Bernie Sanders Blasts The Media For Not Covering The Real Issues Of The Campaign

Bernie Sanders media issues New Hampshire

At a series of campaign events across New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders slammed the media for not covering the issues that matter in the campaign.

During a campaign event in Littleton, NH, Sanders said, “What the American people want is a media that looks at the real problems facing America and does not look at politics as though it were a football game or a soap opera.”

Sanders challenged the media directly during a meeting with reporters in Conway, NH:

I want you to talk about and force discussion about climate change. Do you think you do that enough? I would like you to force discussion of poverty in America. I have talked over and over and over again that 51 percent of African-American kids are unemployed or underemployed. You think that’s an important issue? I do. Are you going to discuss it?

The American people want a discussion of the real issues. They don’t really care that Marco Rubio threw a football and hit some kid in the head. Not one of the great issues facing our society.

Nearly every interview with Sen. Sanders that has been done by the national media has featured questions about Hillary Clinton and her emails. The questioning of Sanders has turned to his opinion of Vice President Biden.

The media wants to talk about anything other than the issues because the corporate press in this country has decided that the American people are stupid, and they don’t care about the issues.

Sen. Sanders and former Sec. of State Clinton are the only two candidates in either party who are trying to run a civil campaign that discusses the issues. Neither Democratic candidate has attacked the other, and the media has ignored their discussion.

Bernie Sanders is raising important issues, and the media doesn’t want to hear it, so he directly challenged them to discuss the things that matter to the American people. Poor people don’t care about the will he or won’t he of Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton’s emails. They want to hear about how a system that has been taken over by millionaires and billionaires can be made to work for them. They want an opportunity for a better future.

Sanders is calling the media out, and his efforts to force the media to have a meaningful conversation are helping to improve public discourse and inform the electorate.

No matter who wins the Democratic nomination, the country is better off because of the campaign that Bernie Sanders is running.

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  1. The thing that I respect among Bernie/Hillary are that they are taking the high road, no vitriolic and ad hominum attacks, and we as followers of them, can learn from them.

    Look at the R side compared to our side, and tell me who are the real adults.

  2. Notice how Bernie never has to (ahem) trump up the numbers for his campaign speeches? How he never has to say “I had 50 bazillion people show up cuz I’m YUUUGE!” No bragging, no ego.

    No, Bernie Sanders talks about what matters to people. Real issues that affect each and every one of us. And the media just ignore him.

    Truly pathetic.

  3. Bernie has never run a negative campaign and is not in the pockets of the billionaire puppet masters who are trying to control the political process. They now own most of the media and are trying to smother the Fire that is Bernie….it will not happen! FEEL THE BERN!

  4. Bernie can call out the media all day every day but I’m not sure it will change anything. I hoe he will and I applaud him for it but don’t forget, the same 1% he rails against occupy and control the boards of every major news outlet both on air and in print.

  5. Bernie’s campaign is not going to help America… a political revolution, led by Bernie Sanders is our only hope. We cannot allow the Corporatists and plutocrats to continue emptying the wealth of this country into their pockets. We cannot allow them to send our kids into wars to protect their assets. This may be our last chance to save what is left of our democracy.

  6. To understand the media’s actions on e need go no further than the story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin,leading the town’s children astray. Donald Trump is the piper, and the media are the children.

    The media, as a class, are dumber ad stupider than stones. It never ceases to amaze me that someone who graduates with a journalism degree suddenly becomes an expert six months following graduation.

    The as a class know nothing of economics, sociology, civics, basic physics or anything else.

  7. Jay, that’s not nearly enough.

    First, the revolution will not be televised, so we have to be the media and help get the word out so people understand WHY we need a political revolution.

    Second, we at Revolt Against Plutocracy are building a list of voters pledged to write-in Bernie in the general election. They will use that list as leverage to compel Dems to support Bernie…or else!

  8. The media does not cover the real issues that concern people, because it is corporate owned. Presently, our government is owned by corporations, millionaires and billionaires. We are an oligarchy.

    Stay informed!

    Listen to The Thom Hartmann Program. In Maine, he is on AM620, Monday through Friday from 12-3pm. His website is: Thom is a well-informed citizen and author.

    Be aware of issues on the state and federal levels. Pay attention to what our representatives do and how they vote — both state and federal. Telephone them and make your voice heard. Call or email the local radio stations. Write letters to the editor, get involved. We need to speak out. Finally, we need to vote, vote, vote in every election.

    Our Founders struggled to break free from their mother country. Our Framers argued and compromised to invent the Constitution, beginning “We the People…” ”The cornerstone of democracy rests on an informed electorate.” Thomas Jefferson.

