Desperate Republicans Turn To War Criminal Dick Cheney As Obama Closes In On Iran Deal Victory

As another Democratic senator announced, her support for the Iran deal increasingly desperate Republicans are turning to former Vice President Dick Cheney to give a major address against the deal.

Republicans are making a last-ditch effort to stop the Iran deal. According to Politico, conservatives will be turning to discredited war criminal Dick Cheney to make their case against the deal, “Dick Cheney will speak out against the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran during a speech next month at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.
According to an AEI news release, the former vice president will share his concerns about the deal’s “consequences for the security and interests of the United States and its allies in the Middle East.”

The news that Cheney will try to kill the deal comes after President Obama picked up another Democratic supporter in the Senate.

In a statement, Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow announced that she is supporting the deal:

I have had extensive classified and unclassified briefings, extensive discussions with our U.S. negotiators and leaders from every country involved in negotiating this agreement. I have met with leaders representing the current Israeli government as well as former military and civilian Israeli leaders. And, I have heard from so many people in Michigan, with passionate feelings on both sides of this critical issue.

I have determined that the imminent threat of Iran having a nuclear weapon outweighs any flaws I see in the international agreement. For this reason, I must support the agreement.

Having Dick Cheney speak in an attempt to kill the Iran deal could backfire and increase support for the agreement. Cheney is one of the Bush administration figures who lied the nation in invading Iraq.

The idea that Cheney could pull some 9/11 level scare tactics and kill this deal is a symbol of the desperation that is sweeping through the Republican Party.

Republicans thought that they were going to be able to force President Obama into a veto showdown over the diplomatic agreement. Instead, momentum is growing among Senate Democrats to block the resolution of disapproval.

If there is one man who could help seal the Republican defeat, it’s Dick Cheney. The Republican Party is full of bad foreign policy ideas, but trotting out Cheney to remind everyone about the war in Iraq might be the worst.

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