Bernie Sanders Delivers A Wake-Up Call To Democrats: Join The Movement And Change America


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Sen. Bernie Sanders had one message for the Democratic Party. Instead of being the establishment, Democrats need to take on the corporations and billionaires.

Sen. Sanders said that few took his candidacy seriously when his campaign launched four months ago, but it is fair to say that a lot has changed in the last few months. Sanders said that he is drawing young people and working people who have not previously been involved in the political process. He said that the campaign has received more individual donations than any other candidate with an average donation of $31.21. He said, “This is a people’s campaign.”


Bernie Sanders delivered a wake-up call to Democrats about enthusiasm:

The Republicans did not win the mid-term election in November. The Democrats lost that election because voter turnout was abysmally low, and millions of working people, minorities and young people gave up on “politics as usual” and stayed home.

Let me be very clear. In my view, Democrats will not retain the White House, will not regain the Senate, will not gain the House and will not be successful in dozens of governor’s races unless we run a campaign which generates excitement and momentum and which produces a huge voter turnout.

With all due respect, and I do not mean to insult anyone here, that will not happen with politics as usual. The same old, same old will not be successful.

The people of our country understand that — given the collapse of the American middle class and the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality we are experiencing — we do not need more establishment politics or establishment economics.

We need a political movement which is prepared to take on the billionaire class and create a government which represents all Americans, and not just corporate America and wealthy campaign donors.

In other words, we need a movement which takes on the economic and political establishment, not one which is part of it.

Sen. Sanders hit on the biggest fear of some Democrats who are concerned that the party won’t be able to generate the kind of enthusiasm that will be needed to keep the White House, and take back the Senate.

Sanders wasn’t trying to go to war with the Democratic Party. His message is that Democrats and the left need to be unified in pursuing a common goal, and that Democrats need to understand that people are fed up, and they want change.

The mainstream press is already trying to spin his remarks as Sanders versus the Democratic establishment, but Sanders isn’t Donald Trump. He didn’t threaten Democrats, insult, or rail against the party. Sanders began his speech by thanking them, “Thank you for inviting me to be with you today, and thank you for the hard work that all of you do every day in trying to make our country a better place in which to live and raise a family.”

The message isn’t Sen. Sanders versus Democrats. The message is that Democrats had better be prepared to leave their old ways behind, or face potential defeat in 2016.

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  1. Sanders has the makings of a transformational Chief Executive and Statesman, but he’ll have to convince a timid electorate of this.

    Time will tell.

  2. Newsflash for Bernie. The Democratic Party has been fighting for the middle and lower classes for over 250 years.

    The GOPers have a GOTV program too. Mitt Robmey got 47% of the vote in 2012 and he basically told 47% of his opposing voters to go have fornication with themselves.

    Bernie, I know you have only been in the Democratic Party for 4 months so, look up the Party of Jefferson then get back to me.

  3. The DNC has abandoned the New Deal and the Great Society and if you have your way, I’ll abandon the Democratic Party. Cheers. :D

  4. Yet the Republicans are the party of Lincoln… You know the party that currently enjoys repressing minorities voters.

    To hell with what the party has done in the past. Currently its a corrupted by legal bribery along with a roster of craven politicians.

  5. If we didn’t have a Congress, I’d agree with you. But that would make this then a dictatorship, wouldn’t it?

  6. Maybe. But the DNC is not the Democratic Party. Democratic politicians make up the Democratic Party and they’re elected by us.

    If you now want to contend that the Democratic Party has abandoned the “New Deal” and the “Great Society”, then you haven’t been paying attention, and it’s not as if you have to look all too hard, either.

  7. The Democratic Party has a problem. That problem is they are not, nor have they been listening to the people for quite awhile now. I have steadily voted for Democrats for I understand that the ultimate goal is to get the majority elected.

    The problem is the public for the most part seems to have apathy towards voting. This combined with numerous GOP policies of voter suppression ads more frustration to voter.

    Hey Democratic Party want to WIN elections and WIN them big? Get out and support what the people want. Scream you will support the people and do it after your elected.

    Also shove the negative effects of GOP policies down the GOP run Media. You know the so called MSM that is owned and operated by GOP backers that love to distort things.

  8. He isn’t a democrat. He refused it when he had the chance and is still independent but running to become head of a party he never was a member of.

