Hispanics Hate Trump: Hillary Clinton’s Approval Rating Beats Billionaire By 91 Points

A Gallup survey released on August 24, 2015, of 2,183 U.S. Hispanic adults conducted during July and August, reveals just how deeply unpopular Donald Trump has become with Latino voters. Given Trump’s explicitly racist campaign, it should come as little surprise that the billionaire is not well liked by Hispanic voters. However, the extent to which Latinos loathe Trump is truly staggering.

Only 14 percent of Hispanic adults say they have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump, compared to 65 percent who do not. Trump’s net favorable rating is an incredibly dismal (-51) percentage points. To put that in perspective, on the opposite side of the political spectrum, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a 58 percent favorable to 18 percent unfavorable rating with Latinos. Clinton’s positive (+40) rating is an almost incomprehensible 91 percentage points better than Trump’s rating with Hispanics.

Since entering the presidential race, Donald Trump has made demonizing Latinos, especially Mexican immigrants, a cornerstone of his campaign. He referred to undocumented Mexicans as “rapists” during his highly publicized kick off event, and he hasn’t backed off his xenophobic rhetoric since.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton has expressed support for a humane, common sense immigration policy. She made that clear by issuing a statement in May, where she remarked:

The American people support comprehensive immigration reform not just because it’s the right thing to do – and it is – but because it will strengthen families, strengthen our economy, and strengthen our country. That’s why we can’t wait any longer, we can’t wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship. Now, this is where I differ with everybody on the Republican side.
The contrast between the two candidates could not be more stark. Fortunately, Hispanic-Americans appear to be paying attention to the clear differences between the two candidates.
As long as Donald Trump stays insulated within the overwhelmingly white GOP primaries and caucuses, he can maintain an illusion of electoral viability. However, in a head to head match up with Hillary Clinton, Trump’s miserable showing with Hispanic voters would all but guarantee his defeat in key swing states like Nevada and Colorado. Furthermore, a Trump candidacy would open the door for Hillary Clinton to win Arizona and possibly Texas as well. Donald Trump has built a wall between himself and Hispanic voters and if he becomes the Republican nominee, he will make the GOP pay for it.

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  1. Ouch! But, did we expect anything different after he made all those nasty comments about Mexicans and illegal immigrants?

    I find it so hard to believe that those who support him are as stupid as he is, and the media is stupid enough to believe he is a potential candidate.

    stupid is as stupid does…..

  2. Another reason why the GOP establishment doesn’t like and doesn’t want The Donald. They may not be counting on much Hispanic support, but they need more Hispanics to vote GOP in key battleground states.

    I still do not think that Trump will wind up as the GOP candidate… and I really don’t think he’ll run as a third party candidate.

    Time will tell.

  3. But he was just on tv again saying that he employs lots of
    Hispanics and they love him. Drump is officially, for sure, delusional. I assume if he was told he wasnt liked, he would just say they’re wrong or stupid or some juvenile response.

  4. *Very* old Florida Cubans. The “used-to-haves”, as a late friend from Spain called them: if they really used to have everything they said they used to have, Cuba would have to be as big as Siberia to hold it all.

  5. If you haven’t seen IDIOCRACY THE MOVIE-please check it out.

    President Trump will want to Promote New Restaurants Hotels More Pizazz!

    The Movie: *IDIOCRACY THE MOVIE*…is a must see!
    It’s the future ‘A Business Loving Trump’ President Would Create.

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    (You will laugh so hard…I promise!)

  6. The 14% that have a high opinion of Trump must be meth addicts! The only people Trump appeals to are low income, bigoted, low educated, allegedly heterosexual WASP. Why white women vote Republican I do not understand, seeing how the party favors male WASP.

    Fourteen percent is too high. And if 91% favor Hilary, how can 14% of Hispanics have a high favorability of Trump? Shouldn’t it be 9%?

  7. “… if he becomes the Republican nominee, he will make the GOP pay for it.”

    And, if he doesn’t become the Republican nominee, he will make the GOP pay for it.

    This could be yuuuuuge.

  8. Actually Trump exhibits classical Narcisstic Personality Disorder characteristics. He is VERY thin-skinned, cannot take one iota of criticism, believes everyone loves him despite all evidence to the contrary, and absolutely refuses to apologize to anyone or admit any wrongdoing. In fact, I would also say that he exhibits sociopathic tendencies as he does not consider the results of his actions since he has never in his life been faced with any repercussions that he cannot buy his way out of.

    So his inevitable drubbing at the polls will be devastating for him. He is setting himself up for a HUGE fall, almost Shakespearean in nature. The Latinos are going to absolutely slaughter Trump, as he has devoted a considerable amount of time to demonizing them. Does he not realize that they get the same news the rest of us hear? Does he not realize that promising to repeal the 14th amendment hurts a LOT of people? Only a fascist sociopath talks this way, and Trump is no doubt a fascist.

  9. Idiocracy was not meant to be a documentary. But it has become a very prophetic warning about how the know-nothing idiotic population base will sink this country into the abyss.

  10. I am glad to see the Latinos are smart enough not to vote against there own self interests. Unlike the moron WASPS that would follow that blowhard fool ass buffoon straight to the gates of hell.

  11. DT is a salesman, an actor, a showman.

    Yeah, he’s full of crap, but he knows it.
    Not him personally ..just the comic character insult dog persona.
    A grand charade that will pull down all of this bullshit Republican pile of sugar frosting coated manure that idiot America has been swallowing since Reagan.

