Clinton Email Scandal Falls Apart As State Dept. Says There Was No Policy Against Private Email


The Republican Hillary Clinton email scandal is falling apart as the State Department confirmed that there was no policy against Clinton using private email.


On CNN’s New Day, State Department spokesman John Kirby said, “We have said in the past, Chris that there was no policy prohibiting the use of a private email account here at the State Department, and that is still a fact. Now, obviously, we have policies in place now that highly discourage that, and you are supposed to use your government account so that there is a constant, permanent record of it, but at the time she was not violating policy….I can tell you that there was no prohibition for her use of this, and we’ve since changed the policy to discourage that greatly, and in fact, the policy is that you have to use your government account for business.”

Kirby added that he didn’t believe that the policy changed while she was Secretary of State, which means that Hillary Clinton was doing nothing wrong when she used private email.

In a recent interview, also on CNN, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) admitted that the number of emails that Republicans claim were classified information in Hillary Clinton’s email account was not accurate due to retroactive classification.

The great email scandal that Republicans hoped would destroy Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is heading down the same path as “IRS scandal,” the “Benghazi scandal,” and President Obama’s birth certificate.

The email scandal is being revealed as another in a long series of election-year stunts. Republicans are set to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on politically driven investigations into Clinton’s use of email, and their efforts are likely to result in nothing.

A CNN poll released last week revealed that voters don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Clinton still leads every Republican presidential candidate, and Republicans are now confronted with the reality that if Hillary Clinton did not violate any policies regarding the use of email, there is no scandal to investigate.

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  1. Thus the GOP is hit right between the eyes with reality. They are like the blind leading the blind and believe anything that comes out of FOX delusional land, until WHAM the truth comes out.

  2. Her surname is Clinton and Hilary is a Democrat. As far as the GOP are concerned, that’s enough to manufacture a fake scandal

  3. Republicans make me sick with how they waste MILLIONS of tax payer dollars on scandal attacks and obstructions like repealing Obamacare, unfunded wars and tax breaks, yet they call themselves fiscally responsible. No they are not!

    They are lying hypocrits!

  4. …when will Teatards learn…NEVER leave your fingerprints all over the “Crime Scene”???

  5. …I looked up “Hypocrite” and behold!!!
    …Rinsed Penis was pictured…with a look o’ disgusted panic on his face…lol

  6. It’s amazing to me that up until the Bengahzi attacks, no one was actively attacking her. I think the consensus was, she was quite a good Sec of State. Reality sunk in that the president was getting ready to close out his first term. When that happened they thought they could bring him down, and along with him the person they feared most in 2016. They couldn’t make false insulting accusations stick to him, so they proceded with stupid and tried to take her down. Fail number two. So on to the e-mail non scandal. The stupidity of these people keeps racking up the failures!

  7. The State Department itself is under investigation and control of the Democratic Party Establishment. Funny how they only mention that “use of private email was not prohibited”. I mean, its ok if you have a private email to communicate with your Yoga instructor while being a State Dept. employee but was it policy to allow official business to be conducted on a private email and stored on a private server?

    I think not.

  8. ALL The F^$KING SOB’S and M/F’S of THAT ILK…!!!!!!…the nyt…!!!…right-wing dim gnats…!!!..the fake ass liberal press..!!!…SOME of the supporters of that OTHER democratic candidate….!!!!!..msm..!!!!…..the network Faux Talk shows…!!!!!…ALL of THEM need a good old Fashioned Ass Whooping in the PUBLIC and the Wood Shed for the Dirty..Hideous Filth that has been thrown at Ms.Hillary Clinton during Her Run for the Presidency..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..Like I said BEFORE…Some “HOOD” Needs to set these cretins Straight Up and if I could..!!!..I would Volunteer in A SECOND..!!!!… As Venus Williams told the crowd recently at wimbledon when they were giving her a hard time….”DON’T TRY ME..!!!” and I would ADD…”I AM NOT THE ONE..!!!!!!!!!!”…GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. …and the more the sloppy-goppies try to destroy her with false flag ops; the more Dems rally ’round her…
    …It’s a fact: “F” with one Democrat…and we WILL “F” you up in next election…

  10. No Problem!…The Reich Wing Propaganda machine will invent a policy and claim it exists. And when they get busted they will just make up more shit to cover the last pile of shit to cover up the last pile of shit….

