Here’s Why The Bernie Sanders Iowa Surge Should Terrify The Koch Brothers


The Koch brothers should be terrified by the Bernie Sanders surge in Iowa because it demonstrates that the movement is growing to take the country back from the billionaire class.

According to the latest Des Moines Register poll, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is surging in Iowa and attracting new voters.

In a statement, Sanders Campaign Manager Michael Briggs pointed out why the billionaires should be worried:

What this new poll shows is that the more Iowans get to know Bernie the better they like him and what he stands for. We’ve seen the same thing in New Hampshire and across the country.

At a time when the middle class continues to disappear and almost all new wealth and income is going to the top 1 percent, the American people want leadership that is prepared to fight for working families and take on the greed of a billionaire class that has enormous control over our economy, our political life and the media.

The poll does show that the Sanders message is resonating and attracting new voters to the caucus. Bernie Sanders is bringing a fire and energy to the campaign that no other candidate in either party has been able to match.

Donald Trump sucks up media attention, but his speeches are rambling exercises in ego that are full of feelings but contain no policy. A typical Trump statement is that illegal immigrants have got to go, but he never explains how he will accomplish this goal.

In contrast, the speeches of Bernie Sanders are loaded with policy ideas. Sanders goes beyond discussing problems. Sen. Sanders offers solutions. The polls are revealing that the Sanders solutions are gaining in popularity with Democratic voters.

Bernie Sanders is drawing record crowds because he is calling out the billionaires. The Senator from Vermont doesn’t just mention them in passing. He discusses the methods that they are using to buy the government, and how he intends to stop them.

Sen. Sanders is tapping into the feelings that the system is rigged towards the rich. Bernie Sanders is more than a protest vote. The Sanders campaign is a movement.

The Koch brothers and the billionaires can no longer afford to laugh off Bernie Sanders. They should be terrified because Sen. Sanders is storming the Heartland of this country with a message that is calling for their defeat.

Millions of people are rallying behind Sanders. His campaign isn’t some isolated blue state uprising. Sanders is going to red states. He is attracting new supporters in places like Iowa where the Kochs have had recent success.

The Koch brothers have the cash, but Bernie Sanders is building an army of voters. Where ever Sanders speaks, he attracts more supporters. It is a populist revolution. The masses are angry, and they are coming after Charles and David Koch.

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  1. DHS better get ready. the minute bernie gets the natl. attn. he deserves, some rw wacko going to nuts. he better get some sec. serv. hillary still has hers. bernies flying on southwest airlines, coach. have you seen those photos? no, the rw megacorp press wont tell you shit.

  2. Bernie comes off more like “My way or the highway” attitude and he doesn’t appear to want to listen to anyone. He’s got an air about him that implies he knows it all.

    Wonder why has it taken him all these years in office to figure it out?

  3. It will be interesting to come back here and see how many paid for GOP members will hit this comment line. That is how the Kocks and the rich will handle things.

  4. Senator Sanders has a solid history of Congressional Voting record for what is civil, humane, diplomacy over war, health and well being of middle class Americans than any other politicians in congressional records.
    Senator Sanders home state of Vermont was the LEAST IMPACTED STATE OUT OF THE WHOLE USA when we got hit with the worse recession caused by the greedy Republicans deregulated Wall Street Banks due to the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act by former Pres Clinton due to then Gov Sanders solid economic and business programs that he started & implemented that get workers to be part owners a Solid foundation for great service & job security.
    If you know someone that you should TRUST TO LEAD OUR NATION to do what he says… There is none better than Senator Bernie Sanders to deliver what he say he’ll do!!!


  5. Ray, I honestly think the GOP is NOT even fearful of The Bern. You NEVER EVER hear them knocking him!

    Now Hillary scares the hell out of Conservatives!
    They know a Woman President would be very, very powerful.

    Hillary could easily Knock The GOP Dead..
    Just like The Great President Roosevelt Did!

  6. …well, if ya believe a relative o’ mine…the reason Bernie hasn’t written really any legislation is nobody can read his writing…just a thought…

  7. Bernie Sanders is confident in his thoughts and assessment of problems and issues confronting Americans. However, I disagree that he isn’t willing to listen. His interactions with the Black Lives Matter movement demonstrates that, if you’ve been following it and recognize what I mean. As for the rest of what you wrote, you do realize Bernie Sanders has a lengthy history of confronting other politicians, both here and leaders of other nations. For example, he suggested to Reagan he should get involved with habitat for humanity in Nicaragua, rather than all those contra arms. His discussion with Greenspan before the economic collapse is a classic. His record as a senator has been consistent, so he clearly hasn’t just recently gotten a clue about the state of affairs here in the US.

  8. Define special interest. Are the unions special interest? The teachers? Immigration reformers? Oh I get it the only ones who count as special interest is Wall Street. The stupid continues

  9. They will attack him on his age. Saying he is too old. But Jerry Brown in California who knows how to get government working for the people has turned California around. He is working to pay down the debt and still funding education, infrastructure improvements and make the state one that attracts intelligent people to start new businesses. Yes Texas has poached some companies that are not doing as great as they expected. I say let those money hungry companies leave, we can move forward and do better with a better educated workforce than less educated backwards Texans.

