Fox Under Fire As Suspicion Grows That Fox News/Donald Trump Feud Is Fake


Fox News and Donald Trump have so little credibility that some journalists are openly questioning whether Fox and Trump are faking their feud.

Dan Rather raised his suspicions on The Rachel Maddow Show:

Rather said:

I`m a little suspicious, without very much info, a little suspicious of this battle between Trump and FOX. What we do know is that Trump is really smart as he said when he started the run, don`t underestimate him. And Roger Ailes, whether you agree with his politics or not, another smart guy. Whether they`ve gotten together and planned this out or not, it works to their mutual benefit right now.

FOX can argue, listen, we don`t give sweetheart deals over the Republican candidate and Trump can say, I tell you I`m independent. When I say I`m independent, I`m really independent, because look at even FOX.

CBS News’ Chip Reid also reported on suspicions of some towards the motives of Fox News and Donald Trump, “The reason Trump says Kelly should apologize to him is that he says her questions in the debate were very unfair. By the way, some critics are wondering if the debate between Fox and Trump is manufactured. You might recall that after the first phase of the fight, Trump went on Fox and the ratings went through the roof. Some people are wondering if that is going to happen again.”

Dan Rather covered Richard Nixon, who Roger Ailes worked for, so his comments were spoken like a man who had seen the how low the Nixon people were willing to go firsthand. Rather didn’t say that the feud was fake, but that he was skeptical.

I wouldn’t put it past Ailes and Trump to put Megyn Kelly through the ringer for their benefit. To keep the emotions authentic, the feud would work best if Kelly was not aware of the situation.

Realistically, Fox News is part of the Republican establishment, and it is well known that Ailes wants to help elect another Republican president. Outside of ratings and polls, the Trump/Fox News feud doesn’t benefit anyone. Republicans are deeply divided on the issue, with some supporting the network/Kelly and many other supporting Trump.

The feud between the top conservative network and the leader of the Republican primary field has not been good for the network or the party. The only person who has directly benefitted has been Donald Trump.

Logically, a fake Trump/Fox News feud doesn’t make sense, but if there is one consistent truth about the recent behavior of Republicans and the right it is that their behavior is governed by emotion not logic.

Journalists seem to be doubting the authenticity of the feud because they don’t want to admit to themselves that what they are seeing is the real face of a large segment of the Republican Party. Republicans really do have an agenda against women, and they will even support attacking a high-profile female employee of Fox News.

Whether or not Trump and Ailes conspired together to cook up a story that boosts both Fox’s ratings, and Trump’s presidential campaign is unknown, but the fact that some journalists would suspect this possibility highlights the lack of credibility of both Fox News and Donald Trump.

39 Replies to “Fox Under Fire As Suspicion Grows That Fox News/Donald Trump Feud Is Fake”

  1. Trump has said before and it’s been documented, that he thinks a guy has to treat women like shit, I suppose it’s meant to degrade and control them.

    He can say he cherishes women all he wants, but that doesn’t mean I’ll buy his bullshit.

    Just like he’s saying over and over the bible is his favorite book, BS.

  2. GOP = Gods Of Plutocracy

    Of all forms of tyranny the least attractive and the most vulgar is the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of plutocracy.
    —Theodore Roosevelt

  3. Trump is reading Hannity and O’Reilly’s talking points back to them.

    He has said nothing they have not said.

    Why? Every Capitalist needs an opponent. The Koch Bros. are his latest target.

    He’s beating them at their own game. Their loyal armies of orcs now dance to Trump’s tune. What ever tune he chooses to play. The GOP no longer controls their monster.

  4. What feud?????????????

    Hannity gave Trump 2 consective days of 1 hour each and he was very pro Trump by questions he asked

  5. “Fox News/Donald Trump Feud Is Fake”

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Over at DKos someone has posited that Trump is either a facist or a liar. If those are my choices I really hope Trump is a liar.

  6. If it is fake, that just confirms that the future of 99% of Americans is in the hands of these idiots who think everything is just a big game. To them, running for office is just a pissing contest. They don’t care about governing in the least. As long as they have their fun and games, to hell with the 99%.

  7. The Republicans and Fox GOP Propaganda have turned the US election process into a soap opera. Our supreme court has been fully complicit in this. Does this country really condone turning our elections into a reality show?

  8. Not so hard to believe.This collusion would mean that Megan Kelly has stepped from vacuous talking head bimbo to Trump political porno fluffer. Only At Fox does that qualify as a promotion.

  9. To be honest…I think that America is being PUNKED by Trump and Maybe FOX. But to me, one thing is certain, America is enthraled by this Trump “Show”. Whether you are a Republican Democrat or don’t follow politics, everybody is tuned in. Some want him to Fold, others hope that he goes the distance.

    As far as being PUNKED by Trump….I can see the day Trump announces: I ain’t running. Not as a Republican anyway. I had a bet with my billionaire buddies. They said I wouldn’t last this long. I did, so I WON. I will collect my Money. Laugh at them and the rest of the Republicans. Adios! You’ve been PUNKED! By the way, who’s going to be your front runner now? With possibilities of winning the General? Who? !! Jeb? Please….Rand Paul? You gotta be kidding me! Carson? Puleeeze. Hey I got an idea, Draft Romney, yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Good luck with that guys. Democrats WIN Big. The White House goes to a Democrat, AGAIN.