  11. Using her private server was not against the rules unless it involves classified communication. There is evidence that the IG has identified numerous classified documents in the emails examined so far. This has not suddenly become a non-issue.

  12. Hillary is the one who doesn’t think. Any fifteen year old has the common sense to just use the government’s system for official government business. Either she is stupid or dishonest. Hillary being a member of the same academic honor society I belong to Phi Kappa Phi can only mean that she’s covering up something or that we are both stupid … but I’m not running for President of the USA!

    I’m not a republican or a democrat but clearly you are paid by Clinton’s campaign manager to troll on these sites.

  13. Liar. The only emails that are under question which is 2 to your dumbass were classified after the fact. You dumbasses are the greatest threat to this country

  14. They will just keep beating this same drum, too stupid to realize there is nothing too this non-scandal….just like the commenter just after you, JJ

  15. If your BS meter didn’t red line by Clinton and her aide’s responses to this scandal then you are the GD idiot.

    …I hope I pitched that to your intellectual level; I dunno, been a LOOONG assed time since 3rd grade…

  17. It Was Only After Clinton Left The State Department That The Law Concerning Private Emails Was Changed

    You need get your paranoia looked at

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  18. Wex
    Ex Post Facto
    Latin for “from a thing done afterward.” Ex post facto is most typically used to refer to a criminal law that applies retroactively, thereby criminalizing conduct that was legal when originally performed. Two clauses in the US Constitution prohibit ex post facto laws: Art 1, § 9 and Art. 1 § 10. see, e.g. Collins v. Youngblood, 497 US 37 (1990) and California Dep’t of Corrections v. Morales, 514 US 499 (1995).

    See Constitutional law

  19. Her response that 30,000+ missing emails are about Yoga and personal trips!! Also, if Powell did it he was wrong too but he’s not running for President and neither will Hildebeast!!

    BTW, this site is rigged, it wont let me reply to posts by lunatic fanatics desperate to spin Hillary out of this mess.

    Shadowolf – you wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you in the face or your small male organ.

    Deez Nutz for President 2016!!

  20. A dumbass like you will fall for a 15 y/o prank Deez Nutz for President 2016. You beyond stupid. We have no desire to offend you — unless you are a twit!

  21. This is what I don’t understand about Reich wingers even when proven wrong their lizard brains will keep repeating the same lies. But I am more piss at the MSM because they know better but the keep reporting the same lies over and over again

  22. Are born classified? Damn I didn’t know emails could be born. Who is the father? Did they come to term or was the emails premature? What I want to know is does idiocy run in your family?

  23. Well then… I guess we can all move on now and let Hillary try to run her campaign, because I’m pretty sure that she and everyone on her staff is sick and tired of this dead horse popping up everywhere she goes like it was a damn stalker.

  24. Only a dumbass like you, djchefron, will believe that Hillary will come out of this unscathed.

    Really, Deez Nutz is not running for president? That’s a shocker. What’s not a shocker is Hillary’s total incompetence.

    Biden for president will plow Deez Nutz into Clinton’s Bush!!

  25. Let me see if I got this right. Your ringing your own bell about belonging to the same academic honor society as Sec Clinton. Therefore, you are an expert on all things HC. I bet you’ve been busy with the State Dept, FBI, and everyone is beating your door down for your wisdom. Put your crack pipe down, make an appointment with your therapist, and have your Lithium filled immediately! You are a serious douch nozzle.

  26. For those of you who are mentally challenged (e.g. Francie, djchefron, shadowolf), the fact that she was smart enough to get asked by Phi Kappa Phi to join, just lends more weight to the “she is hiding something and is dishonest” camp. If anything, I would want her to be President since it makes Phi Kappa Phi more valuable to its member. However, my moral compass does not work that way, it does not endorse/support liars.

  27. JJ, I’d ask you if your brain hurt after your ridiculous rant, but I believe someone hid it on you! You made mine hurt though.

  28. Karl Rove erased 22 MILLION White House emails. Not a peep from the republicans or the worthless media.


    Talk about straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel!

  29. During Thursday’s hearing in the State Department case, Sullivan never said precisely how he believed Hillary Clinton violated government policy. But he repeatedly referred to the department’s obligation to preserve records under the Federal Records Act of 1950.

