Bernie Sanders Tops Trump As Billionaire Draws Fewer People Than Democratic Candidate


The cable news networks went gaga for Donald Trump’s speech in Iowa last night, but Trump drew fewer people to his speech than Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders drew in the red state of South Carolina.

An estimated crowd of 3,000 turned out in Iowa to hear Trump’s typically egocentric unfocused rambling mostly about how great Donald Trump is. The “focus” of Trump’s speech was supposed to immigration a.k.a. more racist immigrant bashing, but as usual Trump rambled on for nearly an hour as his supporters seemed not to care that he wasn’t saying much of anything.

The cable networks went gaga for Trump. All three covered the beginning of his speech live, but what is being overlooked is that there is a serious presidential candidate who is drawing more people to his rallies than Donald Trump, but getting none of the same live coverage from the media.

Last weekend, Bernie Sanders drew more people to three events in South Carolina than Donald Trump did in Iowa. According to the Sanders campaign, the Democratic candidate drew his biggest crowd of the weekend (3,100) in Charleston, SC. Sanders also drew big crowds in Greenville (2,800), Columbia (2,700) and Sumter, South Carolina (600).

The Iowa estimate for Trump is not confirmed, as initial media reports put the crowd size for the Republican at closer to 2,000. Since the Trump campaign is famous for overinflating their crowd size numbers, it is likely that the confirmed size of three Sanders crowds in South Carolina were larger that the Trump Iowa rally that cable news jumped to cover.

Bernie Sanders is drawing more people, but getting less national coverage than Trump. The media is live covering Trump because they have convinced themselves that the celebrity candidate equals ratings. Although, it hasn’t been proven that Trump is capable of delivering a huge ratings bump for anyone other than Fox News.

Last weekend, CNN and MSNBC dumped Trump’s Alabama rally because it was boring television. On Tuesday night, MSNBC and Fox News cut away from Trump without showing the whole rally.

The media has chosen to ignore the candidate with substance (Sanders) to televise an ego driven reality television star (Trump). Within this context, it is easy to understand why the American people are so poorly informed. The cable news networks are giving their attention to a serial misinformer instead of a candidate who wants to discuss the issues.
Sanders draws more people but gets less coverage than Trump because the lazy media would rather entertain the electorate than inform them.

The choices of the corporate media are one of the main reasons why U.S. voters are so poorly informed.

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  1. …for Trump to draw larger crowds than Bernie, he’ll have to pay more than $50 per event per person…that entails more expense than the El Cheapo Trumpo wants to pay…
    …after all; he don’t REALLY want to help poor people…

  2. This is too funny watching from the sidelines. I wonder what “Bush’s Brain” thinks about Trump as the nominee? How can a sane(so to speak) republican mount a campaign when their reward always ends up like this? Bet you won’t see someone like Huntsman (who could have been electable) run. Classless Party

  3. It gotten to the point with me when I see trump on TV I change the channel. I’m not watching as much MSNBC anymore because it trump 24/7.

    It is sad to say but I’m glad today’s shooting took the cable networks away from fawning trump. I feel sorry for the victims and it just goes to show you gun violence is out of control in this country.

  4. MSNEWFOX is all about Trump. I used to like some of their shows, until the corporate handlers rumored to be Comcast wanted to elect Shillary covertly and their cohort in crime NYT, WashPo has no choice but to cover the emerging now leading in NH Bernie Sanders. They even went all gaga over Alabama Trump love-in proudly proclaiming the most in audience. Turns out it was smaller than Bernie. Now, like the new dog whistle memo hit “shit, we better cover Sanders” “looks toooooooooo obvious” heard in board room meetings in NY and Washington by the fly on the wall. What a corrupt bunch!

  5. Since when does drawing a bigger crowd make you the better candidate? Trump is poised to draw a crowd 40,000 in a few days. And that won’t make his ccandidacy any less of a joke then it was when he drew 3,000. It would be nice if we could stop worrying about how big the crowds that Trump & Bernie draw, and start worrying about the what they say they will do as POTUS & wither or not they can actually do it. Crowd size is what you talk about when you have no real accomplishments to speak of.

  6. You’re absolutely right. Both MSNBC and CNN have been concentrating on nothing but Trump until I have stopped watching both. Who cares what that madman is railing about night and day? His campaign is for the racists and stupids of the country. I’d rather watch reruns of Law and Order than him. When they’re not showing videos of his raving speeches, they have panels discussing them. I’ll be glad when he moves on.

  7. And pray tell us what the great Don has accomplished that makes him worthy to lead our country? I mean he has walked away from 4 failed companies and filed bankruptcy, I suppose you think that makes him some great business man? LOL, right. Bernie has a proven voting record for the middle class and he not only tells the truth, but he does it with dignity, unlike this bovine,blowhard. He is an embarrassment to our country and even to his own party.

