Bobby Jindal Urges President Obama Not To Mention Climate Change On Katrina Anniversary

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Louisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate Piyush “Bobby” Jindal sent a letter to President Barack Obama, requesting that the president not utter a word about climate change, when he comes to New Orleans to mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on Thursday. Jindal made the request in writing on official state letterhead. In his letter, the Louisiana Governor wrote:

While you and others may be of the opinion that we can legislate away hurricanes with higher taxes, business regulations and EPA power grabs, that is not a view shared by many Louisianians.

I would ask you to respect this important time of remembrance by not inserting the divisive political agenda of liberal environmental activism.

Jindal’s letter demonstrates just how deeply he has internalized climate change denial as an article of faith. His world view is so skewed by living in a right-wing bubble that Jindal disingenuously tries to cast the mainstream scientific consensus on climate change as “liberal environmental activism.”

Furthermore, he makes a straw man argument, by attempting to mock his political opponents as people who believe they can legislate away hurricanes. Clearly Jindal’s misrepresentation of environmental regulations as efforts to ban hurricanes is a  ridiculously obtuse way of dismissing the relatively complex and nuanced ideas behind a comprehensive policy to address climate change.

Jindal concluded his piece by stating:

A lecture on climate change would do nothing to improve what we are already doing…Partisan politics from Washington, D.C. are unwelcome in Louisiana at the best of times. This week it would be met with nothing but derision. I would therefore ask you to carefully consider your message.

In 2008 you were elected on a promise of hope and change. Since then, New Orleanians have delivered those things for themselves. It would be constructive to bring people together in that same spirit.

Governor Jindal is clearly uncomfortable with any attempt to link the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Katrina to higher ocean temperatures and other factors related to climate change. Bobby Jindal wants to muzzle the president, because discussing climate change makes him and other Louisianans uncomfortable. However, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

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  1. Jindal is also the Bagger that has forbidden any mention of the chemical compounds found in fracking.
    I really hope Obama shows some backbone and Piyush’s down the good Governor’s throat.

  2. Piyush “Moron” Jindal asks for respect while showing absolutely none. Now the President should talk up a storm about climate change.

  3. When will this arrogant piece of shit be relegated to the dust bin of history. Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough for me.

  4. Well when your state slips into the ocean then you will know
    Can Louisiana Hold Oil Companies Accountable For Its Vanishing Coastline?
    This swift erosion poses a very serious threat to the coastal communities who are watching their land crumble away beneath them at the fastest rate in the world: the state’s shoreline is losing a football field-sized area of land every hour

  5. …”f”ing Teatard is as crooked as they come…I concur, our Prez should read that letter aloud and then prove Piyush is lying…and then, really shove a truth-bomb into every orifice Jindal has, fact-check every speech the bastard has made this month alone…

  6. Dear Shit for Brains,
    Is it too soon? Like it was too soon to talk about Louisianas own personal movie shooting massacre. Because you know when you burry your head in the sand, problems just magically disappear. Barack Obama is the president of the US. Something you will never even get a sniff at. IMBECILE!

  7. Just finish watching the president speech and little man didn’t get his wish. The president mentioned climate, education, healthcare, criminal system etc.. The upside and downside of every issue.
    But he also, let the people know that these achievements was achieved without repuke in office. Who are talking about shutting down the govt. for some dumbsh**.
    This is what a leader is. I’m going to miss Pres. Obama.

  8. Another idiot elected to office. The damage these bozos have done will take a generation to fix, that’s if we stop putting these morons in office.

  9. picture Piyyush with eyes tight shut and fingers in ears singing ‘LALALALALALA!!!!!’ as loud as he can…

    I can’t see it or hear it then it doesn’t exist and will go away…

  10. Look at the headline photo. You have a twice elected president who is forced to meet a shit for brains governor just to be able to talk to a bunch of people who have been sorely mistreated by Republicans over and over. And to think this man thinks he could be POTUS. La. voters are not indicative of the rest of the nation for sure.

  11. Lol, I think the President is more popular and liked in Louisianna than Jindal. And I find it commical and disrespectful for Jindal to think he can dictate to the President of this country what he can say anywhere.

    What an ass.

  12. The only good thing about Bobby is that he is term limited. But then, Diaper Dave will probably be the next governor.

  13. The whole bunch of em prove time and time again they are a classless party. Kind of reminds one of 47 traitors signing a letter to a foreign opponent not to heed a sitting president.

  14. I KNOW!!!
    …tear it in half, along with envelope, fold until it is all edges and corners, and shove in both ends at once!!!

  15. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is an idiot. If this letter doesn’t prove it look up his birth and his comments on “anchor babies.” Idiot through and through.

  16. The President should talk about how king bobby sold off every public asset – from hospitals to water – to private owners. we rent now.

    Plantation kingdom.

  17. Given a free reign, Republican administrations would privatize all roads and bridges so everyone could marvel at how they keep our country free. Don’t know what to say about hospitals. Dumbass pub (always)governors that won’t expand medicaid watch them slowly succumb to financial ruin. Often when a state finally enacts this feature, they have already lost some of their hospitals that serve rural areas and are hard to replace.