    IOW, I’m thinking Trump MAY be the ultimate Trojan Horse. He’s doing ‘reduction ad absurdum’ as guerilla theater, and showing how ridiculous Republicans ARE in every aspect and alienating ‘lo-info’ citizens comprehensively against the Republican brand.

    Genius. Reverse psychology.

    If Trump’s design to kill the Republican ‘genre’ works, he really should be memorialized at Mount Rushmore !

  12. Yes, Trump exhibits behavior *classic* of a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD. People with NPD have a compltete lack of empathy, don’t understand how their behavior effects others & use people as objects.

    Once again, the GOP thinks they can elect a person who will run the US like a business. They did it with Romney & they’re doing with Trump. However, since the GOP has completely lost it’s mind due to their pathelogical hatred for President Obama, I believe the best way to put America on the road to greatness is for people to stop all the blatent hatred, hypocrisy, racism & overall attacks on people who exhibit any trace of foreigness.

    The American Dream still exists for those willing to work for it. It seems the GOP’s lily white base expects things to be given to them due to their birthright. If a darkskinned American studies hard to become a cardiologist, he’s going to earn more than a white American with no education.

  13. For me, this Donald Trump movement says more about the Republican Party than it says about Trump.

    He draws large crowds of Republican supporters when he talks his garbage. That means the Republican Party has a lot of people who agree with him.

    That also means that I will not be voting for Republicans, because I do not want people like that running my government.

  14. The 91% for Hillary and the 14% for Trump is probably correct because they used the New Math.

    You must have been taught the old math where answers make sense.

  15. Trump is attracting the far right nutters just as Sanders is attracting the far left nutters. Neither will win the presidency. America votes moderate in general elections and the candidate that can paint himself or herself as a moderate will win. What that president actually does once elected is anyone’s guess. But it won’t be Trump and it won’t be Sanders, though I must say that the Trump tax proposal is far more appealing to “ordinary Americans’ than the 90% tax rate proposed by Sanders.

  16. Two Hispanics I know of that approve of Trump:
    1. Marco Rubio
    2. Ted Cruz

    BTW, Trump has guaranteed that No Republican will inherit the White House in 2017. It’s a done deal. No matter which one of the Daffy Ducks running for that office on the Republican side wins their primary—the doors to the White House will not be entered by whoever. It will be wide open to our Democratic candidate.

  17. Neither Sanders nor his followers are “far-left nutters”. Six or seven decades back, we’d have called them New Deal Democrats– you know, the ones who abolished child labor, repealed Prohibition, ended the Depression, won World War Two…

  18. He didn’t throw just any Hispanic reporter out of his press conference. He threw a Diaz-Balart out of his press conference, and if he thought that at least Miami Cubans loved him, he may have to reassess that assessment.

    Note: since this was Mr. Ramos referenced in the article and not Mr. Diaz-Balart, I deduce he has ejected at least two Hispanic gentlemen of the press from interviews.

  19. …Hells Bells; even I have heard of Sr. Ramos!!!
    {{{He is frequently on “The Rundown with Jose’ Diaz-Ballart”}}}

  20. And now Trump has former KKK Grand Wazoo, David Duke endorsing him. Don’t be surprised when they come to his rallies wearing their white, pointy hooded nightgowns.

  21. Hispanics may hate Trump but the Republican base is WHITE and they vote in HUGE numbers. So you can read poll after poll but always remember conservative whites get to the polls 3 to 1 than Democrats and other groups.

  22. I worked with 2 Latino men a couple of weeks ago and gave them a ride home. Neither one of them are especially personal but when I brought up Trump they got animated and called him a$$hole and some other things I will not write here. I asked if they were registered to vote both said no but they were going to vote if Trump is the republican nominee.

  23. I worked with 2 Latino men a couple of weeks ago and gave them a ride home. Neither one of them are especially political but when I brought up Trump they got animated and called him a$$hole and some other things I will not write here. I asked if they were registered to vote both said no but they were going to vote if Trump is the republican nominee.

  24. My husband works with a right wing Mexican from Texas who would get racially profiled as an undocumented immigrant . He loves Trump and is all for deportation of those undocumented. He really is a self loathing guy who listens to Mark Levin Rush and watches Fox. He is so brainwashed on right wing ideologically it’s like a mental illness. The poor guy doesn’t realize they would deport him in an instant if birthright citizenship was done away with.

  25. A war with Fox Propaganda Channel may look like a winning strategy for The Donald but party leaders know that Trump is not electable. If this is how it goes down they will discredit him and go on to the next possibility.I do not think a third party run will happen. The bluff will lose it’s luster eventually.Like Bush (and many others) this man is not going to be taken in by the majority electorate.

  26. Hillary is also doing great with the African American vote; 80% favorable.

    The Don has a net 48% negative rating from African American voters.

    Only Carson has a net positive of 4%.

  27. The Don’s support from GOPer Stepford wives is pretty strong but he has a high disapproval rating from American Women voters.

  28. Looks like Hispanics are finally realizing their worth and not cowing-down like they are trash if not white.

  29. They will first have to become US citizens before they can vote – or is your party going to give them that for free so they can get all the votes possible…?

  30. Hey dumbass there are 54 million American citizens that you racist assholes is pissing off everyday

    The Hispanic population of the United States as of July 1, 2013, making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority. Hispanics constituted 17 percent of the nation’s total population

  31. wow. those numbers are telling and striking. hey righties- that is reality for ya! you betcha! keep deluding yourselves. please. if it were not so damned sad and pathetic it would be funny.

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