Hillary Clinton Seizes The Upper Hand Before Voting Starts With Super Delegate Pledges

In Friday, while Hillary Clinton was addressing the Democratic National Committee in Minneapolis, Minnesota, senior campaign officials announced that Clinton had already received pledges of support from at least 440 of the party’s estimated 713 super delegates. That total includes 130 superdelegates who have publicly endorsed Clinton, as well as an additional 310 who have made private commitments to support Hillary.

Superdelegates are elected officials and party leaders who are given special voting delegate status at the national convention separate from the delegates who are chosen by Democratic primary voters and caucus attendees. While they make up just over 15 percent of the total delegates at the Democratic convention, they can be decisive in a close nomination contest.


To become the party’s nominee, a Democrat will need to secure a majority of the approximately 4,491 delegates at stake in 2016. If the Clinton campaign’s count is accurate she has secured the support of over 60 percent of the superdelegates, which puts her 1/5th of the way to locking down the 2,246 delegates she would need to win a majority at next year’s convention.

Delegates who have pledged their support this early are under no obligation to honor their pledge. However, the high number of superdelegates planning to back Clinton demonstrates her enduring popularity with party leaders and current elected officials. Barring a campaign collapse, it would be unlikely for many pledged superdelegates to defect away from supporting her.


Clinton is putting a strong focus on garnering support from superdelegates, after falling short in her 2008 presidential bid. In the 2008 campaign, Clinton actually won a plurality of the Democratic popular vote amassing 18 million votes to Barack Obama’s 17.6 million, but she fell short on the delegate count, losing to Obama by less than 100 delegates. Her downfall that year was not specifically her inability to attract superdelegate support, but rather that she allowed Barack Obama to rack up high percentages in several caucus states, while she performed better in many large primary states like California, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton is trying to be attentive to every detail in her 2016 campaign, and to avoid making any tactical errors that might cost her delegate support. She intimated as much by arguing that one lesson she learned from the 2008 campaign was to “be well-organized and focused from the very beginning this time” on delegates and superdelegates.

While the press is directing the bulk of its coverage to the Donald Trump GOP side show and to various polls being released, Hillary Clinton is quietly working behind the scenes to amass the support of party leaders and elected officials who will cast delegate votes at the 2016 convention. Although she will still need to do well in next year’s primaries and caucuses to become the Democratic nominee, she is doing everything she can in the meantime to make her path to the nomination easier, by gathering the support of a majority of the party’s superdelegates.


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  1. She has endorsements she is sitting on and will roll them out if she hits a rough patch or if she wants a boost. When/If Biden backsout there will be a boost for her too.

    The unions are next and it is typical for them to come on board in the fall of the primary. Gives them time to get boots on the ground and phone calls made and send people to the early states to GOTV.

    Her campaign has been quiet – but it is all stealth and we are very active and using her “smart power” and our experience to get it done. Her database, Ready for Hillary, her NOW and Emily List armies, etc. are all avoiding the hype and keeping our heads down – but we will strike.

    And we will win.

  2. 60% of the Super Ds are more than anybody has had at this point.

    She keeps breaking records, even her own.

    Gore, who was far out ahead, had 440 a few months after Iowa – half way through the primary.

    Check out the chart when Gore hit 440 compared to when she did.

    She had 115 before she even declared.


    But hey, O’Malley and Bernie are attacking the party as if the Dems are the reason for them doing so poorly. They are not presidential. She is.

  3. Most of the woman volunteers seem to be educators or health care types. They are used to angry patients and rough students!

    Like nuns, you don’t mess with a nurse!

  4. While it is “politics as usual” for Hillary, she is counting upon the old party regulars. Bernie is fomenting “revolution” outside of the “party regulars”. While it is still early, she is counting her votes before they have to commit. The old party regulars are not going to be in lockstep with Hillary by convention time. Confidence is good, but it sometimes causes one to have “blinders” on.

  5. So he forming this revolution outside of the party regulars? Do you want to rethink that asinine statement

  6. He will win the democratic nomination without any democratic “establishment” types. AND while actually frequently attacking the democratic party for decades.

    That has been his actions all along and his supporters just do not know any better and do not admit they have a problem.