    He didn’t change party 4 months ago. When he was elected in Vt he had the choice.

  9. #42 is obviously not always the answer. :-D

    A) The Democratic party was formed in 1828, not 1765 (which, by the way, was 11 years prior to the formation of the nation).
    B) Well into the 20th century, the party had a conservative pro-business wing, and attracted strong support from the European ethnicities (read whites).
    C) Look up Dixiecrats. The Democratic Party was by no means always “fighting for the middle and lower classes.”
    D) The Democratic Party has changed and evolved over time, and now needs to change and evolve again.
    E) Bernie Sanders, though an Independent, has been caucusing with and voting with the Democratic Party for his entire tenure any time their goals matched his, which was nearly all the time.

    I know you had a point to make, #42, but you missed the mark. Galactic hitchhikers everywhere will be disappointed.


  10. Look, I watched all the speeches, and there was one person who delivered, one person who is not touting her support and her formidable numbers (she has more volunteers in one state than Bernie has in the nation for example…) she isn’t just backed by 130 superdelegates – she is quietly holding back on her endorsements and will spring them at a time she needs them. Reports (Bloomberg for example) are saying she has a staggering 440 of them.

    To zero.

    I listened to Bernie. To his “when I am President” speech and he kept mentioning things that will soon be resolved.

    Bernie went on about Iran, TPP, Keystone and other things in PBOs hands – and will have nothing to do with 2016!

    WTF is wrong with people cheering his attacks on PBO at a Dem MEETING!

    I heard what I always hear from him $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-Movement – Revolution – gratuitous mention of some other stuff.

  11. I didn’t hear the speech but I wouldn’t be surprised if he attacked the President he has done it in the past and if he thinks attacking the President will win over the true base of the party then he has been sniffing to much feel the bern nonsense

  12. I am sincerely hoping that Bernie continues to grow this grassroots movement, continues to pique the interest of young potential voters as well as the rest of us, and breaks through the voter apathy that has plagued us for years.
    We NEED what Bernie is bringing to the table! And the fact that he refuses to accept donations from billionaires, while never having wavered from his passion to work towards the greater good of the middle class and the poor, as well as his stand on other important issues – that is a powerful thing.
    I only hope it is powerful enough to turn the proverbial Titanic before it’s too late.


    (BTW, check out FeelTheBern dot org – it’s a great resource explaining his stand on dozens of important issues)

  13. He is going to stop TPP and Keystone.

    Obama may stop Keystone. We do not know.

    Obama may work out a fantastic TPP and after we all read it we will have our chance to decide if we like it or not.

    I will read it and then I will read experts who discuss its merits and flaws and then decide along with the nation.

    But it won’t be a Bernie thing. It will be a national thing and all of congress.

  14. Are you aware of that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are planning a historic event in Washington D.C. similar to those in 1960s to support civil rights and oppose the Vietnam War? It is estimated that this event could draw a million people!

    Establishment Democrats lose support because they cater to their wealthy donors and do absolutely nothing to address poverty which is worse now than during the Great Recession.

    Homelessness is a widespread problem in all of the urban cities and we see people defecating in the streets like they do in Third World nations.

    Where is the Democratic leadership now? Nearly 22% of children live in poverty—that is up from 18% in 2008! We have 39% of African American kids living below the poverty line and the only issue the Democratic establishment advocated for in the last election was gay marriage!

    Americans have had enough of this madness! Learn more about the March on Washington, D.C., here:

  15. What a load of crap.

    “and the only issue the Democratic establishment advocated for in the last election was gay marriage!”

    WTF are you talking about.

    Have fun with your little gathering of OWS has beens in DC. It has nothing to do with electing a candidate and it will not solve anything, but go right ahead and waste your time and money and efforts on a little party so you all feel like revolutionaries or some crap.

    We marched for real things – we did it with passion. We were spit on, maced, pulled by our ponytails and told to leave the country. Good times.

    We sure as hell didn’t do it for a false idol.

  16. Really? A million people? REALLY?

    No. Bernie just said in his little speech to the Dems that he has 100,000 volunteers who signed up for his campaign.

    Now about 1/4 of them will volunteer in real life, knock on doors and all. So he has 25,000 people across the country willing to phone bank or door knock.

    If you get 50,000 to go to DC it will be a miracle. The food, traffic, expenses, and utter mess of that city is logistics you cannot overcome today. A million.

