Desperate Republicans Turn To War Criminal Dick Cheney As Obama Closes In On Iran Deal Victory


As another Democratic senator announced, her support for the Iran deal increasingly desperate Republicans are turning to former Vice President Dick Cheney to give a major address against the deal.

Republicans are making a last-ditch effort to stop the Iran deal. According to Politico, conservatives will be turning to discredited war criminal Dick Cheney to make their case against the deal, “Dick Cheney will speak out against the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran during a speech next month at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.
According to an AEI news release, the former vice president will share his concerns about the deal’s “consequences for the security and interests of the United States and its allies in the Middle East.”

The news that Cheney will try to kill the deal comes after President Obama picked up another Democratic supporter in the Senate.

In a statement, Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow announced that she is supporting the deal:

I have had extensive classified and unclassified briefings, extensive discussions with our U.S. negotiators and leaders from every country involved in negotiating this agreement. I have met with leaders representing the current Israeli government as well as former military and civilian Israeli leaders. And, I have heard from so many people in Michigan, with passionate feelings on both sides of this critical issue.

I have determined that the imminent threat of Iran having a nuclear weapon outweighs any flaws I see in the international agreement. For this reason, I must support the agreement.

Having Dick Cheney speak in an attempt to kill the Iran deal could backfire and increase support for the agreement. Cheney is one of the Bush administration figures who lied the nation in invading Iraq.

The idea that Cheney could pull some 9/11 level scare tactics and kill this deal is a symbol of the desperation that is sweeping through the Republican Party.

Republicans thought that they were going to be able to force President Obama into a veto showdown over the diplomatic agreement. Instead, momentum is growing among Senate Democrats to block the resolution of disapproval.

If there is one man who could help seal the Republican defeat, it’s Dick Cheney. The Republican Party is full of bad foreign policy ideas, but trotting out Cheney to remind everyone about the war in Iraq might be the worst.

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  1. Right on GOP!! Lets drag out old Dick(Lie us into a WAR) Cheney. One of the most disreputable human beings hated on the planet. That will definitely add credibility to your trying to stop the Iran Deal. What a JOKE.

  2. It’s pure desperation when you ask a war criminal to speak about a treaty. I don’t like or trust Dick Cheney and he should be put down a like rabid dog. This SOB allowed a lot of good American soldiers die or get maimed so he could become rich. He doesn’t deserve God’s mercy. And any a-whole who support him is just as bad. But what do you expect from the party of stupid and evilness.

  3. Hey dickie BOY I have an idea. Why don’t you go to Europe and give your speech. I am quite sure we can go on gofundme to pay for your airfare and any other cost you may incur

  4. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel, the crap barrel, that is. I guess we will also be hearing from his spawn, the idiot Lizard.

  5. They expended all their heavy hitters, i.e. Netanyahu, and are getting nowhere…so they go into the dugout and bring out a washed up war-mongerer, architect of the Iraq f*up and expect HIM to be the poster boy for a NO to a Good Deal? It’s like trying to get the same salesman who sold you the Lemon to come at you again for another sale. Fool me once….

  6. If I was riding the fence about this deal, having Dickhead Cheney come out in opposition to it, would definitely make my mind up to favor it!

  7. They probably figure he’s been wrong about EVERYTHING until now, so THIS time he’s GOT to be right! law of averages, man! 50th time’s the charm! ;P

  8. If war profiteer and Iraq war architect Dick Cheney is against the Iran deal, then I’m all for it.

    Bloodthirsty ghoul.

  9. That’s right FRANCIE, anything with Dick (Sinister) Cheney’s stamp of approval on it, can well be seen as a prelude to WAR. Beware of his stigma—-He will hypnotize the war-hawks and those who are weak minded into a WAR they will regret. Then he goes into hiding when it is raging, and gleefully watch the body bags come home 24/7.

  10. Sure, let’s bring out old Darth Cheney and hear what he has to say. He is more machine now than man, twisted and evil.

  11. Cheney? Really?

    Wassamatter Pukes, Georgie still too drunk to be let out in public? Oh, that’s right, don’t want to remind anyone who Jeb! is related to now, do we?

    Please proceed, crazy party.

  12. He should be in jail for war crimes(begging for forgiveness) along with Bush, Rice and the rest of their cronies not running his mouth about this or anything else…

  13. …just saw clip from Jon Stewarts last show, showing Darth Vader saying “You have compared me to Dick Cheney.” when Jon confirmed this Vader continues…”That seems…harsh.”


    Errors and Lies about the Iraq war

    Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War



    The Iraq liars target Iran
    The same people who lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction to start a war are pushing for war on Iran.

    So, when are you going to have your 4th heart attack????

  15. So is this treasonous symbol of all that is wrong with Republicans going to give out the names of any more covert CIA operatives? He’s good at that…and should be in jail for outing Valarie Plame…and remember her specialty was — Iran. But I suppose no one in the “media” will remember to ask him…

  16. Well, looking on the bright side….as hated as Cheney is world wide, this should cement more support for the deal. If Cheney is for it, it can’t be a good thing.