  9. There’s not going to be a revolution in this country and it is nonsense to think otherwise. Bernie Sanders is not going to be President of the United States. He’s on an ego trip, nothing more. The reason the press pays no attention to him is because the country is not paying any attention to him. No thinking person believes that Americans are going to vote for a Socialist who proposes a 90% tax plan. He has no support from the Democratic Party because he’s not a Democrat. He has no support from blacks and other minorities, women, LGBT, immigrants. He cannot raise the funds necessary to run a national campaign because, thanks to Citizens United, it is the entities that he rails against in overthrow blabber that now fund political campaigns, leaving poor Bernie out in the cold, literally. He cannot win.

  10. This is another well-written article by Jason Easley. His reporting is always accurate and on target.

    Thanks again, Mr. Easley. Your words always give me food for thought. They demonstrate the importance of being aware and informed, and of taking action if necessary.

    I will post this article on Facebook.

  11. …ummm; correct me if I’m wrong, but if we can take our Gov’t back, we could re-institute the press as it should be, fairness doctrine, etc…right???

  12. So is your answer to surrender? Bernie may never be president but he is moving people to think about the state of our democracy. All that remains is for voters to keep the conversation going. The presidency isn’t the only solution. In fact it may not be the best one. It took the GOP decades of small victories of positioning themselves for local victories and eventual seizure of state gov’ts thru the worst kind of divisive rhetoric. This mess didn’t happen overnight and neither will the solution.

  13. Check out the tax rates during the 50’s and 60’s when the economy was booming and the U.S. was leading the world in development, innovation, education, social mobility….

  14. “…the corporate press in this country has decided that the American people are stupid, and they don’t care about the issues.”
    I think Bernie got it backward. The corporate media fear the public because the public is not stupid and if it were given an objective view of the issues the public would likely descend on D.C. with torches and pitchforks. That may be the kind of accountability that would straighten out those crooks in Washington.

  15. “you people”

    This phrase is always spoken by the world’s best and brightest. Ann Romney, Ross Perot, djchefron

    One of the points of supremacy is determining what constitutes a valid viewpoint. You take a lot of delight in deciding who the “grown ups” are.

    Are you enjoying your new status as a troll? You are literally ‘trolling’ the Bernie articles looking for fights to pick. It must be sad to know that you are burning through any goodwill you used to have from your fellow commentators.

  16. I agree with you Jay. We need everyone to get out and vote. Tiffany, if Senator Sanders doesn’t win the Democrat primary and there is a big write-in for him, it will hand the election to the Republicans. Why can’t you understand that. I like Senator Sanders, but I will vote for whoever is the Democrats candidate simply because if there is a third candidate, they split the vote for whichever side of the political spectrum they are on and the other side wins. Don’t make that mistake, after all if Senator Sanders loses the presidential nomination, there’s always the VP.

  17. Corporate media has no interest in whether or not the public is smart or stupid. They own and control the dominant sources of information we all use to form opinions and make choices. As long as the majority of the public willingly swallows whatever they spoon feed us they will retain control.

  18. Write in votes, revolution, eveytime someone uses one of those phrases in a response here, I just move on to the next post. Some of you people are as rabid as teabaggers. Change would be great, but your solutions are juvenile at best. The only time I can ever remember a write in vote having any impact, was in Alaska. That was only because the teabagger Joe Miller was even too extreme for the brain frozen of the tundra! Get a grip, even good ideas lose credibility when the people pitching them fly off the rails.

  19. Maggie…So on point…!!!…but “those people” will NEVER understand THAT…!!!…”those people” are almost or close to the “other”extreme in their fanatical idolatry of him…!!!! a point that it is really BEYOND SICKENING…!!!…But…as I’ve stated before….let them have their way and I CANNOT Wait to Say on November 5,2016…”I TOLD YOU SO….!!!!”…Sheesh…give me a Damn break from Them….!!!!!…My Usual Ending….!!!….GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. That was a good read but it wont change at least not in my children’s lifetime as an matter of fact it will get worst

  21. I really hope this goes well because if not he will be mocked like Larry Klaymen

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  22. My online news feeds always have articles on Sanders and his campaign.
    His supporters are pushing his message all over the Internet.
    Much more so than the GOPs messages is being pushed, and they’re actually engaging in debates with each other to discuss their issues, unlike the democrats who are virtually silent.
    Sanders wouldn’t like a real debate because he would be called out on his rediculous positions and false statistics, along with his bashing of his opponents (which would destroy his narrative that he never runs a negative campaign).
    It would also expose the enormous union contributions his campaign gets.

    He is just playing the part of a victim.

  23. If socialism is going to be the point of criticism of Bernie Sanders then the media and the general public is doing an injustice to the man who is defending Social Security, medicare and medicade. They are also permitting the slow but definite decline in the average standard of living. Bernie Sanders speaks the truth about these issues. You either agree with these pro grams or you let the republicans dismantle them and make them part of the profit machine. They have privitized prisons, are trying to privitize education and want to privitize social security. Do you really want to depend on a ruthless company for your retirement benefits. Medicare helps millions of seniors get health care. Republicans want to do away with this and replace it with a privitized system which yield profits for ins. comp. Wake up people Bernie isn´t the enemy he is your defense against poverty, abandonment, and profiteering.

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