  18. How do these stupid people come up with so much money to keep getting elected? How do they come up with so much money in the first place, while the really smart folks are having to pander to them for funding for better engineering? Hurricanes have been happening since the Earth developed seas and oceans, and they won’t be going away any time soon. We can lessen the impact by building storm-proof housing and buildings, but we can’t deny that what industry has done to get us to the point where we are now. Hurricanes will be here long after Jindal is gone from office and beyond. Right wing or left, a hurricane does not care.

  19. Apparently you didn’t see Pres. Obama’s letter responding to Piyush lecturing him on what he should and should not talk about.

    Fortunately I have a copy:

    Thursday, August 27, 2015
    Office of the Governor
    900 North 3rd Street
    State Capitol
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802

    Dear Piyush:

    I am in receipt of your letter dated August 26, 2015 lecturing me on what topics I, as President, should and should not address while marking the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina – particularly advising me to avoid any discussion of climate change.

    Unfortunately it would appear you were not in receipt of my recent Memo. My bad!

    To save time, I’ll provide you with a brief summary – and feel free to share it with your fellow Republicans:

    I’m all out of F/CKS to GIVE! So you can expect to hear a great deal about climate change.

    Pres. Barack H. Obama

  20. What an arrogant, ignorant fool! He thinks he gets to dictate what The President Of The United States gets to say, especially when it’s the truth. Mr. Jindal should stop drinking his tea and listen to real science instead of Big Oil and the Koch brothers. If he doesn’t know that what he’s saying is total BS, then he should put his talents to work digging ditches because he shouldn’t be given the responsibility of running a state if he is that stupid.

  21. Sometimes it pays to read the link.
    The part we’re fact-checking is the claim that Jindal’s parents gained citizenship through him

    What republicans are saying if you come here as a non citizen and give birth your child should have no rights as a US citizen hence the term anchor baby

  22. @TrollHunter said, “Jindal is also the Bagger that has forbidden any mention of the chemical compounds found in fracking.
    I really hope Obama shows some backbone and Piyush’s down the good Governor’s throat.”

    Oh, he ignored Jindal’s ridiculous request and then some. Did you watch the speech? You should if you didn’t.

  23. I guess Piyush Jindal was shown yesterday just how much respect his silly request garnered from the President. Of course it was appropriate to discuss climate change and Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane season is coming on and we may well see more climate change anger from Mother Nature.

  24. Gov. Jindal, no one would argue with you about the fact that Hurricanes hit the coastal areas of Louisiana. That is a fact. However, what humans have done with that coast line has impacted what damage the Hurricanes can do when they come into shore.

    In the 1800’s levees were built to assuage the brunt of Hurricanes and work in conjunction with the barrier reefs. However, couple of things which attributed to hurricane devastation – larger population growth, filling in of the marshlands (which also worked as a barrier) to build oil & to gas pipeline to the coast as well as the fancy homes, few highways for evacuation diminished the safety of the population & contributed to the damage.

    Climate change is not just about storms, but how storms react. That is what all you climate change deniers need to get through your heads.

  25. Sorry Piyush, but the Governor of a state does not get to tell the President of the United States what to talk about. It is especially ironic considering the fact that much of that state will disappear if global warming continues.

    Piyush Jindal’s policies only made matters worse in Louisiana. Whether the people of the state agree with their governor or not does not determine what the truth is. Piyush Jindal, like most Republicans, think their private, short-term interests and fantastical beliefs outweigh the facts.

  26. This man Jindal seems a nervous biter of a dog. Jindals temerity in instructing the President is beyond the pale. The GOPers never cease to amaze me. Jindals run at the White House is more than Ill advised even for these thugs. His day is just about done. Certainly a huge portion of New Orleans wants him out. What is this persons ancestry, Daschound? I’m sorry to daschounds for the comparison. The dog like loyalty to any evil the GOP can dream up. The coloring. I am growing more convinced just looking at these GOP schmucks that they do not originate from this planet. Truly alien. Especially down south. Ever seen Rick Scott? I rest my case.

  27. Bobby Jindal to Obama: Don’t Politicize the Katrina Anniversary Unless It’s Politics We Like Sometimes, it’s the easiest thing in the world to figure out just how dumb a person is. For instance, here are two sentences from a letter from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the world saddest animated giraffe, to President Barack Obama regarding Obama’s visit to New Orleans today to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Jindal didn’t want Obama to mention climate change: – See more at:

  28. Here’s an idea! Let’s just sweep all talk of climate change under the rug. That will surely make it go away.

  29. Not a Katrina Anniversary Post
    “I don’t wanna write about that. I’m tired of thinking about it,” said one of the Rude Pundit’s New Orleans friends when he asked the woman to post on this here blog about the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the storm that caused the levees in New Orleans to break, allowing cataclysmic, murderous floods to ravage that place and many others. “Why does it matter that it’s been ten years? Every day is another anniversary.” Her family had lost three or four houses between all the members. She lived a damn nightmare. – See more at:

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