Obama Stands Tall And Refuses To Back Down From Calling Republicans Crazies

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The White House said that President Obama doesn’t regret calling Senate Republicans crazies during a Democratic event in Las Vegas.

Obama called Senate Republicans crazies while speaking about Harry Reid, “It’s hard for me to express how much I love Harry Reid, but it’s easier to do it in a room of people who love Harry Reid. Harry and I drove over here together and we were doing a little reminiscing, and then figuring out how we’re going to deal with the crazies in terms of managing some problems. And then we talked about riding off into the sunset together.”

Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz made it clear that Obama isn’t going to back down from his remarks.

According to The Hill:

“He may have been a little glib in his language,” spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters on Air Force One.

But asked if the president regrets his choice of words, Schultz replied “no.”
Schultz said the president was taking aim at Republicans in Congress, who are locked in a budget stalemate with Democrats that could result in a government shutdown.

“If you take a step back … and look at what some Republicans have floated in Washington, whether that’s shutting down the government, whether that’s funding the government at sequester levels when the economy needs more support, he thinks those are reckless steps,” the spokesman said of Obama.

In other words, Obama stands by his point that the Republican agenda is nuts.

The President has evolved from trying to work with the crazy when Republicans took the control of the House of Representatives to using the crazy to his advantage as Republicans have manufactured an endless series of conspiracies and crisis to calling his opponents out for what they really are.

Obama’s language could also be viewed as a strong message that he is not going to be engaging in any negotiations with Republicans over shutting down the government. This president won’t be their hostage.

President Obama won’t negotiate with the crazies, and he is offering no regrets or apologies for telling the truth about the GOP.

48 Replies to “Obama Stands Tall And Refuses To Back Down From Calling Republicans Crazies”

  1. Why the hell should he back down from calling them crazies? After all 1) look at what the ‘friendliest’ of them call him daily (Hint: Hitler seems to be the friendliest of them) and 2) Their actions prove them out to be full-blown gonzo whackadoo each and every time that they open their mouths or try to pass a bill!

  2. President Obama has been the grown up in the room for several years now, since January 2009, compared to any national GOP figure.

  3. If and when they do shut down the government President Obama should hold a nationwide TV interrupting broadcast and lay the blame on the republicans and how they want to defund planned parenthood, refuse to pass a budget and call them out for not going along with trying make peace with Iran to avoid WW 3.

  4. If the GOP don’t like being referred to as “crazies,” then they should quit allowing the “crazies” to run the asylum

  5. You’d think they’d all be like high fivin’ ‘bama ’cause he’s giving a big ol’ f.u. to that whole political correctness thing that they are all wanting to curb stomp…big time… in such a bad way.

    ‘bama’s like, you know, like just sayin’ it straight out without worryin’ or nuthin’ ’bout how “sensative” somebody might be about his words.

    Here’s a clue, thin skinners: DEAL. WITH. IT.

    Thank tRump almighty for breaking the barrier on teh politcial correctness bullshit that’s been holding us back from usin’ the words that need to be used to say what needs to be said.

    Yeah….come to think of, it they should be all proud of Obama for calling them what they are, and not worrying about teh political correctness.

  6. 1. Well, he is calling IT as he and the rest of saner America sees it: They (Republicans ) ARE Bat-shit C-R-A-Z-EEEE !
    Just look at their antics over the past 6+ years. Even the NEW Republicans who went to Congress came from the crazy dugout and continued with the shenanigans, AND brought dysfunction and craziness to the floor/game. How can you miss it? The President HAD to get it off his chest and alluded to it, just like we all do. And that is tame compared to the shit that they have called him during his tenure. Yet kept his composure and dignity. As a human being his reaction and observation is spot on. They ARE fu*king crazy. Either Obama drove them that way or they are naturally like that. Seen any crazy Democrats lately? I don’t think so.

  7. When did politics of the right get polite? Just wondering if I missed something. With just a year left, I hoping to see him stick the blade in an twist it a few more times.

  8. Trump is being praised for his Bigoted, Misogynistic candor and the Right wants Obama to apologize? I say, DOUBLE DOWN.

  9. Today I had an opportunity to see Condelezza Rice in Atlanta at a woman’s conference. One of her statements was how concerned she was about the civil discourse that had overtaken the political system. She also mentioned that at Stanford she does not allow her students to refer to President Obama as “Obama” or any president by their last name because they deserve respect. Even though she is of a different political persuasion, I applauded her for that. “Being president is not easy” and for those that think they have all the answers, they should give it a try.

  10. We need 7 Magnificent Samurai to do to the Republicans what samurai do.
    Probably could use more than 7.

    Republicans are enemies and domestic terrorists that can’t be negotiated with or allowed to stay. They just can’t.
    They’re ‘dead enders’ that WILL go down in a suicidal blaze and scorched earth policy, because THAT IS WHO THEY ARE !

    President Obama has been measured, because he has had to be, and he’s smart.
    BUT, over 300,000 of us signed the WH petition to have the 47 Republican TRAITORS in the Senate prosecuted. .

