Ted Cruz And Chris Christie Take Cheap Shots At Jimmy Carter As Former President Battles Cancer

(Image Source Credit: Reuters/Jim Bourg/Carlo Allegri)
(Image Source Credit: Reuters/Jim Bourg/Carlo Allegri)

Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Chris Christie went after former President Jimmy Carter’s record, during stump speeches over the weekend, less than 48 hours after Carter announced that his cancer had spread to his brain. The two GOP contenders just couldn’t resist taking jabs at Carter as they campaigned to win over Republican voters on Saturday.

Speaking at a Koch brothers sponsored event in Columbus, Ohio, Ted Cruz criticized Obama’s policies by explicitly comparing them to the policies of the Carter presidency. Cruz railed that Obama pursued the “same failed domestic policies, same misery, stagnation and malaise, same feckless and naive foreign policy” as Carter. He leveled similar attacks against both Obama and Carter on Friday at the Iowa State Fair.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got into the act on Saturday as well. Speaking atop a soap box at the Iowa State Fair, Christie called Obama the weakest president ever on foreign policy, and remarked that Obama “makes Jimmy Carter look strong”.  The implication of course was to portray Carter as weak while assailing Obama as being even weaker.

As a high profile public figure and a former president, Carter’s record is fair game for discussion on the campaign trail. However, if Ted Cruz and Chris Christie were decent human beings they might self impose a temporary moratorium on negative comments about Jimmy Carter. That however, would require a level of empathy that neither Cruz nor Christie apparently possesses.

Senator Cruz has a history of insensitively timed remarks against his political adversaries while they are grieving. Cruz was cracking derisive jokes about Vice President Joe Biden shortly after his son Beau passed away with brain cancer. Cruz later apologized, but considering that he is back at it, by attacking the cancer-stricken Carter, one has to question the sincerity of his apology.

Ted Cruz and Chris Christie are ruthlessly self-centered politicians, so it should come as no surprise that they lack the empathy and sensitivity to hold their fire when members of the opposing party fall ill. However, it really is too soon to include attacking Jimmy Carter’s presidency as part of a campaign stump speech. Cruz and Christie are doing more to discredit their own campaigns than they are doing to malign Carter’s legacy. Jimmy Carter has handled his post-presidency and his illness with grace, dignity and class. Grace, dignity, and class are three qualities Senator Cruz and Governor Christie sorely lack.

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  1. With attitudes like this—we can’t see them as President of the United States:

    —- Ted Cruz and Chris Christie were decent human beings they might self impose a temporary moratorium on negative comments about Jimmy Carter. That however, would require a level of empathy that neither Cruz nor Christie apparently possesses.—-

    BTW I think it’s time we attack Chris Christie on his overly OBESSE self. Waddling up and down Air Force One one step at a time might be too painful to watch. (Not really) But he won’t even get far in this primary, so nothing to worry about. Wheeew!

  2. …OK, THIS is beyond the pale!!! These GD MFing SOBs attacking a FORMER President stricken with a largely fatal disease!!!
    …may they get Karmic Justice very,very soon!!!

  3. These two mean, classless men are not fit to hold office. Neither has anything to offer our country and both are setting poor examples of fatherhood to their children.

    President Jimmy Carter will be remembered kindly in United States history while these jerks will barely warrant a footnote.

  4. Jimmy Carter has more class in his little finger than Fat Bastard and the Make Believe Messiah have combined. They could only hope to be as effective a statesman as President Carter. F’ them and the horse whose back they broke riding in on.

  5. I don’t think these two Jackasses believe or KNOW that every word and every thought they spew is being watched and judged closely. Their character is in display by what comes from their mouths and mind. These two failed, and continue to fail as far as I’m concerned. They should regret the misspeak and apologize. But knowing their types they WOULDN’T. Another reason that they should NOT be considered for that prestigious position in our Government. They don’t fit, they are classless jerks.

