The Republican Blame Game Isn’t Going to Leave Anyone to Vote for Them


Ted Cruz…often forgotten in this Trump onslaught, went on the Jan “What’s wrong with slavery?” Mickelson show Friday.

Now it’s bad enough Cruz went onto a show where the host could even pose such an appalling question (joining past guests Fiorina, Carson, and Santorum). But while there, he defended the “anchor baby” slur (you know, because if they’re not white they can’t be just babies) and told Mickelson that the “atheist Taliban” is attacking religious liberty.

Of course, it is not atheists who have been promoting laws forcing people to follow one religion. You know, like saying you can’t use contraceptives, or you can’t get an abortion, or who can and who cannot get married, or requiring that people who want to get married have to do it through a church and not a courthouse, or you have to go to church or you get fired.

Because you know, nothing says religious freedom like forcing somebody to go to church to get a paycheck. When did ‘She just doesn’t go to church’ become part of our Constitution?

Atheists didn’t do that. That would be people like Ted Cruz and his false messiah-promoting father. So of course, the atheists must be to blame.

As the title says, Republicans aren’t happy unless they have somebody to blame. For something. For anything. There has to be an “Other” and it/they has to be the scapegoat for all society’s ills and even a bunch of problems that don’t actually exist.

And literally, almost anything can be to blame for their own personal failings – anything but themselves: In a statement issued August 20 by the Duggar family, Josh Duggar blames porn and Satan for his own actions in a staggering rejection of the personal responsibility.

The problem is, all they have to do, if they want somebody to blame, is look in the mirror.

Income inequality promoted by people like Donald Trump have destroyed the middle class, so of course, Mexican immigrants are to blame for that.

George W. Bush created a power vacuum in Iraq, leading to the creation of the Islamic State, so of course, Obama has to be to blame for that.

Gun control liberals are to blame for open carry fanatics gunning people (and each other) down.

Muslims are to blame for all the stuff Jews used to get blamed for, and feminism is to blame for all the rest.

Anti-gay, family values Republicans are busy molesting their sisters and children and having affairs, but liberals are to blame for the moral collapse of our society.

Heck, it’s not that police are shooting down innocent black people in the streets that has led to civil unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore. Donald Trump has found the real culprits: illegal immigrant gangs.

Republicans are not interested in real problems. They would rather come up with solutions for nonexistent problems instead – you know, things they for which they can blame the “Other.”

Besides being racists and misogynists; besides being anti-gay bigots and quite often hypocrites about that bigotry…Oh heck, I’ve lost my train of thought. I can’t think of any good qualities to contrast with those characteristics. Not a one. They don’t say anything positive at all – except about negative things, like the Duggars’ behavior.

The thing is, a political party has to be about more than hating on people, and blaming people. And that’s all the GOP is these days. Opposition to Obama. Opposition to gay people. Opposition to feminism. Opposition to Muslims. Opposition to Atheists.

They only thing they do support is a return to America that never, ever existed. And can never be allowed to exist if we are to pay more than lip-service to the Constitution.

Lindsey Graham, ironically – you know, the guy who said the GOP doesn’t have enough “angry white guys” to keep the GOP going? – is one of the guys suffering from all the angry white people liking Donald Trump more than him.

And it’s not like he doesn’t try. Be fair: He does want to nuke everyone in sight while he hides under his bed from ISIL infiltrators.

Give the guy some credit. He’s the quintessential chickenhawk. He’s old and white. What’s he gonna do?

I think what has happened to Graham is not only hilarious, but it also qualifies as a morality tale.

The fact remains that Graham was right. There aren’t enough angry white guys, and with everybody else being to blame for something, that leaves them with the problem of somehow winning an election outside of massive voter fraud and redistricting.

That leaves the 2016 presidential election as nothing more than political theater, and a theater of the absurd at that. And we are already seeing the cracks, broken Trump coverage, Rand Paul and Rick Perry and others hanging on by their toes. From top to bottom, the GOP is a hot mess.

You wonder who the Republicans might have forgotten to blame, and what problems might be left for them to invent in their race to the bottom. Do not let your hearts be troubled.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is going to let them continue to play their blame game and the charade will go on to our delight and disgust until a denial-filled election night and not a lesson learned. And then we get to start all over again.

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  1. ….but it’s never the PARTY that is to blame or their toxic polices that are at fault either.

    It’s simply the fact the GOP has outlived its usefulness as a political entity in the 21st century.

    Because the moment the MAJORITY elected Obama to the White House twice over, it just showed how bleak and miserable the Party of Personal Responsibility is going to be in the decades to come.

    No amount of jury-rigging the elections, alleged voter fraud, voter ID laws, or gerrymandering is going to save the Republicans from themselves.

    By and large, they may end up self-destructing in the end before us liberals and Democrats can do anything to stop them.

    Just look at how they are acting now…

    (See the patterns people, see the patterns.)

  2. is it just me? or do the talking points of the republican party sound more and more like… like… there is no way to pretty this up… they are sounding more and more like…

    westboro baptist church?

  3. Increasingly, I am left with the impression that they don’t think they have to actually be voted for to take control of the country.

  4. That is why my European friends were being blunt to me and our friends here in America, ‘With Trump and GOP field, you guys are the biggest laughingstock of the world.’

    Its sad because all of them also agreed that Bernie Sanders are the best deal for America.