  10. I have been saying that from day one to spouse. It is all too obvious.

    No #1. Trump held a meeting Fox/ Roger Ailes just before he made his announcement at Trump Towers for his candidacy for president.

    Could it be Trump and Ailes met to plot Trumps’ faux candidacy and Ailes is going along with it? Yes. It is too obvious. Not only this, but the fact that Miss Kelly asked those “hard” questions for Trump that Donnie Boy would not answer/he displayed his ugliness in front of the world, and so on and so on.

    Think about all that has transpired so far.
    Of course this is all planned out as one big, huge phony candidacy.

    Why has Miss Kelly’s ratings gone sky high. So much of this fiasco points to a very phony plot — all for the sake of ratings.

  11. “What we do know is that Trump is really smart as he said when he started the run, don`t underestimate him.”

    No he’s not, he’s a moron. People wrongfully assume that rich people are by definition smart…Many are, but Trump is NOT one them…Bankrupted 4 times in a system where people like him CAN’T fail EVEN IF THEY TRY…An empire of renting out his name, hocking WTF lines of perfume, whisky, golf courses and failed casinos…CASINOS people…The ONE business that is almost statistically, scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to lose money at…And yet….

  12. …hate to reveal another bit o’ from me Navy days…but this ‘silly season’ has less plot than your average porno tape…

  13. Visual this…

    Snotty nosed little brat Donnie Trump in the pre-school sandbox scooping up everybody’s toys and trying to take them home with him.

  14. and now 69 year old little brat Donnie Trump always screaming…
    I’m rich, I’m a genius, Everybody loves me!
    I’m rich, I’m a genius, Everybody loves me!
    I’m rich, I’m a genius, Everybody loves me!
    poor wittle Donny trump…
    the poor, sad little boy!

  15. I’ve been saying something similar.
    I think they are playing it like a WWF scenario.
    Kelly offends Trump. (Obviously an effort on Fox and the establishment GOP to squash Trump, that backfired), so Ailes makes a phone call to Trump playing kissy face. They cook up this new routine.
    Fox sends Kelly on a sudden vacation and the moment she comes back Trump is starting to sound monotonous(speeches), needs attention, attacks Kelly and Ailes sounds off on Trump.
    Next up. A highly hyped interview with Trump and Kelly.
    Ratings will be YOOOGE! TREMENDOUS!

  16. I do believe this is the plot between Ailes & Trumpy & I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is associating with the Koch Brothers who are he//bent on getting a Rethug elected so they can get the keys to the White House & by any means necessary.

  17. Breaking news — everything about PHAUX NOISE is fake.

    Wall to wall blondes, and bloviating book sales guys, fresh from combat action in the Falklands Islands and the Stairways of Long Island.

  18. Yeah….he’s only been a respected journalist for over 40 years, no big whoop. I guess he doesn’t merit your attention since he doesn’t marry supermodels or call everybody losers.

  19. Trump is playing everyone. He will either BS himself all the way to the Presidency, or will be forever known, as the guy that took down Fox & the Republican party. Either way he wins. The TRUMP name will be our American history, which is exactly what’s feeding his giant ego.

  20. You described her perfectly. And what is it people call the men that put her type “out there” to work? And then enrich themselves like Murdoch and Ailes run all the people in The Fox stable. Oh yeah Pimps. And the people that pay for those services? I will invent a new phrase, at least I haven’t heard it before but I don’t get out much. “Roused Rabble”.

  21. Ahhh and don’t forget who owns the publishing houses as part of the main stream media take over. It is easy to be an author when someone else does the actual writing and you have a guaranteed publisher. And of course the cooperation of all the media to hard sell the books. Even Jon Stewart was required to hawk their books. Maybe expected is a better word.

  22. Great move on Rachel Maddow’s part to get Dan Rather’s, a real journalist, on her show. GHW Bush tried to get him fired for asking about the Iran contras deal and his son managed to do it. We lost all our real journalist, or most of them. It figures someone from CBS came to a similar conclusion. NBC is Fox Lite as well as ABC. Maybe she can bring some other real journalist to cover the election. I wish we had strong journalist, but most are gone on the networks. Harry K. Smith is sucked into NBC, but I wonder what he’d say on Maddow’s show. I don’t have hate for Brian Williams and wished he had left NBC before he lost credibility. We have Chuck Toady over there still pushing the Repugs agenda, more so than ever. News was never about ratings, but now it is and the righties at the top control it like reality television. Just a handful of the 1% own it now and it shows. But people don’t trust news anymore than they trust Congress. It’s time to put other journalist like …

  23. I always thought that it would be an interesting move for Trumplestilskin to try to buy Fox–Uncle Rupert is getting on in years, and his children are idiots. So Murdoch might decide to cash out while the iron is hot, so to speak.

  24. Indeed, Donald Trump is the shiniest of objects. I don’t doubt he is either a cat’s paw (whether he knows it or not) or a diversion.

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