Obama Drops The Hammer On Republicans, ‘Nobody Gets To Hold The American Economy Hostage.’

obama speaks in new orleans

During a speech in New Orleans, LA, President Obama strongly told Republicans that he will not allow them to hold the economy hostage with another government shutdown.

The President said:

Congress is about to come back from a six-week recess. The deadline to fund the government is, as always, the end of September, and so I want everybody to understand that Congress has just about a month to pass a budget that helps our economy grow. Otherwise, we risk shutting down the government and services that we all count on for the second time in two years.

That would not be responsible. It does not have to happen. Congress needs to fund America in a way that invests in our growth in our security and not cuts us off at the knees by locking in mindless austerity or shortsighted sequester cuts to our economy or our military.

I’ve said I will veto a budget like that. I think most Americans agree. We’ve got to invest in rather cut things like military readiness, infrastructure, schools, public health, the research and development that keeps us on the cutting edge. That’s what great nations do. That’s what great nations do, so you know eventually we’re going to do it anyway, so let’s just do it without too much drama.

Let’s do it without another round of threats to shut down the government. Let’s not introduce unrelated partisan issues. Nobody gets to hold the American economy hostage over their own ideological demands.

President Obama made it clear that he is not going to play let’s make a deal in order to avoid a government shutdown. He was very specific in what he wanted. Obama wants the sequester gone. He isn’t going to settle for anything less. The White House has been signaling for months that they will veto any Republican passed budget that is based on the sequester.

His remarks also contained a warning to Ted Cruz and any other Republican, who may be considering shutting down the government over Planned Parenthood. President Obama’s message was don’t even think about it. Cruz and others don’t get to shut the government down to carry out their ideological agenda.

President Obama dropped the hammer on Republican dreams of causing chaos in September. If Republicans cause a crisis, it is clear that the President is going to get roped into their dysfunctional drama.

39 Replies to “Obama Drops The Hammer On Republicans, ‘Nobody Gets To Hold The American Economy Hostage.’”

  1. The gopers are oblivious to such warnings. Their twisted reality bubble excludes our common reality. They cannot reason, only responding to their ideology. Why? Because that is all they have.

    A shutdown fight is likely only because Cruz, Jindal, and all the other wannabes need to placate the tea-brained base. The gopers are about to become extinct.

  2. Cruz, Paul, and Rubio, are trying to score political points. Which one can make the loudest noise to get the the most attention for their dying campaigns. That party has NO leader. McConnell is a wimp and Boehner is a slobbering, crying drunk. They will do what they want, thats the bottom line. Then the president will have to put things back together again.

  3. Now if people will just stop electing these worthless sacks of shyte, we might see the country really prosper.

  4. Cruz is already plotting a shutdown over planned parenthood but get this, it is not his fault. Guess who?

  5. Imagine where we could be economically if Republican sabotage had not occurred. Remember all the lips that decried jobs jobs jobs? Instead of working with dems, all the GOP could muster was no. Now even as campaign pitches are made,NOTHING. Nothing but the classless Trump reality show. What an embarrassment for the US.

  6. I am so looking forward to the day when the GOP becomes a footnote to history. I do wonder what will be the name of the other party to take its place.

  7. Who’s Boner and McConnell? Haven’t heard a peep from them in ages. Maybe they took their money and ran, pigs!

  8. BTF-Back to the Future,
    CRZY, no interpretation necessary,
    RINO, it has face recognition, it has some undesirable connotation, but the GOP has been polishing Turds for years, it should be easy.

  9. Anyone is free to cheerlead for Bush if they prefer the pre-Obama economy. Jeb could use a few cheerleaders. Most are not buying what he is selling. Defending the W administration is not a game winner.

  10. For those who would prefer a pre-Obama economy I would suggest you look into the Bush campaign. Jeb could use a few cheerleaders as most are not buying what he is selling. Defending the W administration is not a game winner

  11. Not a problem just make sure that their salary and benefits are the first thing shut down or sequestered.

  12. ” If Republicans cause a crisis, it is clear that the President is going to get roped into their dysfunctional drama.”

    Didn’t you mean “is NOT going to get roped…”?

  13. that has been the problem all along, for me. while the GOP has been screaming its guts out and crying like a kid plucked off a department store Big Wheel, the democrats have been almost completely passive. with all the unanswered lies, speculation and conjecture coming out of the right, the dems have more or less rolled on their backs like a scolded puppy pissing the whole time. the dems silence has been deafening. it has been noticed, and is not appreciated by this supporter.

  14. It will probably be call The Nazis. Totally intolerant of any opinion other than their own. Willing to rewrite history to prove their points. Totally disregarding anything that opposes the “correct” dictates of the party. Oh, and using violence to achieve their goals despite the “mentally challenged” decriers

  15. Ted Cruz and the governme nt shutdown’s cost … $24 billion
    How much money does the U.S. spend on foreign aid ? In fiscal 2013, will total around $23 billion
    According to Cruz, the entire 3 week standoff was just a ploy for him to build up his fundraiser list.
    Cruz told reporters: Michelle Bachmann was quoted by The Washington Post as saying, about Boehner’s shutdown: “We’re very excited. It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it.”
    The cost to the American taxpayer that will be added to the federal debt for the shutdown is $24 Billion. Add the $4,054,097.95 that Congress was paid and we’re talking about real money. That’s what the Republican Government Shutdown cost the American people
    The 401 National Parks that were shut down cost local communities $76 million per day.

  16. Shouldn’t the last sentence in the article have read __If Republicans cause a crisis, it is clear that the President is (not) going to get roped into their dysfunctional drama.__Rather than “is going to get roped into their dysfunctional drama.

  17. I very seldom come to sites like this because I know I will not be enlightened, but rather frightened by the ignorant closed mindedness of those that think the government is there to raise them.

  18. Then by all means, go back to Breitbart or The Blaze where you and your fellow clan members can talk about hording guns and canned food for that horrifying day when Obama brings his bloodthirsty Muslim horde to your doorstep to carry off your women and children.

    In the meantime…we’ll be here, actually having adult conversations about how to better improve our country.

    Sorry to disappoint.

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