  6. In regards to your first line Thomas, yes WE can’t see them as president but then Conservatives can because they are just as twisted Cruz and Christie. The right wing has always appealed to the lowest common denominators in this nation, they are the party of bottom feeders and lunatics.

  7. Yes classless they are. Also, they were hardly alive when Jimmy Carter was president. Carter was handed a messed up country and economy when he took office. Ever since then the new democratic president has been handed a bad economy only to bring it around even thought the republicans always try to get in the way.
    What a dysfunctional party the republicans are, evidenced by having 16 or so fanatical and fantasy oriented candidates running for president of a civilized country.

  8. Really? They clearly commented on policy and were not making a personal attack. Somehow, sympathy for the 92 year old Carter and his unfortunate cancer is supposed to give him a shield against criticism of his policy as President? Funny, breaking his neck in a fall doesn’t seem like it should shield Bush the Sr. from policy criticism.

    Now, had they suggested he looks like a walk on extra for “The Walking Dead”, that would have been crass and a personal attack, but they did not.

  9. The whole bunch of gop candidates are buffoons. Put together, they dont have the class that President Carter has in his pinky nail. Carter brought people together while these two douche bags try to hate and tear apart. They are both a waste of oxygen.

  10. It says a lot about both of these pathetic clowns that they would kick President Carter around at a time like this. What a total lack of character! The way he’s spent his later years is a real inspiration. Neither one of those jerks will ever earn the title of “ex-president”, but can you imagine either of them accomplishing what Carter has? Can you picture that fat b@stard Christie on a ladder, swinging a hammer, building houses? How about Ted Crude, getting his loafers dirty, helping Africans get clean water? I can’t imagine either of them improving anything but their golf games!

  11. It’s more of a reach around here, dj. By comparing what Obama has done on foreign policy to what Carter did, they’re insulting two men at the same time by saying ‘Hey, those two Democrats… they’re weak on foreign policy’

    Even though Carter had some very successful moments in his term, like a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and the extension of the deal for the Panama Canal. Yes, the Iranian hostage crisis does haunt him every day he breathes, but come on… let it go.

  12. I really don’t blame the hostage crisis on Carter. Since 1953 we meddled in their country. We installed the Shah and trained his secret police the Savak. They wanted the Shah back to stand trial which right or wrong Carter refused. Its too bad that we don’t look at our crimes like we try to blame other countries.

  13. Preident Carter let the Shah come here, ironically for cancer treatment. They have to remember the Eisenhower bunch overthrew the Governemnt and had him installed. Then, when you have screw ups like Nixon and Little Bush, you have zero room to criticize anybody’s policy on anything, much less foreign affairs.

  14. Character, integrity, compassion and decency is something the entire GOP party no nothing about. If they are willing to take food from the poor you know they are willing to kick a man when he is down. What I can’t understand is, they run around throwing their Christians beliefs around but have no idea about the power of God. Because if they did, they should know God will not allow evilness to last.

  15. it’s about TIMING, dumbass. Jimmy Carter was never mentioned until the day after he announced his illness. Coincidence? Yeah, your head is probably spelunking far enough up your own sphincter to believe that.

  16. Unfortunately that’s what’s passing for “leadership qualities” with the GOP these days. Being “courageous” enough to not be “politically correct”, like making gun jokes immediately after a school shooting, making jokes about a man days after his son died or suddenly deciding it’s the right moment to criticize someone the day after they announced they have terminal cancer.

    It’s simple: conservatives worship assholes.

  17. Cruz and Christie are doing more to discredit their own campaigns than they are doing to malign Carter’s legacy. Jimmy Carter has handled his post-presidency and his illness with grace, dignity and class. Grace, dignity, and class are three qualities Senator Cruz and Governor Christie sorely lack.

    and remember: GOD does not like ugly.

    May President Carter continue to be blessed with grace, courage and strength, and continue to be a LEADER!

  18. In addition to former President Carter’s accomplishments while in office, look at the good he’s done since leaving like Habitat for Humanity and the other wonderful things this man has done. I sincerely wish him well and my thoughts are with him and his family.