    Read more:

    He is citing an act from 1950, it has been stated that SOS Clinton violated no State department guidelines. The two emails in question were classified after the fact and we still haven’t seen why those TWO emails were classified in the first place. And till you dumbasses understand what is classified then you need to STFU
    Should There Be a Criminal Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Email?

    The request for a formal probe highlights the deep dysfunction of America’s system for classifying documents and prosecuting leaks

  30. What ever you want to believe, the Clinton’s continually are the focus of scandals. Do you really want her as our next president.

  31. JJ, I have a degree from Dartmouth and studied at Oxford for a year on a scholarship from the ESU,(English Speaking Union). Just though I’d throw that out there for you. Unlike you I don’t claim to be clairvoyant or an expert on all things HC. Also unlike you, I don’t name drop people who attended the same school or my credentials to impress people, because I’m sure no one here cares. Unless you can make a valid point and back it up, your an asshole! Thats my opinion, and I learned that in Kentucky.

  32. …hmmm, DJ was my “Ex Post Facto” comment too cerebral for Teatards??? Tried to find “The Constitution for Dummies” but they’re sold out…{{{Grumbles “Gonna have to find out if “School-house Rock” is too muck for thier alleged brains to digest…”}}}

  33. These people will lie and cheat to get whatever their story du jour into the public discourse. The R’s are always in lockstep with their talking points.

    Then “Cokies Law” kicks in. It’s the media narrative that always works.

  34. How many of those “scandals” have been proven…none. There are all made up by the pathetic Republicans and their pathetic followers. You must be one of them!!!

  35. Chris Cuomo is obviously in favor of anyone but Hillary. He was an outright A-hole during this AM interview. In fact, CNN in general seems hell bent on f’n with Hillary’s run and perpetuating the lies about her, as often as possible. I am sick of hearing about her being untrustworthy, like if they repeat the bullshit enough, it will ring true and they can convince viewers. All the media outlets have an agenda, and are clearly anti-Hillary. The GOP has no real contender, and no matter how much they hope for another “male Democratic leader”, Hillary stands the best chance, because she is the best choice! Biden is a nice guy. But he and Sanders will just be wasting their time and energy. Neither stand a chance against her. The GOP is very afraid, or they wouldn’t be working so hard to take HIllary down. They have been working their nonsense, since Benghazi.

  36. If it were legal, why this report….

    “The State Department does not appear to have submitted legally required information regarding Hillary Clinton’s secret computer server to the Department of Homeland Security during her term as secretary.

    All federal government agencies are mandated to submit a list of systems, vulnerabilities and configuration issues to DHS every 30 days. The department then performs a “cyberscope audit” to ensure security, a responsibility the agency has had since 2010.

  37. The GOP and FUX news is convinced Hillary will be incarcerated for her “violations.” They have all but sentenced her to death for nothing, already. They are likely drawing straws right now, to enlist in her firing squad. America is really in a sad state of affairs, when there is nobody mentally fit to even run as a competent and competitive Republican. There are nearly 20 idiots still spreading bullshit like it’s fact. Thank God I’m a Democrat!

  38. …first AP…then CNN…Good GOD!!! Which media source can be BELIEVED!!!
    {{{Snarkus Maxiimus Supremeus}}}

  39. I concur with you DJ, especially that damn Joe in the morning. He needs “Brain Putty” in the worst way. He and Meka both. As quiet as it’s kept, I think Meka may be into that male chauvinist stuff, off camera. Only her knee pad makers in Taiwan know for sure.

  40. Republicans serve no positive ideas for the general public and shouldn’t be in public service positions. It’s no longer checks and balances and probably never was as far as their history is concerned. Personally I don’t understand why any sane persons would admit to being affiliated with such an evil dominion. They’re retarded, and so are their supporters. Never anything good for the people.

  41. Ok, if one concedes there was no policy against private email, do you suspect there may have been any number of issues regarding the classified material? State is flying top cover regarding the classified national intelligence. She was one of VERY few within the federal government with ‘Original Classification Authority.’ As such, she was uniquely qualified to identified to identify and mark/have mark as required by classification guide. As a career intelligence officer – I know that that state cables are classified confidential. While this presents the least damaging level of classified – it is nonetheless classified material.

