Scott Walker Nukes His Presidential Campaign With Idiotic Comments As Stock Market Tumbles

Scott Walker
Scott Walker, who thinks ISIL compares to American labor unions, thinks he knows how to handle China. On Monday, China’s market meltdown no doubt thoroughly confused the intellectually-challenged Scott Walker, and this gave Walker the idea that he needed to say something.

After all, Donald Trump was talking:

This is never a good idea – the less said by Walker the better – nevertheless, he sent off several tweets of his own – hypocritical given his own demonstrated pro-China positions – criticizing President Obama’s handling of the emerging superpower.

So Walker tosses this into the conversation:

Americans are struggling to cope with the fall in today’s markets driven in part because China actively manipulates their economy. – SW

Americans are struggling, all right, thanks largely to Republican economic policies and refusal for the past seven years to contribute in any meaningful way to our own economic recovery after the GOP tanked the world economy in 2008. Walker has made it even more difficult for people in Wisconsin.

Not content with that, he made another try:

We need to see some backbone from Obama on U.S.-China relations. He needs to cancel Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit. – SW

Backbone from Obama…is he supposed to spank the Chinese or something? Nuke them? Impose sanctions? What, precisely, Mr. Walker, is President Obama supposed to do to satisfy your vague demand for “backbone”?

Finally he decides what sort of thing he is talking about, and tweets this:

@BarackObama should focus on holding China accountable over its increasing attempts to undermine U.S. interests.

Oh…undermining U.S. interests. So what about the economy? I mean, does he think China tanked its own economy just to get us?

As it turns out, these tweets are not all Walker had to say on the subject. From Spartanburg, S.C., Walker issues this statement:

Americans are struggling to cope with the fall in today’s markets driven in part y China’s slowing economy and the fact that they actively manipulate their economy. Rather than honoring Chinese President Xi Jinping with an official state visit next month, President Obama should focus on holding China accountable over its increasing attempts to undermine U.S. interests. Given China’s massive cyberattacks against America, its militarization of the South China Sea, continued state interference with its economy, and persistent persecution of Christians and human rights activists, President Obama needs to cancel the state visit. There’s serious work to be done rather than pomp and circumstance. We need to see some backbone from President Obama on U.S.-China relations.

That’s almost dumb-sounding enough to have been written by Walker personally.

I don’t know if we should do that. China has a lot of robots:


But seriously, this attempt to interject himself into the business of adults has already had consequences for the hapless Wisconsin governor:

And then there is the above-mentioned hypocrisy factor: As Tom LoBianco noted at CNN Politics,

In 2013, before he entered the Republican presidential race, Walker met with Xi during a visit to Beijing. There, he reportedly told the Chinese president of Wisconsin’s plans to set up a trade and cultural promotion center in the country, and praised the relationship between China and U.S. states.

Walker also supported a company based in Beijing and Milwaukee that helped wealthy Chinese immigrants gain U.S. citizenship.

Walker’s Wisconsin public-private economic development arm, meanwhile, is planning a trade venture to China in January, and is joining a larger trade venture as part of a regional group in May.

There is no word from Walker as to whether he intends to punish China himself, by canceling his trade venture in January, or the regional group in May. Maybe only the president is required to show “backbone” while Walker tries to play catch-up to Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Walker, all he manages to do every time he opens his mouth on foreign policy is to demonstrate his own shallow understanding of the complex issues facing world leaders in the modern world. After all, this is the guy who hasn’t even figured out how to run a single state.

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  1. …it’s been said too many times already…
    Oh, what the Hell…”What a “F”ing stupid Teatarded IDIOT!!!”

  2. i guess he forgot it was Nixon that opened that can of worms with china back in 72 and we formally set up an embassy in 79. but hell that was Obama’s fault then too i guess.

  3. Walker, lol, he makes me laugh and shake my head wondering how in the world he was ever elected to anything much less governor.

    Christy said some stupid shit about this too.

    This is no laughing matter and does not need to be politicized.

  4. What’s his plan for when China laughs and demands payment on their loans to us?

    Which drugs is he on?