    He can do it with no money and no party and no plan past New Hampshire.

    I am sure he can get some other liberal city to turn out 30,000 fans who want to be part of a revolution.

  7. They think they dont need the regular base of the party. They just don’t know his record but we African Americans have not forgotten how he dissed President Obama. Hispanics will not forget his no votes on immigration. And since 91% of the Democratic want some sane gun laws they wont forgot his no votes on guns no matter how many times they trot out that F rating.

    This is politics and they have no idea what’s out there

  8. Thank heavens Hillary is focused on the delegate count this time. She has the vision and the policies the country needs, and she has the fighting spirit needed to whip the Republicans. The media is fixated on Trump and e-mails while HRC is advancing relentlessly toward the White House.

  9. Hillary learned from her last election that these delegates are super important. Following in Barack Obama’s footsteps….way to go Hillary.

  10. Elect Hillary? Might as well elect a Republican. She’s just another corporatist. She’ll mark the final end of the Democratic Party as a representative of the American People.

  11. Moreover, her negatives are so high outside mainstream Democrats that Hillary will not even win a Presidential election against which ever Republican the Class of Greed brings to their loyal subjects.

  12. Do I understand you right, Jak, that you want Hillary to be the Democratic nominee because you know that she does not poll well at all versus Republicans? She has very high negatives, deserved or not.

  13. Jak, We have never seen a Candidate with the power HRC has under her belt to battle the RightWing.

    Some people say, But we need someone New/Fresh! A Woman Leader will be uniquely New and Fresh!

    Native American Tribes always had Elder Woman Sitting at the Table. Elder woman process a whole new slant On-The-Future!
    Because Women better remember the past then men do!

    You’ve all seen it at a Family Gathering Little Girls are sitting there Listening-Intently to the Adults. While the Boys are running around destroying things.

    You watch, Nothing could Shock the GOP more and…
    Nobody can knock these Conservatives Off-Kilter like a Hillary Clinton can!
    She is Battle Ready with a former President as her right-hand-man!

    I promise:
    Even Republican Women will secretly vote for Clinton…The First Woman President!

  14. If “Secretary Clinton” is elected President, no one will mess with her! (big grin).
    I look forward to hearing her ideas on separation of church and state, and how to reign in big corporations’ profits using tax loopholes.

    I feel the Bern, yet I have my doubts as to how much cooperation he would get from Congress.

  15. Hillary is attacked everyday in every conservative media outlet and Bernie is left untouched. That alone should tell you who the Republicans really fear.

  16. Uh-oh.

    Trump and Clinton have the worst scores among top candidates on honesty:

     Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, voters say 61 – 34 percent, her lowest score ever;
     Trump is not honest and trustworthy, voters say 54 – 38 percent.

    Biden is already polling better than Hillary in a national election.

    And don’t miss pg. 9.



    Bernie within 7 in Iowa.


    “This feels like 2008 all over again,” said J. Ann Selzer, pollster for the Iowa Poll.

    Yes, indeedy. The tectonic plates are shifting.

  17. You may be wrong but you are the only sane right winger who will debate policy without bring the baby Jesus in the debate

  18. Okay 2 white states. First Clinton is up in Iowa and in NH all we have to go by is a republican poll that said Sanders is up. Call me when we get to South Carolina and Nevada then we can talk

  19. I have nothing against Sanders views, but momentun from your idealistic base won’t win a race on a national level. Grassroots support can’t compete with a billion dollars. You have to wonder about the sincerity of a candidate who handicaps themselves right out of the gate. He says he’s in it to win it but, could he just be trying to get the maximum exposure for his ideas? All democrats want to keep a democrat in the WH, thats why soo many super delegates are committed to Clinton. Until you change the makeup of congress you can’t change how the system works. You need look no further then the last five or six years. Obstruction will work as well on a Sanders administration as it has on the Obama administration. One person can’t do this on their own.

  20. No doubt that HRC is the STRONGER candidate. As far as the BETTER candidate, I give Sanders the nod.

    HRC has a lot of baggage and when you say that, people immediately think you are trying to trash her. But, TRUTH is TRUTH! She has A LOT of baggage. Let us NOT forget the racially tinged comments that came from her campaign in ’08 before attacking Sanders with his disagreements with BHO! Each candidate has some issues!