    While convenient to blame republicans or some other strawman, if you focus on the original sin – your alternative theories are moot.

  42. Using personal servers isn’t new. Remember Bush Jr’s “Lawyergate”?

    “During the Lawyergate controversy, it was also revealed that the Bush administration had used Republican National Committee Web servers for millions of emails, which were then destroyed or lost.”

    Apparently the Right Wing seems to have forgotten.

  43. Oh? So it’s Hillary Clinton’s fault that the mega sore-loser Party, the Republican Party, and their Libertarian billionaire money-masters are desperate to smear the Clintons any which way they can? It’s your belief that she should pay for their baseless witch-hunts?

    What planet are you on, mark?

  44. I voted for Hillary against Obama. But, I’m not a lemming; I’m not voting for her again even though I would like to see first woman POTUS. Seems to me what she did with her email “Server” after emails were requested by congress, was either knowingly wrong or maybe illegal. She should have only used a cloth to wipe that server. It’s unnecessary fodder for Trump and others and its not going away.

    Seriously looking at Biden.

  45. After 2 decades of manufacturing and/or exaggerating phony scandals about Hillary & Bill Clinton, you would think the GOP would have become a bit more careful about what they say and do. Yet they repeatedly f*ck things up, trying to make something out of nothing and ending up with egg on their face.

    I have to laugh at Trump, who obviously knows NOTHING about this alleged scandal, when he talks about HRC not finishing the campaign because she’ll be in jail. WTF is he talking about? Now we’ve got the idiots at MorningJoke saying the same thing and repeating debunked lies as in the server was kept in a bathroom in Denver! Scarborough forgets that many of his viewers are Democrats and don’t believe a word he says. We research his statements and easily reject those that are false. Of course, Scarborough ignores all tweets that correct his mistakes. In reality, they aren’t mistakes. they’re blatant lies!

  46. I’ve been saying this for months. IT WAS ALLOWED. People just don’t want to believe Hillary. MSNBC is not being far to Hillary ether. What may happen if Hillary gets the nomination is that she could ask Warren to be her running mate. Yes 2 women! Now that’s really historic!

  47. The server isn’t the issue; it’s Hillary’s dishonesty about it, about her support for the TPP, etc. She is dishonest and not trust-worthy.

    This primary contest must hinge on the TPP, an un-American coup des lois that will impose corporate rule on the U.S. and other nations. Biden and Clinton want this corporate rule; Sanders does not.

    We say, come what may, it’s #BernieOrElse!

  48. Colin Powell stated very clearly when the email scandal was in the GOP incubator that he used his private email server – that all past & present Secretaries of State have used private emails from the beginning of using email.

    Funny how using their private email was not a crime when the GOP was in office – only when a Dem uses private email should it come under scrutiny.

    The GOP asked the FBI to look into this to remove any hint of a witch hunt. Problem is its still a witch hunt.

  49. Keep repeating the last paragraph AndyCa, at some point even the rethgus may finally learn?
    BY the way jj if I were you and trying to prove just how smart and educated I was telling us your from Kentucky??? Not in my book!!

  50. The problem with the subject of this article is that it only addresses one factor/variable. There are many, and all are in motion, so it is very difficult (and maybe outright foolish) to make decisive conclusions. That is what the FBI must do.

  51. While the title might be accurate it does so with the intent to deceive. Lets assume the State Department itself does not have that rule you must be aware that they don’t make the rules federal employees are required by law to follow. Here they are:

    The Federal Records Act requires agencies hold onto official communications, including all work-related emails, and government employees cannot destroy or remove relevant records.
    FOIA is designed to “improve public access to agency records and information.”
    The NARA regulations dictate how records should be created and maintained. They stress that materials must be maintained “by the agency,” that they should be “readily found” and that the records must “make possible a proper scrutiny by the Congress.”
    Section 1924 of Title 18 has to do with deletion and retention of classified documents. “Knowingly” removing or housing classified information at an “unauthorized location” is subject to a fine or a year in prison.

  52. Will all due respect, the issue is not a private e-mail address. HRC set up her own off-site server so that she could control access to her e-mails. She then deleted all e-mails she did not want anyone to see. This is a clear violation of government policy. Ordinary citizens have gone to jail for lesser crimes.