    Crazy people.

  17. If and when he does – Hillary will be free to discuss it. Bernie has nothing to do with PBOs decision and has little say actually in anything he discussed in his speech.

    That bill he bragged about introducing months ago still has no co-signer last I looked and is not going to get any because it is not passable legislation.

  18. What’s funny is he is introducing all these bills now but in 25 years in Congress he sponsored 3 bills and 2 of them were naming post offices

  19. Hi Barbara, I just want to caution you to not exaggerate things like potential numbers of attendees when you’re on a public forum. Bernie’s support numbers are impressive enough on their own. As of today, 109,000 people have RSVPd this event and the numbers climb daily.

    Also as of today, the campaign has not agreed to participate but has offered encouragement and a request for better organization. This is what grassroots looks like.

  20. 510 you are just as dishonest (or in error) as Barbara is. I went to the facebook page with nobody on it… and it says:

    “Click the link below & sign up to volunteer for Bernie’s campaign efforts locally, for the DC rally or regional rallies near you.”

    And the link is just his campaign volunteer sign-up page for all people who might volunteer when the campaign comes to their state.

    His claim today of 100,000 volunteers are people who clicked “yes” and those are also the 100,000 people you imagine are planning on going to DC?

  21. “My friends, the Republican Party did not win the midterm election in November: We lost that election,” Mr. Sanders said. “We lost because voter turnout was abysmally, embarrassingly low, and millions of working people, young people and people of color gave up on politics as usual and they stayed home. That’s a fact.”

  22. Oh PA’LEESE…..!!!!!….How this “feel the bern site”has conveniently not given the HEADLINE NEWS on the Politico Site of How Hillary was Rapturously Received and Has LOCKED UP THE MAJORITY OF SUPER DELEGATES NEEDED TO WIN at the DNC Meeting Now taking place in Minneapolis…!!!!!!…Why am I NOT SURPRISED….!!!!!!!!?????????…..GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Senator Bernie Sanders challenged hundreds of the party’s leaders on Friday to embrace his candidacy, warning that the huge crowds of supporters he has drawn may not vote for Democratic candidates in 2016 unless he is at the top of the ticket.

    Our strategy threatens that exact idea. We call it Bernie or Bust.

  24. Those same Democrats Bernie is criticizing aren’t going to turn out to vote for him, either. He has no constituency beyond the far, far left who want a “socialist revolution” and that is not a message for the moderate American voting public which wins national elections. Bernie cannot win the presidency.

  25. Bernie Sanders cannot win a national election. And that is the absolute truth of the matter. His support is extremely limited and very radical. America votes moderately, not freakishly, and Bernie is a freak of the left just as Trump is a freak of the right. Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee and she is going to win. She has the support of the Democratic Party – Bernie isn’t a Democrat, you know – and of women voters, African Americans and other minorities, and immigrants. Hillary is going to win the nomination and the general election. She’s going to be the next President of the United States.

  26. Keep on working for the GOP. The mice do not tell the cat what to do. Common sense.

    The Dems are going to keep the WH blue and you can hold your breath and pretend you have power over the party you want to lead but are not a part of.

    You cannot usurp my party. You suck at it.

  27. That is NOT a fact.

    The voter turnout in 2014 was the lowest since Truman because:

    a. Hispanics were told to boycott the election because there was no movement on Immigration Reform in the House and President Obama was asked NOT to make an Executive order until after November.

    b. Voters were told that same old garbage about Democrats being just like Republicans when clearly that is NOT the case.

    c. The youth vote had better things to do then vote.

    d. Voter ID laws suppressed voter registration and turnout.

    e. GOPer gerrymandering.

  28. I agree with RIN, what a load of crap!

    This Democrats equals Republican argument is utter nonsense.


    Nancy and Harry have kept their caucuses intact while Johnny and Mitch want to put EVERYONE making less then $400k out on the streets.

  29. And Sir….if the IMPOSSIBLE SOMEHOW MANAGES TO HAPPEN…..Then I will SIT OUT and WATCH FROM THE SIDELINES….!!!!…with NO REGRETS…..GO HILLARY…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The basics of the Democratic Party were formed with Thomas Jefferson.

    And why the h-ll did Bernie vote for the GOPer/NRA Gun Protection Bill… TWICE when Pelosi voted TWICE against the bill!