    President Obama my not be able to do it in his term with time remaining.
    But mark my words, these Republicans are enemies and terrorists that will have to be dealt with. And they will have to be dispatched with the same efficiency and methods of other resistance movements of history. the remaining will be marched into the sea at point of bayonet.

    Yeah …they’re that bad, and that crazy.

    It’s come to this, because the GOP Power Elite decid…

  11. Yes indeed. Especially Fux Propaganda… I mean Fox News, and not hold back any punches. He should call out all the media, but single out Fox as treasonous, seditious liars that spew so much propaganda that Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

  12. To Hillary, Bernie,Joe Biden or whatever Democrat gets the nomination ; take note,the President is teeing this thing up nicely for you,DON’T BLOW IT!!!!!!!

  13. If the gopers want to hand both houses of congress back to the democrats, just keep it up. I’m just guessing, but it looks like the gopers are so deep in the soft stuff that there is no way out for them.

    The establishment gopers have no control over the crazies and their primary protocols are driving them over the cliff. Even the craziest of the crazies know they are involved in a slow motion train wreck but have no options but to commit political suicide. We are watching the GOP destroy itself. They will go for another government shutdown and that will seal their fate.

  14. The sane among us …mostly Democrats, don’t need to study group suicide by a bunch of indoctrinated maniacs while it is happening. We should wait for the post mortems when they ARE …post.

    Until then, and this is an immutable truth, we have to be ruthless and resolved against the civilization killers.

  15. our president has too much class to add “bat-shit”.

    the wingnuts are showing just how nuts they really are. how out of step with the modern world. how hateful and selfish,
    but mostly just how small-minded and skeeert they are. of everything!! lgbt, women, people of color, other religions, educated people, science, other countries, the sky falling…… and how they aren’t afraid of the real issues facing us. it’s astonishing how backward they all are. crazy doesn’t even cover it.

  16. One small twist: If Republicans are ‘crazy’, then they are not in their right minds. They would be incompetent, but not responsible.

    I aver that they are evil degenerates that know EXACTLY what they are doing.

    Republicans are killers that like it.

  17. Just because they are low down no good lying theives does not mean they are crazy but I guess you could call them that also

  18. The GOP should have already lost congress in previous elections but they have the districts so gerrymandered….I am worried.

  19. Take the gloves off Sir and get a knuckle duster.
    There is no meeting of minds with Turtle et al, so sock it to them.
    Give them a taste of their own medicine in a kick-ass way.
    The crazy unpatriotic Repubes need shaming as much as possible for all the damage they have tried to do.
    The sane world loves you and is cheering you on.

  20. So Obama rightfully calling Republicans in Congress “crazies” causes the media to get their panties in a wad but Trump uses words like losers, dummies, anchor babies, bimbo and there is mostly crickets.

  21. that’s being polite-
    They are bullies,liars,sociopaths,cheaters,scofflaw,narcissistic egomaniac cowardly Orwellian pussy’s.Just to name a few of their character flaws.

  22. This is the President Obama that I voted for. What took so long to finally realize the Republicans won’t work with you on anything?

  23. Cheryl, I will not give condoleezzzza a pass for anything. She was part of the bush war machine. Responsible as anyone else.. She too belongs in jail, Instead she has a good job making good money, and trying to clean up her image. sorry Condy, you too are guilty…

  24. no!!! MR’S Koch’s, YOU ARE THE ONES beneath being considered human. I am sure this Pres. could find and use many words to describe you and your brother way beyond your understanding. It takes an ordinary American to say in print what you really are. I was raised up better then to write them down. But, how about this: You are the puke thrown up by a sick Dog, you cruz, walker, and all the other rethugs. Makes for a really big pile of Dog puke. Puke a demo pres. will have to clean up.

  25. Well, they have no problem with Donald Trump not being “politically correct”. Time for the president to call it exactly the way it is! They are crazy and I’m happy that he’s saying it out loud!

  26. Too bad she didn’t display this type of logic when she was out campaigning with Mr. 46%! I’m sorry, but I lost all respect for her during the last election. “Not allowing” her students to call the President of the United States by his last name is the very least she can and probably will do.

  27. Trump’s supporters love him because he speaks his mind and tells it like it is, according to the interviews conducted with them. Then they should love President Obama for calling out the same group of people who they have been screaming about, the GOP, and being honest about them. They are f*cking crazy!

    However, I doubt that will be the reaction of Trump’s followers. It will be just another reason to hate PBO and they will never recognize their own hypocrisy.

  28. It also occured to me they like him because he is a bully. He teases the crowds before he lands blows against his opponents. He’s a cruel man. He says things like “should I be nice”?, the crowd boos then he land his bully punch.

    What a creep. And I still think he plans to pull what they tried in Alabama to force self deportation by creating fear. He does not have a humaine bone in his body.

    These same people would have supported Chris Christie but Trump stole them first.

  29. This is a pretty reasonable response from a war criminal. I’d have more respect for her if she admitted that she was part of a masse fraud to deceive the American public about WMDs

  30. He should have called them Confederates.

    Matter of fact we all should stop referring to them as conservatives, right wing, or Republicans.

    They are nothing more than confederates.

  31. After all the things they have called and said about President Obama in the last 7 years, they are getting off easy.

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