Democrats Could Take Control As House Republican Threatens To Force Vote To Oust John Boehner


House Republican Mark Meadows (NC) is threatening to force a vote to oust Speaker Boehner. The result of this move would be a virtual voluntary surrender of power as Democrats would hold all of the cards in determining John Boehner’s fate.

According to The Daily Signal (News arm of The Heritage Foundation), Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) renewed his threat to oust the Speaker of the House:

Indeed, when Congress returns from its six-week summer recess, Meadows warned he may take it a step further.

Meadows says if leadership’s tactics don’t change to his liking, he—or another supportive lawmaker—could refile the motion from “non-privileged to “privileged,” forcing a vote within two legislative days.

Meadows insists that Boehner would need to depend on Democrats to keep his speakership—he says there are “many more” than 29 Republicans who would vote to strip the speaker of his gavel (for comparison, 25 lawmakers did not vote to re-elect Boehner as speaker in January).

If the vote is successful, Meadows, for the first time, acknowledged that he would “certainly entertain” becoming speaker himself.

Democrats would save Boehner from the coup attempt, but the price for his survival would be high. Speaker Boehner would owe Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats his job, so his tactics would probably change, and votes on legislation that Democrats have long wanted to see come to the floor would finally happen.

Restoring The Voting Rights Act and immigration reform are two of the issues that have bipartisan support, but have seen Boehner refuse to bring bills to the floor for a vote.

Should House Republicans be foolish enough to force a vote to oust Boehner, and there is nothing in their track record to indicate that they aren’t, the result of their action would be to hand power over to House Democrats in an unprecedented way.

A vote to overthrow Boehner would force the Speaker to look for allies on the Democratic side, and the result could be bipartisanship in the House.

Speaker Boehner would find himself in the unique position of having a numerical majority, but relying on the Democratic minority to govern. The other consequence of a vote to remove Boehner would be an open and full-scale civil war among House Republicans.

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  1. “Power intoxicates men. It is never voluntarily surrendered. It must be taken from them.” – James F. Byrnes

    The only way that can happen is through fair elections.

    As a side note, James Byrnes shared my birthday and I share his sentiment. :-)

  2. Flying the Confederate Flag with their white robes, hoods, and burning cross, along with a picture of Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, and John Wilkes Booth.

  3. It’s a bit naive to think that, if the Democrats help save His Orangeness, that he’ll help them out.
    As the first comment quoted above about power never being surrendered voluntarily, it would have to be taken away from him.
    The GOP’s recent history (since 1980) is that, unless you force them out of power via voting, they’ll exercise it…they’re not about facts, truth, logic, reason and common sense. They’re about Fascism, corruption, greed, insanity, arrogance, etc.

  4. It’s funny that one man is on this crusade to throw Boehner out as Speaker. The in-fighting has already started… it’s going to be either bloody as hell with Boehner thrown out as Speaker or risk having those 29 tea bags be pissed off because he is still speaker.

    So much fun here…

  5. … yeah, not sure that the Boner HAS any honor in the first place…checking his history, I see among other constants a whole lotta backstabbin’ goin’ on…can Nancy Pelosi trust him to ‘repent’???
    {{{Magic 8-Ball says “Not Likely”}}}

  6. …I would like to try whatever booze the Boner drinks; but if I turned into a backstabbin’ greedy, asshole, me wife o’ 20 years would kick me out!!!

  7. You just have to love it when the CIRCUS comes to town in the late Summer and Fall. Have a good day fellow travelers. Always remember to learn from other’s mistakes.

  8. the democrats won’t help this useless POS tea bag/repub worst ever, most UNPRODUCTIVE speaker.

    We knew the tea bag/repubs couldn’t govern and this proves it. They’re a bunch of children looking for a leader.

    The democrats are far superior at getting thing done.

    The 111th Congress, led by Speaker of the house democrat from California Nancy Pelosi, is one of the most productive in History, next to the 89th that came in with John William McCormack, a democrat from Massachusetts.
    ALL of course in contrast to what we have now, one of THE most unproductive Congress’s in our History with the worst SOTH Boehner.

  9. Oh they’ll save him, because the alternative is far worse. Can you imagine a Tea Nut in charge of anything? Lord have mercy.

  10. That outcome presumes, if Pelosi and the Democrats help Boehner keep his seat, he’d act honorably and uphold any deal he makes with them.

    Boehner has proven time and time again he is not an honorable man. What’s best for Boehner at any given moment is all Boehner cares about.

  11. As much as I would love to see that sot out of the speakers chair, don’t doubt for a minute he would be out of power when our government is controlled by the nameless and run on dishonesty, alcohol, greed and sex.
    It drives me to distraction to see a “thing” like Mark Meadows linked to NC. My dogs are better North Carolinians than he is, they al least water the trees.
    Read this, pay particular attention to Cashiers NC where he makes his temporary home to run for office. You would have to spend time in that area to REALLY understand but unless you are brain dead it’s plain enough. Read about his ties to Florida and how he pretends to make a living. How the area in the mountains was gerrymandered to make a district for the dark money to put him in office. The real people that belongs there are busy just trying to scratch a living. And look at his record. He does his masters bidding very well.

