Top Senate Democrat Praises Clinton and Sanders As Republicans Rip Each Other To Shreds


In a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Women’s Equality Day, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) drew a stark contrast between Republicans’ refusal to support legislation to ensure equal pay and their relentless efforts to turn back the clock to a time when women often died if they needed an abortion.

During the call the Senator, who was championing 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton’s policies for women and men (equal pay, income inequality, affordable college, etc.), was asked about how 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was doing and if there was tension between them.

Boxer said there was “no” tension, noting the “difference between Republican field and Democratic field.”

The Democratic California Senator made the case that both candidates agree on the issues and there is no animosity there, “You hear Republicans going after each other with fierce animosity. What you hear when you hear Bernie Sanders talking about income inequality, student loans, Hillary Clinton shares those views, Bernie Sanders shares those views. There is no animosity there. He’s a good friend of mine, he says it straight from the heart and that’s all good for us. He likes to pound the table and she likes to bring people along.”

Boxer continued, making the point that the Democratic candidates all want the same thing and are focusing on issues, “The message is the same. Income inequality, voting rights, immigration reform, good jobs, clean energy, student loans — we want all of these things. It’s a question of a different way to approach the issue. We all stand for the same thing. Whereas the Republicans are just in a different attack mode against each other.”

Senator Boxer raised a point that will become more obvious over time. Republicans are fighting a war of personality and mud in their primary. They are a hot, disintegrating mess right now; whereas Democrats agree on the actual policies they are advocating for. As I’ve been writing from the beginning of this primary, this is an unprecedented opportunity to elevate the status of these issues. The press has never cared about most of these issues, but with Sanders and Clinton committed to fighting clean, the issues get the attention.


If the issues get attention, democracy wins.

Asked about a potential run by Vice President Joe Biden, Boxer said, “As far as my friend Joe Biden is concerned, if he wants to run I think he should.”

This reporter asked how Senator Boxer, and by proxy Secretary Clinton, plan to make young women aware of these policies that would benefit women, as there seems to be a huge disconnect between the personal and political with a lot of younger people. She responded by reminding us all of what is at stake — of the time when women died from abortions:

“We’re going to do it by having a great grassroots effort, I’m going to be traveling to Las Vegas -exciting race, you raise a good point, a lot of young women don’t realize that what they count on could be taken away from them. I remember when women died from abortions. We don’t want to go back to those days.”

That wasn’t a fear bomb, as Republicans are actively running on taking women’s right to make their own medical decisions away from them. Boxer also pointed out that men who love women also care about these issues, as well as husbands whose family is impacted by economic inequalities in women’s pay.

When asked about Sec. Clinton’s emails and her “falling” in the polls, Boxer responded, “She’s had to fight hard, you’re saying her poll numbers have slipped, she’s got 18 Republican candidates attacking her constantly, the media attacking her for a baloney issue.”

Boxer pointed out that Sec. Colin Powell addressed his emails same way, except he destroyed emails, whereas Hillary Clinton turned hers over. The California Senator said the media pounding is a test, “I was pounded over and over from right wing press, the people want to see if you can take it and she can take it.”

If Democrats are successful in reaching out to younger people and showing how politics are personal, it could have a relevant impact on turnout.

Democrats need to keep fighting for high ground, focusing on the issues. On the issues, they can’t lose. In contrast, we get distractions and personal bombs from Republicans, who can’t share their policy stance with the public without terrifying the majority. If VP Biden joins the Democratic primary, there will be a group of great potential choices, all of whom care about the issues that matter to most Americans. No Ted Cruzes or Donald Trumps, but rather devoted public servants who actually care about the people. This is a win for democracy.

19 Replies to “Top Senate Democrat Praises Clinton and Sanders As Republicans Rip Each Other To Shreds”

  1. Any rancor among the Dem candidares can only hearten the GOP’rs and undermine the confidence among Dem.-leaning voters.

