Bernie Sanders Explodes In Iowa And Closes To Within 7 Of Hillary Clinton In New Poll

Bernie Sanders real time

Sen. Bernie Sanders is surging in Iowa as the new Des Moines Register poll revealed that Clinton’s lead has shrunk to 7 points in the Hawkeye State.

The Des Moines Register’s Jennifer Jacobs tweeted:

The Des Moines Register reported that Sanders is attracting more first-time caucus-goers than Clinton, “In this cycle, Sanders is attracting more first-time caucusgoers than Clinton. He claims 43 percent of their vote compared to 31 percent for Clinton. He also leads by 23 percentage points with the under-45 crowd and by 21 points among independent voters.”

The closeness of the race in Iowa should increase calls for more Democratic primary debates. Hillary Clinton could lose in Iowa. Her campaign’s momentum is going in the wrong direction. Sanders is attracting new people to process and generating enthusiasm.

Iowa Democrats remain confident that Clinton can win in November if she secures the nomination. Sixty-six percent of respondents felt mostly confident that she could win the general election. Only 24% stated that they felt nervous about her November chances.

The general election confidence in Clinton illustrates that the shift in Iowa is all about the impression that Bernie Sanders is making on Democratic voters. Hillary Clinton isn’t doing anything wrong in the eyes of the majority of Democrats. Bernie Sanders is surging because of the enthusiasm that his campaign is generating.

Sanders has the momentum, and his odds of winning both Iowa and New Hampshire are improving by the day.

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  1. …well, Bernie and Hillary are the Dem frontrunners…end o’ August 2015…more than a year before elections…shall we stop acting like Teahadists???

  2. NY Times a few days ago.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a strong lead against her Democratic rivals in Iowa despite lingering concerns about her honesty, according to a new poll. A survey from Suffolk University found that Mrs. Clinton has the support of 54 percent of likely Iowa caucus participants, with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in second place at 20 percent. Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has not said if he is running, comes in third place with 11 percent.

    The poll questioned 500 likely Democratic caucusgoers, and had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. It reveals strong loyalty to Mrs. Clinton among Democrats amid concerns about the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server as secretary of state. While most people said that the email problem did not bother them personally, 52 percent said they thought it would damage Mrs. Clinton in a general election. “There is huge loyalty to her and they are sticking with her,”

  3. Here is a test for all the candidates. Do you support this?

    Reports: DNC Chair Blocked Dem Resolution To Support Iran Deal
    Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a resolution at the party’s summer meeting here that praised President Obama and offered backing for the nuclear agreement with Iran, according to knowledgeable Democrats.

  4. For now, still many months to go before the voting and debates inbetween.

    If Hillary is having trouble holding him off right now, she’s going to be losing in Feb.

  5. If you say so. But I would counter unlike in 2008 Sanders don’t have what President Obama had to beat SOS Clinton. The one reliable vote for the Democrats. Figure it out Sherlock

  6. Bernie Sanders want to protect workers and curtail unbridled corporate greed that is hurting us so bad. Our democracy has been bought by corporate money. Bernie is going to give it back to the hurting American people. He has a stellar record of voting to protect Americans. He has a 100% record for protecting animal rights. He has walked the talk to stop racism. He is for woman’s rights, family values, family and sick leave and income equality. He is going to end for profit prisons and mandatory minimum sentencing and make sure all young people have access to free education. He’s our man.

  7. You may have our vote if you will deal with reasonable gun laws in this country, Please don’t cave, & do what the rest of the politico cowards are doing. How many young people need to be blown away?

    Someone needs to grow some kanubies.

    Show some leadership. Enough is enough.

  8. It is very early folks but the fact that Bernie is gathering support while Clinton is sliding can’t bode well for the Clinton juggernaught. I wouldn’t count Bernie out. He has a history of battling for the little guy and that is what people want to hear. Nobody seriously thought Trump would do this well but he did it by promising to stick up for the little guy. The fact that there is no history to support this will finally occure to people…..I hope!

  9. This new Polling showing Bernie Sanders only 7 points behind HIllary Clinton shows that voters in Iowa now not only know Bernie Sanders and what he stands for then a few short months ago.Bernie Sanders I predict will beat Hillary not only in New Hampshire but in Iowa .I am leaning toward support Sanders because I have followed closely both Clinton and Sanders .On issues alone I feel Sanders understands my issues better then HIllary Clinton.I also have problems with Clinton Email issues .She has some baggage that is not good.The mass Media has always supported HIllary in terms of coverage and Talk shows.Now they have to cover Bernie Sanders as a potential front runner after Iowa and New Hampshire have there Primaries.Big money and Super Delegates will not stop Mr Sanders from becoming the President of the United States.As the underdog he’s connecting to the real issues affecting people’s lives .I cannot support the Democratic Establishment.Its time maybe for a real change .