  8. Trump actually drew less than 20,000 to that rally. You are correct though in stating that larger crowds don’t necessarily mean you are the better candidate. The better candidate is the one discussing the real issues which would be Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton. Hate, bluster and ego doesn’t resolve the real issues nor where you stand on them.

  9. Trump is a blow hard bully, why would poeple like and support a jerk?

    He has not said how he would fullfill any of his promises, he needs to share his plan not just say I’m going to do this or that and it will be wonderful.

  10. Donald’s supporters are vying for space close to the Don, they’re hungry and thought deficient in a way that says, they’re hungry. Biting on trees and chewing on shoes to satisfy their hunger. His followers kneel down, not to kiss his ring, but to kiss something else that belongs to the Don. Trash rallys.

  11. The only “draw” that matters will happen in Nov 2016. And that “draw” will elect a new president, a new house and 33 senators. 15 months out which candidate fills puts more butts in the seats counts for fundraising but little else.

    I sincerely hope all the voters attending Bernie, Hillary, Martin and even Joe campaign events show up at the ballot box in Nov 2016. That’s the only “draw” that matters.

  12. Trump is a pathological megalomaniac who is a so afraid of losing that he’ll find a excuse to drop out before the primaries. In the mean time, he uses his audience to prop up his ego.

    I took a glimpse of his rally just to see what his audience looks like — their hollowness in expression and in their heads. I kind of feel sorry for them.

  13. The mainstream media does not want Bernie to win. With Trump and Hillary they have candidates their parent companies can control. They know they have no control over Bernie and hate that. The DNC has the same fear. That is why Biden is being encouraged to enter the race. Hillary is fading and they need someone to challenge Sanders.

  14. Yes, the media are lazy incompetents, but they thrive on CONTROVERSY. They’re covering the Rump, just waiting for the eventual train wreck, or maybe something worse.


  15. …it just occurred to me…
    …what if this whole Trumpzzaster is the result o’ a bet between Trump and the other members o’ the Billionaires Club for thier own amusement???

  16. I really wish the U.S would wake up to Bernie Sanders. If you vote Hillary in, you are going to get more of the same and/or worse than Obama.
    Wtf is with this “Black lives matter” group protesting the only candidate with a solid human rights history through actions in his time as a public servant, not words accompanied by whatever accent is drawled in whatever state Mrs. Clinton is in.
    Do you remember 2008 America? We all laughed as you allowed your own people rob you, and your future and then not even punish ONE person responsible for your banking/housing crash.

  17. What is it about Trump that gets me hilariously laughing out loud?!? Especially when I get to the comments section!?!
    Trump is an entertainer, he has been doing it a long time and it is his business to be very well connected to the inner thinking and feeling of how it is to be an “Insider” Republican.

    “Insider Republican Reality Show” that no other Republicans want the world to know. Explains why his RATINGS AMONG THE REPUBLICAN BASE IS SO HIGH, to them he is THE REAL DEAL while the rest of the Politically Correct wanna be Presidents ARE BUNCH OF JOKE.


  18. Donald Trump is entertaining but he is a utopianist, his policies are not based in reality.

    Bernie Sanders, however, is leading a growing political revolution to stop those Republican jackals from euthanizing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; programs that help the poor, elderly and disabled. He is holding a mega size rally of 100,000 in Washington D.C., at the Washington Mall on October 17, 2015.

    Tell your friends and family to sign up here:

  19. Utopianist? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

    What Trump describes may be utopian for white male billionaire Christians. To the rest of us it sounds DYStopian.

    Of course, you’re right that Trump’s so-called plans to ‘make America great again’ are unrealistic. Also impractical. Offensive. Crazy. Racist. Megalomaniacal. Divisive. Unconstitutional. UnAmerican. Seditious. Irrational…et ceteera, et cetera, et cetera.

  20. That explains a lot!

    The people backing him in the polls think this is the best realty show they’ve ever seen: Republican Idol + So You Think You Can Run + Republican Survivor + America’s Got Republicans + RuPaul’s Republicans Are a Drag Race + Who Wants to Be a Republican + Are You Smarter Than a Republican, all rolled into one

    Too bad for the rest of us that it’s supposed to be serious.

  21. I like Sanders but, although his talking points sound great, he makes moderates and some independants nervous. He’s as far to the left as some rethug candidates are to the right. Then theres his funding problem. Grassroots might get you through the primaries, but not the general. Please don’t say he’ll turn down funds from the DNC if he would become the nominee. If that happens to be the case, he won’t be the nominee.

  22. Please name one of Sanders view points that make you nervous. This is a simple fact for you Francie. What you believe is a moderate in the Democrat party today is more politically in line with a Republican from the 90’s. During my lifetime the fulcrum of our political Left and Right has year after year been tipped, tugged and pulled further to the Right.

    Sanders is no more “extreme” then a moderate Northern Democrat from the 50’s & 60’s. If you feel that Sen. Sanders views are too much and perhaps Clinton is where the Dems need to be…well my advice to you is Join the Republicans. Biden & Clinton are both modern day centralist. Both in my POV makes them no different from the “Contract with America” 1994 Republicans.