    Because Gun Manufacturers are such “good guys?!”

  31. And when did the “Dixiecrats” form MAB? After Truman followed FDR’s lead on Civil Rights and started the process of Desegregation in 1946.

    Oh, but Truman and FDR were “Establishment Democrats.”

    Lookup Wallace while you’re at it. Occupy that.

  32. To answer Von’s question, Will you vote for Bernie if he’s the nominee?

    Not until he answers why he sided so many times with the NRA on actual Votes against gun control.

    You know the NRA The f-ing National Rifle Association or GOPer Mafia… the “Establishment” for Gun Manufacturers and peddlers of gun violence nationwide?

  33. A couple more numbers from that poll…

    4. (If *Democrat or Democratic Leaner*) Are there any of these candidates you would
    definitely *not* support for the Democratic nomination for president?:

    Total: 11%
    Liberal: 7%
    Moderate: 10%
    Conservative: 12%
    Men: 11%
    Women: 10%

    Total: 5%
    Liberal: 3%
    Moderate: 7%
    Conservative: 6%
    Men: 4%
    Women: 6%

    More democrats wouldn’t consider Hillary for President, than wouldn’t consider Sanders (11-5). More women too (10-6).

  34. You know what you people fall for the media okey doke everytime
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The media feeds this narrative since the 90’s. All I know is she is beating by more than a 2 to 1 margin.

    Do you really think that latinos, blacks, women the base of the party go over the cliff because you far left wide eyed white liberals who by the way has never on their own strength won a election because you tell us we must feel the bern?

    We have an election to win and Hillary Clinton is our strongest candidate. Plain and simple

  35. Not sure what the media has to do with a Quinnipiac poll.

    Bernie can get working class Republicans, Independents and Democrats that are angry at Wall Street and economic situation in this country.

    Do you think a single Republican would vote for Hillary? Have you been paying attention to what’s been happening in congress the past several years? Hillary can’t even get Independents who find her untrustworthy.

    If Hillary is the nominee Dems lose, big. If Bernie is, Dems win and we take back the senate.

  36. I cant believe you just made that idiotic statement. What does the media have to do with shaping peoples opinions. You are new to this game aren’t you?

  37. The problem for Bernie at this point is that he has no support, even from his fellow senators, and it has been suggested that even should Sanders win, he will not be able to accomplish anything as president because of lack of support

  38. Everyone should read about Bernie’s plans for the future of America. He has actual ideas, great reputation for being faithful, and he speaks the language of the 99%. Note that his plans are for America are: jobs, living wage, education for all, and improving infrastructure in all 50 states.
    If you see the ideas of any Republican, they are: build the wall; deport 11 million undocumented Americans while getting Mexico to pay for it (costing billions); bills for ‘religious belief’ provisions which override all other provisions where so-called Christians are allowed to discriminate against anyone they don’t like, while screaming that they are being religiously persecuted (what a joke!) because they are not allowed to discriminate; add the Keystone pipeline, no job plans, no improving infrastructure plans for America while wanting to wage war against Iran, Syria, Egypt, China, Russia, etc. etc. etc. I predict that the draft will be re-instated if there is a Republican president since s…

  39. Oh, you just pulled the media out of no where…I didn’t know what your point was supposed to be.

    When the debates start and Bernie crushes Hillary the media will come around. When he wins the nomination, he’ll have all of the media attention he needs.

    As people learn about Sanders they like him. As supported by his rising poll numbers (and favoribility) and falling “unknown/don’t have enough information.”

    He won his last senate election with 71% of the vote. He can get Republicans, Independents and Demorats.

    Hrafnknell: You’re correct, which is why the Bernie grassroots movement will have to generate the enthusiasm and voters needed to regain seats at all levels of government. Hillary will never raise that level of excitement.

    So many Bernie supporters are getting involved in politics, ready to vote, donate, volunteer or share for either the first time ever, or the first time in 20 years. These people won’t turn out for her…

  40. I predict that the draft will be re-instated if there is a Republican president since sending our kids to war is the only job plan that we are hearing about.
    Republicans talk again about a government shutdown which will cost taxpayers billions like it did last time because Republicans orchestrated Planned Parenthood false videos and instead of investigating for truth, they pull funding for Planned Parenthood, and like ACA, provide no alternatives for birth control, STD detection, sex education and yes abortions especially when the life of the mother is involved, a baby is so deformed it will survive and if it does quality of life is miserable, a father rapes his daughter or a rape happening to a 12 year old.
    We have a choice and I know who my choice will be. We all need to get out and vote Democrat – so Democrat that the House, Senate, Congress and President will be majority Democrat – only if this happens will we see change that the whole world will respect.