  10. At the Minnesota state fair yesterday the workers in the DFL booth said that the Bernie buttons had been flying off the shelf. There were a bunch of us gathered around the Bernie table, Hillary’s was void of a single person.

  11. I worked a Bernie Sanders booth today at the 45th annual Chicano Moratorium Rally at Salazar Park in East Los Angeles today. The Chicano and Latino loathing of both tRump and Hillary was very clear. Hundreds of people came to our booth asking questions about Bernie Sanders. They bought Bernie t-shirts, and buttons. Many registered to vote for the first time so they can vote for Bernie. All of you naysayers don’t know know what you’re talking about. I’m out there working events, tabling, phone banking, and knocking on doors for Bernie. He will win the nomination, and the White House because of his vast network of grassroots volunteers who are working day in and day out to elect Bernie Sanders as the 45th POTUS.

  12. New Hampshire and Iowa are the most ripe (other than Vermont) for a competitive race for Sanders. But beyond that, Hillary’s up as much as 40-50 points in Super Tuesday states. Hillary will squeak out Iowa, may lose a close one in New Hampshire, but once all the other states come in, that’s all she wrote. Hillary will be the nominee.

  13. All of you who are saying Bernie or else, Hillary or else, Wake up if we continue this we may wind up with a Republican in the white house,Bernie is my first choice however I will support whoever wins the primary, to do otherwise is not an option, unless you want a Donald Trump, Jeb Bush,Mike Huckleberry,or The guy who was born in Canada. Any of the Democratic one’s running are light years ahead of the Republican’s. Please don’t allow this to happen

  14. As far as so called Democrats are concern its the Sanders followers who are saying vote for Bernie or else. In 2008 there was a lot of anger between Clinton and Obama supporters. I was there and got banned from some Clinton sites but at no time did I say I wouldn’t vote if President Obama didn’t win. As a matter of fact if Clinton didn’t vote for the Iraq war I think we would be in her second term.

    Just my 2 cents. Who would be in the best position to protect and expand President Obama legacy. Would it be Sanders who tried to undercut him at every chance he got or would it be a bitter rival who worked with him and did a tremendous job for the President. I know who I want

  15. People are sick of Corporate Clinton and her Bankster pals. Sanders is firing up people who normally wouldn’t vote, because of choices like Clinton. Clinton is a moderate Republican in policy, and that is unappealing to a huge block of people who don’t bother voting for the two wings of the Republican Party (the crazy wing, and the Corporate “Democrat” wing). If you think the banks and corporate greed are fine and “normal business”, then vote for Clinton. If you’re sick of the banisters running the country and world into the ground, vote Sanders. It’s simple.

  16. What’s behind the numbers is even more important…Bernie’s numbers depict people who are excited and energized, while Hillary’s numbers are mostly older voters who try to make the safest vote, but could easily be swayed once they feel the BERN!!!

  17. I have. I also looked at who can get there platforms through Congress. I also looked who has the relationships in congress to enact their policies. Most important who will have the coattails to get their allies in power to enact their policies. I will leave it at that

  18. We are 5 months away from the first primary, February 1.. talking about how far away we are from the general election is kind of pointless when you’re talking about Democrat versus Democrat.

  19. Bernie Sanders is NO Democrat. In fact, he’s showed his contempt for the Democratic Party and Democrats for decades. Now, all of a sudden, he wants the Democratic nomination? Hypocritical much?

    Pfft. He’s not going to be the nom. “Fire and Brimstone” candidates never are.

  20. All this political prevaricating about Hillary’s electability and her ability to “get things done” makes me laugh. Of course if she gets the nod, she’s better than any of the GOP candidates, but what a lame reason to support her in the primary. Only Sanders’ nomination will bring out the vote in sufficient numbers not only to win the White House, but for the Dems to take back the House and Senate as well. People are sick and tired of the last quarter-century’s Bush-Clinton dynasty, with Obama as the window dressing. We need a candidate who refused money from Wall Street. That way, when he’s elected, the only quid pro quo is with US. Not them.

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