    Let the GOP’rs shred one another.
    Let the Dems contest one another gracefully.
    Let the FOX-fed Dittoheaded dirtbags go to hell.

  2. Kinda fun to watch these smug self-righteous bastards tear each other apart though.What’s sad is this is what passes for politics these days.

  3. He’s a good friend of mine, he says it straight from the heart and that’s all good for us. He likes to pound the table and she likes to bring people along.” NO Senator Boxer – Bernie Is Bringing The Real Democratic Party Toward His Policies #FeeltheBERN

  4. —-Republicans are fighting a war of personality and mud in their primary. They are a hot, disintegrating mess right now;–

    Didn’t we tell you? DIDN’T we tell you? !!! Democrats are smooth, steady and civil. While Republicans are: Dysfunctional, Petty, Nasty and Uncivil in their behavior and attitudes.

    Which Party you think deserves to represent the country and present its virtues for the world to see and respect?

    Right. Goes without saying.

    Don’t forget to vote a straight Democratic ticket.

  5. As amazing as Bernie Sander’s is, his supporters can’t help but polarize… “The Real Democratic Party”??? who are the “Real democrats”? do you mean to exclude the 60% of democrats that would rather Hillary? Do you mean to say that Senator Boxer as well as the vast majority of Democratic Senators & Representatives aren’t “Real Democrats”? Either way, lets leave the No True Scotsman fallacies for the Republicans. we just got praised for Not Infighting….

  6. There is one sane party that works for progress. The party of reason: Democratic.

    The other is a collection of immature misfits and criminals that are incompetent at everything. Angry and violent …why I say they need to be segregated away from decent people, and then they can annihilate each other.
    The party of Wrong: Republican.

  7. And they all have a truly scary vision for us. They want all of our natural resources. Climate change recognition and solutions would not happen. We will surely be fighting in the Middle East on who knows how many fronts. Women’s issues would be denied. Obamacare, immigration,Cuba, Israel. I could go on and on about this agenda and it ain’t pretty. Again, the next election will be the most important of my lifetime. We have to get it right.

  8. Damn it if you keep saying things like that it is you doing the dividing. HC does not have 60% and you act like the election is over before it began. The question is who is the democratic party and my choice of the leader is different from yours and you say those who are for Bernie are the ones dividing. We may be dividing your vision but so what? This is an election and not a coronation as you think. What is the democratic party? We believe that should be decided democratically not by decree. If you don’t believe in democracy join the republican party. You are not serving the party, you serve a vision of where we should be going. There are differences and there is trust issues within the party and you deny the former and dismiss the latter. You are doing your vision a disservice. People like you should just shut up and let us have a civil election. If you win you win and if you loose you loose. Just don’t act like it’s over, it isn’t.

  9. The only smart vote is a straight Party line vote. Doesn’t matter which party.

    I was a crib Republican and sad to admit, I voted for Tricky over JFK. But I became a yellow dog democrat before I graduated from UNM. (The Lobo’s)

    I have never voted for a Republican since. Why? The D’s are for the little guy. If the little guys have money to spend, they spend it which “clears the markets”. That keeps the economy humming.

    I prefer the Bern hut I will sure vote for the Hill before I would vote for anybody riding in the GOP Clown Car.

  10. Now for the rest of the story. Why were my parents Republican? I think it was because they blamed WWII on FDR. I had a brother, several uncles and cousins and sons of close family friends involved in WWII.

    Some sons of family friends were in the NM Army Guard which was involved in the Bataan Death March. Bataan is a holy name in NM.

    I was 6, almost 7 when FDR died. My mom and Mrs. Taylor who lived next door were so happy, they danced a jig. Made one hell of an impression on the old Ohio Lobo.

  11. This pile of strangely arranged hair is what Republicans want to hang their hat on for 2016? Selection of a leader for the USA seems more bizarre the older I get. It reminds one more of sporting event than a thoughtful selection for our nation. Perhaps The Donald is the best that the GOP has to offer but I hope it warrants a second look. There will be a decision from all the electorate eventually.

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