  5. This echoes what I’ve been telling family and friends the last several months. Ignoring the individuals in the clown car, how can the real powers that be not see that it is the GOP platform that is being rejected by the American people? Sure the brain dead goobers will still vote republican, but that is such a narrow base what can they expect? We have over a year to go. Not only have they alienated themselves from the vast majority, they have alienated themselves from each other. To be today’s republican is insanity.

  6. The Cult of the Confederacy. Same 18th Century myths.

    America has to finally grow up, if it is to continue as an experiment in democracy; and come to the realization that being courteous toward and ignorant of the dangers of these monsters is just not intelligent.

  7. I’m getting that feeling, as well, reynardine.

    With new and strict voter suppression laws going into effect for the first time in 2016, we might not be all that wrong.

    This is what we get when we, the people anywhere left-of-center, decide that the Democratic candidate and Republican candidate for president “are no different”.

    Voter suppression laws that would have never seen the light under Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, are now becoming law in those very States where they’re notorious for suppressing the minority vote – the largest demographic for the Democratic Party.

    Every time I read or hear a Liberal say there’s no difference between Hillary Clinton and the Republicans, I want to take a 2×4 and smack them upside the head.

    That apathy that’s now rearing its head again is what got G.W. Bush into office and gave us John Roberts and Samuel Alito who were instrumental in gutting the VRA.


  8. Conservative politicians and pundits have been busily running down a checklist of demographic groups to denigrate and alienate before the 2016 election:
    The poor? check.
    Financially-struggling middle-class families? check.
    Wage earners? check.
    Public sector union workers? check.
    People who have access to health care insurance under the ACA? check.
    Ethnic minorities? check.
    Hispanic immigrants? check.
    Religious minorities? check
    The LGBT community? check..
    College students that require grants and loans? check.
    Senior citizens on fixed incomes? check.
    Unmarried, sexually-active women? check.
    Unmarried, working women? check.
    Unmarried women with children? check.

    So who is left to form their core cadre of supporters?
    White Christian males with well-paying private sector jobs.

  9. …I seem to remember when I was a kid, my Mom said “When you point a finger at someone; you got 3 pointing back at you…and the thumb hanging his head because he can’t point back too.”

  10. America is in a state of emergency and it’s time for the people to wake up because the Koch Bros & Walker, their poster boy are on a mission to overthrow our govt along with so many other groups like ALEC,Americans 4 Prosperity which is actually Americans for Disparity,Citizens United & I could go on & on,our legislators are bought & we have no one to blame but our government for allowing these things & especially the highest court in the land , the 5 justices should be held accountable for dismantling of our Constitution & they are unfit to sit in the highest court in the land So,America,#WeThePeople must wake up or we are doomed.

  11. Good article. Yep, it’s blame and fear then fear and blame then repeat.

    That is ALL the GOPers have to offer.

    Screw the emails, Hillary all the way to knock some sense into these idiots!

  12. They haven’t blamed the Koch Brothers or Lucifer. Ooh wait, they’re one and the same, aren’t they?

  13. “Atheist Taliban”. That’s a new one. Never heard atheists described as the worst, most rabidly right wing religious nutballs who force women to wear burqas and shoot women who go to school. In fact, the closest thing we have to the Taliban in this country are the Evangelical Dominionists. Like Ted Cruz himself.

    Pure projection. That’s all the Republican party knows.

  14. less than a year ago Ted Cruz was a Canadian Citizen and his Daddy was good buddies with Fidel Castro just prior to immigrating to the United States of America where he could enjoy the good life by getting a bunch of free stuff.

  15. let’s see how my groups have they scapegoated
    1. African Americans
    2. Hispanics
    3. Muslims
    4. Gays
    5. The Poor
    6. Women especially single ones
    Have missed any groups? The only ones they have not attacked white christian billionaires! I wonder why

  16. Doris, you are 100 percent right. It drives me nuts when I hear decent people say “You should not say those things about republicans. They are people too, or whatever they say because we are talking about human beings. human beings who want me and my ilk poor, incarcerated or dead. there is something seriously wrong with these GOP presidential candidates. I would like the republicans in congress and the senate to be put in a big glass jar with every member of ISIS and sit back and enjoy seeing the weapons do their work, lots of weapons. I seriously dislike these people. Always have, always will. Scott Walker is a killer. Is there something we don’t get about that fact? How many have they killed already by denying them Medicare? Thousands, that’s how many. These people are scum in my book and undeserving of any mercy. but what I’m gonna do is vote and I will try to make sure others of good will get out and vote too. I would commend this course of action to all. sorry if my…

  17. I hate to put a damper on this but the Republican, Conservative voter base IS a group of non-thinking people who WILL vote for criminals and liars! All the GOP has to do is blame everything on the ones that the voter base hates and Viola!!! A Republican wins the election. The Reich wing is the flame that brain dead moths will go to their deaths to support and they will drag the nation and the world down with them. Make America Great AGAIN!!! VOTE DEMOCRAT/Progressive/ LIBERAL!!!

  18. I’ve been calling them the ‘Greedy Opposition Party’ for years & years, they are opposed to everything, except tax-breaks for the rich, & wars. They like wars.

  19. Rodney powell:

    Add Hollywood celebrity types to your list.
    Except for the few Republicans in the movie industry.

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