  41. You just don’t get it. I will go slow for just for you. You brought up unfavorable. I told you the reason for that is because of the media that has hounded her since the 90’s but she is still the strongest candidate.
    Now I will try to answer your assumptions one at a time

    1.When the debates start and Bernie crushes Hillary the media will come around.
    What are the big pasta bowl of the flying spaghetti monster do you think he will crush her in a debate? How many national debates have Sanders been in win? Forgot about that if he ever debated in Vermont what the hell was he debating about? Dairy subsidies? Oh yeah the media will come around and start looking at his record or shall I say his non record. They will be looking at his support for guns, his support for illegal settlements in Israel, his votes against immigration reform and whole list of things that will make people see your savoir shit do stinks

    2,Hrafnknell: You’re correct, which is why the Bernie grassroots movement will have to generate the enthusiasm and voters needed to regain seats at all levels of government. Hillary will never raise that level of excitement.
    Grassroots do not win elections. Organization wins elections. That is all

    3.So many Bernie supporters are getting involved in politics, ready to vote, donate or share for either the first time ever, or the first time in 20 years. These people won’t turn out for her…
    I will say it for the last time Hillary has the base of the party. Far left emo progs are not the base

  42. Von, you do not understand polls. You do not even understand basic math.

    Add her numbers together.

    Add all his numbers together.

    Now do the average of each part – then compare the two columns.

    His numbers do not add up to the same as hers – it is a smaller sample.

  43. When the debates start, the non-ardent Hillary supporter who have never heard Bernie speak will get their first chance too.

    He has genuine and more importantly, consistent reasons, for ever one of his votes over the past 30 years.

    The voters will hear his reasoning behind voting against the Brady bill (He’s against waiting periods for law abiding citizens who would like to purchase a gun). He voted in favor for an amended version of the bill that included instant background checks. He supports instant background checks, banning semi-auto weapons, closing the gun show loop hole, etc. He’s a genuine and sane voice in the otherwise loud and endless shouting match over guns.

    He voted for the Dream act and supports a pathway to citizenship for people currently living here. He does not support open-borders, let’s hear Hillary say that she does…

    Bernie is authentic and genuine and people do (and will) see that, departments Hillary has been lacking in.

  44. Voters will hear and see that he’s had genuine reasons for all of his votes. And if he can get by Hillary, his views on guns will gain him more supporters than he loses in the general.

  45. What votes? Or should I ask what accomplishments? When the Democrats controlled the Senate he voted no on immigration reform Running as a presidential hopeful in 2016, Bernie Sanders has touted his support for immigration reform and the need to find a solution to a problem that has long vexed Washington.

    But in 2007, Sanders was part of the charge from the left to kill an immigration overhaul bill.


    Back then, the Vermont independent warned that the immigration bill — a product from then-Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — would drive down wages for lower-income workers, an argument that’s been used by hard-liner reform opponents. He paired with conservative Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on a restrictive immigration amendment. And Sanders backed provisions characterized as poison pills to unravel the bill, while voting to block the final measure in June 2007.
    Read more:

    When people finds out he against the export/import bank and how by not renewing you are killing jobs then like I said before we haven’t gotten to labor day yet and his non record will be on full display instead of these puff pieces about crowd size

  46. Ohh the irony of this statement “Or should I ask what accomplishments?”

    Are you sure you’re not a Republican talking about Hillary? I hear that line regularly from them.

    As for the vote, he’ll be able to explain clearly to the American people and the democratic base, he supports a pathway to citizenship, the dream act and the 14th amendment.

    Opponents to that bill said, “If this bill becomes law, we will see only a 13% reduction in illegal immigration into America, and in the next 20 years we will have another 8.7 million [undocumented people] in our country.” (I replaced “illegals” with “[undocumented people]” because I don’t see them as “illegals” and neither does Bernie)

    That article you quoted stated it exactly as he will, to the minority community watching the debates. With 51% black-youth unemployment, are another 8.7 million people going to help them?

