With Donald Trump, the Nazis Seek to Finally Conquer America

The unholy alliance between ethnic nationalism and big business saw its 20th century heyday in the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. Ethnic Nationalists in this country have long been looking for their version of Germany’s Führer, and they have finally found him in Donald Trump, and with him, the hope of a 21st century redux.

As the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported the other day,

With his campaign showing no signs on slowing down, Donald Trump continued his war on immigrants by introducing a six-page immigration plan that reads like the playbook of the organized anti-immigrant movement in America. Trump’s plan — calling for mass deportations, a border fence and gutting the 14th amendment — also strengthened his support among white nationalists.

The SPLC’s Hatewatch report shows praise coming in from white nationalist Brad Griffin on his website Occidental Dissent, from Jared Taylor, “one of the most significant white nationalists in the movement today” at American Renaissance, and from former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke.

What happened when Trump addressed a crowd in Mobile, Alabama, ought to give every American pause:

One person could be heard yelling “white power!” during Trump’s remarks, and white nationalist Olaf Childress, editor of the racist paper The First Freedom was on hand to pass out copies to attendees. The New York Times also interviewed a Trump supporter who stated, “Hopefully, he’s going to sit there and say, ‘When I become elected president, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the border a vacation spot, it’s going to cost you $25 for a permit, and then you get $50 for every confirmed kill. That’d be one nice thing.”

“White power” is the American “Sieg Heil.” As Trump is speaking their language, he will likely hear many more of these.

If you look at Trump’s Greenville, South Carolina crowd, you see his demographic plainly:

The Lindsey Graham crowd. According to Trump, Graham’s former crowd (They’re his now). The combustible center of right wing angst. Old white people.

Trump is no former soldier. Unlike Hitler, he hasn’t faced an enemy in battle, been wounded, or won any medals. But like Hitler, he is subscribing to a homeland “stabbed in the back” mentality that rallies all the disgruntled and discontented to his banner, those who feel they have been betrayed by the establishment.

In 1930s Germany, this was the post-war leftist Weimar government. In 21st century America, it is another “leftist” government that is the target – the presidency of Barack Obama.

Jews, blacks, immigrants. It doesn’t matter. These are all people who are fundamentally unlike us, they say. Germany for the Germans. America for Americans. White. Like Jesus.

Hitler said Germany could be great again. Neither Trump nor Reagan invented the idea of lifting a nation from the ashes and restoring it to its former glory. And like Hitler, Trump is pushing the idea that the military has been betrayed by the politicians, and just as Hitler linked this betrayal to the Jews, Trump is linking it to immigrants:


Like post-war Germany, America is riddled with right wing militias, all eager to come to blows with the communists in their midst. The trouble with that analogy is that here in America, there are really no communists with which to come to grips. So conservatives have invented “other” communists: liberals, progressives, gays, atheists; anyone to the left of where they themselves are.

Despite their claim to represent a “silent majority,” their list of enemies includes most of the population.

Hitler had the Jews. Today’s right wing has had, until recently, to settle for Muslims, atheists, Hindus – and Jews – anyone, really, who isn’t what they perceive to be “Christian” and white. The concept of white has never been entirely about skin color in this country. Once upon a time, even the Irish weren’t considered white. Now Donald Trump has given them immigrants, who are mostly rapists and murderers anyway, he says.

The result of the Trump hatefest should not be surprising:

Stormfront, the Web’s largest white supremacists website founded by former Klan leader Don Black, has no less than nine threads discussing the New York billionaire’s plan. With a history of violence attributed to the site’s users, it’s no surprise that Trump’s supporters have begun calling for the murder of immigrants.

In one thread, a user claimed it would only be plausible to deport 25 percent of the undocumented immigrants in the country. Another user followed up with the statement, “Everyone in favor of shooting the rest…raise your hand.”

In a country where we already have police, the people whose job it is to protect and serve the public, gunning down or killing while in custody those portions of the public of which it does not approve, talk like this is not just talk. We have seen armed white men take to the streets at the possibility of gunning down black protesters in Ferguson. We have white ranchers emerging from armed showdowns with the federal government without consequence, and white militias are already patrolling our southern border while white men with their ubiquitous AR-15s infest restaurants and stores alike, using the Second Amendment like a weapon.