  53. We were informed right after this phony scandal broke that Hilary broke no policy or laws. The press said the new policy didn’t take affect until well after Hilary left. How can people be in such denial? Plus most of us knew she was innocent because we weren’t listening to FOX or Chuck Toad etc.

  54. DJ — I completely agree with you regarding Chris Cuomo. Can’t stand his brother who constantly attacks Bill DeBlasio. They are definitely not their father’s sons!


    Look at your own history. Why would you not post this up? This poster made a salacious charge and this is a reasonable response. You have one guy on here claiming to be the or one of the moderators using profanity. This is about as vanilla of a response as you can find on here. Or did it offend you to learn of the Democrats chequered past.

  56. Dumbass that was 150 years ago what have you done lately? Post anymore of tis bullshit it will be the last time

  57. Well, all this bitching about the Republicans. I’ll just say this pisses me off. Sanders 2016. Sic semper tyrannis.

  58. These attacks on HRC are all due to Republicans having had their Shifty Dick run out of town ahead of an impeachment. The Republicans have been trying to get even ever since.

    Go, Hillary, Go.

  59. There is no need for anyone to “manufacture” scandals for either the Democrats or the Republicans. They succeed very nicely in creating scandals for themselves.

  60. Considering it’s not the State Dept that is investigating her, I don’t take much stock into what they say. It’s a FBI CRIMINAL investigation… it doesn’t just let things slide once they are discovered. The State Dept can forgive her, say she did no wrong, they can do whatever they want. But they aren’t the ones investigating it.

  61. In all reality she allowed the Democrats in Congress to pass the buck on the TPP…By giving the President fast track the Dems took themselves out of the equation..They cant amend the treaty and it will only take 50 votes + Biden to get it through the senate, The most important vote happened already, and Hillary called it a procedural vote.

  62. She was the head of the agency and the decision of what to keep was up to her and her alone:

    “The responsibility for making and preserving the records is assigned to the head of each federal agency.”

  63. Well, good. Maybe he will see the light and someday run an organization for the good of mankind and truth instead of evil.

    Media Matters started that way – to bring down Clinton – then he saw the truth and found deep admiration.

    Keep reading about all the wonderful things archived at the Clinton library… it might heal him!

  64. JJ…You’re correct. Born classified is a term referring to a policy of information being classified from the moment of its inception, regardless of where it was being created. The Born Classified policy was created because certain information could be so important to national security that it would “need classification BEFORE it could be formally evaluated”.

  65. Not Giving a Shit About the Clinton Email “Scandal” There’s a sentence from a Los Angeles Times column titled, “Why Clinton’s email problem won’t go away” that’s so ironic and so galling that it ought to be put on a poster in every media outlet. Here it is: “It’s difficult to avoid the suspicion that Clinton, after the scandals that rocked her husband’s presidency during the 1990s, simply did not want to leave behind a paper trail (or e-trail).” Context is everything, dear children, and the writer, John Schindler (a dick pic-sending right wing assmunch), is leaving out a huge part of the story. See, all those “scandals,” Travelgate and Filegate and Whitewater, were utter bullshit. They were worthless wastes of time and money by Republicans (and cowardly Democrats), and their only purpose was to isolate, degrade, and destroy the presidency of Bill Clinton, that hick punk who thought he could just saunter in and lead the nation. If they also took down his bitch wife who thought she was smart enough to solve the health care crisis, all the better. If not them, then any collateral damage of their friends and associates was just dandy. – See more at:

  66. The absence of a classified “Top Secret” stamp or other security markings on ANY of Clintons emails is irrelevant…Clinton was TRAINED in the proper handling of sensitive and classified information….A December 29, 2009 executive order (13526) by President Barack Obama listed the Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) as ONE OF A SELECT FEW of about two dozen government officials with the authority and responsibility to classify information ON SIGHT as ‘Top Secret’, ‘Secret’ or ‘Confidential’, known as “Original Classification Authority”..The classifying authority (Clinton) is who SETS THE LEVEL OF CLASSIFICATION of a document or email in the first place!!! Therefore, by looking at the contents of an email or document, she would have been able to determine whether or not it contained classified, highly sensitive material….even emails WITHOUT a “Top Secret” ‘Secret’ or ‘Confidential’ security classifications stamp. As Secretary of State, Clinton had the KNOWLED…