    The Koch brothers want more people driving down wages (and Hillary too I guess?), Bernie doesn’t.

  47. Look I know his record. I know his positions and when the ads come out saying he killed a real liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy’s bill of comprehensive immigration reform with some nativist talk of driving down wages where all the studies show that isn’t true he wont be able to explain that away.

    And you can call me a republican or Koch plant all you want because it only shows your ignorance of my positions

  48. Actually Bernie sponsored 354 bills so you must have mistyped. 332 referred to committee. Yes only 3 passed. Considering the kinds of bills he is trying to get passed, it’s not unlikely most would not get through the kind of House/Senate we have had. But you can easily search the bills he has sponsored to see the magnitude of what he has been trying. Protect Pensions. Pay Living Wage. Employ Young Americans Act. End Polluter Welfare. Rebuild America Act. Restore Veterans Trust Act, etc.

    BTW Hillary had 20 pass. Not a lot but more. 3 were naming a PO. 2 were naming other bldgs. One was Natl Caribbean Forest Act. 4 were about recognizing recipients of the Purple Heart. Of course, Clinton wasn’t in Congress as long as Bernie – but it’s easy to see just how hard it is to get bills passed. Better to look at what they attempted to know what their priorities are.

  49. Question. If Biden don’t get in who do you think his support will go to especially when the President Organization gets involved? Do you really think OFA will back Sanders over Clinton with the Presidents backing?
    “When she came to my house, we had 200 people there, she was there for two-and-a-half hours, and she stayed until she personally met everyone there. If that’s the campaign she’s going to do, which it seems like she is, then she’s going to win Iowa.”

  50. Again the math.

    Read the methodology, read the crosstabs

    What happens with Biden’s voters when he drops out.

    Does Bernie have all the precincts committed? Hillary has had that for a month or so.

    Check poll averages, btw.

  51. From your link:

    “On paper, he’s not the kind of candidate that traditionally ends up as the nominee,” Selzer said of Sanders. “But he’s making them feel good about being a Democrat.”

    “Sanders’ rise reflects an anti-establishment mood that’s playing out across the country in both parties, elevating Republican contenders such as billionaire Donald Trump”

    So they dance with the Donald of the left but they vote for the serious candidate.

    People get pragmatic closer to elections. They tighten the focus on actual credentials and qualifications.

    Also the whole damn party will be out stumping for her in a few months. She is holding her horses back but will let them rip if need be.

    We are just getting warmed up. :-)

  52. OFA will probably stay out of it until the nominee is chosen. Bernie is running a campaign much closer to Obama’s (small donor support, grassroots, a message of change) than Hillary is.

    If Biden, does jump in and I hope he does, I like this quote,

    “Nearly all Sanders supporters – 96 percent – said they are motivated mostly by support for him and his ideas rather than by opposition to Clinton.”

    Biden will split Hillary’s numbers and help Bernie out a lot!

    As for your final quote, I believe he feels that way, you’ve been saying the same type things. In that time, a new poll came out that showed Hillary at her lowest % yet, Bernie at his highest. Neither of you have seen the light yet, but you’ll come around in due time.

    And something leads me to believe her visit was nothing like this: I’m sure it was more of the cliche-politician “Hi, nice to meet you” *shakes hand* *listen* *nod* “[insert agreeable comment here]” – rinse and rep…

  53. Rudy, That Midterm’s were also Gerrymandered to GOP benefit.

    You know what they say:
    Republicans have No Heart…
    Democrats have No Balls…

    It’s our own damn fault!
    They fire-up their peeps.
    Democrats don’t have the Citizens United Money that the Wealthy give the GOP.
    Democrats don’t have FOX 24/7
    Nor..Coast to Coast RightWing-Hate-Radio.

    The GOP…Actually Brainwash their Flock!
    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  54. We can agree that Sanders 2016 isn’t Obama 2008, correct?

    Then why can’t we also agree that Sanders isn’t McGovern?

    Finally, why can’t we agree that 2016 isn’t 1972?

  55. You really think that if Biden don’t run OFA will stay out of it because of Sanders? Who at every turn tried to undermined the President even to the point in 2012 was trying to get someone to run against him in the primary. Evidently you don’t know the President

  56. I think you will find that Hillary Clinton sponsored or co-sponsored about 75 bills that became law; 3 or 4 of those may have been related to names of Highways or Post Offices (seems the Senate ok’s that quite often).