Too much should not be made of Walmart’s decision to stop selling AR-15a – announced the same day two journalists were murdered in Roanoke, Virginia – because the decision was not made in response to shootings there or elsewhere, but according to Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg, “slumping demand,” and the decision to cater to hunters and clay-shooters.

Ethnic nationalists militias will not be hard pressed to continue to arm themselves. The NRA has seen to that.

The biggest difference here is that Adolf Hitler needed the support of the 1 percent, and got it. They supported the Nazi party from its very early days. Donald Trump does not need the support of the 1 percent. He IS the 1 percent. People have always wondered how Germans let themselves be mislead by Hitler, but Americans need wonder no longer: we are seeing it for ourselves in the response to Donald Trump.

The totalitarian demagogue they have been waiting for has arrived, and he is leading them down a rosy path to destruction. We do not have to say violence will result. Violence has already resulted as a couple of would-be Trump stormtroopers beat a Hispanic man in his name.

Indeed, as in the days of Adolf Hitler, violence has preceded him in his march to power, because violence is inherent in the forces he is seeking both to harness and to unleash. And this is but a foretaste of what is to come, because the inevitable consequence of ethnic nationalism when given the power it craves, is ethnic cleansing.

Donald Trump has already promised us that, and look out, because if you’re not with Trump, he has already made clear you are against him, and his well-armed supporters enthusiastically agree.

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65 Replies to “With Donald Trump, the Nazis Seek to Finally Conquer America”

  1. YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER YOUR HISTORY—AMERICANS ARE LIKE THE GERMANS WERE IN 1939—–Goebbles, in 1939, had the population up in arms about the Jewish Germans living there—so much so, that it resulted in Krystalnaught—where the German population burned churches, put the Star of David on businesses, and generally treated the Jews as if they were the scum of the earth—which resulted in Ghettos, and then even worse for the Jews……zoom to today…..we have this XENOPHOBIC, RACIST, INTOLERANT, BIASED, PREJUDICED, DICKHEAD trump who was the reason why A HISPANIC MAN WAS KILLED BECAUSE HE WAS HISPANIC BY A WHITE MAN IN BOSTON……and the reason? The killer stated that he FOLLOWED THE WORDS OF trump…….NOW, TELL ME AGAIN JUST WHY THE MEDIA IN AMERICA IS FOLLOWING THIS BASTARD TO THE POINT OF PROPAGANDA……….Hitler would be SO PROUD OF THE AMERICAN MEDIA……….

  2. It’s a sad testament to this reality that so many of us from the past 40 years are going to witness a movement dedicated to the total absolution and destruction of minorities and their political allies for the sake of staying relevant.

    I wish I could say that this would be funny as hell, but I don’t think Trump or his followers are laughing.

    They are dead serious and set on making sure that everyone not “like them” pay a heavy price for their differences and inclusive policies.

    Bloodshed won’t matter to these folks. They are already ready to spill blood in the name of their “great leader”–while already taking his name to extremes and going after people “just because”.

    This new century could prove to be most dangerous yet–for everyone on the side of freedom and justice.

    Not those who seek to undermine and destroy it.

  3. If you go to sites like FSTDT (Fundies Say The Darndest Things) you can see the change in the rhetoric. The quotes being reported are increasingly virulent, violent, and defamatory of “others”. The itty-bitty-fetus dribblers are clearly no more concerned about itty bitty fetuses than they are about living women…or children…or poor young men forced to sell themselves for war; they rather rejoice that the supposed sale of itty bitty body parts gives them the vile imagery they need to incite revulsion against “others” — all others, lumped together like some strange popcorn ball. There is no question that right-wing rhetoric is being used to incite rage, but I suggest this rage is not going to be used to swing the election. It’s going to be used, if at all possible, to forcibly commandeer it.

  4. Hitler did not make Germany great. The way Trump is running his campaign will not make America great.

  5. It isn’t lost on anyone reading this site that Republicans love this country and the constitution, which is shown in their HATE of AMERICANs and want to revoke all but the 2nd Amendment.

  6. This pile of strangely arranged hair is what Republicans want to hang their hat on for 2016? Selection of a leader for the USA seems more bizarre the older I get. It reminds one more of a sporting event than a thoughtful selection for our nation. Perhaps The Donald is the best that the GOP has to offer but I hope it warrants a second look. There will be a decision from all the electorate eventually.