  5. No matter what these Repubs, including Walker and Trump, have to say, we are now in a global economy and we have been for a couple of decades now. There is no way to “punish” China for their growth problems, nor is their a way to “disconnect” from China as Trump blathered about today.

  6. This Idiot is from the same state where an elected official said that Arizona did not have a border with Mexico, she still has her job because she was to ugly and stupid to be in a beauty paegents.

  7. Demands payment? Do you realize that the format of those “loans” is US Treasury bills, notes, and bonds? And those bills, notes, and bonds have due dates… so they really can’t demand payment for those bills,notes, and bonds. I believe China can sell them on the secondary market, but I don’t know about that for sure.

  8. > Backbone from Obama…is he supposed to spank the Chinese or something? Nuke them? Impose sanctions? What, precisely, Mr. Walker, is President Obama supposed to do to satisfy your vague demand for “backbone”?

    It said, precisely, right there in his tweet, you braying ass. He needs to “cancel Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit.” I think canceling a formal state visit is just the sort of symbolic but unambiguous diplomatic gesture that would send a strong message to a trade partner. Not nuking innocent people, which was the first idea in YOUR grab bag.

  9. I bet he’s kicking himself for not tying into the statement about China being part of the P5+1. So many ways to prove himself a fool.

  10. Walker is just so dull-witted. OMG…its only August 2015 folks! We have a long way to go. The people who think the GOP candidates are someone they may possibly vote for..they have a long lesson ahead in “stupid.” Hopefully, voters will finally realize what a bad batch of GOP is.

  11. My Koch Governor, Snyder, is headed over there as well, to ‘bring Chinese companies to Michigan.” I guess we’ll see more tax breaks for corporations…watch out, teachers and p lic employees, he hasn’t taken away ALL your health care yet, although he has spent your pensions. Scott Walker is an imbecile, and I do hope the entire voting populace of his rundown state is now aware of it as well.

  12. And here I thought our guvna’ here in OK, was cockeyed N kookie lookin’ in appearance. She’s just as hapless and as sharp as a marble like guvna’ Walker. They’re twins, we’re just tickled pink to be serving them.

  13. Global economy..LOL there is no such thing! Of course if you mean the United States of America’s global assets and owned infrastructure of 190 trillion dollars then yes it would be considered global but not in the way you think it is. These symbols look familiar $$$. The United States can if it wanted could disconnect from the entire world and would be and is the only Country on earth that could do so. The American geography is an impressive one. The Greater Mississippi Basin together with the Intracoastal Waterway has more miles of navigable internal waterways than “the rest of the world combined.” The American Midwest is both overlaid by this waterway and is the world’s “largest contiguous piece of farmland on earth. The United States has capital, food surpluses and physical insulation in excess “of every other country in the world” by an exceedingly large margin. The United States is the world leader like it or not and likely to remain there for several decades to come.

  14. And as far as China, China has 650 million people in the often impoverished countryside and a GDP/capita ($6,100) in 87th place in the world that is barely 12 percent of American GDP/capita. Of course China’s GNP will surpass the U.S. because they have more people but per capita the part we seem to never hear about is what really matters and it will take China at least 75 years to reach the level of wealth of the United States.

  15. And here I thought our guvna’ here in OK, was cockeyed N kookie lookin’ in appearance. She’s just as hapless and as sharp as a marble like guvna’ Walker. They’re twins, we’re just tickled pink to be serving them. Negras & Injuns just luv us some Mary Phallus.

  16. Monumental dope that has a growing bald spot from an injury.
    Dropped on his head as an infant.

    On purpose.

    ( Failed attempt at retroactive abortion ).

  17. He doesn’t have an original thought in his balding, little head. Once the Kochs pull their support of him. He will collapse like when the arm gets pulled out from the puppets back.

  18. The US may have a problem disconecting from “the world economy”. Maybe when those rivers that we navigate dry up because of climate change. Or there is no water to drink for that same reason or to water the food supply. It could also happen because drinking fracking water will eventually kill people. Now start over and explain your theory from this point.

  19. Dodo’s of a feather flock together.

    There’s nothing …NOTHING that you can say or do to convince these mouthbreathers to stop voting against their own ( and everyone else in their situation ) interests.