  19. …aaaaand let’s never forget that whilst the whole goppy clown bus CLAIMS to be Christians…only a Democrat, James Earl Carter has LIVED His Laws his whole life as far as I can see…and it’s been confirmed countless times since he left the White House…not by a word he said, but by the Word he lived…

  20. Nothing new here about “mad Dog” Raphael Crude and Christopher “Christless”. They are 2 desperados, doing their damnedest to maintain relevance in the GOP sea of zilch. And these two Rugrats want the living space Barak occupies? I think not, no confidence in either one of the two desperados. Two misfits.

  21. Obama and Carter do have things in common as both were elected after years of blatant GOP presidential f-ups. People seem to forget that Carter did a few things right, including the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Carter has gone on to be a very exceptional person who has used his position to do so much for the people of this country by building houses for the poor, and many other philanthropic projects. He even has kept his sense of humor joking at a press conference. I will always admire this former president.

  22. President Carter is welcomed worldwide. Unlike the last republican president, who has been warned about foreign travel. Bush, Cheney and others from their administration are wanted for WAR CRIMES overseas. President Carter was never a warmonger, he is a man of peace, Repubs. can not understand anything unless it involves bombs and war.I never see Christie without picturing him in that ridiculous basebell outfit, looking like Tweedle Dee. Cruz should join Santorum, and run for POPE.

  23. Bush Sr. could have broken every bone in his body, jumping out of planes every birthday! Maybe those jumps weakened his neck?

  24. Mr.”Pork chops”..Brady Bunch fan eh!?..Well you are correct in a small way. They were talking policy, Republican Policy..the Policy of HATE! The Policy of Prejudice! The Policy or IGNORANCE! The Policy of DESTRUCTION of our Government to the point were we become a third world nation where only a few have wealth and power and FREEDOM!.

  25. There is something known as simple human decency, you know, which is seems these two clowns are lacking. Generally, when someone is morally ill, those with a sense of moral propriety back off, even if they have disagreed with the person.

  26. As far as I’m concerned, Neither Cruz or Christie are worthy to brush the dust off Jimmy Carter’s shoes. They’re both nothing but wannabees, that never will.

    Jimmy Carter is the very image of a truly Christian gentleman, and shows it in his every action. Neither Cruz nor Christie have shown me anything but a profound indifference to what the people of this nation are going through, and do little more than spout the talking points of their party, which are about nothing but greed and control.

    Christie is nothing but a bully, who just loves to push people around, and feed his own ego.

    Cruz is a completely different kind of danger. He’s a manipulator that’s after nothing less than power. He’ll tell any lie, and most likely go beyond that, in order to gain and keep power. He uses those phony expressions that are so prominent among televangelists and lawyers that advertise on TV, and some people can’t see the insincerity, even though he’s been caught so many times lying…

  27. If my memory serves me correctly (a really big if) Jimmy Carter was the President who brokered the Camp David Agreement which continues to hold hostilities between Egypt and Israel at bay. To me that is a pretty impressive piece of foreign policy. These imbeciles are not only insensitive they are ignorant of recent U. S. history.

  28. …you are correct, sir!!!
    …my family had one o’ the “Encyclopedia Brittanica IIIs” that came out right after that Summit, signed by Jimmy Carter…
    …wish I had it now…

  29. That last paragraph is too kind to Christie, and, in particular, Cruz. The guy is a Class A asshat with not a sympathetic cell in his body (I’d say brain, but his is cruelly infected with social diseases).

  30. Glass houses for Rafael and Christine all around ‘eh.

    Trying to belittle President Carter NOW! These to GOPers are just plain disgusting to me.

  31. Grace, dignity and class are three words NEVER to be associated with either of these gentlemen (and I use the term loosely)! If they can act like this towards this wonderful man, just think of how they will treat the rest of us!!! God Bless you President Carter!

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