  12. The Republicans’ House is divided amongst itself. A sure sign that the turmoil will rock that party to its core and create a MAKEOVER from top to bottom. First they must get rid of the Tea-Partiers amongst them. Then get rid of the Crazies. Then get rid of the loafers-those who do NOTHING but vote NO on everything! They KNOW who they are.

  13. It is at the breaking point when we have to get our true news from foreign news outlets. The six men that controls all the MSM blocks all the news that should be shouted from the house tops every day. But that wouldn’t fit in with israel’s endless wars for us to pay and die for.
    Here is a little part of the real truth about how the republicans finally managed to take over NC. And about who Mark Mathews really is.
    By the time his six weeks of vacation is over him and the rest of the tourists will be leaving the mountains until skiing season starts. Believe this. The REAL people in that area won’t be the ones getting rich then either. But it will at least put a little food on the tables.

  14. Re “Restoring The Voting Rights Act [has] … bipartisan support”: Not really. No new legislation is needed. The Supreme Court struck down only one provision in the Voting Rights Act — which was indeed unconstitutional, and which was never a permanent part of the Act anyway — and there are plenty of other voting-rights laws available to ensure that the right to vote is not violated. What’s more, the principal bill that has been drafted is bad legislation. For example, it does not protect all races equally from discrimination; it contains much that has nothing to do with the Supreme Court’s decision; and it itself violates the Constitution by prohibiting practices that are not actually racially discriminatory but only have racially disproportionate effects. The bill is also not really bipartisan; at Senate hearings last year, it was clear that no Republican would favor it, because it is designed to give a partisan advantage to the Left.

  15. The voting rights act? no legislation is needed? Been asleep Roger? Napping maybe? Ever hear of the deaths involved just so Black people could vote, get real. If I wasn’t halfway sane, I would guess, “You Might be a Republican”. No one with an ounce of history knowledge, would be unaware of the evil that was bestowed upon the black race (after all the Cotton was bolled & weighed) back when things were rotten for minorities. Come on son, surely you’re not that dense Roger.

  16. Let Boehner fall. This is what happens when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

    He is not worth protecting. He has not contributed anything to the country except grief.

    Let him save his own sorry A%*

  17. Win, lose or draw if Mark Meadows files this thing the house will choke up and stop working until the 2016 election. Repub vs repub will consume all that time and the political hatred will live for decades to come.

    And while have little or no problem with that (no legislation is better than bad legislation) the rest of the country probably doesn’t have those same feelings. They want to see the business of the people done! I’m a pessimist and I just don’t see Boner losing his speakership.

  18. I agree with your sentiment, but I think in this particular situation, it might be better to stick with the devil you know (Boehner) than some Tea Party loon who has no clue how government works

  19. Let them all twist slowly in the wind. Any divide at all ends the GOP’s majority in the House.

  20. Jeff, good point you have. Just when we think we have seen the most dysfunctional, there is always one worse..very true. No, we don’t need that.

  21. I’m betting those whose ancestors fought for southern prude will and they all be whistling Dixie on their March to regain power…uh well at least to the new rebellion…

  22. Overthrow Boehner. There’s no value to Democrats to save his ass. The House Republicans need to be seen in all their stupid nonsense. It will help Democrats to win the House back. Just let Boehner go down.

  23. Mark Meadows is my rep, NC district 11. Trust me…he is dangerously ambitious, and far worse than Boehner. Drunk or not, I hope Boehner survives this.

  24. Went to the site. At first glance (that picture)thought I was looking at a Koch brother, almost got ill. read as much as I could stand, then left..Icky man with Ichy morals and standards. Perfect, teabagger, perfect rethug.
    Who wants to be Speaker!!Badly!!!Look out America, if he ever gets that gavel.

  25. Everyone who can possibly do so should contact Representative Mark Meadows R – NC and encourage him to re-file the motion from non-privileged to privileged.

    It is a wonderful idea and has my full support.

  26. As a conservative I’d love to see Boehner ousted. The questions are: Are there enough republicans that have the cahonies to do so? Probably not. Does Boehner have enough support from the ‘good old boys’ in the republican party to back him up? Probably.

  27. If 29 are against him then he his toast unless like the article said Democrats save his sorry drunken ass

  28. Sharon, He is my congressman, also. And I totally agree with your assessment. The scary thing is that the NC Republicans have gerrymandered this district in such a way that it will belong to Meadows for ever. We need an independent redistricting or democracy is toast in NC. The politicians get to pick their constituents instead of we, the people, electing our representatives.

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