    Bernie can run on that age and experience is better than being a Koch puppet and beholden to corporate donors.

  10. If Bernie Sanders wanted President Obama to have a primary challenge in 2012, THAT should tell you everything you need to know.

  11. Bernie is ready for the old age home…..why didn’t he try to run for president when he was younger? really folks…if he gets elected we should seriously look at who the Vice President will be…just in case he doesn’t last the term

  12. Unions are workers made up of workers, who are the working and middle class of America

    That’s not a special interest.

    Yes your stupidity continues if you can’t figure that out

  13. Bernie Sanders is 73, Joe Biden is 71, George Pataki is 70, Donald Trump is 69, Hillary Clinton is 68, Elizabeth Warren is 66, Rick Perry is 65, Ben Carson is 63, Lincoln Chafee is 62, Jeb Bush is 62, Mike Huckabee is 60, Lindsey Graham is 60 etc.

    Discounting Bernie Sanders simply because of his age is a poor reason based on the presidential candidate pool. Maybe you’d prefer 44-year-old Bobby Jindal, 44-year-old Marco Rubio, 44-year-old Ted Cruz, 47-year-old Scott Walker or 52-year-old Rand Paul?

    BTW, Barack Obama just turned 54 and would still be younger than any of the above mentioned 60+ year-old candidates (except Huckabee and Graham) are now if he could serve another two terms.

  14. You’re just wrong. Stop, do your homework, and report back.

    I hate sounding so pedantic, but I’m tired of people who expect their voice to matter when they themselves have done no research whatsoever. If you discovered any wealth of knowledge pertaining to this subject matter, you’d actually come to the realization that Sanders has just been correct on most of the issues we face today – and not only that, but he was discussing these very issues a decade sooner.

  15. No one is afraid of the Socialist. Please notice that the GOP never mentions him and that is because they are desperately praying that Sanders is their opposition. They know they can beat him in a landslide and they can. Iowa and New Hampshire are the nutter states and their primaries are often won by the freak shows. Americans don’t want a hippie freak “revolution”. That’s not what we are about.

  16. The Poll says it all .That Iowa voters really want someone who is honest about the issues facing this nation.Now with only 7 points behind Clinton.As people learn about Sanders .They realize that one is speaking about our problems and how to fix them while the other is part of the problem.Clinton represents the problem with the Democratic Party going away from there core values .Now sanders represents those very core values.I was undecided .I have listened to all the candidates .I feel Sanders will do what he say’s .It’s the people who decide this election not TV News.Sanders has positive solutions and is not just a talker looking for votes ,Clinton will go which ever way the win blows .

  17. .I feel Sanders will do what he say’s
    You do know we have other branches of government

  18. The Kochs are ignoring Bernie publically, only to keep his name recognition to a minimum, because the past few months have proven that once people hear him and know abput his platform, they flock to him. Hillary doesn’t worry them–four of her top five donors are Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and CitiGroup. None of them support Bernie at all. The Kochs use the big Wall Street bankers to protect their corporate hegemony and political stranglehold on the media and the legislature. Bernie has vowed to break them up. They are the real socialists, with their pockets full of bailouts from OUR tax dollars. Hey, Iowa: FEEL THE BERN!

  19. A general interest would be one effecting everyone equally, such as our general interest as voters to overturn citizens united, and reform campaign finance. Another general interest would be the protection of each citizen in so far as they are workers. A special interest by contrast would be an interest which serves only a very small minority say like 1% of the population. Very special interests indeed: Super PACs, TPP, Keystone, open borders, right to work, no minimum wage, the deregulation of financial systems.

  20. I am a disabled veteran so when the VFW and other organizations lobby on my behalf doesn’t that make me a special interest?

  21. I am noticing a pattern. Seems on Sunday mornings we have more trolls than other days. I guess they get up early to watch all the right wing Sunday Funnies and are killing a little time over coffee to “school” us about Hillary and Bernie.

  22. For 25 years in Congress, Bernie Sanders has exactly 3 pieces of legislation with his name: 2 are bills to name post offices in VT and 1 is a veterans’ benefits bill he rode the coattails of John McCain and which was never funded. He’s done nothing of merit or consequence but draw a paycheck from the government. But, at least, he finally stopped living on unemployment benefits.

  23. Ken: hate to disappoint you…but if either Clinton or Sanders are elected, they will not be able to get any thing done unless, the House or Senate help.
    Pres, Obama could have done so much more had this congress(the rethugs)not been so stupid. Stupid as their leaders have been. (McConnel and comp.) Doing all possible to prevent Him from any win. Also publicly, speaking their goal. Things have been accomplished only by Pres Obama’s ability to go around, circumvent and evade their mission. History will remember this Congress as the do nothing congress.