  7. I think the real similarity between Hitler and Trump is in the supporters. No matter what Trump says, no matter how vile, they believe it and parrot it with unquestioning devotion. What’s lost on them is he’ll never actually be able to legally do what he is promising. Still, it’s terrifying to think that they’re fine and dandy with him pulling little brown kids out of school and throwing them into detention centers. Shame on them!

  8. The Reich wing has been building this movement for decades. The same way the Nazis did in Germany.Eight years ago my son wrote a paper for school comparing the last 20 years of republican efforts to the rise of the nazis. I had nightmares for weeks.

  9. No one thought the Nazis could do it either. It took years to get their ducks in a row before Hitler was elected. Once he was elected they moved very quickly to change the rules and crush the opposition.

  10. The Republicans and tRUMP are all butt-hurt and boooo-hooing about the analogies to them and the National Socialist Workers Party. They have the support of Hate groups and White Power insurgents as always. And yet they claim that “We do not want or need their support, they do not represent our agenda” WRONG!!!! they ARE YOU REICH WING!!Heres the way it has ALWAYS been…Republicans attract the worst of this society and claim to be the best and most moral and they are NOT!THE left attracts REAL AMERICANS AND the BEST of this society!!

  11. Trump has nothing to do with Nazi Germany. How in the world could someone compare deporting illegal immigrants to Hilter. This is beyond insanity. The term “illegal” is all you need to know. They are illegal and broke the law when they came here. I have witnessed first hand all the building trade jobs going to illegals and who profits?? That’s right the business owner is getting cheap labor, but prices to the consumer stay the same. The black community has been hit the hardest by the illegal immigration. Many of their jobs were stolen.

    Now the fact that some white radicals are voting for Trump does not mean Trump believes in their ideas. It’s insane to think that..

  12. You haven’t nailed it Schuyler, respectfully I have to disagree. First off, white trash racists are a plague to the society as a whole. Just like there are the equals to other racial groups in the U.S. We have two political parties in the U.S. and extremist from both sides are going to fall into one of two parties. Black Panthers = Democrats. White suprems = Republicans.

    The fact of the matter is we can not blame Democrats for the views of Black Panters and we can not blame Republicans for the view of white surpremes.

    Trump is not in either camp. He isn’t about hate. He is about having a country that is strong. Stop protecting other countries for free, have a strong border, enforce immigration laws, bring back jobs to the U.S. I encourage you to read his book Time to Get Tough and tell us what you disagree with in there.

    He is liberal on social issues, conservative on fiscal and immigration. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

  13. They burned synagogues, not churches.
    And yes, the comparison to Nazi Germany is frightening.
    Anybody including Jews who are not like
    T-Rump and his followers should be very afraid. And even his followers should be afraid if they are not part of the 1 percent.

  14. I was taken aback a bit by the comparison. After reading the similarities though, I can see the reasoning behind it. Mr. Trump may not realize the followers he is gathering and may just be using this issue as a way to get the nomination. The problem is that when you get a pack of dogs chomping at the bit, they are not just going to return to their cages if you say heel. You may lose control of them and the damage will be done regardless of your intentions. If the pack of dogs analogy hurts some feelings, listen to some of those people who were at his rallies.

  15. Donald Trump is the grandson of immigrants.

    His paternal grandfather, Frederick Trump (Drumpf), came from Germany in 1885 and became a citizen in 1892. He returned to Germany for a bride, Elisabeth Christ, in 1902 and sired three children.
    Frederick’s son, Fred Christ Trump, married Mary Anne MacLeod in 1936 and had five children, of which Donald was the second youngest. Fred died in 1999 and Mary died in 2000.

  16. There is one little bug in the ointment…
    Hitler’s general populace were unarmed. Very few Germans had a house stocked like an armory. That isn’t true of the U.S.

    People seem to suffer the illusion that all of us lefties would cower before the AR15’s of the goper facists. WRONG. The vast majority of law abiding U.S. citizens also have guns – lots of guns. Any right wing “insurgency” would be met with an overwhelming counter-insurgency by us lefties. Trump should be VERY careful. He could get a lot of his friends killed.

