Delusional RNC Chair Reince Priebus Declares Donald Trump “A Positive” For GOP

Reince Priebus blames Obama for Ebola
During an interview on WISN-TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus declared that Donald Trump’s 2016 candidacy was “a positive” for the Republican Party. Priebus fielded a number of questions about Trump, and each time he reiterated his assertion that Trump was a good thing for the Republican Party and for the country.

Priebus argued that Trump “brings a lot of interest” to the Republican presidential race and that his candidacy was a “net positive for everybody.” The Republican Party chair downplayed concerns about Trump’s divisiveness, and he promised to support whoever wins the GOP nomination.


At one point, Priebus tried to deflect away questions about the Republican Party’s lack of appeal to minorities by arguing that the GOP has become a “young, diverse party” where voters have a “whole slew of options.”

In a rare moment of candor, Priebus did seem briefly to acknowledge the GOP’s image problem, by noting that it has developed a reputation for being “a midterm party that doesn’t lose and a presidential party that doesn’t win”. However, aside from that one insightful comment, he spent most of his time spinning away concerns that Trump or other Republican candidates would alienate minority voters.


Priebus’ favorable comments about Trump demonstrate the bombastic billionaire’s growing influence with the Republican Party. Early in the campaign, GOP power brokers seemed intent on ignoring or undermining the Trump candidacy. Now party leaders appear too scared to criticize Trump for fear that they may anger a large chunk of potential Republican voters.

Trump has caught the Republican Party off guard, as his campaign of bigotry and insults has caught fire with GOP primary voters. Reince Priebus seems to be conceding that Trump’s message resonates with the voters inside his party, and now the sheepish head of the RNC can do nothing but belatedly hop on the Trump bandwagon.


Priebus apparently figures if he can’t beat Trump, he might as well join him. Trump’s campaign is not a net positive for the Republican Party or for the country, but Reince Priebus is either too foolish or too timid to admit that. He has decided to embrace the Trump candidacy, and if that candidacy proves to be a political disaster for the Republican Party, Priebus will own the political fallout.

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  1. Major issue that media has not / will not cover:
    Simple as that .

    Republicans are weak cowards, wannabe dictators, or just plain degenerates that get sick pleasure from the misery of others.

    They’re just no good for any collective / societal / group effort anywhere.

    Republicans are the garbage that needs to be buried or driven into the sea.

  2. He’s afraid to say anything negative or criticize Trump. First he’s a little woossy, and second he would crap an 8×10 glossy if Trump turned his temper on him.

  3. The blowhard is stealing their thunder, sucking up all the oxygen in the room. All are cowards and dare not criticize Trump.

  4. Lol, Trump has the repub party by the short hairs now, they dare not be unfair to him, just like he demanded, or he will go 3rd party. He’s got them over a barrel. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving party.

  5. Well there you have it. Priebus drank the Kool-Aid and has been bullied into submission by Trump. He can’t stand up to him lest he face the full wrath of the Trumpzilla, running amok amongst the townspeople.

    By the time November 2016 rolls around, the GOP is going to look like Nagasaki after Little Boy.

  6. Trump has the whole Republican party reeling. This dumb wit knows it which is why he’s lying through his teeth. Trump is holding the whole Republican party hostage by threatening to run as an Independent. Priebus is shaking in his boots at the thought.

  7. Ahh they’re all just dumb as bricks. Hell they think Reagan was a great president and leader when the facts are he was a senile old coot completely out of touch with reality.

  8. Republicans are the congenitally deformed.
    The WORST of the unredeemable criminal class.

    We put these dangers of society into institutions, or locked them up in our basements or attics years … a century ago.

    Now, since Reagan, they are loosed like dogs of war to spread ignorance and insanity among the masses.

    Republicans are NUTS ! NOT just ‘misguided’…totally BATSH!T, Flucking, crap-eating crazy psychotic, “Kill you and smile about it” Norman Bates !

    Republicans just cannot exist in a sane world.

    They can’t.

    They can’t, And YOU Know It !

    The only thing lacking is for enough actual democrats and American soldiers to have courage.

    I’m not sure if the American ‘character’ can accept the role of partisans.
    Most are ego-cowards that would comply with any system where they lived at the time.
    Pitiful creatures.

    Most don’t deserve …well anything. They’re gropers and grabbers.
    Mindless parasites that work all their lives, then die.


  9. I support Bernie! But I have to say that I do enjoy watching and reading how Trump is dismantling his Rethuglican buddies. To hear him state the sheer facts about his opponents and then speak to what a loser each and everyone of them is…in every respect…is something I’ve wanted to hear for ages from a candidate’s mouth. He is doing it for the Dems without his so-called knowledge. ??