    Her failed votes for Iraq, TTP, Keystone, Bill, etc. So, it will not be an easy contest for her. Bernie has the better enthusiasm and O’Malley has THE BEST platform of the 3!

    Still, it will be an interesting race! But I think HRC will pull it out.

  21. What “if” she has the delegates; but, Bernie has the votes? Would that mean that the primary contest is worthless???

    I know it is highly unlikely; but the possibility exists. That is why it is so dangerous to have any declaration of delegates prior to the votes.

    Otherwise, it then becomes a coronation versus a party of democracy.

  22. Well, from your statement, HRC can’t win either? She isn’t generating any huge excitement and falling from 51 to the mid-40’s IS NOT something I’d call earth shattering?

    Sanders has great ideas and yet he has a lot of work to do. But, just because HRC is STRONGER (candidate wise); does not make her invulnerable. Again, SHE LOST in ’08! The record speaks for itself.

    No matter what dem wins, the dead-lock and gridlock will exist. Unless she is the corporate politician that many are calling her?

  23. well, wake up and try thinking. The reason the GOPers aren’t attacking Sanders is they want desperately for him to be the nominee because they know they will win the White House in a landslide against the old geezer Socialist. It’s Hillary that has them smothered in the polls, it is Hillary who has the support of African Americans and other minorities, immigrants, and women. It is Hillary who is their nightmare. Bernie Sanders is their fondest hope for a Republican right wing freak to sit in the Oval Office.

  24. Right now I don’t care who the Democratic nominee is. I’ve donated to Sanders and Clinton for ’16. For now it’s AD/AR (Any Democrat over Any Republican).

    Sen. Sanders is on the stump because he’s got to generate support and name recognition. SOS Clinton, not so much; she can afford to focus on delegates first.

    That may may be one reason why Sanders’ polling numbers are catching up to Clinton’s: different campaign strategies, different results in the polls.

    Another may be that many people don’t want to commit in case VP Biden enters the race.

    We haven’t gotten to the first Democratic debate yet, either. It’ll be refreshing after that Republican borefest.

  25. IraqVet67, first let me say I will vote for the dem nominee whomever it happens to be. In 2008 HC, if I remember right actually had more populous vote then BO, but neglected to amass super delegates and therefore lost the nomination. Call that a coronation if you like, but it’s not the way a lot of people thought it would play out.
    Corporate politicians as their called are what we’re going to get, until we change the system. Sanders or any other politcian for that matter can’t make these changes on their own, and like it or not a billion dollars will get you elected easier than a million dollars. While we’re at it answer me this question. Since Sanders is running to win it as a democrat, and doesn’t want any dirty corporate money, will he refuse the DNC’s money if he becomes the nominee? Do you really think the DNC is going to let their candidate refuse their help? Some people really needd to grow up.

  26. I too will vote for the Dem candidate that wins the primary. I think that if Hillary wins the primary, Bernie will throw his support and urge Dems to support Hillary, and vice versa.

    As far as generating enthusiasm. Bernie and Hillary are 2 different personalities! Bernie is the “no holds barred” personality. Hillary has the quiet reserve approach.

  27. One thing that astounds me is you see polls here and there where Americans “don’t trust” Hillary.

    Tell me one politician on the right that anyone can trust??? To me, that is a slap in the face to Hillary. People are really stupid sometimes. I would trust my life to Hillary before I would anyone on the right.

  28. Hillary is by far the most qualified out of those running. Compared to those from the republicans she looks infinitely better. Elect Trump? He won’t even win the primary even if he leads the polls. The ‘party elites’ will have their way. The Repubs really are in quite a pickle of a situation, if they squeeze him out he might run 3rd party and take his extreme right wing voter base with him, depriving whichever “estalishment” Rep. candidate they choose to run. Some might even say this has been his plan from day 1. Donald is many things but he isn’t stupid. In the end he will serve a good cause as having Hillary Clinton in the WH would be far far better than any Republican in the running. She is well-respected internationally, has the experience and the strength and the political acumen to make a positive change for ordinary Americans. The time is right for the USA to elect their first qualified, experienced woman President.

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