  24. The GOP is leaving Bernie Sanders alone because they want him to be the nominee. It will mean a big win for the Republicans in the general election. Americans aren’t interested in Socialism sitting in the Oval Office.

  25. Now this one is just plain funny. Does the Republican Party has a secret candidate that’s not a freak hidden in a closet somewhere to be sprung on the country at the last minute?
    I can’t help but see this as a cartoon. A big muscled guy in a superman type outfit…He would have to be masked, can’t give any secrets away quite yet. But on his chest is a big bold R. And he has all these little figures of the current republican presidential lineup crawling up his legs like mice with the big rat, “The Don” trying to breech his right knee while lashing out and the mice. Excuse me it is time to make some coffee and get a loaf of bread rising. I will have fun just picturing this while I do my boring chores.

  26. The GOP does fear Bernie. Their base is primed to vote for a parking meter over Hillary. The GOP base is not primed to vote against Bernie. There is no decade of hate to fuel the well primed fire.

  27. Please. Three generation military family member here. IF you think the GOP and Wall Street will see to veterans needs or that unions are evil….there is something you need to quit smoking immediately. Wall Street rakes in the dough while child poverty rises in the U.S.

  28. The Republicans never trash Sanders,they want him to be the nominee? is that why during the so called debate one of them said they hoped Sanders was not the one they would have to run against,they prefer Hillary, They Know they have no dirt on Bernie, altho on Hilary they have ton’s of made up dirt

  29. I certainly agree with that. WE have to do our part. We not only have to elect a good President but we also have to show up in force to put some decent politicians that will work for America instead of Corporations, special interest and other countries in office to help him or her. Just think what President Obama could have accomplished if the Democratic Party had really done their professed job and had his back all these years. Now the party protection chains are off and we are seeing the man we voted for coming out.
    We like to throw the word stupid around carelessly. Stupid is believing either party is not controlled by shadow men that has their own agendas. No one can do anything alone WE have to do our part and give whoever wins the tools to work with for any change.

  30. Americans already have corporate socialism, we just don’t have the same benefits for everyone else. We subsidize low wage workers with subsistence level benefits so the big corporations don’t have to pay a living wage. Thus, taxpayer dollars allow these companies to pocket dollars that, in a realistic economy, would be paid in wages. Don’t get it twisted–Bernie is not Stalin or Mao. He just wants to save the average American from the robber barons of the third millennium, whose gulags are the corporate-owned prisons, again subsidized through contracts with our government revenue (tax dollars). The question is not, Do Americans want socialism? It’s already here. The question is, who will benefit, the people or a handful of billionaires?

  31. They’re leaving him alone as they do not think he has a chance at the nomination. The polls show Sanders beating Trump and other Republicans already in a general election.

  32. The Kochs do not need to be scared. They already own Congress, particularly the Republican Party, for them, common folk are like bedbugs. Annoying, but removable. Please read–really read–what happened to New Orleans during Katherina. Rogue capitalism does not need approval to destroy countries and people.

  33. I respect you and appreciate your service. And I regret you are disabled. I also appreciate your commenting on the internet sites, like this.
    I surmise you are not a troll, but can see how others might suspect you are. I expect you know what would be good corrections or changes to make.
    Some trolls are Handmaidens of our Rulers, the Global Oligarchs. Help us expose them. I write them that if they are Handmaidens they need training, as their work is not up to snuff.
    And after training, ask for a raise, as Handmaidens deserve to be well-paid!

  34. Well, think about it. The Republicans are desperately praying feverishly for Sanders to be their opponent in the general election because they are confident of a landslide win back into the Oval Office. They know they can easily beat the old geezer Socialist. Are they really going to say that out loud? Of course not. The GOP is attacking Hillary Clinton and giving Sanders a pass because it is Clinton they fear and Sanders they are hoping for.

  35. Ah, but do Americans want Bernie Sanders’ 90% tax rate? That is his socialism. It’s called income redistribution.

  36. …the US Army has this thing called “Focused Fire” whereby if a big threat is seen on the battlefield,{Say, a tank} various assets {Mortars, heavy machine guns} all concentrate on taking down that threat…
    …the goppies do not see Bernie Sanders as a threat; so they are concentrating fire{so to speak} on Hillary Clinton who IS a threat to them…
    …I vote Democratic…
    I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.

    Will Rogers


  37. The Baby Boomers started the stupid. We’re trying to end it. Your craven and selfish generation sold itself down the river and is determined to sell the rest of us out. We aren’t like you, thank heavens and we never hope to be.

  38. @riverhouse. Ike Eisenhower taxed the wealthiest Americans 90%, and that’s how we got our freeways built. Funny, I don’t remember anyone calling Ike a socialist….

  39. While I generally agree with the analysis, the simplicity of the writing including the overuse of the word Sanders makes it look like it was a report written by a twelve year old in a hurry, and also makes this sound like less of an article reporting on something positive about Sanders and more of a gushing endorsement packaged as a news story. I think Sanders is the best candidate running, but a piece like this is not nearly as helpful as it thinks it is; if anything, it’s counterproductive.

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