    He’s probably rubbing his war mongering hands together, thirsting for more blood money.

  17. I keep waiting for him to have his 5th heart attack and just die.
    He sounds like Darth Vader when he breaths.

    The entire Dumya admin needs to hole their heads in shame for killing 6480 troops.

    Dumya admits no WMDs

    A democratic president has NEVER had a shoe thrown at them

    Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown by Iraqi Journalist

    the US was hated
    Global Public Opinion in the Bush Years (2001-2008)

  18. This “Rat Fink” is a liar, just like his Methed up, lizard faced daughter. Tried to carpetbag in Wyoming a while back didn’t she/it and blew that one. The the scab dissed her sister.

  19. Pres. Obama just drive these racist brazen GOP hillbillies batsh** crazy. First they drag out 17 or 20 mentally deficient rejects and called them top tier presidential contenders.
    They insulted everyone from there race, religion, sexual preference. Second, GOP hillbillies betrayed our country, constitution, president and oath of office. Now they dragging out the ‘Grim Reaper and his banshee,’ to tell the other little rabbit mind hillbillies that dying for a paranoid Schizophrenia foreign leader is your patriotic
    duty. Because you know ‘the other’ is appeaser of those Muslim and destroying our way of life.
    This should give every dem senator and representative more reason to support this nuclear deal.

  20. I still can’t help laughing when i see that shoe throwing video, lol, it’s just comical to see, but not funny when you realize the anger behind it.

  21. My Congressman, Moolenaar (walked right into the House when Camp retired..they are big buddies here in Midland, MI) has already spouted off the entire list of reasons he is sure the deal is BAD BAD BAD. This after his little paid junket over to meet Netanyahu, who even paid for the wife to go along. How sweet. I emailed him and asked him who he thinks he owes allegiance to? The President of the United States and the people he represents or, Bibi? I will not get an answer, but it felt good to call him out.

  22. That’s about the BEST barometer on whether or not a deal is good or bad.

    Come to think of it, anything any congressional Republican is for, the country should be against, and vice versa.

  23. Considering the closest thing he ever saw in the way of being on a battlefield was quail hunting…ooops shot one of my guys…I would think he would be the last person anyone would consider an expert on warfare, national security, wmds,etc. He was daddy’s secretary of defense and did not get Saddam that round so he did it with junior and according to Jebediah the smart one that was a pretty good trade since there weren’t any wmds. The guy is a sham and probably would now be dead except he now has a heart thanks to modern science. Thus showing evil prevails.

  24. Let Cheney loose. I will tip off THE INTERNATIONAL COURT IN THE HAGUE. They want to try this War Criminal very badly.

  25. I would listen to what Darth Cheney has to say about the Iran Agreement if he will make the speech in France, Spain, or the Netherlands. Otherwise, no deal. Of course Dick Cheney will probably never leave the United States because he knows if he steps foot in most countries he will be sent to the Hague to face war crimes charges.

  26. This is a good deal for the world. It was the 6 most powerful nations on earth with the advise and guidance of expert scientific opinion that negotiated this deal. Mossad and the CIA say it is a good deal. To see Members of Congress, whether led by their greater allegiance to Israel (as in the case of my NY Senator Schumer) or by their pocketbooks, who vote against this agreement are branding themselves. It will be interesting to see what happens to them when they stand for election. Schumer, for one, will face a primary challenge and in a state wide election he can easily lose. All of NY is not NYC.

  27. “If there is one man who could help seal the Republican defeat, it’s Dick Cheney. The Republican Party is full of bad foreign policy ideas, but trotting out Cheney to remind everyone about the war in Iraq might be the worst.” Insanity is engaging in the same bad behavior over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. Thanks, GOP.

  28. Bob, BOB! You make no sense. Not a very intelligent statement. Typical of the retards on your side of the fence. Your opinion regarding the President is typical of the bottom feeders you represent.
    There is NO comparison between the President and Dark Vader. But then again, we know where you comin’ from—One hell of an ugly place and shamefully embarrassing to the rest of America. Yeah, I said it. Deal with that.

  29. you mean ILLINOIS STATE SENATOR Barack Obama?? He done more that you’ve EVER done.

    I’ve finished your incomplete sentence:

    “He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney and taught constitutional law at University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. He served three terms representing the 13th District in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004, running unsuccessfully for the United States House of Representatives in 2000.”

  30. Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War so he favors a war with Iran. If we have a war with Iran, the GOP will offer no aid to Israel. The Iranian deal will protect Israel. Give peace a chance!

  31. When I saw that shoe, Was hoping it would hit him right smack in the kisser. Disappointed when it didn’t.

  32. The warmongers are in full panic mode. Dragging out “Crashcart Cheney” from the bunker is a last ditch effort. Face it you warmongers, this agreement is happening and you can’t stop it. Trying to use this agreement as cover for a regime change war in Iran will not work. Bibi will continue to do his Chicken Little act but at this point it’s pathetic. Apparently his plans have been rejected by his bosses before. They view him and his act as trouble.

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