Bombshell Report Reveals That The Kochs Profited From The Misery Of Katrina Victims


On August 28th, the Bridge Project released a report documenting the Koch brothers role in compounding the misery created by Hurricane Katrina, while they profited from the disaster. The report argues that:

The Koch brothers’ driving philosophy is to put their business interests ahead of everything else — as long as they’re growing their bottom line, nothing, and no one else, matters.

The study reveals how the Koch brothers helped exacerbate the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, and then capitalized on the aftermath. For example, the study states:

In 2005, Koch Industries was accused of decades of negligence resulting in destroyed wetlands from pipeline dredging, which allegedly compounded the effects of Hurricane Katrina on Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Before the hurricane made landfall, the Kochs saw opportunity to profit from a vulnerable population in need of scarce resources, calling it “the right market to restart operations” at their newly-acquired Georgia-Pacific facilities in the region.

After the hurricane, Koch Industries immediately went to work taking advantage of the situation, participating in a subsidized federal bond program, and it was even investigated for price gouging during a time of crisis; though the FTC found in their favor, Congress was highly critical of the FTC’s investigation.

On top of their efforts at the time of the storm, more recently the Kochs have also actively pushed policies that would hurt residents in flood-prone areas like the Gulf Coast, attempting to make flood insurance unaffordable to all but the wealthiest Americans and thereby price many residents out of their homes.

The report was released to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. American Bridge notes that the Koch brothers are now engaged in a PR campaign to boost their image and to gloss over their role in compounding and then exploiting the Katrina natural disaster.

The Koch brothers see opportunity in natural disasters. In some cases, their actions can intensify the disaster’s impact, but more importantly, after the catastrophe unfolds they can exploit the tragedy to make more money. The Koch brothers are “disaster capitalists“ who see in other people’s suffering an opportunity to further enrich themselves. The Bridge Project report is hardly surprising, but it is highly disturbing.

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  1. Almost nothing happens in modern day America that doesn’t result in a profit for the Kochk Bros. For them it’s an added bonus if the profit is earned off the suffering of others.

  2. If a rat has a certain center in its brain damaged, it never feels it has eaten enough, but keeps gorging until it is grossly overbloated. What must happen to a man’s brain to give him a similar attitude towards money and power?

  3. The Kochs are the most evil people on the planet. They intend to buy the next election and destroy any and all barriers to their corporate oligarchy. They must be stopped at all costs.

  4. …we all knew Le Shrub let predators like the Kochs run rampant through the Katrina debacle…
    …now, or at least soon they are gonna pay…

  5. People can only do so much when they have to go up against the endless environmental lawsuits:

    The national Sierra Club was one of several environmental groups who sued the Army Corps of Engineers to stop a 1996 plan to raise and fortify Mississippi River levees. The Army Corps was planning to upgrade 303 miles of levees along the river in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. This was needed, a Corps spokesman told the Baton Rouge, La., newspaper The Advocate, because “a failure could wreak catastrophic consequences on Louisiana and Mississippi which the states would be decades in overcoming, if they overcame them at all.”

    Read more at:

  6. That is the damn problem. Raising the levees is not the answer I suggest you take the time to read this
    Mississippi River Mouth Must Be Abandoned to Save New Orleans from Next Hurricane Katrina

    Three nationwide design teams reveal realistic plans to massively rebuild the disintegrating delta

    You need to stop reading right wing bullshit and start listening to the science

  7. I read a Pub Comment: ‘We need a Katrina Type Catastrophe in Chicago, so we can clean up the rift-raft’.

    Probably came from a Koch Brother…
    These people are vicious!

  8. From

    “Within days, three Carnival ships steamed to the Gulf Coast. It wasn’t a happy ending: The ships sat half empty. Use of them turned out to be rather expensive, and lawmakers used the contract as an example of post-Katrina waste. “This boondoggle contract, which comes to an end this week, has cost federal taxpayers an enormous amount to provide temporary six-month housing aboard Carnival’s ships,” Representative Henry Waxman, a California Democrat, wrote in a February 2006 letter to Jeb Bush.

    Waxman calculated that the contract cost taxpayers almost $240,000 to shelter a family of five. “At this price, the federal government could have built permanent homes for the families,” Waxman wrote.”

  9. Nah, at least they can spell, and would know the phrase is “riff-raff” or “riffraff,” not rift-raft. They may be heartless, evil, conniving *bleeping bleeps*, but that mistake wouldn’t be from them.
    More likely, a *ahem* {how can I say this while remaining civil} xenophobic, bigoted, less-than-educated *bleep* that ~isn’t~ a billionaire wrote that one. And, “rift-raft” of course referred to anyone with darker skin than he/she has.

  10. Considering one of the Koch brother PR stooges in Montana (working for the euphemistically named Koch group “American for Prosperity”) tweeted that “million of Montanans” were upset about Medicaid expansion here (even though the state doesn’t have “millions” of residents), I would be too sure the Kochs would spell riff raff correctly. They can’t add, so maybe they can’t spell either.

  11. New Mark Twain Quote:
    “Anger/Hatred/Bashing The Sitting President does more harm to the vessel in which it’s Stored…
    Than to anything on which it’s Poured.

    See how CONs contribute nothing of value! ONLY BASH/BASH/BASH.

  12. Yes, the Koch Brothers are pricks but there isn’t anything here. The “bombshell” report merely says “was accused of” and “allegedly” and the Bridge Project exists only to attack the Koch Brothers.

    Badly photoshopping the subject of your “reports” doesn’t really say “take me seriously, I’m an adult.”

    You don’t really fight evil by throwing bullshit at it.

  13. •The Kochs’ destruction of the wetlands that compounded Katrina’s harmful effects.
    •The federal class-action lawsuit against Koch Pipeline Co.
    •Charges that Koch subsidiaries including Flint Hills and Georgia-Pacific used Katrina’s aftermath as an opportunity to expand profits.
    •The Koch brothers’ opposition to and lobbying efforts against the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act in 2014.
    So when they did those things they were only accused of” and “allegedly? You cant make this shit up

  14. The 1% make their fortunes on the backs of the other 99%. I predict greed will bite them in the ass one day, and hard.

  15. I was recently asked what one thing I would remove from the world if I could. A lot of answers went through my mind, such as weapons, hunger, money, hate and war, among others. I finally settled on greed. Whether they want more money, power, land, love, the common denominator is simply wanting more no matter how much you already have and no matter who you may destroy in the process.

  16. You cite the “National Review” as your source?


    Seriously, do you write your own material?
    Do you have a dinner show?
    Will you be here all week?

  17. They took part in a government”subsidized” bond program? Couldn’t be–they don’t believe in subsidies and socialist things like that, right?

  18. The top .01% are hoarders. Just like the whackaloons who stuff their homes with newspapers etc. they hoard money when there is no need for more. This is a disease, a sickness.

  19. It’s True, Angry! I worked in High-End Jewelry Store and this dowdy-dressed Lady comes in and says to me…
    “We don’t buy things like this,
    We Save Our Millions”!

    Reminds me of Nick Hanauer’s Must-See Speech to The 1% Wealthy:

    “Beware, Fellow Plutocrats, The Pitchforks Are Coming For Us”.

  20. “The Koch brothers’ driving philosophy is to put their business interests ahead of everything else — as long as they’re growing their bottom line, nothing, and no one else, matters.”
    – In other news, the sun rose in the East…

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