Obama Calls For Steps To Reduce Gun Violence After Virginia TV Journalist Murders

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The White House is calling on Congress to pursue common sense steps to reduce gun violence after two Virginia television journalists were murdered live on the air.

According to The Hill:

“This is another example of gun violence that is becoming all too common in communities large and small all across the United States,” Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Wednesday.

Earnest said there are “common sense” steps Congress can take to reduce gun violence in America without infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

Any responsible gun owner should be in favor of common sense steps that would make it more difficult for criminals and the mentally ill to obtain firearms.

The NRA and the gun industry drive the issue to extremes to cause fear and panic that results in inflated gun sales and profits. The reality is that keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people is not an either/or issue. It is possible to protect Second Amendment rights while also protecting the public.

The murders of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward demonstrated why giving everyone a gun is not the answer. The reporters had their backs turned and were doing their jobs. They were not expecting to be approached by someone with a weapon. The overwhelming majority of victims find themselves in the same situation.

Life is not an action movie where everyone stands around with their guns out and ready to fire. In the real world, innocent people senselessly die when dangerous individuals have easy access to firearms.

Common sense measures include things like fixing the holes in the screening and background checks system, and improving screening and background checks. These measures have nothing to do with taking guns away from anybody, but would be a major step forward for public safety.

The best way to protect the Second Amendment is to make sure that dangerous people who shouldn’t have guns can’t get them.

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24 Replies to “Obama Calls For Steps To Reduce Gun Violence After Virginia TV Journalist Murders”

  1. The Second Amendment is probably the only one the RWNJ’s know is part of the Constitution and they don’t even understand that one too well.

  2. No Robyn our choices have been taken away by the NRA and paranoid cowards. Our right to NOT be shot and killed while innocent has been taken by the NRA and the Conservative Christian Reich.

  3. It’s not necessarily just the right that buys the coming for our guns nonsense.I’ve seen normal sane people become unhinged when guns are mentioned.I don’t get it personally.There have been a raft of mass murders and nothing has changed and yet they are convinced that someone is coming for their guns.Maybe it is time to take them all away.Japan doesn’t seem to have these problems and I don’t recall the bible mentioning anything about Jesus having an ak-47. People rise up and take our country back from these morons. Had enough yet?

  4. …hasn’t been a week between psychotic murders for …I don’t know HOW long…WE have to do something; the Congress {Bought and paid for} won’t do a damned thing but bicker and take PAID vacations…

  5. What seems like common sense solutions to normal people will send 2nd amendment freaks into a frothing rage! Instead of more stringent backgroud checks, they would prefer to see every child issued a gun along with their birth certificates. The only oversight will be someone from the NRA must be on hand to determine if they are “anchor babies”, or in their opinion if they look like “illegals”, or if they seem to be the “right color”.

  6. I think shutting down arms manufactures would be another “good start” Time to level them and plant trees or turn the plants into places where things that DON’T TAKE LIFE! are made. It’s time to put an END to the NRA!!!

  7. The mass perception of the USA as a country seething with crime appears to be – at first glance – an incontestable truth. This supposed truth is thrust into our homes by a news hungry media who broadcast the most gruesome, debauched and despicable aspects of life in the USA twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

    But are we truly a more violent and crime ridden Country than we were years ago?

    In a word? No.

    The murder rate reached a high of 10.2 per 100,000 in 1980 vs the current rate of 4.5 per 100,000 – lower that at anytime since 1957.

    Rape hit a high of 42.8 per 100,000 in 1992 falling to 25.2 per 100,000 in 2013, its lowest rate since 1973.

    Aggravated Assault’s high was in 1992 – 441.8 – while it now sits at 229.1 per 100,000, lowest since 1974.

    The total violent crime rate hit a high of 758.1 per 100,000 in 1992 and has now dropped to 367.9 per 100,000 – its lowest since 1970!


  8. Joseph: the right to not be shot has been taken away by the liberals that refuse to punish criminals and keep the mentally ill off our streets. A gun has NEVER shot anyone without a human pulling the trigger. Put away the criminals and commit the mentally ill. Make illegal gun possession the serious crime that it is, and not a misdemeanor. Give them a mandatory 10 years for it and you will see gun violence drop dramatically.

  9. …most o’ your comments I concur with…except it WASN’T Liberals who shut down the nuthouses…it was Reagan…it is mostly Conservatives that brag about thier NRA score, {OK, some Yellow-belly Dems too…} most Liberals revel in a LOW NRA score…
    …and it is CONSERVATIVES who vote down any common sense gun laws…

  10. Donald, that entire comment was useless clueless psychobabble! You obviously are clueless to the FACT that the NRA has made claim after claim with psychobabble like yours, one of the best is “Guns have nothing to do with gun crime” YES they have said that! And was it a Liberal who said “The only thing we have to fear is the Lack of Fear” Was it Donald? NO it was Wayne LaPierre who said both of those ignorant quotes. And shadowolf is correct it was Reagan who closed the mental health facilities and it IS CONSERVATIVES!!!! NOT LIBERALS! who have consistently voted AGAINST BACKROUND checks including mental health checks! And only some one who IS mentally challenged would arm themselves with un-needed firearms. Liberals and Democrats are the ONLY people who are trying keep YOU and the rest of us from getting MURDERED! by firearms.

  11. You are nothing but just another gun nut. You espouse arming anyone who wants a damn gun. That’s what you are. I suppose all the other gun nuts in those countries where there are little to no shootings of innocents are jealous of the gun nuttery here. I am correct. You are just plain nuts.

  12. Why are there an estimated 60-80 million ‘illegal’ guns on the streets?

    The NRA does not want us to know why that tertiary market is so important to the lucrative gun-manufacturing cabal…which has gone from less than 500 to over 6000 companies…over the last several decades..

    It serves 2 purposes:
    1) What do you do with your old guns when you buy new guns? What if there were no market?
    2) All those ‘drug gangs on every street in America…’ are scary, so BUY MORE GUNS.

    I think this is really a public-health issue.
    And an ethics-in-business issue.

  13. I assume this is all collated with the increase in population? Yes violent crime has been dropping for decades, but the number of folks personally affected by gun violence is reaching a level where we may actually start treating guns the way we do automobiles…

    Check out gun-fails on the Daily Koss if you want to contemplate some drunk ‘accidentally killing you or someone you love in the hotel room next door…by ‘cleaning his loaded gun’…& getting off SCOT FREE. Not even a civil suit.

    THAT is how screwed up things are concerning gun-laws…which could be simplified quite a bit, & allowed to have some teeth.

  14. It might be a start… but they pulled them for NOT the right reasons.
    Hiding behind the “lagging sales” excuse…

    “Walmart spokesperson Kory Lundberg told the site that lagging sales motivated the big-box giant’s decision rather than politics.”

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