  10. So now Preibus is all for Trump being included in the GOP KlownKar?! SarahPalin recently commented the same GOP on the fact that they have such a deep bench, filled with “common-sense conservatives yada yada yada…” In reality, they have a WIDE bench and it’s only an inch deep. None of these guys have ever had an original thought.

    If Priebus can’t acknowledge that the remainder of the bench is afraid to stand up to Trump, how the hell does he think they’ll handle standing up to foreign dictators? They won’t! They will turn tail and run just as they all have run away from Trump by now.

  11. So a hate filled button pusher like Trump is a ‘positive’ for you…

    I’d hate to see what is considered ‘Negative’ to them… oh wait. That would be something called ‘common sense’.

  12. That little frog eyed weasel. He’s one those that go to prison for molesting pigeons, tries to do his sentence like a man. He walks in on the first day carrying his matress and and plastic slippers, scares the hell out of the guards and other inmates by yelling at the top of his lungs: I’m bad!! Dammit! I’m mean! 8 yrs later, he walks out switching, is sporting a broken left wrist, missing ears and ready to divorce his wife.

  13. . I like watching Trump tell everyone what complete losers they are and it seems very hopeful to me. Conservative idiots are seeing their pet candidates taking it doggy style from Trump. It could work out real well for Hillary, Joe, Bernie, whoever our good guy is. The Donald be makin them look like the nasty, cowardly thugs they are. I just don’t see Trump winning the presidency. I almost hope Scott Walker runs against Hillary. I did not know just how stupid this drop out is. it is very gratifying. the thugs have done everything possible to make us hate them. Who votes for these yellow dogs?

  14. just read you post. Follow you to hell Kranky. I will even hump mortar rounds for you and I hate humpin mortar rounds.

  15. I don’t ever want to see “Barak Obama” and “Neville Chamberlain” in the same sentence ever again. It should be “The GOP” and “Neville Chamberlain”

  16. @AB …Did some things too.
    Don’t follow me.
    You know the way. I just give a good direction ; because I see things … I know things. I’ve DONE things.
    But I’m still here.
    Not smarter…just because.

    We are our own merchants.

    But thank you,
    Would not want anyone to confront mortar rounds, or any deaths destruction from the extractionist killers.

    BUT …THAT is what they do.

    We can be submissive. We can be silent.
    We can be stupid when we want to.

    And we can be smart, and patient.
    And know who our true enemies are. And realize that these enemies are not football adversaries; but people that will kill you because you are just YOU.

    We all know what needs to be done.
    The NAZI’s have control of Congress.

    What ? WHAT ? do we do with Nazi’s ?

    We all know the answer.

  17. I’m having a really hard time deciding if tRump is a closet Democrat and he’s doing this for all of us, or is he truly that mental? I mean, he some serious mental issues, which are quite obvious.

    It seems like he’s hell bent on finding the most atrocious, damaging (to the GOP) things he can say or do and then carrying them out with glee. It almost defies belief sometimes.

  18. Speaking of Palin, she has a show on the One America channel. She was on last night yapping lies about Planned Parenthood. It is called On Point with Sarah Palin.

  19. This is stupid. Trump makes all of the other candidates appear to be more moderate on immigration and women’s issues (and really anything he talks about) and makes them more electable.

  20. Of course he’s a positive. All of the other candidates appear more moderate in comparison. They get to chastise Trump for his comments about immigrants and then they seem to be more immigrant-friendly.

  21. That doesn’t actually make any kind of point. This is simple. Trump makes ridiculous comments about Mexicans. All of the other candidates get to rip him a new one for those comments. They appear to be softer on immigration and get more votes in New Mexico than they would have without Trump.

  22. Rick Perry: “I was offended by his remarks. Listen, Hispanics in America and Hispanics in Texas, from the Alamo to Afghanistan, have been extraordinary people, citizens of our country and of our state.”

    Mike Huckabbe: “Trump made a severe error in saying what he did about Mexican-Americans, and it is unfortunate.”

    Jeb Bush: “To make these extraordinarily ugly kind of comments is not reflective of the Republican Party. Trump is wrong on this.”

    As you said, paying attention is important.

  23. First Rick Perry has no chance of winning. Second Bush said his anchor babies are Asian and third see number one. Now I don’t know what you are talking about but all of them except bush is calling for repealing the 14th amendment. You do understand that or do you even know what the 14th amendment says?

  24. You’re missing the point. This is an election. It’s about votes and votes are about voter perception, not reality. All of the Republicans have a problem with the Latino vote (Rubio and Bush have less of one.) Trump makes them appear ‘less bad.’ That can give them some number of votes that they would not get without him. His comments about women do the same thing on a larger scale. He makes the other candidates relatively more acceptable to middle-of-the-spectrum swing voters. There are “at least he’s not Trump” voters.