    If the word “Socialism”, “Social Democrat”, or “Democratic Socialist” scare you. Then you need to grow a back bone, and look at our US History to the former Presidents that would fall in line with Sanders views., You might be shocked..FDR, T.R, Ike

  23. **NOTE** Barbara, That event has not been made official and the date could change. The “Enough is Enough” march is a site on Facebook made my local organizers and average people that back Sanders. Their goal is to gain enough RSVP’s (100,000 total) and then they will present it to Bernie’s Campaign to gain “OFFICAL” backing and event planing., date, time..etc.

    The Good News is that they already have enough RSVP’s to come forward with this idea to Bernie. I hope to see, and hear the official announcement of this event soon.

  24. you’re right.. Trump and Bernie run the same campaign both are going to fix the problems of the world but neither can say how…

  25. Your theory is not reality based.

    The media has tried to stop Hillary for decades. The voters want her more and know the 18 people and media whore liars are attacking her to stop her because she has massive support among democrats and the power to win.

    They ignore the candidates with no base, no national campaign, no party support, etc on both sides of the aisle.

    Large crowds in liberal college towns when you are yelling free college and money is not impressive.

    DC rallies are not what makes people vote in diverse states. Concerts have drawn hundreds of thousands but nobody wants “the band” to lead the nation. Entertainment and a flawed ideology are not change agents.

    And actual logistics are against you.

    Good luck with that.

  26. I missed Woodstock but went to Watkins Glen (Woodstock 73) and went to DC antiwar/rights rallies for years that were a massive sea of people for miles.

    Crowd size does not matter and it is a lot of effort and time and money spent foolishly unless it is professionally organized for a year or so and well funded.

    “OWS does DC” will be an enormous dud and even if they get a huge crowd it will accomplish nothing and end up being mocked.

  27. Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to the Democratic party. His vacuous, braggadocious campaign is perfect for the brain-dead Tea-Party types but repels everyone who’s the least bit moderate. If he’s the Republican nominee, Democrats should do very well come November 2016. But my concern is that Sanders is seen the same way to those in the middle and on the right. If he’s the Democratic nominee we’re in big trouble.

  28. Not true. Senator Sanders has outlined his policies along with proposals for how he will enact them. Check out:

    This website was put together by 125 of his supporters from a Reddit group. Choose an issue and read an in-depth assessment along with proposed solutions.

    Show me something Trump has that comes anywhere near this level of seriousness.

  29. Drawing bigger crowds doesn’t make Bernie Sanders a better candidate. Having political experience as a Mayor of his city, followed by 16 years representing his state in the house, followed by two terms in the Senate make him a better candidate. Empathizing with the social and economic injustices exploiting the middle and lower class make him a better candidate. Not being an ignorant racist continually making nationally embarrassing snarky comments makes him a better candidate. So billionnaire property mogul turned celeb isn’t easily pressured by big money. Great. Bernie Sanders isn’t pressured by money either and it didn’t taking him having a boatload of money to allow him to hold to his convictions, ethics, and policy stances.

  30. Joe, what I believe is moderate in the dem party of today, comes from the fact that I live in a democratic city in a very red state. The word socialism doesn’t create any problem for me, morally or otherwise. If Sanders is the nominee, he has my vote. I won’t have to make that choice, because that won’t happen. If your looking at history to make your point, look no further than 1972. Geo McGovern had great ideas, but you won’t find his portrait along side of other dem presidents. I want a democratic candidate that can win the general election, thats my bottom line! While we’re at it please answer my question. If by some miracle Sanders wins the nomination, will he accept funds from the DNC? When he agrees to take the money, won’t he be comprising his own strict standards? No one will answer that question.

  31. Trump and the media are obsessed with crowd sizes. Sanders isn’t focused on that at all.

    Crowd size as a poor metric of the candidate’s quality, agreed, but it really should correlate into media coverage. More people interested should equate to the event being more newsworthy. That is the point of this article. Not that Sanders’ large crowds mean he is the better candidate, but rather that the media is ignoring the candidate who seems to have more public support (in terms of crowd size) in favor of the more controversial candidate with less, or at least less active, popular support.

  32. Anyone who says Bernie don’t say how he will fix problems has not listened to Bernie speak,Bernie gives states exactly how he will fix things,Close tax loopholes on big Corporations so they pay their fair share,(Now most don’t pay any tax at all) also require the 1% pay the same % of taxes as working people,and many other things Bernie Speaks about. The problem is the corporate owned so called news don’t cover Bernie, He is not part of the 1%

  33. The corporate owned media won’t & don’t cover real news that is why I get my News from Free Speech Tv & RT tv, they cover the stories Corporate so called news won’t.
    They also take no Government Money, Have No Commercials, Just the Real NEWS

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