Donald Trump Declares War on the War on Christmas


It is clear now what sort of unholy deal was made between Fox News and Donald Trump after the Megyn Kelly “blood wherever” fiasco that sent her on an unexpected vacation.

Donald Trump promises to ignore real problems in favor of more fake problems, and will go out of his way to use the word “Christmas” as he sees beyond liberty and assaults stuff having to do with that.

Near as I can figure, that’s what he said.


That’s right. Donald Trump has declared war on the War on Christmas. Because he’s a “big believer in the Bible.” Not just a believer. But a BIG believer. Because, you know, Donald Trump.

On Friday, he told Alabama radio host Cliff Sims on Yellowhammer Radio,

I’m a big believer in the Bible. And you know when I see really beyond liberty there’s an assault on anything having to do with Christianity. They don’t want to use the word ‘Christmas’ anymore – department stores. There’s always lawsuits and unfortunately a lot of those lawsuits are won by the other side. I will assault that. I will go so strongly against so many of the things when they take away the word Christmas…Absolutely there’s an assault on Christianity and we’re gonna reverse that big league.

He concluded, ominously, atheists, so look out: “I go out of my way to use the word Christmas.”

You have to wonder if his new “Big Bible Christmas” approach will be directed at Fox News itself in the coming months where they will follow up their rhetoric about the refusal of people to use the word Christmas by wishing us all Happy Holidays:


But that can wait.

And oh, by the way, Not only has he always been pro-life, Trump tells us (it’s just that nobody ever bothered to ask), but “Go Second Amendment!” and “Obama is a disaster!”

Will a Confederate battle flag waving over Trump Tower be next? Can we expect New York City to turn into his own private Mordor?

Oh, our Donald is crossing his T’s and dotting his i’s and making out a list and checking it twice. The only people he’s left off it are people who aren’t angry white fake-Christians. Which is about 90 percent of us.

And here I thought the idea was to get as many votes as possible when you ran for president.

No word on whether Trump plans to erect a wall around Christmas and make atheists pay for it.

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  1. Donnie Dipstick and the war on Christmas…

    I love Thanksgiving because its the Christmas of food and overeating… its yoooooogeeee

    I love New Years because its the Christmas of partying and over drinking… VERY Classy…

    I love Easter because its the Christmas of death and re-birth… Godiva Chocolate anyone?

    I love Memorial Day because its the Christmas of 3 day weekends… tweeted from my yacht…

    I love the 4th of July because its the Christmas of fireworks… its also the month that most likely to be when haysus was actually born..

    I love Christmas because…you know… we had to borrow the celebration from the Pagans in order to convert them to capitalism…

  2. It’s freaking August.

    To my fellow Christians, Blessed Feast of the Transfiguration and Blessed Feast of the Assumption/Dormition. To the pagans, I wish you a Blessed Lughnasadh. To those on the fence, Blessed Lammas. To other path, tell what you celebrate, I will wish you joy for your celebration. But it is too early for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule/Winter Solstice. But it’s never to early for a party!

  3. What a vulgar carnival barker! Unfortunately, he sees nothing wrong with selling violence and bigotry, if he can possibly get his asking price — the White House.

  4. In other words he isn’t going to do anything about it but it plays well with the rubes. What a crock of bullshit. Ole trumpy can really sling it around.

  5. He’s making sure he covers all of Foxes phony outrageous talking points. Right wing hate media has them all trained, and Trump is jumping on that crazy train.

  6. I really don’t care if someone uses the word “Christmas.” I don’t care if a department store puts up a sign that says “Merry Christmas,” but the reason they don’t do that and stick with a generic “Happy Holidays” is because there are people who don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday and the department stores don’t want to lose their business by not acknowledging that fact.

    When they start putting out Christmas stuff in July, then you can rest assured there is no “war on Christmas.” It’s just a war on our senses.

  7. Trump is punking the Koch Bros. Every word he says, Hannity or O’Reilly said first. He’s a mirror for their spiteful idiocies.

  8. Is Yellowhammer Radio a real thing? I was once told by a good ole boy that a ‘yellowhammer’ was somebody who engaged in really, really close family relations (which he proudly admitted to).

  9. I’m still wondering if Trump just didn’t jump into the Republican race just to parody them. After all, he’s saying what most of them have said at one time or another, but to the extreme. When he realized that so many nut jobs were biting at his hook, he decided to actually make a run for the nomination.

  10. Years ago I rented a very nice Garage apt. but it was surrounded by Reich Wing Christians of the Goebbels channel ilk. I did do little things to jab at their insanity and perplex them with reality from time to time. But the thing that made them flip out was when I decorated my house for Christmas inside and out in Sept. They asked why in a very snotty way why and I explained to them using REAL Astronomical Historical EVIDENCE that Jesus’s REAL birthday was in the range from Sept. 13-19th. Of course since history and science matter not to believers they couldn’t handle what I was saying. They got together and even called the Police..who laughed at them. They called every city, state and even fed office to get me in trouble, when that didn’t work they trespassed and attempted to remove my decorations while I was at work…guess who had taped evidence and guess who went to jail. THEN they protested, got the police called on them (not by me) and guess who went to jail…

  11. And of course, there is:

    “Happy Festivus” to the rest of us…

    is the traditional greeting of Festivus, a winter holiday featured in the Seinfeld show.

  12. WHAT war on Christmas? The danged decorations come out in the stores by the time Halloween is over and the retail on ornaments, etc. starts earlier than that. I think I am going to start saying “Season’s Greetings” to everyone, just to piss them off. Besides, I think it is silly to tell people what to say to others in what is meant to be a nice greeting. They can jump in a frozen lake.

  13. Trump just figured out he actually needs FOX’s support & attention to perpetuate his insane run any farther. He’s their puppet/bitch now. All the GOP candidates are. That’s why Jeb’s so tongue tied. He can’t make up his real mind, from what he’s been told to believe. None of them have a clue! So Feliz Navidad A-holes. No, you can’t come to my house for a traditional fiesta of epic Catholic proportion. Get your own rice and beans from Taco Hell.

  14. Trump, talk about the war on Christmas, something you know little about. But don’t talk about the war on women, something you know little about. Hint, there is no war on Christmas, it is only in the minds of the people that claim they are religious (and at the same time, they are hating other races)just doesn’t make sense. You either follow the teachings of God, or you are a fake, period!

  15. Who cares whether someone says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. Really if that’s all they have to complain about , they are very very lucky people.

  16. Actually, he’s hitting all the right notes in the South and across the country with his choice of issues. He’s not so doofus as we thought. He has honed in on the long simmering hostilities and is making points. We were all thinking Trump was a side show only. Now we have to wonder if he’s a side show who can win the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton would crush him in a landslide, but enough Americans comparing Trump and Sanders would go with Trump to put him in the White House. That is our country now.

  17. Thanks to Hrafnkell Haraldsson for calling forth the M.O. of the TP/GOP:

    1. avoid talking about real issues;
    2. distract from real problems which this do-nothing Congress is addicted to;
    3. and pander to big money,

    The TP/GOP recipe is simple:
    keep emotions running high about emotional and “non-issues”, keep the people stirred up so their anger is focused towards the “ineffective government”, when it’s really the Congress that is culpable, paid by dark money and is “ineffective.”

    Briefly put, “[t]he system isn’t broken. It’s fixed. (

    We must remain vigilant and keep informed!
    We must remember that our government is of, by and for the people = democracy; NOT of, by and for big money and dark money = fascism.

    We must speak out and keep involved to take back our government. We the people must take back our great secular nation.

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