  17. Spare us your bravado, Trump doesn’t care about blacks any more than he does Hispanics. He has a history with them, as well. As for companies hiring “illegals” for cheap wages, I have many undocumented friends that get paid just as much as their American co-workers, so your theory as to why they get the jobs goes right out the door. They get the jobs because they’re willing to work longer hours under conditions many Americans feel are beneath them. I think it’s funny how Americans commit crimes every day and in every way, and yet no one is calling them “illegal”. As far as his white supremacy followers go….they wouldn’t be following him if he didn’t speak their language.

  18. …no gun here…but I DO have my Dads old Barnett crossbow…I think I can buy bolts without a gun license…

  19. Donald knows that he will not be elected. If it’s negative, he says it. He’s all over the media, even though it’s corrupt & full of Republicans. Is he doing this to show Republicans ain’t s&hit? What he’s doing doesn’t seem to pass the smell test. Unless the masses truly are asses.

  20. It is also illegal for homeless vets to sleep on park benches.

    It is illegal to put fliers in official US mail boxes on your curb.

    Where does your illegal end, hmmm?

    Be very, very careful of the term ‘illegal.’ Helping slaves escape was ‘illegal.’
    You may be ‘illegal’ and not even know it.

    BTB – Those ‘Latinos’ are Native Americans. White invaders from Spain slaughtered them and stole their land. White Anglo-invaders made it ‘legal’ without asking them.

  21. I’m ready. I don’t own any guns but I used to be a marksman in the Army. If it comes down to it, I’m ready to fight against the fascists that want to take over the country.

  22. Ogress Ann Coulter said that if amnesty is granted to the immigrants, it’s time for death squads. And please do not say that she and these other right wing shits are Christians, they are not, they are nothing but mammonists.

  23. In the first place your “extremist from both sides” argument is a LIE for you to further your “we can not blame Republicans for the view of white surpremes” garbage.

    The term is “white SUPREMACIST” otherwise known as White Nationalist…and there are presently NO “black nationalist” groups operating in the United States.

    Where as there are some 200 WHITE nationalist organizations operating in this country as we speak.

    Don’t try to tell intelligent people that someone who refers to women as “dogs” and “skanks” isn’t about hate.

    If Trump were black and talking about whites…you’d be sitting at home with a gun in your lap.

    Now take that little piece of info along to your next klavern meeting.

  24. “You Stan ,just can not take the fact Trump is doing so well.”

    One always does well when pandering to scum.

  25. There is not now, nor has there ever been a significantly empowered extreme left movement in this country…I’m getting sick of the assumption that because there is such a thing as an extreme right there must be such a thing as an extreme left …Fascism and totalitarian dominionist theocracies are extreme rightwing positions…If the left is is opposite what does that tell you…Personal freedoms, respect for privacy, equal protection under the law, equal access to quality education…In what freaking universe could ANY of those pursuits be seen as ‘extreme? The furthest left we’ve ever been politically and as a nation was under FDR, and his presidency could HARLDY be called extreme…So no,..Both sides DON’T do it if you get my drift

  26. The fact that Trump is doing “so well” is scary… People in Germany were concerned about Hitler in the lead up to the 1933 elections.. I can imagine Hitler supporters taunting those concerned about Hitler with comments like “You just can not take the fact that Hitler is doing so well.” None of us should just “take the fact that Trump is doing so well.” The racism, the xenophobia, Trump’s demagoguery are things that should be decried in the country, not applauded.

  27. Do you think any of us are surprised he’s doing well amongst Republicans? His racism, xenophobia, sexism and schmoozing to the religious right makes him your golden poster boy. Continue tearing each other apart whilst our candidates eat at the grown up’s table.

  28. There have been a lot of sayings in the last decade like “this is the new that” etc.
    So now we have “Immigrants are the new Jews.”
    How long till we see the American Krystalnacht?

  29. When you hear the conservative crackati making rhetorical comparisons to Obama and Neville Chamberlain…that Nazi door will have been open for a while…and not by liberals.

  30. Yes. Violence preceded Hitlers march to power and we see plenty of gun violence in America today: “Police gunning down or killing people in custody, armed white men take to the streets at the possibility of gunning down black protesters, white ranchers with armed showdowns with the federal government, white militias patrolling our borders, white men with AR-15s infest restaurants and stores alike, USING THE SECOND AMENDMENT LIKE A WEAPON.”