  25. Good grief, thought we were finally done with Palin. She’s like a very BAD CASE OF THE FLU, keeps coming back.

  26. tRump has tapped into this:

    “Uploaded on Mar 17, 2010
    Columbus Dispatch Outs “The Terrible Teabagger”:

    COLUMBUS – In a scene reminiscent of non-violent civil rights confrontations from the 1960s, Ohio Tea Partiers quickly turned ugly when facing off with health care advocates in front of Ohio Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy’s office Tuesday.

    In shocking video taken by a Columbus Dispatch reporter Doral Chenowith yesterday, Tea Party protestors mock a seated counter-protestor with a sign indicating he has Parkinson’s disease. They then proceed to hurl wadded up bills at him shouting, “I’ll decide when to give you money!”

    On March 17th outside of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy’s (D-OH15) district office teabaggers mocked and scorned a man who had a sign stating that he had Parkinson’s. They told him “he’s in the wrong end of town to ask for handouts”, called him a communist and threw dollar bills at him to “pay for his health care”

  27. …analytically speaking; the disease the GOP most resembles is…SYPHILIS!!!
    …CHECK IT OUT: Once established, Syphilis begins eating the brain…left unchecked insanity develops, and the victim winds up with a brain that looks like Swiss cheese…
    …sound familiar???

  28. You must have some for me to insult. The reality is unless you are an white Christian male you have no place in the gop. Now you can holler all you want some are less bad than others I don’t see it that way. If you listen to their platform the only logical conclusion one can have is they are a party of hate and un-American

  29. Correction: You must be an ANGRY, OLD, white christian male to be in the GOP. Fortunately they’re a dying breed and that’s why the republican party can’t win a national election anymore.

  30. Trump’s biggest base of support are angry white males with less than a high-school education. Apparently he’s got that demographic all wrapped up.

  31. I agree that reince priebus is delusional for making that statement. I can’t understand the appeal of thump. However he is no more extreme than Bernie would be the same as the chairman of the DNC making the same statement about about sanders. try to think of the accomplishments while in the senate. Almost zero. Neither are going to be president.

  32. I haven’t heard chants of white power at a Sen. Sanders event nor have I heard him call a group of people criminals. So you are full of shit

  33. Donald Trump supporters know he’ll make America great again. ‘It’s on his hat.’

    As for Luntz, he professes to be shaken by the experience, not because he was just locked in a room with twenty of America’s dumbest citizens, people who don’t trust government and get their relevant political information from reading hats

  34. Trumpenstein and his band of violent, rabid followers are the GOP’s creation.

    When they finally let loose and go on a rampage, Priebus and his fellow mad “scientists” will have no one to blame but themselves.

  35. Trump is working for the Democrats. No doubt about it. He is a plant, creating havoc, cutting down the pygmies to shorter sizes and embarrassing their leadership. How they cower is amazing to watch. But Republicans cower to many who jerk them around anyway: Rush Limbaugh for one makes them quiver in their shoes. One bad comment from Hannity about you—you are done. Bibi Netanyahu, tells them what to do as far as foreign policy is concerned, otherwise they can’t think of anything to say or do. Luntz writes their witty quips and talking points. Cheney, the Dick, comes out of his bat cave from time to time to spread the seeds of war, and they cheer. The KOCH brothers, pays them off and they sign contracts to do his bidding IF they win. (Win what?) So, the Republicans are fascinated by cult like individuals. Now here’s Trump, their new Pied Piper.

  36. And they(RNC)ditch a guy like Richard Steele (wrong color) in favor of this buffoon (Reince). This show is on course for a Romney repeat.So goes things in the classless party.

  37. …for all his faults, Michael Steel{e?} at least had a sense o’ humor about the whole political battles thing…Rinsed Penis???A sense o’ humor??? {{{Magic 8-Ball says “Thou hast GOTZ to be jesting”}}}

  38. Little Reince is like someone in an abusive relationship and they are afraid to leave. It really is pathetic.

  39. Reince Priebus sounds like a social disease, & is obviously a chinless weasel…guy makes my flesh crawl.

  40. “Rancid Penis”…I cannot believe the guy is actually FROM Wisconsin…he is certainly a weasel, but will NEVER be a Badger.

    Brain cancer always seems to strike the WRONG people.

  41. Anyone who has watched the ‘Republican’ debate hosted and scripted by the Republican Party, aka FOX News, with participants chosen by FOX News according to Polls named after the selection, and featuring FOX News questions designed to guide the selection of ‘top tier’ candidates, can see that we could have saved time, money, and muted the silliness factor by just having FOX News announce the GOP candidate they were selecting for us to consider. Tell me again, why do we call them FOX NEWS? Just call them GOP headquarters.

  42. One thing Trump has accomplished to the benefit of the dems, is that he has weakened other repubs and now has a genuine shot at the nomination. I think Walker, Christie, Paul, Jindal, Cruz and Perry are toast. Bush is languishing with very poor numbers. The gop field has been seriously damaged by Trump.

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