    The Senate is a tricky place to get anything done as an individual Senator (except names of stuff) and you have to work with allies and opposition to get bills through.

    You will also find that Hillary worked with Republican cosponsors on about 29 (of the 75) bills.

  57. Bernie will get more support if he makes it past Hillary with his explanations of his pro NRA votes?! Is that a joke?

    This is what he told an activist last month on his VOTE to protect gun manufacturers…

    I agree with the headline.

    And you think this is a net positive for Bernie because some NRA members might support this?!

    Now who is the establishment.

  58. Sanders is not a Democrat she’s right. Sanders IS a Democratic Socialist. Not Democrat/Socalitist. There are Democratic Socalist in Germany, England etc. But currently there are no Democratic Socalists that are Heads of State. Andrea Merkel is not a Socialist. She’s a leftist Conservative. What concerns me is that the American people will not be able to discern the difference between a Demcratic Socalist and a Marxist Socalist.

  59. I’m responding to White liberals who never win elections. It’s true. I was just 21 years old in 1968. Eugene McCarthy was the anti war white liberal darling. I was for Robert Kennedy. After Kennedy was killed there were riots at the Chicago Democratic National Convention. Mondale got the nomination but white liberals saw him as too conservative. We lost to Nixon in a landslide. In 2000 Al Gore lost because he wasn’t left enough for White young liberals who supported Nader. What happened, we all know this story, we lost again. So due to white liberals America got the two worse Presidents in American history! Oh yes I’m a White liberal, but I know how to vote, and who to support and why.

  60. Bernie isn’t coming out against gun manufactures because he’s afraid to anger Vermont votes. Hillary has no constituency to worry about so she can be a true voice against the NRA. Another reason Al Gore lost in 2000, he lost his own state of Tennessee because the voters thought he was in favor of gun restrictions, and was anti NRA.

  61. The Democratic Party will not support a former socialist. Why is the big question. The Democratic Party although more to the left then most Rebulicans, are not all liberals. They vote as super delegates. Superdelegates are elected officials, people who we elected. The only way to change the party is from the bottom up. I don’t agree with Sanders about voter turn out. People of color Hispanics and women are very enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton. What white liberals don’t understand is that people of color and all women will not stand for another white MAN in the White House. Nor will women want the side kick wife role that a Warren vice presidency would symbolize. We want it all, a true LIBERAL FEMINIST EXECUTIVE BRANCH. CLINTON AND WARREN 2016. That would be historic change very liberal change, both culturally and economically. That’s how you excite and change America.

  62. After Kennedy was killed there were riots at the Chicago Democratic National Convention. Mondale got the nomination but white liberals saw him as too conservative

    Hubert Humphrey, LBJ’s VP, got the 1968 democratic nomination for president and lost to Nixon. Although it was an Electoral landslide (301 vs 191) Nixon only won the popular vote by around 1/2 million votes 0.7% (31,783,783 43.4% vs 31,271,839 42.7%). Racist George Wallace garnered nearly 10 million (9,901,118 13.5% equaling 46 EV) Dixicrat-ish votes (winning in AL, AR, GA, LA & MS).

    Mondale’s nomination wasn’t until 1984 vs Regan.

  63. There are a lot of conservative Dems in rural areas that like their guns. There are a lot of liberal Republicans that like their guns as well, and also are frustrated with the income inequality in this country, don’t like Hillary and would vote for Bernie.

    He wants instant background checks, and supports individual states rights to enact further laws or restrictions.

  64. Exactly. These Bernie Newbies have no idea what/who they are up against.

    Jewish New Yorker, married twice, becomes a Socialist, leaves for Vermont, membership in two Socialist organizations, member of Liberty Union Party, gets into Congress with NRA help… what could go wrong.

  65. You are talking about his ideology, his membership in the socialist party.

    What we are talking about is

    Bernie Sanders (I)

    Hillary Clinton (D)

    John E. Bush (R)

    Bernie is not a member of the actual Democratic party. He is running on the democratic ticket but cannot convert to DEM because when he was elected he ran and won and chose to do so in Vermont as an Independent party registered candidate.

    He cannot simply get a change of party card and fill it out.

    He was elected to office that way. And he might have trouble getting on ballots in closed party states.

    This has been discussed in the news for months but no idea if they solved the problem or if they have to sue.

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