    Folks, the NRA means violence and threats of a take over all right, but not a Gubment take over, but a Reich Wing Takeover.

  31. Compliments to the article for an interesting viewpoint and historical comparison. It seems more of an artistic practice in pushing an extreme viewpoint. (and does very well actually, great writing.) But not really journalism.

    The comments make me cry. A bunch of “Trump bad, We good”, a lot of name calling and honestly, a lot of the same things for which you criticize Trump.

    I want to invite any of you, preferably with debate/logic education/experience, to have a nice honest and open back and forth on some of the subjects. I am a Trump supporter but honestly want to see the other side. If it goes well we can agree on a back and forth transcript to post somewhere maybe?

  32. From what I’ve seen of the rhetoric coming from the GOP’s masses, I have to go with the sad fact that most of them actually ARE asses. They are ~*loving*~ the fascist nationalism Trump is spouting! His hatred of the Other is palpable, his disregard for females is clear, his pandering to the Evangelical crowd is nauseating, and the fantasyland he’s promising them all? It is a nightmare for those of us who actually care about other human beings no matter the color of their skin, the deity to which they pray (or don’t), or who they love, and anyone who fits into any of those categories who does not fit into the category of “white Christian male.” I am actually surprised he hasn’t been palling around with the likes of the Duggars or the Robertsons yet.

  33. You are so right MM, we cannot allow this to happen again: “To live in this process is absolutely not to be able to notice it—please try to believe me—unless one has a much greater degree of political awareness, acuity, than most of us had ever had occasion to develop. Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’ … ” from They Thought They Were Free by Milton Mayer

  34. Do you know of any connections to the “Birchers” (Koch’s) and the Trumps? Maybe this was the plan all along?

  35. Trump is and will always be, a big, steaming pile of garbage. His p— poor, f’ you attitude has NO place in government and certainly NO business ever being in the White House.

  36. Your point? His grandfather came here LEGALLY and became a citizen. No, that’s not it. OHH…. he came from GERMANY! Is he trying to say Trump and/or his grandfather is and/or was a Nazi?

    When you’re Jewish, especially, the term Nazi and worse, the name Hitler brings back memories of the the most gruesome of attrocities: genocide using the cruelest torture possible; being starved and taken on many miles-long marches unclothed in the winter; children ripped from the arms of their mothers, stomped/kicked to death w/stee-toed boots right in front of them while the tortures laughed and laughed and laughed; not to mention being cremated while still alive that Huckabee speaks about so flippantly.

    Please don’t misunderstand; repeating a mere fraction of these horrors just to point out that calling people “Nazis” and “Hitler” are rediculous analogies when you come right down to it. Those people don’t know history, and are too moronic to come up with smarter, better comparisons.

  37. Sorry Chad but i do feel trump falls into that extreme group you mentioned. Did you see Trumps attitude toward the newsman/heckeler Ramos at his press conference. His disgust of this man was clearly racial. I don’t think Ramos was blamless but Trumps reaction was very familiar. I lived in 50’s and remember that same atitude toward blacks. I had hoped we saw the end of that with the election of a pretty competent black man. In response to his election though i’ve seen a resurgence in racism. Trump seems to be tapping into that.

  38. So when someone brown wants to ask questions he his being rude but when someone white ask the President questions and keeps pestering on the same question they are brave. Its a word for that but I will let you figure it out

  39. I will say that American Exceptionalism is way to close to the Aryan Superman for my liking. Holding one group of people as intrinsically better than all the others is the basic flaw here. Kristallnacht or night of broken glass was the sudden explosion of violence that had been building for some time. November 9, 1938 if memory serves. I do not see that happening here at this point but I do expect ugly incidents to multiply. The 2nd amendment people are listening to Trumps tripe certainly and it is unsettling for sure. They always seem to be ready to use those rifles with joy in their hearts. They want their country back and only God knows where they think it went. Trump needs to tell them they are standing on it but he won’t . So instead of Krupp, Thyssen and I G Farben we have Trump and the Koch Brothers with nationalism rampant once again. It has happened before so I hope we are ready just in case. I hate all these modern day storm troopers myself. I will vote for the De…

  40. Everything I ever read by Adolf Hitler including Mein Kampf was like wading through stringy, sucking mud. The book just does not hold up at all. I was unable to finish it. I thought I was a history major too.

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