  67. As Secretary of State, Clinton had the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to DECIDE IF SOMETHING WAS TOP SECRET, so when she claims “I didn’t know it was classified because the ‘material wasn’t marked or designated classified’ and “because such a marking or stamp, is the way you know whether something is’ classified” ….is just another load of crap she’s trying to sell. The way you decide if something is classified, WHEN YOU’RE THE SECRETARY OF STATE isn’t looking for a stamp. It’s looking at the contents. “I didn’t know” or “she didn’t knowingly” just isn’t going to fly when she was VETTED in identifying classified and sensitive material and had classifying authority to designate it as such.

  68. You people are stupid. If you would use that brain of yours don’t you think after 3 years of investigations charges would have been filed by now? As his Rudeness said I don’t give a shit

  69. Finally, someone is talking sense here. The question is not whether Clinton could use private E-mail, that is allowed. The problem is she knowingly stored classified material on her private, non-government, sever and lied about it. She did it. She broke the law…..
    I seriously doubt there will be an indictment, but many people have gone to prison for far less.

  70. You do remember that Hillary voted for the war and Bill continually sent the Air Force to bomb Saddam numerous times while Democrats gave speeches in Congress about the threat he posed to the world. Selective memory knows no party only blind loyalty or hatred you choose

  71. I have friends with whom I correspond via phone because they do not use the internet. They watch TV for news. Apparently, even though this happened on national television, the TV news isn’t reporting it at all. Apparently, the TV news mongers want to keep this idiocy alive. Apparently the GOP has full control over the idiot box, which means it’s an uberidiot box. I do not know first hand because I do not allow telepoison in my house.

  72. The GOP will continue to beat this dead horse until the day President Sanders and Vice President Clinton are sworn in to office, and beyond.

  73. Wow, this is pretty interesting. I have no problem with the use of a private email address if that is the official policy. However, I am suprised that processing Classified information on an UnClas system is “OK”. For the uninformed, just because something is not actually marked in a classified manner, does not mean it isn’t classified. Also for the uninformed, virtually all official information processed by any Secretary of State is going to be of a classified nature or they would not be abble to do their job. Summarizing TS-SCI information and passing it on as UnClas is also very much illegal. No TS-SCI info can be removed from a SCIF through note taking and then passed on. This was the method of convenience used by Mrs Clinton anf Huma so that Mrs Clinton wouldn’t be inconveniencd by having to visit the SCIF (it’s a royal pain). So yes, she may very well be telling the truth when she says she didn’t send or receive Messages MARKED as Classified. However ………..

  74. For the uninformed, just because something is not actually marked in a classified manner, does not mean it isn’t classified
    You just cant make this bovine excrement up. have you no sense? … plenty of it he answered but at times we get tired of using it … don marquis

  75. So it appears everybody agrees that there is a law / policy in existence now that, had it been in existence when Hillary was Secretary, she would have broken. So on that she gets a pass and her only saving grace in this whole thread is that? Weak.

    Forget the media because any outlet you listen to is biased one way or the other. Go on common sense. So you either think that the new law is a bad one or a good one. If you think its a good one then the fact she did what she did is still bad whether she broke a law or not. If you think the new policy is a bad one then you have to be ok with every politician who ever had a private server and ok with government secrecy and deceit.

    Which is it?

  76. It isn’t Republicans just lie about the Clintons, they lie about everything!
    1) Reagan Iran Contra lies.
    2) The Clintons killed V Foster.
    3) The 2000 election lies in Florida.
    4) The lies that led us into war by the entire Bush administration. (notice no Republicans have asked for Sec. of St. Powell’s private emails during this time)
    5) The Republican ‘swiftboat’ lies against Kerry.
    6) Republican lies about Obama wasn’t born in America which over 50% of Republicans still believe.
    7) Republican lies about Obama is a Muslim while he is also a member of a radical Black Church.
    Why would anyone with a brain believe anything they ever say!

  77. The idiot you speak of might be looking at you in the mirror!
    Lets see Congr. Gowdy’s emails while this has been going on, and the putz who ran the Republican attack group before him, get his email too!
    What about Colin Powell’s private email as Sec. of State while he and the Bush administration were lying this country into a war that killed over 3000 Americans!

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