifics. Secondly He has done nothing but ramble on about nothing. It seems to me he has narcissists issues.

  61. So the asshole cant answer a simple question so your lizard brain surmise the one asking the question is for the Clintons? You are a dumbass and before you vote needs to take an literacy test

  62. Who is Money Mike Music and why is the video no longer available because of their copyright claim? Something stinks in Denmark. If looking like a buffoon was all it takes to censor content, there’d be no more content.

  63. I agree. Can beat them tear them down. Stop aid to mexico, charge for the truck loads coming across the border are starts.

  64. The U.S. Government gave a total of $209,432,920 to Mexico in 2012:

    The aid was broken down in the following manner:
    ›Child Survival and Health: $-12,200
    ›Department of Defense Security Assistance: $39,854
    ›Development Assistance: $17,948,047
    ›Economic Support Fund/Security Support Assistance: $40,810,450
    ›Global Health and Child Survival: $3,894,197
    ›Narcotics Control: $27,565,779
    ›Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related: $7,074,531
    ›Other Active Grant Programs: $15,381,152
    ›Other State Assistance: $2,700,596
    ›Other USAID Assistance: $2,764
    ›Other USDA Assistance: $372,914
    ›Peace Corps: $2,000,836

    ›Military Assistance, Total: $91,654,000
    The cost of one F-35 could fund six similar programs. The Defense Department is on track to spend $83.4 billion to produce 459 F-35 fighter jets, which works out to about $180 million per plane. Here’s how that price tag compares to the cost of other technological breakthroughs that could enhance national security.
    Really? Maybe you need to read more instead of listning t idiots

  65. people in canada have it better then we do. Why would they cross the border to America. Us is fading fast. I feel sorry for the next generation.

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