    The one thing you CAN do with these morons is to get them to NOT VOTE ! They’re too daft to be voting in the first place.
    Persuade them to stay at home, or vote for 3rd party unicorns with arguments like, “Politicians…they’re all the same !”, “Makes no difference…Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin !”, “Be patriotic ! DON’T VOTE ! It only encourages them!”.

  20. Do your duty as a human being, and work to get your dull-witted neighbors, friends, and relatives to Darwinize themselves.

    Actually, quite easy to accomplish.

  21. Great headline. Somehow perfectly captures the consequences of dumth.

    So, what are we supposed to be ‘punishing’ the Chinese for? The current meltdown is a result of out of control speculation with inadequate government controls.

    This is an Ayn Rand wet dream, as high-powered short-sellers pummel small investors and ‘big gubmint’ efforts to reign them in. Capitalism run amok (as it has a wont to do, from time to time).

  22. Not sure what your point is… You think that we should just shut down all economic interactions with China and other countries? We stop selling to them completely and we stop buying from them completely? And we don’t let them buy anymore of our notes, bills, or bonds?

    Doesn’t sound too realistic to me.

  23. Will the Walker trolls here please have the courage of your convictions and explain why you think we’re hammering him? Easy to click ‘no way’ yet harder to say why.

  24. Walker is a fascist .

    Just smart enough to get other reprobates to do his dirty work, and take the fall .

    Lotsa loose $$$ floating around.
    Republicans will do ANYTHING for money !

    My Dad killed Nazi’s in WWII because it was his job.
    I want to kill Nazi’s now because it is my human duty.

  25. Kranky, I live next door to tea party evangelicals on one side of me. These people do not want to know the real deal. Willfully ignorant..lost cause. This whole village is tea party..didn’t know before I moved here!..

    I avoid them at all costs. When I put my Obama/Biden sign on the lawn in 2012, I was the talk of the neighborhood..lolol

    Another neighbor told me I should consider taking it down, b/c the “neighbors” will be mad!..Tough S*it..I said.

  26. I am scared for the USA and its Allies when President Obama goes.
    The President has been wise, humane and very effective. America is losing its major asset.

  27. The GOP, as it is, have a brain deficit. Their solution to anything is to talk tough. A country insults us. Answer: talk tough. A country is failing. Answer: talk tough. A country has a soaring economy. Answer: talk tough. A citizen walks while black. Answer: Talk tough. Mr. Walker sounds like a recycled G.W. Bush.

  28. He’s referring to Peggy Romo West, a Milwaukee supervisor. She’s a big Latino/Hispanic Rights person.

    “When going all out in opposition to something, it’s best to always have your facts straight. It’s a lesson that would have well served Wisconsin County Supervisor Peggy West, who has come out strong against the Arizona illegal immigration law claiming that it doesn’t make sense for Arizona to be so agitated about illegal immigration. It’s not Arizona is like “Texas, which is a state that is directly on the border with Mexico.””

  29. Aileen, I feel the same way. We have certainly been privileged to have President Obama in office twice. I hate to see it end.

  30. Walker’s comments recall those of another Republican governor who in 2008 found her self way over her head when she began addressing national issues after a life in Wasilla, Alaska, with limited horizons. Scott, meet Sarah.

  31. Aileen Cheetham: I understand WHY you would be afraid. But ONLY IF a Republican (One of those vying for the job) was to be elected, then God help us all.

    But hopefully that would not be happening.

    Believe that a Democrat will AGAIN be in the White House.

    Sleep well. And pray that NO Republican becomes our President in 2017. Because, as you can see they will NOT be the best thing for America and the World.
    Obama WILL be missed, no matter how they feel about him. We know better, the world knows better. We had/have a GOOD deal with him….and to be sure we would have a BAD deal IF a Republican somehow gets in.

  32. Democratinny, I have the same problem. At the grocery store no less. I put a bumper sticker on my car that read, “against abortion, don’t have one”. Some woman started screaming at me about it. I calmly told her it was a bumper sticker, and it was what I thougt. I didn’t give a hot hairy shit as to how she felt, and didn’t take into consideration her or any other uniformed thumpers feelings when I stuck it on there.

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